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Family Of Fighters

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Request: Can you write one where the teenage reader finds out her parents are hydra? When they leave for work she gets into their office and finds a dangerous file with plans to destroy the avengers tower. She takes it and runs away till she gets to the tower. She’s crying when she gets to the receptionist cause her parents will kill her for what she did. Tony relocates her to the compound since it’s safer and Nat wipes out her identity and helps her with a make over. She finds a family with them.

Pairing: Avengers x reader

Summary: You didn’t mean to find what you did, but you did. Now you need protection and the only people that could save you are the people they want to destroy.

Word Count: 2,075

Genre: Angst, fluff

Notes: There will be a second part to this! It was too long for one fic so I broke it into two :)

“How long are you guys going to be gone this time?” you ask your mother as she drags her bags into the living room.

“This business trip, about two weeks? I think anyways. Your father knows for sure” your mother says monotonously.

You nod and wait with your other for the cab. Your parents had a government job, although you didn’t know exactly that they did, and it took them around the world for weeks at a time. Every time you asked about your parent’s career they brushed you off, telling you that they were just advisers but never who for. As you grew older, you noticed all of the inconsistencies in their stories. You began asking more questions and those questions lead to many fights which lead to your very tense relationship with your parents. After two years of fighting, you had finally resigned yourself to a type of symbiotic routine with your parents. You would go to school and come home then up to your room without disrupting them, only ever really speaking when they were leaving for another trip.

You hear a honk outside and your father rushes into the living room with his bags, ignoring you and walking out of the house.

“We left money for take out. Don’t do anything stupid.” your mother said.

With that you were left in your big home, all alone just like you had been for most of your life. You sigh and go into the kitchen where you expect to find the money for food. Your face twists in confusion as you look around the bare counters to find no trace of the money they had promised. You walk around the house looking for the money but find nothing, until you stood in front of the study’s door. You were never allowed in there, it was strictly under lock and key held by your parents. You didn’t know why, it wasn’t like you were a problem child, if they told you not to do something you didn’t do it.

As you reach up onto the door frame looking for the spare key to open they door, you scold yourself lightly. This was a serious situation as if you didn’t have the money you couldn’t eat for the next two weeks so you knew your parents wouldn’t be to mad about it. You pull down the key, open up the door and walk to the giant mahogany desk on the other side of the room. You see two crumpled up hundred dollar bills sitting on top of a manila folder marked with a small red label on the corner that read ‘Top Secret’. Obviously, when something reads ‘Top Secret’ you curiosity is peaked. Maybe this is your chance to know exactly what your parents did.

You pocket the cash and slide open the folder carefully, as to not make it look tampered with. You pull out the papers and are greeted with a picture that filled you with dread. The cover photo of the title pile of documents was a red skull with six curving tentacles, the symbol of HYDRA. Your heart was racing as you pulled apart the other papers. You find ones that had pictures of your parents in soldier’s garb along with details you didn’t even know about them. Was this why they were so secretive? Were your parent’s really members of HYDRA?

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see the thing about laura moon is that she is so fucking complex it’s ridiculous. i don’t remember ever having a lead character be this complex and be a woman at the same time before (and if you have please feel free to send me an ask with recs because i am in need of complex femme leads). that being said there are two very important points i want to make about her:

a) laura moon is mentally ill. laura moon is depressed and selfish and either suicidal or apathetic towards consequences. having mental illness (i have my suspicions that she’s quite possibly an actual sociopath tbh) portrayed so truthfully, so openly on tv is honestly just amazing. it’s amazing acting on behalf of emily browning and i honestly think she deserves to be nominated for a crapload of awards for her portrayal of laura moon.

b) laura moon is an abuser. she manipulates and emotionally abuses her husband and she has for quite some time. she uses a petname as both a loving epitaph and a way to degrade him. she puts her own needs and desires above his own constantly and actively ignores his wishes multiple times. 

neither of these two points cancels one another out. they’re both completely true. the thing is that her mental illness should not be used as an excuse for her behaviour. mental illness does not make you an abuser.

laura moon is a complex woman and i both empathise with her and loathe everything about her tbh

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♡ Happy Valentine’s Day, studyblrs ♡

My final exam for this one psych class is this week, and my anxiety has been really bad.  I had a reflective essay due last week, but I felt so apathetic, despite Mom’s constant nagging in her shrill voice and her harsh criticism (HOW ARE YOU GOING TO HANDLE YOUR ENGLISH CLASSES WHEN YOU HAVE SO MANY ESSAYS TO WRITE???  MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T BE AN ENGLISH MAJOR!!!!  MAYBE YOU SHOULD QUIT SCHOOL AND FIND A JOB!!!!!!!!), and I somehow managed pull it off on the due date.  I don’t even know how, but I earned an ‘A’ on that dismal essay.

Anyways, yesterday’s lecture was not so fun, talking about psychological disorders.  Honestly, I don’t think the instructor’s description of the disorders are entirely accurate.  Oh, and it’s been six weeks and I still haven’t managed to talk to a single person and make a friend during this mini term.  Here’s to a better Spring Semester after a short holiday.

Esther x

Note: Change in photo quality because I used my Dad’s Windows phone this time and the camera is so much better than my Android phone smh

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Character A is a polite but apathetic and cold person and Character B is quite a charismatic and friendly person; the two bump into each other at a party and B attempts to become friends with A. Could you create prompts for them? BTW your blog's been very helpful for when I'm writing, thank you!

Thank you! Glad I can help! I’ll see what I can do: 

1. B:”Some party, am I right?” 


B:”Hey! Wait! You cant just walk away from me!”

A:”I just did???” 

B:”Yeah, but it wasn’t very nice.” 

2. B:”Can I get you a drink?” 

A:”Thank you, but I am good.” 

B:”Do you wanna dance?” 

A:”No, Thank you.” 

B:”Some weather were having, right?” 

A:”No thanks.” 

B:”That wasn’t even an offer!” 

A:”It was an offer of conversation, so I said No thanks.” 

3. B:”Is there a reason you won’t talk to me?” 

A:”Not really, I just don’t feel like talking.” 


A:”…But I suppose one conversation won’t hurt…” 

4. A:”Do you want something?” 

B:”You know, most of the time, if someone says ‘hi’ to you, you should just say it back.” 

I hope these help, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask! 

Thanks everyone for all those notes for my last post I was happy to see how many of You liked my hairstyle exercise :3

Also, I noticed that some of You guys were interested in seeing how Mirabelle looks after the Embrace so here she is in all her Nosferatu beauty. Originally, I had two pieces of her in works with different styles, but I ended up hating the second one.

As always I realized just how little skills I have when it comes to painting clothes and general painting technique. I am just so messy and slow and I can’t seem to figure out how to paint clothing correctly considering materials and lighting.

Originally she was supposed to have vintage dress and pearls around her neck as she loves pretty clothes and expensive jewelry, but since I couldn’t paint any of it with good results I gave her this badly done tank top - I am Sorry Miri XD

And now more about Mirabelle herself:

Before her Embrace she was a naive romantic girl who really thought that her former Ventrue master/lover will marry and eventually embrace her. When Anton traded her for the information with Lazarus without even hesitating she still couldn’t believe that he would do that to her. She wasn’t supposed to be Embraced in the first place, but Lazarus grew fond of her resilience, stubbornness and the struggle she put off while he tried to ‘’convince’‘ her about the true nature of her relationship with her former Master. Not long after her Embrace she realized how much of a naive girl she was. While she is not all happy to be a Nosferatu because of her vain nature, she still thinks that what Lazarus did to her somehow made her into a stronger woman.

She has a fairly good relationship with her sire, he seems to trust her after all these years and she would like to keep it that way, in the end he might took her beauty away, but he also opened her eyes about what this world is all about and that love isn’t on its list. 

Considering relationships with other Nossies: She really dislikes Blackrat, Miri tries to avoid her at all occasions, she simply doesn’t trust that this emotionally unstable girl can make it through the unlife. She loathes Lazarus’ other Childe Boneface, she always considered him way too human, but because of his Embrace of Blackrat he is too weak in her eyes that she gives him scorned look anytime she sees him.

She got along with Victor, who was charismatic and well groomed for a Nosferatu, but he dissappeared few years ago. Werner was also a good fellow to socialize with as she enjoyed that she could talk to him about vast and various topics and he was always so calm. Sadly for her, he withdrew from Kindred society almost completely several years back and when she accidentally meets him now he is different, numb and apathetic and he doesn’t seem to be interested in any conversations beyond polite minimum.

She avoids Theodor because of his creepy attitude and misplaced jokes. She is quite neutral with other nossies and actually doesn’t mind other clans and Kindred except Ventrue, especially Anton who she hates passionately with her dead heart.

She loves expensive clothing, jewelry and shoes. Her motto is - The fact that I am not beautiful doesn’t mean I can’t have nice things. So you can guess what her favorite hobby is - robbery. Oh, and also trolling on the dating sites in her free time which she considers her personal inside joke.

You want to get on her good side? Give her expensive gifts. Don’t talk about your prince charming and you get a charming grin on her lovely face.

Beauty is on the inside right? :)

Am I only one who thinks “character flaws” are overrated these days? Everyone be like “give your characters flaws!”, but look at naruto, sakura, sasuke, kakashi, hinata, so whiny, selfish, apathetic and shallow, banal flaws everywhere. On the other hand, you’d need to look quite hard to find one single virtue that stands out from these characters, what about trying to give the characters some good qualities before you give them “flaws”

Flaws aren’t more interesting than positive qualities….what’s up with these characters who’re 90% made up of the most common and over explored flaws in fiction? Especially when the characters don’t even confront their flaws, there’s no moments of self reflection or epiphany. 

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Prompt: where andreil have kids and its take your parents to school day!

ok this is quite possibly the CUTEST prompt i’ve received. i got this a long time ago but i’m only getting around to it now I’M SORRY

sorta inspired by this post, this post, and this post from nora’s extra content BUT i haven’t read anything about andreil having their own kids, so hey @korakos this is my take on it lmao

under the cut because i wrote a dumb thing about how they got the kids in the first place and it got long hahahaha I Am A Mess

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Howdy!! Ship please? I'm 5'2 with long dark wavy hair and brown eyes. Im also plus size ://. I am an overall happy, boisterous gal, but im quick to anger and struggle to control my emotions. Im quite defensive. I tend to be slightly apathetic towards peoples problems if they dont directly affect my life. My hobbies are writing, reading, drawing, and researching the things I enjoy (death, astronomy, forensics, monster legends) Thanks, sorry if this was too much/not enough. Love this blog!!!!

I ship you with…

Ulthane. He doesn’t tend to concern himself with the concerns of others and he too can sport a wicked temper. There’s a lot of tales he could tell you about monsters, and you’ll often spend hours hearing his accounts that put the legends of the Mothman to shame. 

Best friends with War. You butt heads a little too often, but you develop a strong bond with the horseman through your shared boisterousness. 

INTJ Confession #112

I am and I have always been a pretty apathetic person. I don’t get very emotionally attached to people, and I’m not that emotionally invested in friendships. I don’t really sympathize with people’s problems - and quite frankly, I don’t care about them that much either.

I’m a generally nice person, but I don’t care if I offend or hurt anyone. If I say something someone finds offensive, I said it for a reason and there is probably truth to it. I’ve also done some fairly morally questionable things, but I don’t feel guilt over it.

In a school/work/competition environment, I don’t care if I hurt some people in the process of trying to reach a desirable end. I don’t find that to be selfish, but I think of it more as logical. I can’t be so sensitive that I’m afraid of stepping on peoples toes every time I try and achieve something. If I were that sensitive, I would not and will not get anywhere. Some people are a hinderance, and if they have to get pushed out of the way, so be it, that’s just the way life is.

Some people think I’m a sociopath, but I don’t think I am. I feel emotions, and I can feel guilt and remorse, but I just don’t feel anything strongly. I don’t view this as a bad thing either; I think it’s advantageous to be this way.

A Binding Contract

Prompt by: Anonymous

A/N: Although i don’t believe Padme would ever do this (or Obi-Wan for that matter) i did enjoy writing it. Padme is just too good of person and far too stubborn in her own morals to side with Anakin. Lovely prompt though, even if i did get a little off topic. So sorry anon i do that way too much!

Imagine: Obi-Wan and Padme turn to the Dark Side with Anakin. You have to try and build a resistance against them.

Warning: None.

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Padme runs out of the Naboo Royal ship to meet her husband, flinging her arms around him as they meet.

“I saw your ship,” Anakin says, the vaguest hint of worry in his eyes. “What are you doing out here?”

“I was so worried about you,” Padme explains, gripping Anakin’s arms as if her life depends on it. “Obi-Wan told me terrible things.” Her breath is uneven and the young Jedi can feel her heart race. He can feel her fear.

“What things?” he asks, more concerned for himself than her.

“He said…you turned to the Dark Side, that you’d killed people,” the worry and fear in her voice makes Anakin pause. He certainly doesn’t want to upset her more.

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Re: Marriage equality. Doesn't it bother you when you are more moral than your Holy Book? Doesn't it cause the slightest bit of cognitive dissonance?

I’ve tried to parse this question a couple of times now, and I’m still kind of at sea as to the meaning.

So to answer the second question first (because I definitely understand that one): nope. No cognitive dissonance here. I mean, do I think the Bible itself as a document comes out in favour of marriage equality? No, it seems entirely apathetic on the point.

But no, I don’t have any cognitive dissonance being an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and being a Christian.

But I used to. Because literalism is very tempting in its simplicity.

So let me take you on a JOURNEY, anon, because I don’t quite understand the question, but I think I see the shape of the answer.

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I suffer apathy—not that is not it, not quite. I tell myself that I am apathetic to deny the existence of my true feelings and thoughts, which make me despise myself. I tell myself that I don’t care because admitting that I do care would be a sign of weakness. Acknowledging my inner demons would only allow them to break in. Shutting them out is effective in that sense, but it leaves me so cold.

I am so tired of shivering.

I want to be warm. I want to thrum with life and let my emotions fill me up until my skin is taut. I want to cry and laugh and let myself live.

I want to feel, but I am too guarded against myself. I am scared of the darkness within. I won’t take the risk.