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Thorin, Thorin, wake up. The eagles…the eagles…the eagles are here.

just when i thought lm couldn’t disappoint me anymore………….. why release a new single when you haven’t even promoted touch?? which had been rising in the us quite well?? yall could’ve pushed touch ft. kid ink for another month or so like you didnt even push it at all so far??? also nmss is a good STAND ALONE SONG you don’t need another feature omg this is why i said the promo for gd sucks and is a super big mess

ahh here! I'm

So I saw your lil demon Tord and I was like ‘omg I love this’ but then i was like - what if monster tom was just like that ?? so i ended up makin a little doodle and it’s dedicated to you, because you’re such a wonderful artist and inspiration! It’s a joy to look at your art and i’m greatful that i get to see it c:

- Moho says: shit for some reason I can’t see the picture:0
Poor antis! First they created a fake account on Tumblr to prove that Disney "hates" Reylo and its fandom and now they use fandom sites as official sources

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political and religious tensions in my family are weirdly high right now. I could use some prayer for patience and discernment.