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yooo, your art is super amazing!! I saw your requests are open, if you have time i would really love to see m!robin in your style!!

Aaaa thank you so much!! And YES OFC MY BOY
Only had time for a sketch (that I got too invested in anyway HAHA) but I hope you like! ^^


The People Behind K-Pop: Video production company VM Project Architecture


So I’ve been watching DOTU and I couldn’t help but notice…

This is episode 6, The Right Arm of Voltron.

Season 4 supposedly has 6 episodes.

This episode, Shiro/Sven dies, but there isn’t an explanation for the title. Lance is the right arm, and Sven was the pilot of Blue. With the whole thing on Jeremy saying “Lance like dies” in S4, I can’t help but wonder why this is why it is.

There is a post about Klance a while back stating that every episode 6 of VLD has something going on with Lance and Keith. I’m not sure where the original post is, but the main point is:

Sven/Shiro is the Black Lion/Blue Lion pilot in the generations of Voltron, although it switches sometimes. Lance pilots Red for the majority of the shows.
There has been a concerning amount of foreshadowing to Lance’s supposed “death” next season, such as:
In S3 04, Hole in the Sky, the armor of the dead crewmen is blue, and it’s odd that Lance was the first to approach them.
The scene where Lance tells Keith about him stepping aside from the team. (If I call it the “bedroom scene,” I’m gonna lose it, sorry.)
If we flip back to S1 VLD, when Lance gets caught in the explosion to save Coran, a dude he just met. Literally, that takes some guts and honor. Kudos to Lance. Let’s all just high-five him, he deserves it.

Lance “dying” would kind of be the climax of his insecurities that haven’t been directly approached yet in the show.
And, since the interview on S4, Keith causes a “rift” in the team.

This may just be a theory, but I’m guessing Keith is going to go off somewhere and Lance will follow, hence the “rift.”
When Sven runs toward Haggar’s cat in episode 6, Lance runs after him saying “Don’t go alone!”
This will definitely be parallel to Keith rushing after Lotor by himself. Since we know Lance has been supporting the new leader in S3 nonstop, it would be of no surprise that he would continue this. I have no doubt Lance would follow Keith, to either save him from himself, or from the enemy.

In the process, I assume it will be either Haggar or Lotor who “kill” Lance. And no, I, without hesitation, do not think Lance will actually die. I know right? Take deep breaths.


They aren’t going to kill him off in the fourth season.
Honestly, it’s a waaayy to bold move for them to make. No, not because of cencorship, guys, this is Netflix, not Cartoon Network. It’s because they’d be killing off a major protagonist.

Plus, it’s also kind of lame.

Dreamworks and Studio MIR collaborate in adding little details that we know will pay off later. Expressions, setting, dialogue.

And another line from Keith which may or may not be important: “We could toss out some non-essential weight.”
Yeah. They’ve pretty much been hyping up the Lance angst subtly until it isn’t so subtle and will only become a bigger upcoming deal.

Anyway, someway, somehow, Lance will be protecting Keith. And he’ll feel like an awful leader for rushing off and putting his teammate in danger.

They aren’t going to kill Lance off if they’ve been setting up Klance (or Laith, which in my opinion, sounds prettier) for a while. Angst is only good when it sets up a relationship, I think. And judging by LOK with Asami and Korra going through a lot of unpleasant experiences together, Voltron will be no exception.

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in your opinion, what are the top "he went to julliard" moments?

ok first of all, really great ask. thank you. here are my favorite “he went to juilliard” moments:

and let’s not overlook his non-sunny repertoire

  • this scene from that one movie about a coffee shop… trust me
  • i’ve seen this clip from some 2001 movie he was in like 10 times and i still don’t know how to make sense of it
  • i’ve also seen this clip from that short-lived 80s show like 10 times and i don’t know how to make sense of it 

Okay but Peter, Ned, and May getting Greek food and Ned and May both pointing at the pita bread and going “Hey, that’s you, Pita Parker”

Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita


(It’s finished. Another one for my Nöck AU.)

Btw, for those who haven’t read it yet, @thisdiscontentedwinter has wrote an incredible small story to this AU and the first artwork.

Hi okay let’s talk about how important Thomas Hamilton is.

As a gay man, it’s incredibly meaningful to see a character on-screen that is gay and without shame, especially in a time where being gay was literally a crime. Thomas being gay is an important part of his character, but none of his development is centered around him struggling with it. His character is built around him being kind and motivated. The viewer gets to know him as a good man, and him falling in love doesn’t change anything. The struggles he’s gone through aren’t dismissed, they’re addressed in the fact that he has a wife, and in his eventual imprisonment and enslavement, but they aren’t all he goes through. His wife knows who he is, and their relationship is built on a solid friendship. Him falling in love doesn’t involve any sneaking. Thomas and James are happy, and Miranda is happy for them. And in the end, he is reunited with his soulmate despite all the horrors he’s gone through.

Thomas is allowed to fall in love on-screen, and gets a happy ending. There’s no unnecessary side plots about his suffering, no monologues about how hard it is to be gay, just a man who knows who he is, accepts himself and is allowed to love. Again, all in a time period where it being gay was criminalized, which is also mentioned on screen. The writers acknowledge the struggles that gay people went through but refused to let Thomas and James’ love be defined by them (even though it’s Thomas’ ‘death’ that drives the whole plot of the story).

And even though he goes through hell because of his love for James, in the end he is still a gay man, unashamed of his love.

Seeing a man like that go through hell and come out the other end still able to smile, and still in love with his husband after TEN YEARS of suffering is so important. I know that the idea of a gay man without shame in that time seems unrealistic, but as a person still in an environment where homophobia is a massive part of life, it’s so meaningful to see a man in a place where the conditions are even worse than where I am fall in love and get a happy ending. It gives me so much hope to see a badass like Thomas Hamilton reunited with his husband. It gives me hope that what I go through will lead to a happy ending as well, even though my family is full of violent LGBT-phobic pricks too.

Basically Thomas Hamilton is an incredible man and an incredible character and if you don’t think so you’re wrong.