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DeanCas Coda to 13x04: The Big Empty

Unsurprisingly, the thrill of being on Earth fades after two days of relentless walking, bumming rides, and begging for bus money. Not that Castiel can’t appreciate the sunshine and flowers and corporeality of it all… but about one minute after standing up and taking in the warmth and smells and feel of the world around him, his thoughts immediately turned to the Winchesters. To Jack.

To Dean.

It’s Dean specifically whose name runs on a loop in his mind; whose memories have Castiel’s heart stuttering and blood racing in his veins. By the time he’s walking up to the Bunker door, Cas’s palms are slick with sweat and he’s exhausted despite his Grace, anxiety clawing under his skin. He re-adjusts his new coat and tie about fifteen times, and attempts to flatten his hair into some kind of order. He stares at the door for a good five minutes before gathering enough courage to knock.

It’s Dean who answers.

He’s thinner than the last time Castiel saw him, with dark bruises under his eyes and a paleness lurking beneath his skin that is frightening. He looks haggard, and defeated, and despite all of that Cas is still made breathless. Because he is standing in the doorway whole. Because they are both whole, and living. 

“Give it a rest, Mia. I ain’t buyin’ what you’re selling.”

The door is closed in his face.

It’s amazing, how one sentence can break a person. But no matter. Castiel  knows, logically, that Dean think’s he’s dead. Four days ago, he wouldn’t have been wrong. So, pushing those pesky, unrealistic fantasies of a romantic reunion aside, he swallows thickly, and knocks again. 

Dean answers with a glare this time. “Look, I get that we helped you, but following us all the way out here is just friggin’ creepy, okay?! And invasive! So leave us the hell alone before I decide to do something I regret.” Scoffing, he gives Castiel a cursory look up and down before shaking his head. “Some shifter you are,” he mutters. “You even got his clothes wrong.”

“Dean, wait.”

“I’m really not in the mood right now, okay? So just—”

“Dean, it’s me.”

Dean pauses. Shakes his head. Pauses again.

“You can test me,” Castiel says. “In fact, I insist. But don’t—don’t close the door again. Please, I just—it’s me. I swear it’s me.”

Green eyes play across his face, but if he’s searching for duplicity, he’ll find none. Staring back, Cas waits for Dean to come to a decision, finally muttering a “wait here”, before closing the door for a second time. Left alone, Cas feels his shoulders slump in relief. Dean will test him, and then he’ll know. He’ll know and Castiel will finally go home.

They do holy water first and iron first, saving silver for last. Even when both other tests have been completed, Dean hesitates at the third, looking at Cas’s big blue eyes and biting his lip. Castiel rolls up his sleeve and holds out his arm. “Please,” he murmurs. 

Dean quickly slices the silver blade in a shallow cut on Cas’s forearm, watching with wide eyes when the skin easily knits back together. 

The knife drops to the ground with an almighty clang. 

Dean’s hand comes up to shakily cover his mouth as his eyes, red-rimmed and shining, remain trained on Castiel’s. “No,” he murmurs. “Uh uh, I’m dreaming. I’m—I burned you. I’ve finally cracked, I—”

“No,” Castiel urges. “It’s me. It’s Cas.”

“I know who you are, dumbass.” Tears spill onto freckled cheeks as a huffed laugh is startled out of Dean’s chest. His hands twitch at his sides. “It’s really you.”


They’re hugging. Dean has launched himself at Castiel’s person, wrapping his arms around his shoulders and cradling the back of his head. His shoulders shake as he buries his face in Cas’s neck, and of his part, Castiel holds on as tightly as he can without causing harm. He blinks rapidly in an effort to dispel his own tears and leans heavily into the warmth that now surrounds him from what feels like all sides. 

“Cas,” Dean mumbles, his voice thin and watery. “Cas. Castiel. Cas.

“Dean.” Castiel doesn’t mean to turn his head, just as he doesn’t mean to lean in when Dean pulls back to see what’s happening. He does, however, mean to kiss Dean Winchester within an inch of his life when it becomes clear that this is a thing he’s permitted to do.

So he does it.

Castiel kisses Dean thoroughly. Methodically. Pressing little demonstrations of love to his mouth before deepening it to something wanton and wet. Cas’s heart tumbles against his ribcage, and his cheeks heat, and Dean runs a hand through his hair in a way that is so different from that creature in the empty that Castiel almost sobs anew. He kisses Dean with everything he is, and Dean whimpers. Freckled hands cup Cas’s cheeks.

From the war room, Sam holds Jack’s shoulder, keeping him in place. “Just… wait a sec, okay?“ he says, staring up at the pair pressed together on the threshold. “They need this.”

“They love each other,” Jack observes.

"Yeah,” Sam nods. Blinking rapidly, he looks at the child beside him and smiles. “They do.”

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How them 2000s live actions kids shows be
  • Normal Girl: *internally* I'm just a normal high school girl. I suck at math. I hate my parents. When someone asks me about my opinion on complex socioeconomic issues, I just go "What the heck!?" and start "texting" or something like that. My life would be just like yours, except for one thing: I have an amazing power... I can talk to cetaceans!
  • *at the docks, a bell tolls as our normal protagonist hears the voices of cetaceans bubbling in her mind*
  • Normal Girl: *staring deeply into the ocean*
  • Best Friend: Ahoy! What're you doing?
  • Normal Girl: Just staring into the oceanic abyss, thinking about how much I hate my parents. *internally* I have to keep my ability to speak to cetaceans secret or else... uh...
  • Best Friend: Haha, I feel that, friend. What a colorful life we teens live, our seaside environment awakening a rumbling darkness within ourselves of which we mull on our own with nothing but the unbounding depths of the ocean as our one escape. An escape which serves to only maim our fragile egos with newfound adolescent anxieties.
  • Normal Girl: What are you even talking about?
  • Best Friend: I don't know. I haven't slept in a week. Let's go to the mall.
  • *at the mall*
  • Normal Girl: *internally* My town might as well be called Lamesville. Nothing ever happens here, but the mall can be pretty fun. It's only place in the whole town with anything in it that isn't fish or excessive amounts of woodlice.
  • Best Friend: ...So I'd just dance and I'd dance until my feet broke. When that happened, I'd just get up and dance on my broken feet. And I did this until they were raw and blood was everywhere. I kept waking up in the morning extremely exhausted after this dream. I decided to record myself one night and it turns out I was dancing in my sleep. I haven't slept since I saw that. *leans in close to the normal girl* I'm afraid of what I'll do in my sleep.
  • Normal Girl: Wow, sounds weird... I guess. *sips coffee*
  • Best Friend: OMIGAWD! It's Chad Alphakid. He's coming this way!
  • *the normal girl and her best friend squee*
  • Normal Girl: *externally* That's Chad Alphakid. Who is he? He's only the hottest most coolest boy in this entire lame city. I've been crushing on him since I was like twelve.
  • Chad: Uh, okay.
  • Normal Girl: Did I just say that out loud!?
  • Chad: *sits at the table* Listen, I don't care what you or your friend think of me. I need help!
  • Best Friend: Have you murdered somebody?
  • Normal Girl: Do you need a girlfriend?
  • Chad: No, it's the ocean. The sound of her waves crashing against the shore is like a faultless siren song. There isn't a single night where I don't have visions of floating within her cold embrace. The allure of her boundless depths beckon to me like a lover. I'm afraid that if I don't get help soon, I'll find myself taken away by her to a fate unknown.
  • Normal Girl: *internally* Great, this is a chance to finally use my power to speak to cetaceans to my benefit! *externally* But why do you need us to help you?
  • Chad: You guys are the biggest fucking degenerate weirdos in this washed up town. If anyone knows how to deal with this, it's you two.
  • Best Friend: Haha, truuuuuu!
  • Normal Girl: I'm not a weirdo! I'm a completely normal girl.
  • Chad: Dude, you fucking talk to fish.
  • Best Friend: You do talk to fish.
  • Normal Girl: I don't talk to fish! *internally* I talk to cetaceans, they're mammals, not fish. Also, that's supposed to be a secret, dammit!
  • *at the shore*
  • Chad: Ah, Mother Ocean! Take me!! Take me!!! *attempts to run into the ocean, but gets held back by the normal girl and her best friend*
  • Best Friend: Simmer down, aqualad!
  • Chad: Why did you fools take me here, if not to release into the embrace of sweet Mother Ocean!?
  • Normal Girl: We talked it over and we decided that the best way to get you over your obsession is make you hate the ocean.
  • Chad: Does it involve you talking to fish?
  • Normal Girl: Yes, I mean no. I mean, fuck! Cetaceans aren't fish.
  • *the normal girl sits at the edge of shore, her eyes rolls up in her head as she proceeds to make fucked up porpoise sounds*
  • Normal Girl: *falls over limp*
  • Best Fried: She died.
  • Chad: Does this mean that I'm free to wade into Mother Ocean and meet my fate among her ever chaotic waes?
  • Best Friend: *lets chad go* Yeah, dude. I'm too far gone to care about things anymore.
  • Chad: *strips off all of his clothes* Good. I now understand that there was no avoiding this. This was always a forgone conclusion. My fate is with the waves. Sayonara, weird best friend guy.
  • Chad: *runs into the ocean*
  • Best Friend: *kicks the normal girl's body* Guess she really is dead.
  • Best Friend: *walks home as the night encroaches* My closest friend is dead, and Chad is probably dead too. I wonder where my fate lies?
  • Best Friend: *yawns* Maybe I should go to sleep and just dance myself to death finally. No, I don't think I could go to sleep even if I wanted to anymore. I'm probably going to die from exhaustion in the next few days, not having felt rest or comfort again. Or maybe I'll just stay awake forever. I feel like I was supposed to have an epiphany here, or some type of awakening. But, there's nothing. I feel like everything I've ever done has been pointless. God, I'm just really tired.
  • *back at the shore*
  • Porpoise: *beaches itself*
  • *a gray fleshy version of the normal girl crawls halfway out of the porpoises mouth*
  • Normal Girl: There goes my corpse! *drags her weird porpoise body towards the corpse* Why did I die with such a dumb expression on my face? Lame! I hope Chad didn't see.
  • Normal Girl: *looks around with beady eyes* No one's here. I can finally do this.
  • Normal Girl: *kisses her dead body on the lips* Blargh!
  • Normal Girl: *spits out blood* I bit my tongue when I died. Gross. I guess I can cross making out with my dead body and becoming a mermaid off of my bucket list, though.
  • Normal Girl: *sighs*

theragingthespian  asked:

if you're feeling it pal, supercorp and dancing. but tbh, i'll read anything you're up to writing

She realized she was in trouble sometime between Alex telling her that she had proposed to Maggie and the moment she helped with sending out the invitations—and by help she meant that she saved Alex and Maggie a small fortune on postage by delivering the invitations herself.

Or perhaps she realized she was in trouble when Alex sat her down one afternoon—many, many months after the Daxamite invasion—and told her that she needed help choosing a song to dance to.

(“Can it be ‘N Sync?” Kara had asked, laughing when Alex didn’t even acknowledge her question.

“Maggie got all the fun jobs,” she’d muttered petulantly. “Choosing venue and catering is easy but everyone’s going to judge the first song we dance to.”

“I’ll judge if the food isn’t good,” Kara had tried helpfully. Alex didn’t deign to dignify that with a response.)

Though really, she realized she was in trouble when Winn helpfully pointed out that Kara couldn’t dance.

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seefin  asked:

Okay so you know the way Draco is written in some fics as being a lovable weirdo? Kind of an oddball? Kind of an odd egg? Can u pls do a reclist for this particular brand of Draco n I'll love u forever xxxxxxx

YESSSS. ODDBALL!DRACO IS MY FAVORITE EVERYTHING. Look, I have a serious thing for this particular characterization of Draco. In fic, Draco is often the elegant suave flirt. But not oddball!Draco. I don’t know if you all know what I mean by that, but it’s like… he’s pointy, he’s a bit odd, maybe even eccentric, VERY endearing (like cinnamon roll precious), slightly awkward. And he completely owns my heart. Here you have my faves ft. him. ♥

Stately Homes of Wiltshire by waspabi (57k)
Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.
(Everything I love about the oddball!Draco trope is right here in this fic. He’s so precious, awkward, adorably proud of his muggle knowledge, he’s kind to old people, and he researches ridiculous things. This has wonderful writing too!)

The Way Down by lettered (65k)
Harry is overwhelmed by his own power and fame and angst, so he’s become a hermit. Draco Malfoy is tired of the melodrama.
(This Draco is a sweetheart, he’s got social anxiety and he tries so hard, it doesn’t always work out for him but he means so well. I feel for him, this amazingly sweet dork who’ll drink hot chocolate with a straw and can go on about Pygmy Puff classifications for ages. I love this fic so much.)

Only For The Lucky by SunseticMonster (63k)
Things seem to be going well for Draco Malfoy after the war. He’s working as a professor at Hogwarts and makes the papers all the time for his charitable contribution to Muggle causes. But when Malfoy is rushed into St Mungos hospital for a psychotic break, Healer Potter realizes that Malfoy’s success is not all what it seems and sometimes luck can have more than one meaning.
(Oh wow, I could write a novel about why I adore Draco in this. There’s his supreme cuteness, his social anxiety that tugs at my heartstrings, his fascination with electrical plugs, all of it. So many new headcanons.)

Here’s The Pencil, Make It Work by ignatiustrout (49k)
Harry thinks “Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?” is a much simpler question than, “Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don’t, what will you do?”
(Is this the creator of oddball!Draco, because I think it might be? He quotes muggle movies, makes dramatic impressions, sings Christmas carols, and Harry thinks he’s barking mad but also completely irresistible.)

Clear as Mud by scoradh (9.9k)
One could be said to have stretched the term ‘friends’ rather far.
(Aaagh, this fic hurts so good and yet. Draco sulked for an hour after Harry removed the mushrooms growing in the stairwell of his run-down house. He’s a total oddball and has all these quirks and Harry is so so in love.)

The Guise of Forgiveness by SunseticMonster (23k)
George’s new potion has caught the interest of the entire Auror Department, thanks to an article by the elusive Draco Malfoy. So, when Harry sees Malfoy in the middle of a panic attack, he attempts to make amends as a ploy to find out what’s really been going on.
(Oh this Draco, who bakes his own biscuits and has anxiety and is all-around awkward and lovely. He’s so sweet in this and I’m so proud of him.)

And an Owl Named Romeo by Rickey (26k)
Draco breeds owls, Harry’s an Auror, and an owl named Romeo is going to bring them together.
(As if the idea of a Draco with cute little owlets isn’t enough, this one sends snarky letters and is frankly HILARIOUS. Love his voice in this, love it allll.)

Currency by blythely (31k)
Harry wasn’t at school any more, nor was he fifteen. He was a successful merchant banker with a flat to die for and an owl who loved him. And he wasn’t going to get into a pissing match with a stick-fiddler who’d always driven him mental.
(This fic is full of melodramatic!Draco and I loveeee it. He’s a total geek about wands and wandlore, and he and Harry have such passion.)

anonymous asked:

Hey there :) was just wondering if you could maybe do a list of high school sterek au's where Derek and stiles are the same age or quite near in age. cheers ^ω^

the lunch table configuration by thepsychicclam

When Isaac makes Derek switch lunch tables, the last thing Derek expected was to fall for Stiles.

John Hughes Did Not Direct My Life by nascentgalaxies

Stiles and Derek are childhood friends who drifted apart. When Stiles joins the lacrosse team against his will, the universe (with a little help from Laura and Lydia) chooses to push them back together.

Talk Geeky to Me by stilesanderek

Derek and Stiles are the most typical combo of nerd plus geek two teenage boys could be; and as stereotypical as they could ever get, they’re each other’s only friend. That usually doesn’t bother Stiles much, Derek is the best best friend he could ever hope to have, but sometimes when he thinks about his fate of possibly not having his first kiss until college, he starts wishing he had a few more friends–or at least more people who were a bit more interested in him other than when they need to copy his notes.

In a fit of curiosity about how kissing feels like, Stiles proposes Derek that they each be the other’s first kiss–strictly platonic, of course. But afterwards, Stiles can’t stop noticing how hot Derek is, can’t stop thinking about kissing and touching him.


The five times Derek and Stiles “fake” kiss and one time they take things further.

Oh God, He’s Hot by lupus

When Stiles came home a couple of days before junior year started from a summer away, he was a little more than excited to see his best friend Derek, especially now that he’d finally gotten the courage to act upon his long standing crush on the guy. There’s just one problem; somewhere in the span of three months puberty hit Derek like the bus hit Regina George and all of the sudden Derek is hot.
And Stiles isn’t the only one who’s noticed.

Accidentally in Love by Scruffy_Wolf

Derek has spent his summer vacation crushing on the Sheriff’s son Stiles Stilinski, mostly from afar, but then when school starts suddenly Stiles is sitting next to him in Chemistry and inviting him around to his place after school.

Derek’s not sure what gives but he’s certain that Laura’s behind it.

The Lawn Ranger by Snowjob

In which Derek is an adolescent werewolf with a penchant for chocolate bunnies, and instead of the dream summer of lazing around the house playing video games and nibbling on his hoarded supply of easter candy his mother makes him get a job.

In which Stiles is a showoff jock with a broken arm and an embarrassing crush who can no longer push the lawn mower around the yard

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Lights On

Anonymous asked: can you do an first meet encounter? it can end however you’d like!

A/N: I kinda combined this with the one where someone requested more smut?? Hope you enjoy!

Warnings: swearing, smut, oral (male receiving)

Originally posted by justcuchu

The cool summer nights were one of your favorite things about life at the moment. You made it a habit to come to this park and sit on the swing, sketching a picture out in the dim lighting of the moon. 

It calmed you, being able to watch people as dusk fell over the park and they began packing their things to go home. Soon enough, you were alone in the park and added shading to a drawing of the worn down park bench across from you that you had started a couple days ago. 

The chains that held the swing up creaked while your legs pushed your body back and forth, swaying softly with the wind. 

You heard rushed footsteps, causing you to slam your sketchbook closed and turn your attention to the sidewalk in front of you. 

Your heart was in your throat, suddenly aware of the creepy situation ahead of you. 

The footsteps walked in front of you, tripping over the raised concrete on the sidewalk. You held back a giggle, immediately stepping off the swing set and rushing to the person. 

“Are you okay?” You said, putting your hand on the stranger’s arm while they groaned in pain. 

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shaysugar  asked:

Hi, wonderful❤❤ Have you ever thought about making a post and showing your process and tools you use/do when you make a picture :) I'd looove to see that! Like someday when you have time or if you feel like it!

Hey, Shay! ❤️ I have actually never really thought about it since my editing is pretty inconsistent and I tend to change styles all the time, but since I am finally somewhat happy with the way my pictures look, I guess I can make that post! My editing process is a bit wonky, keep in mind I am a total noob in Photoshop! How I edit my pictures under the cut! (edit: it was originally under the cut but I am afraid you can’t read it in my theme so it is no longer under the cut until I fix this, sorry!)

1. I use Reshade! Which, actually, makes a tremendous difference. I use this preset right over here. 

2. Then, I open up Photoshop, select the picture I want to edit and run early-grape’s action opal from the angelic ace action pack, which can be found here! The action is amazing but I actually do prefer it without the lilac-ish tones, so what I do is remove the layers that give the picture such tones. Here’s a picture: 

After you run the action your picture should look like this, what I do is delete the selected layers which I also attempted to circled around in red. So, to put it simply, after I have run the action I just press del.

3. After this is done I use Topaz Clean, which you can download herewith these settings:

4. After that is done I use smart sharpen (found under filter > sharpen > smart sharpen) with the following settings: 

5. Once this is done, your picture should look sort of like this:

So now, we crop! I usually crop all my pictures to 1366 x 610 (so I just select the crop tool and insert that ratio).

6. After this is done I usually adjust brightness, however in this picture, it wasn’t necessary, so we go straight to the next step which is adding a light leak, drag it over the picture and screen it! I just googled light leaks and found this one and so I just screen it, here’s a couple pictures below: 

7. Because I stopped using DOF sometimes, very rarely, when I feel like it, I select my sims with the selection tool, then I select inverse and blur the background using Gaussian blur (found under filters > blur > gaussian blur). And, that’s it!

Side note: I am a complete noob with Photoshop, but I am glad I know enough to be able to use what this community gives me to make my pictures look good! So a big thank you to those who provide actions and presets and all the tutorials, you are all so useful and kind for sharing these, so thank you, for helping out a noob like me! 

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*slides over a briefcase of money* I'll love you so ducking much if you do a part 2 of Lotor with the Lotor headcanon where Lotor goes to gets his pet back from the paladins. Thank you very much. Please

*slips on my Gucci shades* consider the job done 

part 1 right here

  • Lotor spends a day max in locating your signal. he has half of the quadrants under his command on high alert for the Paladins
    • he’s snappish with his generals and even Axca doesn’t know how to talk to him (and she cares for him the most). tbh, none of the generals foresaw how much he would be suffering with you gone
    • he won’t eat, he won’t brush his hair and he’s been sitting on his throne since you went missing, brooding as he imagines smashing the Paladins one by one for taking away his pet
  • While in the Castle of Lions, the team attempts to interrogate you on Lotor’s exact location but you’re so scared, out of depth and missing your Prince
    • “I just wanna go home,” you whimper. “I want my Prince. Who are you?”
    • “We’re the Paladins of Voltron,” Shiro says in his best calming tone, “and we’re not going to hurt you.”
    • “Where is Lotor?” Allura immediately jumps the gun and Shiro’s efforts are for naught as your guard is up and you wouldn’t speak anymore
    • in the end, Shiro sighs, “Let’s just leave her. She’s obviously in shock. Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow.” Pidge even tries to convince you but it’s Keith who pushes the hardest
    • he reminds you that in not giving up Lotor’s position, you’re essentially betraying the Alliance and the whole universe. but you dig your heels in, you will not give up Lotor, even if the Paladins offer you freedom
      • what is freedom if it means you’ll be separated from him for the rest of your life?
    • Allura agrees with Shiro, and activates the particle barrier, ready to close the castle for tonight when a loud blare fills the space. “Quiznak!” the Princess yells, fear in her eyes, “Lotor is here!” 
  • you scramble up and the castle jarrs, as if something slammed into it. The doors suddenly slip open, and Zethrid barges in, with Narti at her side. Ezor slips in, Coran standing in front of her, his bright purple eyes diminishing as Narti drops her palm from his back
    • “Hello, Paladins!” Ezor greets, much to their shell shock dispositions. “We’re just here to retrieve someone that belongs to our Prince. See, he doesn’t like it when people take away his love, and you all are going to pay~~”
    • Axca bursts in like the badass she is and engages with both Shiro and Keith who has already unfroze from the shock and are reaching for their weapons. It’s Ezor who picks you up and you both run from the room as the Paladins give chase
  • she throws you into a pod and shoots you into the Galra cruiser. You’re scared, but when the doors open and you see Lotor, he rushes towards you, pulling you into a tight hug.
    • “Oh, (Y/N), I was so worried,” he breathes, as he lifts you into his arms. “Did they hurt you? I will personally kill them if they scarred you.”
    • “N-No, Lotor,” you reassure, “they didn’t touch me.” he exhales in relief. he thought…oh good stars, he thought that you would’ve left him and it gave him new perspective on your relationship
    • the generals appear, slightly roughed, but triumphant as Ezor throws her arms around you. “Oh, we missed you so much (Y/N)! The ship has been so quiet without your laughter!” 
      • Lotor clears his throat and she immediately lets you go, and remains chastised. he spares his generals a nod of gratefulness as he steers you into the bathroom
  • he’s much gentler here, and he even washes your hair, taking care to soap your whole body. it’s a nice feeling and when you lean back into his arms, moaning lightly, he takes it as an open invitation. 
    • has you bent over the luxurious bathtub as he takes from behind, all the while he’s praising you. it would’ve given you emotional whiplash if you didn’t feel the same way as him
  • he would keep you in his room, insisting that you need rest as he brings you food and books to keep you occupied. 
    • he’s less guarded, and where he once used to stop you from asking questions, he now encourages your curiosity
    • you’ve never heard him laugh this much before, especially when you share your culture with him. “Humans eat what now??” 
    • it’s a pretty laugh and you’re f u c k e d in a different sense of the word
  • you expect him to be rougher with you, but he’s still gentle, and when he takes you that night, his hands are entwined in yours, and his lips are on your ear, whispering how much he missed you
    • it’s a nice change, and you ask him about it
    • “well, if I want you to be the mother of my children, I have to make sure you’re safe and able to conceive, am I right?” you’re in shock. I mean, he’s basically popped you the Galran version of a marriage proposal
      • “you…you want to have a child…with me?” 
      • “I can take care of you,” he says in earnest, gripping your hands in his. “You’ll never be for want and our child will be loved. I will try my best and I know he will be a great ruler when I take over the universe.” 
        • you smile, and say, “What if our child’s a she?” 
        • Lotor grins, “then I hope she will be a most fearful Queen.”
  • Something must be wrong with you bc you agree, and sex is a given almost every night when he has a spare moment.
    • he arches your back, saying that, “the seed will take better” and he’s awfully kind to you that you almost cry 
    • no one has ever been this attentive to you and you feel like you don’t deserve his treatment
  • Nothing works until one night, he slams the door open, looking visibly upset and when you ask him, he remains scarily silent, dragging you into his arms and pinning you to the wall
    • he fucks you against the hard surface, as he leaves bruises on your neck, forcing you to cum multiple times that night. he’s not finished with you, as he throws you onto the bed, pushing himself between your legs as his mouth latches harshly onto your wetness
    • Lotor comes in you about three times that night, his refractory period almost nonexistent
    • when he seems ready to talk, you ask him and he says that he’s just received word that his Father is thinking about appointing another successor as the Galran Emperor
      • he’s sorry, saying that he’s been mistaken and you’ve never seen him this broken. you know he has a hard relationship with his Father, but you never expected it to be this bad
      • you comfort him that night and allow him to make love to you, and despite the horrible news, you’ve never felt that connected to him
  • Everything’s all well and fine as he concentrates on outwitting the Paladins and stealing Voltron
    • but then you miss your period

The upperclassmen give Neil a gift he will always cherish

  • The Upperclassmen graduation is coming up in a few days and with them all going home for the summer they want to get Neil something to remember them all with 
  • However they couldn’t agree on what to get him
  • Dan thought new exy equipment, Matt wanted to take them to a court game, Allison was determined to get Neil more clothes, and Renee wanted to ask Andrew but knew he would just blow her off
  • So they decided that they would all pay close attention to Neil the last two weeks of class to try to get clues and pick a gift they all agree on
  • Throughout the days they notice how Neil draws on literally everything but never keeps the doodles when he is done
  • They’re best thing that the upperclassmen have seen
  • Most of the drawings they manage to catch glimpses of are beautiful dead eyes, smirking lips, bruised/bleeding knuckles and outlines of a defined muscled back
  • Lets be real these upperclassmen can be just as oblivious at times too (except Renee)
  • All of them don’t understand why Neil is an languages major instead of an arts major 
  • And from how they saw Neil use the journal Bee gave him constantly and never leave anywhere without it
  • They decided that they would all pitch in and get him a sketch book
  • However it’s not just any sketchbook, it’s a customized orange leather cover with an imprinted fox paw on the front
  • Around the top of the paw is written “Neil Josten” and the bottom has “Honorary Fox”
  • They think it will be perfect and Allison knows just the guy that is good enough to rush their order in time before they all leave
  • The Upperclassmen are ecstatic when it comes in the day before graduation
  • Mainly because they will be able to give it to Neil in time before he leaves with his mini vacation with Andrew
  • Finding out that Andrew is willingly letting the other monsters out of his sight is surprising
  • The ceremony is long but amazing with a bunch of overwhelming mixed emotions
  • When they finally get to meet up with Neil afterwards they immediately go to hand him the gift
  • “But I don’t understand, shouldn’t I be the one giving you gifts”
  • Matt basically squeezes Neil to death while Dan attempts to rip him off of the poor boy who looks like he can’t breathe
  • Renee just gives him a small smile and Allison is bragging in the background about how she did most of the work to get the gift
  • When Dan finally gets the giant teddy bear to back off, she urges Neil to open the gift
  • Slowly Neil starts to unwrap the gift and freezes when he sees the cover of the book
  • With slightly shaking hands Neil touches the cover gently and opens it to examine the new gift
  • The Upperclassmen are afraid that might have misread the little things that they’ve picked up on because of Neil’s reaction
  • Neil feels like he has a lump stuck in his throat
  • He wants to say thank you but he can’t
  • His thank you’s are reserved for a certain blond hair man
  • But he wants to show Dan, Matt, Allison, and Renee how much he appreciates what they’ve done for him
  • So he does the only thing he knows how the upperclassmen show their appreciation by
  • He tries to gather all of them up in his arm for a group hug
  • The group hug last for what seems like forever
  • When they finally pull back Neil looks them in the eyes one by one and says
  • “I’m glad you accepted me into the fox family”
  • Allison answers for them all when she says
  • “You were always meant to be a fox”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you do RFA reacting to MC on her period/trying to hide her period from them? Thank youuu!

Oh my gosh periods are the absolute worst. This one was still a lot of fun to write so thank you for requesting it! I hope that you like it!! :3 


  • You and Yoosung both finally had a day off together and deiced to sleep in
  • You woke up before Yoosung and felt his arms wrapped around you and you snuggled into his chest
  • But you felt something wet down by your legs and carefully moved the blanket away to see that your period had started and bled through your sleep pants onto the bed sheets
  • Completely embarrassed, you shook Yoosung violently telling him to get out of bed
  • “Wah what’s going on MC?” A very confused and sleepy Yoosung asked as you kicked him out of the bed
  • You didn’t respond, only blushing bright red as you carefully moved the blankets so he couldn’t see the mess
  • But Yoosung caught a glimpse of bright red blood on the sheets and his eyes went wide
  • “MC are you okay?! Did you hurt yourself?! Should I call a doctor?!” Yoosung asked as he started panicking
  • You sighed saying “I’m okay Yoosung, my period just started. Sorry about the sheets, I’ll clean them up right away.”
  • As you tried walking away, Yoosung grabbed your arm and hugged you, rubbing your lower stomach
  • His mother and sister made him learn about how much period cramps could hurt and how women could become very emotional
  • So to your surprise, Yoosung knew exactly what to do and treated you like a princess
  • Yoosung threw the dirty sheet into the washer and quickly put a new one on so that you could lay down
  • He told you that he had to make a quick stop at the store and when he came back, he had pads and tampons, heating pads, your favorite snack foods, and a new movie for the two of you to watch
  • Yoosung took such good care of you that there was hardly any pain and lots of comfort, making you not worry about period pains ever again


  • The two of you decided to go on a date night to see a movie that Zen made a cameo in
  • You two were able to snag the last two tickets, much to Zen’s delight
  • Just as the two of you were about to enter the theater, you felt something off
  • You told Zen that you had to use the bathroom quickly and when you got there, you found out that your period had started
  • The emotions were already getting to you as you felt yourself start to tear up
  • You left the bathroom trying to think of an excuse for only you to head home so Zen could enjoy the movie
  • As soon as Zen saw you, he noticed something was off and asked “What’s wrong babe?”
  • You burst out in tears and whispered to him that your period has started
  • Zen immediately goes into protective boyfriend mode and walks behind you so no one can see any blood coming through as he leads you to the car
  • The entire ride home you were crying and told Zen between sobs “I-I’m so sorry that I ruined our date night.”
  • He honestly couldn’t believe that you could become so emotional just because of your period but he shushed you saying “It’s no problem at all MC. You can’t control it and we can have our own fun date night together at home.”
  • Zen carried you inside bridal style and helped you clean up then laid you on the bed as he got you some pain medication
  • You were completely exhausted and Zen completely understood so the two of you ended up cuddling for the rest of the night until the two of you fell asleep
  • When you woke up the next morning, you found Zen in the kitchen making breakfast a a bouquet of your favorite flowers on the table along with some heating pads
  • Zen really was the best boyfriend ever


  • The two of you went to a fancy restaurant to celebrate your anniversary 
  • It was the first time either of you were able to go to such a high-end place so it was an even more special night
  • You and Jaehee were killing it in your brand new dresses and you both looked like goddesses
  • But when the two of you were seated at your table, you felt what you only assumed was your period start
  • Panic built up inside of you, it was such a special night and you didn’t want your period to ruin it for Jaehee
  • So you sucked it up and decided to pretend like nothing was wrong
  • But you and Jaehee were together for a reason because she knew within a couple of minutes that something was up
  • You were getting increasing hot to the point of sweat dripping down from your forehead and the cramps started to come
  • When Jaehee saw you wince in pain and hold your stomach, she knew that your period started
  • So Jaehee helped you up and lead you back to the car while you apologized profusely
  • When you two got home, you nervously asked her “Was I really that obvious Jaehee?” as you got out of your dress and into more comfort clothing
  • Jaehee giggled and made you lay down as she got you a heating pad and said “Sort of. But what you had were pretty similar to my own period symptoms so I knew. And don’t worry about tonight, I’m always happy as long as I’m with you MC.”
  • You smiled gratefully at your amazing girlfriend The two of you spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching Zen’s musicals on DVD
  • You both ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms, with you feeling a lot less pain thanks to Jaehee
  • You were so grateful that you had someone else who understood the struggle of having your period and you made a mental note to take extra good care of Jaehee when hers started


  • You had convinced Jumin to go out on a simply yet fun ‘commoners’ date with you
  • The two of you went to a local park and packed a picnic and the day had been going well, you and Jumin talked about your future together, stared at the clouds, and even made him laugh at a couple of your jokes
  • Jumin seemed to be having such a good time that you felt like nothing could possible ruin your mood
  • But Mother Nature had different plans
  • You were laughing at one of Jumin’s attempts to make a joke when you felt your period start
  • To make matters worse, you were wearing a light colored dress making the blood stand out on the back of your dress Jumin noticed you looking uncomfortable and asked what was wrong
  • “My um period started Jumin.” You said awkwardly to Jumin You attempted to stand up but you could already feel the cramps coming on
  • Jumin noticed the back of your dress was staining with blood so he quickly wrapped his jacket around your waist to hide it and walked you over to Driver Kim
  • He had never dealt with women on their period before but all Jumin knew was that you looked like you were in pain and he needed to stop it
  • So when the two of you got back to the penthouse, Jumin cleaned you up and made you lay down in bed with him calling out to the chef to make your favorite meal
  • He laid down next to you and gently rubbed where your cramps were hurting telling you sweet words of encouragement to try and help you feel better
  • You eventually fell asleep and woke up a couple of hours later to see Jumin curled up next to you sleeping
  • The cramps were almost completely gone so you settled yourself back into Jumin’s arms
  • For a guy who’s never experienced a girl with her period before, Jumin sure knew what he was doing


  • Seven had been working hard the past couple of days making you extremely bored
  • You were laying on the couch, mindlessly playing on your phone when you felt something seep through your pants
  • You groaned as you saw that your period had started
  • Luckily none of the blood had gotten on the couch so you quickly passed Seven’s work room in order to get a new pair of pants
  • You were in the bathroom trying to clean the blood out of your pants when you heard the door open
  • “Aw my poor MC’s period started. Come on I’ll clean those up later, you need to rest now!” Seven said as he dragged you into the bedroom
  • “But how did you know Saeyoung? I’m sorry I know that you’re busy working and it’s so embarrassing.“ You said as Seven tucked the blankets around you
  • He smiled and kissed your forehead saying “I’m the Defender of Justice MC! I know everything! But seriously I keep track of your cycle so I always know when you’re due to start.”
  • Seven got you a heating pad and laid down next to you rubbing your back and whispering how much he loved you
  • You fell asleep to Seven’s loving words and woke up the next morning to find a Seven had made you a messy cake saying ‘I love you’ on it as well as some of your favorite snacks and more heating pads
  • You were honestly so grateful for him and gave him a huge hug when you saw him
  • Seven smiled telling you that you deserved it and how he would take good care of you until your period was over
  • “Hey MC quick question, I never looked it up or anything but a period is when you pee blood right?” Seven asked as you were about to cut into the cake
  • Seven was lucky that you loved him and that you weren’t too emotional at that point to punch him
the little things in life - part 1

summary: One of Roman’s adventures takes an interesting turn, resulting in Logan coming back looking much different than before.

characters: logan, patton, virgil, roman

pairings: none

warnings: age regression; some intrusive thoughts; thoughts of injury (very brief); thoughts of choking on food (very brief); mention of death (very brief)

word count: 1,968

a/n: a cute piece inspired by @mewsicalmiss‘s adorable hcs and @pirate-patton‘s own fic based off of them. this got a little long so I decided to break it up into a few chapters. hope you guys enjoy!

tag list: @tinysidestrashcaptain @logan-logic @holdnarrytight @the-sanders-snides @darude-sanderstorm @mewsicalmiss @thegoldenmink @cefmua56 @madd-catter @amazable01@camillenicole @dudlebuggs @evilmuffin

“He’s so small! Ah, I just wanna scoop him right up!”

“I hate to admit it, but he’s just downright adorable! And he hardly talks as much as he used to. I shall chalk this up as an improvement!”

Virgil opened his mouth to protest; he closed it in favor of screwing his face into an expression that was near impossible to describe, but perfectly conveyed his character.

“What?” he finally burst out. “No! We can’t keep him like this. Do you think Thomas is gonna have any idea how to do anything?”

Roman groaned, shoulders sliding into a dejected position. “Fine. I suppose you do have a point. The only thing is…how do we fix…this?”

He gestured to their current problem, which sat on the couch.

This problem happened to be a very displeased Logan, who was now reduced to the state of about a two-year-old, courtesy of a glittering crystal lake he had fallen into after being dragged along on one of Roman’s adventures.

He was small, he was clumsy, he was—

Well, to be quite honest, he was the most adorable thing any of them had ever seen.

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bnha headcanons bc i have no impulse control
  • kaminari once staged a worker’s strike and refused to charge anyone’s phones. they glared him down for about an hour and he caved. he made picket signs and everything too
  • midoriya has the most heathenistic, gross food opinions it’s disgusting af
    • deku: “im glad everyone agrees that wasabi goes with chocolate milk” iida: “i’m sorry the whom
    • bakugou, in the distance: “why’re you always like this shut the fuck up you’re gonna make me fuckin’ hurl again–”
    • nobody can tell when midoriya genuinely means it or when he’s just fucking with them to gross ‘em out and nobody wants to ask
  • don’t sneak up on kirishima in the middle of the night he’ll harden and accidentally stab you in the face trying to defend himself
  • wildly mispronouncing uraraka’s name is fun
    • “uarakrara” “urethra” “release the urararakraken” “durarara”
  • mineta kicks ass at wii bowling but that’s about all he’s good for
    • tsuyu, on the other hand, is strangely athletic and can beat many people in a variety of sports
  • sero is the resident tape dispenser. he too attempts to stage a strike. it also ends up failing
  • todoroki got a fever once and taking care of him was A Fucking Nightmare
    • “do we give him ice packs or heating pads?” “wait shouldn’t he be able to regulate his own body temperature?” “no illness causes hormones and quirks to go out of whack right” “ahHHHH wait you give sick people soup right–” “–and medicine and blankets and pillows and shit right f uckajfjdks ;fjldsfja;”
    • everyone’s running around panicking meanwhile todoroki is motionless in bed trying to get everyone’s attention 
    • “guys. guys recovery girl is in the building next door. as in the hero who can literally cure sick and injured people in an instant. g u y s
  • aizawa: “i’m a hero trained for a wide variety of situations” [gets handed a small human child] “wait not like that”
  • present mic’s parents are both deaf and he knows sign language
  • sometimes random snippets of childhood memories come up in bakugou and midoriya’s conversations and it’s wild to listen to them pulling receipts on each other
    • “remember how dad used to make you pee your pants crying by pretending to attack you with his fire breath whenever you came over for sleepovers lmaooo”
    • “oh shut the fuck up as if you didn’t cry whenever you came over and the food was too spicy for your bitch ass to handle”
    • “oh what’s that?? hm??? i can’t hear you over the sound of you falling face-first into the sandbox in front of that super cute girl you liked back in daycare– megumi yamamoto was her name right? smoooooth, kacchan <3”
    • “why the fuck do you fucking remember that, you little fucking shit did you write that in your shitty notebooks or something i’ll fuckign kill you–”
    • midoriya [laughing while crying hysterically and running away from bakugou, who is equipped with explodo-hands]
    • rest of 1-a, listening in: ?????????????????????????
Comfort in Silence

Prompt: Gentle soul 

Setting: Canon

Pairing: Kacchako

Summery: Their rescue mission didn’t go well. Ochako won’t let Bakugou handle the aftermath alone, not this time. 

A/N: I’m so nervous about posting this! It’s my first Kacchako ficlet, so I hope you all like it. Let me know if I’ve tagged everything okay, I’m new to the fandom.

Bakugou didn’t do crowds when upset.

Various missions and team building activities enlightened her to the blonde’s perplexing behaviour. Their latest mission set an example of murphy’s law. Everything that could go wrong, happened. Deku true to himself cried for those he couldn’t save.

Bakugou initially reacted in the way he knows best, an explosion of anger. The years had tamed his fiery temper somewhat, in traumatic circumstances he failed to hide his true emotions. Needless to say, the objects surrounding him didn’t come out unscathed.

In the age of heroes and quirks, mother nature is a still a force to be reckoned with add villains to that scenario and the outlook turned dire.

“Fuck off Kirishima,” he spat, not bothering to turn his head. Typical.

“I said-“

Angry red eyes met her own as his head snapped around. Ochako felt her heart thumping on her rib cage, raw emotion palpable on his rugged face. Katsuki’s rage isn’t to be taken lightly.

Not that she’s scared of him.

Ochako, sensitive to the emotion of the people close to her, felt the anxiety deep within her classmate as if it were her own. Combine that with her own sadness, and she was close to breaking down. Again. Skin feeling hot and clammy, she rubbed her forearms wincing at her suit catching raised hairs underneath. She needed to remember to put in a lining request to the costume department, a creature comfort but necessary.

“Tch, what the fuck do you want?” His low, rough tone breaking her train of thought. She wasn’t here to think about clothing alterations. Managing to give a sad smile, she watched his lips form a snarl, his eyes searching.

He hadn’t told her to piss off yet.


“I felt like fresh air.” A half-truth, they both knew she didn’t have to use the residence roof for that. Holding his angry glare, her body defiant in its stance she dared him to challenge her. Crinkles formed on his brow, a growl rumbling in the air as he bit back a retort. Instead of choosing to jerk head around, giving her his back.

Manners didn’t exist in Bakugou’s vocabulary. What you see, is what you get, pleasantries be damned. At first, it was perplexing behaviour, but after dealing with manipulative ways of villains, she sees it as a virtue. It needed polishing to be palatable for the public, however, Ochako is sure his passion will shine through. No one trained like Bakugou, she frequently witnessed his insane training programs.

Deku looked up to him, striving to be like him for a reason. Bakugou’s focus and instinct in battle, his body moving in a way that made her throat feel dry. In their match, his efficiency made her cry in frustration but he never looked down on her. Not once. After she declared her intent to battle despite the odds, after she fought tooth and nail, he accepted her wholly.

Cowards had no place in his world, only those who fought with their entire being deserved to fight him. Katsuki didn’t see her for her background or her gender, respecting resolve and power in battle.

It was a fight that opened her eyes to the young man in front of her. He is more than an angry, aggressive exterior. The expletives and violent reactions a cover for a teenager who cared more than he was willing to let on.

Hence, not buying his current act.

Tension contorting the muscles in his back, black muscle shirt melding to the slick skin. He had fought hard, parrying blows, and performing acrobatics during combat that rendered her breathless. It hadn’t been enough. Even with the support of pros, there had been casualties, some teetering on the edge of death.  

It’s heartbreaking to try so hard and fail.

It wasn’t a complete loss, but they didn’t win either.

The school taught them to prepare for both, that they couldn’t save everyone. A war between good and evil meant innocents will get caught in-between. Human shields, hostages, bait, all common tactics used by villains.

Sighing she stepped forward, gripping the stone wall to pull herself up. She couldn’t use her quirk again yet, she had overdone today as it was. Muscles aching, she shifted her legs to dangle off the edge. Vertigo wasn’t an issue when she didn’t have her quirk activated, her father owns a construction company, heights and vertical drops didn’t bother her.

Glancing away from her swinging feet she paid attention to the blond beside her. His posture taut and upright, gaze fixed straight ahead. Unable to stop herself, a giggle escaped her mouth at his screwed-up face. It truly is a remarkable sight. At her tinkling laughter, his lips quirked, head whipping to the side to avoid eye contact. Scoffing, his hands balled into fists flinching as sore skin stretched over his knuckles.  

Ochako frowned, noticing his wince her eyes drawn to the movement. Inhaling, she covered up a gasp, knowing Bakugou wouldn’t take kindly to overt fussing. His quirk also bore consequences for overuse. Reaching with both hands she cupped his fist, uncurling his fingers one by one, biting her bottom lip in concentration.

She didn’t want to hurt him. Successful in her attempt to relax his hand, a smile graced her features. Placing their joined hands between them, she kept her own resting on top. His skin felt rough but warm, a contrast to her soft flesh. No doubt an adaptation to the abuse his quirk handed out. She didn’t mind, calloused skin meant hard work and dedication in her family.

Looking up, she found Bakugou in an unguarded state of incredulity. Emotions flashing across his face as his attention darted from their hands to her eyes. Shrugging she squeezed his hand, turning to focus on the view in front.

If Bakugou wouldn’t accept comfort from the teachers or the other classmates, she would do her best. Ochako knew actions spoke louder than words to the boy by her side. Sometimes silent company when contemplating thoughts meant more than a fleeting “It’ll be all right”.

I'll Kill You Myself (Dominic Toretto x Reader)

Title: I’ll Kill You Myself 

Warnings: swearing, stitching up wounds ? 

 Synopsis: Dom comes home, late and injured. You’re sick of this shit, but try not to wake up the kids.

A/N: My first imagine on Tumblr! How did you like it? Let me know! I hope you’re having a great day! -Jena

P.S- You can find part two here. Enjoy!

Originally posted by warcraftedits

You gnawed at your lip, eyes nervously watching a late-night rerun of the Big Bang Theory. Your eyelids drooped from a desire to rest, but you just took a sip from your fourth cup of coffee, pressing forward into the night. Your eyes flickered to the clock, it read 2:48 a.m. You sighed, bouncing your knee. Dom and the team had a late-night race they were going to- a race against a dangerous criminal, to be exact. You volunteered to stay behind and watch Brian and Mia’s children, along with Dom’s son Brian. 

 Your nervousness wasn’t replaced with rage until you heard the familiar purr of Dom’s Charger. You clicked the TV off, gripping the handle of your mug so tightly that your knuckles turned a shade of white. You made your way towards the entryway, standing about seven feet from the door. A hand was poised on your cocked hip, your tired eyes glaring at the door and it was as if the door was going to burst into flames. The keys jingled and the door was opened by Brian, who had a smile on his face but it quickly disappeared when he saw the anger in your eyes. “Hey, Y/N.” he nervously said, stepping aside and letting Mia and Dominic enter. 

 "Your kids are asleep upstairs, I didn’t feed them much sugar. They were well-behaved. I loved watching them, and I hope you enjoyed your night out.“ You said, your eyes locked onto Dom. Your voice held unintentional hostility but the slightest hint of genuineness was detectable. Your head turned to Mia and Brian, smiling a small smile. "Seriously. I hope you guys had fun, sorry for the rudeness.” You turned back to Dom. “Could you guys excuse us for a minute?” Your hostility and anger was back. Mia and Brian departed up the stairs, claiming to be tired and go to bed. It was a good thing they did, because the second the door closed, your eyes pierced Dominic Toretto with frustration. "What the hell were you thinking?“ you quietly exclaimed, trying not to wake up the sleeping kids or prevent Mia and Brian from sleeping. 

 "It was just a night out racing, just like old times. Nothing serious.” Dominic said calmly, his low voice soothing you yet making you all the more upset. 

 "I’m not an idiot, Dominic.“ You spat, pulling out the full name card. "You haven’t moved from that position since you walked in, you haven’t shifted your weight. You’re covering a certain spot on your torso. Plus, Mia texted me and said you got sliced." 

 "Babe, it’s nothing a little rubbing alcohol and a good night’s sleep can’t fix.” Dom chuckled, stepping towards you with a wince. 

 "Sit on the couch. Take your shirt off.“ You ordered, walking away before going to find the rubbing alcohol, gauze, and a few cotton balls. You returned to the living room, a look of annoyance on your face. You refused to let yourself make eye contact with Dom, you knew you’d melt. 

“I’m sorry.” Dom muttered, and you felt the urge to look at him, but you resisted.

“Why are you apologizing, Dominic? What happened wasn’t your fault. You didn’t know this guy was gonna try and kill you.” you said softly, applying the rubbing alcohol-drenched cotton ball to the open wound on Dom’s stomach. 

You two just sat there in silence for a bit, just the sound of rubbing alcohol swishing back and forth in the bottle whenever you dumped more onto a cotton ball. You bit your lip in concentration, and also deep in thought.

What if I had lost Dom? What if this guy.. what if he got the jugular? What if he lost a lot of blood? What if Dom had died?  

The last sentence brought a wave of hot, salty tears to your eyes, and you fought with everything you had not to cry. You bit your lip harder, you were not going to cry. Not right now. 

But, Dominic Toretto isn’t stupid, either. 

“What’s wrong?” he asked you, and you shook your head, attempting to rid the tears from your eyes. You kept your eyes trained on the wound you were currently bandaging. 

“Nothing.” the word fell from your lips and almost crushed Dom’s heart.

“Y/N, you can tell me anything. You know that, right? What’s wrong?” he asked.

The dam holding your tears back was broken at his words. A soft sob escaped your lips, and you brought the back of your hand up to your mouth, attempting to silence yourself. Hot, salty tears rolled down your now red cheeks. You sobbed into the back of your hand, your body shook from the intensity of your tears.

Dom sank next to you on the ground, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his chest. Your body fell into his, and you couldn’t help but cry harder. “Hey,” he whispered, “I’m here. Y/N, I’m here.”

The words were reassuring, but you still cried. And you cried for about fifteen minutes more, quite unsure if the tears would stop until they did. Dom grabbed a Kleenex box off of the coffee table, placing it in front of you. You grabbed the tissues and wiped your face. 

“Now, can you tell me what’s wrong?” Dom asked, and you pulled out of his grasp to look into his eyes. You sat with your legs criss-crossed, and sighed. A shaky hand was raked through your y/h/c hair. 

“I just… I just started thinking. What if this wound was a lot deeper. What if he went for your jugular. What if he took you from me, Dom? Do you understand why I always wait up, even when the kids are put to bed hours before? Do you understand why I get so mad?” you started. His eyes softened as they met yours.

“It’s because you care.” 

“I love you so much, Dominic Toretto. And, if you die, I will go out of my damn mind. I can’t lose you, not yet. I’m not ready for that, neither are Brian and Mia. Little Brian needs his dad.” A small smile crossed Dom’s lips when you mention the tiny Toretto.

“I love you, too, Y/N Y/L/N.” Dom said, leaning in to capture your lips in a kiss. 

When you pulled away, you gave him a hug. “And, hey, next time, take me along please. We’ll have Rome or someone watch the kids.” 

Dom gave you a funny look. “You want somebody to watch my son, our nieces and nephews… and you chose Roman Pierce?” 

You laughed. “Okay, maybe not Rome. But maybe Hobbs or Deckard?” 

“Maybe. But, I promise. You’ll come with us.” 


The sound of her laugh is better than any song on the radio and she smiles like it’s her job. She has love letters stashed in the back of her desk addressed to all the boys who have kept her up at night, making her wonder if she’ll ever really be good enough. She drinks hard alcohol in an attempt to forget him, but always finds herself dialing his number after 12:00 AM. She eats French toast sticks before school and smiles at the strangers on the bus. She sings at the top of her lungs and taps her feet to the rhythms dancing in her head. Although she’s hurting, you’d never know. It’s not a love story, but god she wishes it was.
—  letters to my best friends, #1
  • THAT person/friend: *walks in* Oh hey, what's up? What're you doing?
  • Me: Uhh, browsing Klance. What does it look like? *thou should leave, peasant.*
  • THAT friend: Oh ew! So you're an anti?!? Freak!
  • Me: *you.. have my attention now...* W-what?!? No! Why would you think I'm an anti??
  • THAT friend: Well everyone knows that the Klance fandom is filled with antis. Klance is overrated anyway. But you wouldn't understand. You're an idiotic anti!!
  • Me: HEY!! Klance may be overrated, but that doesn't stop me from shipping it. I really love this ship, but that doesn't mean I'll attack others for not thinking the same!! Shipping is for fun and it's not supposed to be used as a means of threatening others.
  • THAT friend: But you don't like Sheith!!! You said so yourself!!
  • Me: Actually, I see Keith and Shiro as having a more brotherly relationship. Broganes. Besides, I HAVE in fact liked or reblogged (or both) cute Sheith stuff before.
  • THAT friend: Well, you're TOTALLY against Sh//aladin right? That's anti.
  • Me: Not EVERY relationship is a romantic one. I just see Shiro as more of a father or even idol figure to the paladins. It's still a close bond, but nothing really romantic... To be honest, I personally ship Shiro more with Allura or Matt. Shatt and Shallura are both good for the soul.
  • THAT friend: Kallura though? What do you have against THAT, HUH?
  • Me: I don't really see the chemistry there..? I mean I get that in all versions of Voltron before, Kallura was practically canon, but, in Legendary Defender I don't really see it. As I said, they're more just 'good friends' to me. That doesn't mean I have anything against the ship, it's just that I personally happen to dislike it. That doesn't mean anything though. Those who ship it can continue shipping it no problem! If it makes them happy, why would I want to take that away from them? Who am I to do that?
  • THAT friend: Well of course you're going to hate on any ship with PIDGE in it right? Because that's "pedophilia?"
  • Me: Well, no. Pidge don't need no man, nor woman. I just see her as that type of character. Her love is more of a family love. Close bonds with friends that fit into the 'you're like a brother to me' category. Lauren said herself that all ships are valid. Jut because someone ships someone else with Pidge with someone doesn't mean I'll hate on them for not having the same view point as me.
  • THAT friend: AND HUNK? Is his ass too PURE for your freaky anti shipping?
  • Me: (I'm not an anti shut upppp!!!) Well no, I more ship Hunk with Shay to be honest. I love Hunk, but he's more of a Mom Friend figure to the Voltron paladins and crew. He's sweet but I still see more of a close friendship.
  • THAT friend: Well what about Klance? Couldn't THAT be considered simply a 'close friendship?'
  • Me: Well.. yeah to be honest, it COULD. I found Klance before I found Voltron, so I guess that's just my own stupid bias. But even if I'd watched Voltron first, I would've shipped Klance, I'm sure of that. No matter what anyone says, it IS true that they even each out nicely. Just because someone else doesn't ship it doesn't mean I'll make an attempt to chop their head off, even though Klance is my OTP. If it even becomes canon, that's just an added bonus. The creators ARE leaning in that general direction right now, but heck, that could change, right? It's just my opinion and it's not gonna change, but I'm not going to hurt someone else for dissing it, even though I don't agree.
  • THAT friend: *scoff* Whatever, freak anti.
  • Me: *sigh* Listen, I don't know where you got this anti thing from, but just because some Klance shippers are anti doesn't mean ALL of them are. All ships and fandoms in general have antis, and though none of us like it, it's just a thing we'll have to deal with. All we can do is be nice and try not to bite each others' heads off, but DON'T make the mistake that everyone in a certain category must be this or that. It's not right and you have to accept that. Believe me, if I had ANY control over this discourse, I'd try to do everything in my power to at least make it better. Unfortunately, I'm just one person over the internet, so I can't do much accept sitting back, watching, and putting in my shitty opinion here and there.
  • THAT friend: ... You had to get deep, didn't you?
  • Me: Huehuehue, fuk u 2.

@mavinsheartbeat​ ask and you shall receive :)

The thing is, Ryan is actually really good at hacking. Before becoming The Vagabond, he used to do freelance hacking for random crews as a means to pay his rent. He’d made a lot of contacts doing that, and when he switched from hacker to hitter he knew who to go to when he needed work. Naturally, he works alone as much as he possibly can, but sometimes he has to admit that he can’t do everything by himself.

He hates using outside help, but for this job it’s a necessity, and the hacker he usually works with got pinched two weeks ago in Vice City. He’d do the hacking himself, but he hasn’t invented a way to be in two places at once yet, and he needs someone at the computer watching his ass. So, against his better judgment, he spends the better part of two days looking for a hacker.

He finds Golden Boy through a mutual contact; a sarcastically, argumentative British man who simply refuses to show his face to anyone, and, as someone who doesn’t show his face for a living, Ryan can respect this decision. That doesn’t mean he’s not extremely annoyed by this either, but he can’t exactly complain.

After a series of phone calls, and some extensive research into Golden Boy’s past deeds, Ryan decides to hire him for the job. He’s good, even if his idiosyncrasies drive Ryan up a wall, and the job goes off without a hitch.

Ryan has to begrudgingly admit they work well together, and he uses Golden Boy for five more jobs. Despite never meeting in person (or knowing his real name for that matter), and the fact that they’ll never fully trust each other, Ryan comes to rely on Golden Boy to always be there when he needs him; that little voice in his ear that makes squeaking noises and asks inane questions when he’s bored.

At some point, he stops worrying about never seeing Golden Boy’s face or learning his name. They’re two criminals trying to stay alive in the seedy underbelly of Los Santos, the less they know about each other the better.

That is until the Shadelz’s job. Until the little street rat betrays him and LSPD ambushes him at their agreed upon meeting place. He barely manages to get away in one of their cars, shoulder bleeding heavily from a gunshot wound, and he calls Golden Boy on the road.

“I’m fucked,” he says when Golden Boy answers, glancing in the rear view mirror, blue and red lights flashing back at him.

Well, hello to you too,” Golden Boy replies nonchalantly and Ryan sighs in frustration. “Tell Uncle Goldy what happened and he’ll try to fix it.”

“My fucking contact flipped on me.”

“That’s not good.”

“No, it’s really not.” Ryan cannot believe how casual Golden Boy is acting, but it makes sense. He doesn’t have half the LSPD up his ass nor does he need to worry if Ryan gets caught. He knows nothing about Golden Boy other than he’s a hacker.

“Look, can you help me or not?” Ryan demands gripping the steering wheel tightly, wincing when his shoulder flares up.

Golden Boy is quiet for a good ten seconds before saying, “Take the next right.”

Ryan does as he’s told, tires squealing against the pavement. He hears a crash from behind him, and looks out the side mirror, watching as a semi-truck’s wheels lock up in an attempt to stop, its grill shoving two police cars into an abandoned building.

Ryan uses the distraction to drive down random alleyways, listening to Golden Boy’s instructions until he ends up at an empty parking garage. He parks the car, grabs his phone, and escapes on foot.

Once he’s a good six blocks from the cops, he says, “Thanks.”

No problem.” Golden Boy falls silent again, and Ryan thinks for a moment that he hung up. Until he says, “Stay where you are, okay? I’m coming to get you.”

“What? How do you know…?” Ryan trials off, sighing. Right, GPS. He knows he turned it off, but Golden Boy probably turned it back on. The only reason Ryan doesn’t throw his phone onto the ground and smash it into pieces is because LSPD doesn’t know who The Vagabond is, and instead he waits patiently for Golden Boy to get here.

He’s a little apprehensive, this will be the first time he and Golden Boy will be meeting face to face. What if Golden Boy betrays him like Shadelz? It’s a possibility, even though they’ve done jobs together neither one owe the other anything. Maybe he shouldn’t be waiting for Golden Boy. Maybe he should hightail it out of here before LSPD show up and arrest him, but he’s tired, dizzy, and bleeding profusely; he’s not going anywhere.

A gold convertible pulls up, stopping in front of him, and a bearded man wearing a pair of sunglasses grins over at Ryan. He pushes them up onto his head, dark eyes settling on him, and says, “You’re a lot taller than I thought you’d be.”

He’s, quite frankly, he’s not bad to look at, and Ryan stands there dumbfounded for a good ten seconds before saying, “Ryan, my name is hello.” He’s taken aback by his own betrayal. He’s never told anyone his real name that readily; what the fuck is he doing? And to tell Golden Boy like that, all tongue tied.

Has he lost his goddamn mind?

He needs to rectify this, needs to be intimidating so Golden Boy doesn’t use this information against him, but his stupid mouth betrays him again when he says, “I meant, hello my name is Ryan.”

STOP, he shouts at himself, but the damage is done. He should just show Golden Boy his face, get it over with, because he’s probably going to end up in jail. At least he knows what Golden Boy looks like, not that that would do him any good, but it’s something.

Golden Boy surprises him by laughing. He nods towards the passenger seat and says, “Get in. I’m Gavin by the way.”

“That’s a… that’s a name,” Ryan murmurs, and seriously he needs to stop talking.

“Yep, that is a name.” Gavin waits a beat before asking, “You getting in or should I come back?”

“What?” Yes, yes he is going to get into that car. He totally is, if only his feet would work.

Finally, with some serious cajoling on his part, he forces his feet to move. He slides into the passenger seat of Gavin’s car, yanking his mask off his head (because what’s the point in hiding his face now), and hears Gavin squee, his face turning red.

“Are you okay?”

“I just…” Gavin shakes his head, gripping his steering wheel tightly, pulling back onto the road. “Your face…”

“What about my face?”

“It’s not what I expected.”

“What’d you expect?”

“Joker scars?”

“Fuck you.” Ryan crosses his arms, glaring at the dashboard. How dare stupid Gavin with his stupid face make comments about Ryan’s face. He opens his mouth to deliver a witty retort, but what comes out is, “Your face…. is good too.”

He doesn’t say another word the rest of the ride.

The Darkest Part of the Night


It’s the first day of kindergarten and the rest of his life.

He’s wearing the new shirt his mama got him specially for this day. It’s got two dinosaurs on it, because two dinosaurs are obviously better and cooler than one. At least, that is what he tells his mama.

He finds that the same is true with friends too. He’s had Archie since day one. Their parents were ecstatic to learn they would have sons the same age, able to carry on the lifelong friendship that F.P. and Fred held. They are inseparable, and Jughead wonders why anyone would need more than one best friend, unless they were a really bad best friend.

He used to frown at the thought. Archie could never be a bad friend.

Now though, he sits in a small chair, nervously swinging his short legs back and forth. They don’t quite reach the ground, no matter how far forward he sits in his chair. He needs a distraction, so he stretches one leg out, tongue poking out of his mouth as he tries his hardest, but the ground is still too far away for him to reach.

So is Archie.

There is a messy mop of bright red hair across the room, bobbing up and down with excitement. It only makes Jughead miss his friend more. He wants to share that happiness, but instead he only feels dread.

The classroom is bigger than the trailer he lives in with his parents and baby Jellybean, but it still feels too small in comparison. There are so many kids that Jughead doesn’t know, and even though he pinky promised his mom he would try to make friends, he only wants the one he already has. He misses the day’s when he and Archie could play together for hours, and they didn’t have to follow rules or introduce themselves to all these kids.

He’s insecure, but at his age he can’t put a name to the sour taste that enters his mouth and the tears that brim his eyes as his bottom lip trembles with the urge to cry. Most of the other kids have normal names, like Reggie and Kevin, or Cheryl and Archie, and although Jughead never worried about his name before, he heard all the kids laugh at the little boy named Moose, and by now he’s smart enough to know that his own is even stranger.

His savior comes in the form of a whirlwind of blonde hair, green eyes and a high-pitched voice that brings him down from the edge of tears he is perched on.

“Hi I’m Elizabeth but all my friends call me Betty so you can too now that we’ve met!” She’s too loud and too close for his liking, but she smells like the vanilla cupcakes his mama made the night before to celebrate him going into kindergarten, and he can’t help but lean in even farther.

He blinks a few times once he realizes that she was talking to him, and carefully mumbles a reply while facing the ground. “My name is Jughead.”

When he looks up again, she looks confused and this is what he was worried about. The tears flood his eyes within seconds and he wants to curl into a ball like he does with Hot Dog at home whenever he gets sad. But Hot Dog isn’t here and neither are his mama and daddy and Archie is too far way for him to call out to. Even little Jellybean would be better than any of these people, and all she does is smell bad and cry.

“Sorry! I didn’t hear you very well, can you say your name again?” She’s in his face again, and Jughead gets a good look at her. There’s a sparkle in her eyes and he remembers his mama’s words earlier. Be kind Juggie, and other’s will be too.

She also told him he was a smart boy (and his chest had puffed up a little in pride at these words) and this girl, Betty, is being kind so he assumes she must also have a mama who said the same thing.

“It’s Jughead.” He says while sitting taller, forcing a watery smile onto his face.

“That’s such a cool name! Betty is so boring but it’s alright because that’s what my mommy named me and she knows best because she’s the smartest mommy I’ve ever had!”

He can’t believe she didn’t think his name was funny, and he sits quietly. Even Archie had laughed a little when he first started using it. Now you have a silly real name and a silly nickname! Jughead doesn’t think he was trying to be mean, but now the memory hurts a little in comparison to Betty’s reaction.

Jughead is brought back into focus when he realizes the teacher has reached his table to introduce to the rest of the class. A girl named Midge goes first, then another named Josie. The teacher barely has time to point to Betty before she takes a deep breath and a stream of words that Jughead can barely understands leaves her mouth.

“Hi I’m Elizabeth Cooper but you can call me Betty and I’m so excited to finally be in Kindergarten and this is my new friend Jughead!” She practically falls out of her seat with excitement and giggles rack her small body as she slaps a hand over her mouth and gives a muffled shriek. Her blond curls are bouncing and Jughead is mesmerized by her already. “Sorry I’m just so excited I couldn’t hold it in!”

He looks down at his shirt and sees the two dinosaurs. This is the second time she’s referred to him as her friend since they got here, and he thinks that if two dinosaurs are better than one, it only makes sense that two friends are better than one as well. And he’s a smart boy, so it must be true.

“Well, Miss Betty, your friend might have wanted to introduce himself today.”

His feels warm with affection for the bouncing blonde sitting next to him, and he thinks that the teacher is right. He does want to share his name after all.


Tomorrow is the first day of sixth grade, which consequently means that it is the first day of middle school as well.

Jughead doesn’t think that this means anything special, but from her place next to him at the kitchen table, Betty insists that everything changes once you start middle school. He shrugs with indifference since he gave up arguing with her years ago.

He’s found that she is usually right anyways.

“We’re going to a whole new school, and new kids from different elementary schools will be there too. We’ll have new teachers, and we have to go to six classes now instead of one. Can you believe that? Six classes!”

She is breathless from ranting, and so is Jughead, but for a different reason altogether. She’s been talking about sixth grade all break, and the excitement she feels has become too much for her to contain, and it spills out like the sticky overflowing sodas they shared with Archie all summer long. Her hands move as rapidly as her mouth does, and he can’t decide which one to focus on first. Which ones he likes better.

He’s nervous though, because if what she says is true, there is a chance Betty will make better friends than Jughead and suddenly he isn’t hungry for Alice Cooper’s famous mac and cheese anymore. He just wants Betty.

He gave up long ago on being Archie’s only friend, because the boy was too outgoing to be glued to Jughead’s side 24/7. He never worried though, because the red-head remained as loyal as ever to his best friend, and Jughead would always be his first choice. 11 years of life had taught Jughead that people come and go, but over 10 years of friendship with Archie had taught him that they were brothers, and family never leaves you behind.

(Soon he will learn that this is not necessarily true, and that as usual, Betty is right. Everything changes when you least expect it.)

Betty is different though. She listens to Jughead’s problems and gives him better advice than anyone else could. She’s held his hand through elementary school and all the insecurities it brought him growing up. He’s never had a friend as caring and warm as Betty, and doesn’t think that he ever will again if he loses her.

You get what you give Juggie. He grew up in the trailer park with this mentality, surrounded by men and women who protected his family because his father had done the same.

(His mom will tell him this again a year later when she leaves for the last time. You get what you give Juggie, but sometimes what you give isn’t good enough.)

He’s never lived the same life she does, white picket fences with enough money for food and more. His family has lived paycheck to paycheck, and his father jumps from job to job. It’s been hard on him even though he doesn’t like to show it. But it becomes inevitable once Betty has solidified her place in his life that she will learn about his fears and worries about his family’s stability, something no 11 year old should be subjected to.

And still she had stayed by his side, their friendship only growing stronger with time. Archie might be his brother, but Betty is his best friend.

(Most people would say that a brother is closer than a best friend, but brothers are obligated to stay with you by blood or law, a best friend chooses to do so.)

He’s been there for her as well, and right now he thinks that should be enough for her to stay. He protected Betty from bully’s and let her cry on his shoulder whenever she needed to. He held her hand during scary movies, in the hoped that her nails would dig into his hands instead of her own. He always told her she was beautiful whenever she asked about clothes, or when she started wearing makeup over the summer, because she asked for his honest opinion.

Jughead gives the type of love he is desperate to get.

So, when the first day of school comes, he is more nervous than he’s ever been on first days, even though he enters with his two friends at his sides like every year before. He sits with Archie at lunch, since Betty has a different lunch period. His friend spends the entire time dreaming out loud about the new girl, Veronica, and how gorgeous and confident she is. Jughead spends the entire lunch mourning the absence of green eyes and sunshine yellow hair.

The rest of the day flies by, and before he knows it, he is walking towards his last class of the day, the one he has with Betty. His stomach feels weird and a sour taste enters his mouth, but this time he can name it easily. He’s nervous to see her, although he still isn’t quite sure why.

He spots the new girl right away, dark hair, a wide smile, pearl necklace and navy blue dress. He thinks she’s over dressed for sixth grade, but bites his tongue to keep that thought in.

Jughead doesn’t have time to even consider that Betty might want to sit with her new friends instead of him before she comes flying through the door and straight to the table he is sitting at. He is lost in the scent of vanilla and the flowery perfume she made him go shopping with her for, and he finds himself in the waves of her hair and the feel of his arms around her small waist.

Betty has stuck around for the past six years, and in this moment Jughead knows she’ll be around for the next six, if not more. He has time to figure out what this feeling is. For now, though, he’s content that he feels it for Betty and no one else.


It’s the first day of their last year together in high school.

Jughead feels his chest tighten uncomfortable at the thought. He’s made it this far and four years ago he never would have guessed it was possible. He was swept up in the tornado of his family that was years of built up pressure and stress and managed to come out alive and fighting. He doesn’t want to leave the little bubble he’s blown around himself for protection, but bubbles are weak and the end of this year will be the needle that pops it.

For the meantime, he has so many things to be thankful for. A father figure in his life, a brother returned to his side, and a light to guide him through the darkness of his own mind.

They are simple things that most people are born with, but these were made for him. Forged by the challenges he’s faced and the same pressure that broke him and then turned him into a diamond.

Fred took him in like his own son after his father went to jail. Even though Jughead will always love and rely on his real father, there are some things you can’t provide from the cold hard floor of a prison cell. He has a home with the Andrews, and he works for Fred to repay him, because you can’t pay for food and shelter with kindness.

After a rift in their friendship, he and Archie only came out stronger. They both needed to work on things, and now they know each other better for it. It takes time, but Jughead forgives him, because he has learned that sometimes you give without expecting anything in return.

But he would not be where he is today without Betty Cooper by his side. She hopped on for the wildest ride of her life and held on like he was the only thing keeping her alive, when in reality it was the other way around. She fought for him, for his family, and for things he didn’t know he was even allowed to want. His heart wanted to burst whenever he thought about her, and how she led him through the darkest part of the night until he could see the sunlight.

He doesn’t think he’s ever loved a person so fiercely, didn’t think it was possible growing up. He never believed he deserved to love and be loved the way he is by Betty.

But she proved him wrong again, like she always does whenever he’s in a bad place. She tells him that there are things worth waiting for, and even though she isn’t perfect herself, he’s never met someone so genuine and rich with love to give. Betty Cooper might not be perfect, but his eyes, perfection was Betty Cooper.

She shares the darkness with him, has taken a weight off his shoulders and consequently put it on her own, but they carry it together now.

Jughead thinks back to the year before this, where he once stood in the same exact spot. He walked the streets of The Southside alone while Betty left the city for the summer and while Archie had left him. He went to Southside High that year, neither of his friends by his side, and pleaded with time to speed up. It didn’t, but eventually those puzzle pieces fell into place and he was thankful for the time he had.

Now, he is here again, staring up at Riverdale High desperately hoping that time will slow down so he can enjoy this life he lives in the moment. It won’t, and soon the first bell will ring. Before he knows it the first week, then month, then semester will be over, and the rest will follow in the blink of an eye.

He tends to live life like this, anticipating the future instead of appreciating the present, but with Betty he wants to focus on the past as well.

It’s not the bell that shakes him out of his reverie, but a soft tug by a small hand on his jacket sleeve. “You ready to do this today?”

He looks down at her and his fingers itch with the need to touch. To cup her jaw and run a finger over the soft lips that sing music in his ears. To run his fingers through her hair and keep his overworked and over worried hands busy.

He settles for dropping his arm and slipping his calloused fingers through her soft ones. He runs a finger over her nails and is glad to find they are long, but the scars on her palms are older as this budding relationship.

“I think I am, are you?”

“Of course Juggie, we’ve made it this far and I’m not going to stop here for anyone but you.”

“I’ve waited a long time for this moment Betts, I wouldn’t want to do it without you.” God, he loves her so much.

They walk through the halls before she speaks again, and they stand outside her homeroom. Jughead will be late to his own, but one more minute with Betty is worth more than thousands of detentions.

“I’ll meet you outside by the truck after school, okay?” Her earnest eyes are aimed up at him through thick lashes, and he thinks they too are worth more than the emeralds they mimic.

“I’ll be waiting for you there.” He’d been waiting for her his whole life, and when she was ready, she gave him more than a lifetime of happiness just by being there for him, with him.

Her gaze is intense in a dizzying way, just like she is. His eyes drop from hers to the plush lips that helped heal his wounds, and he leans forward a fraction of an inch. The scent of vanilla lingers, but he recognizes it as the scent of home.

When their lips meet, it’s gentle, like she had been with him at his most fragile. After a moment, she signs, and melts into his grip on her waist. Their lips move against each other and Jughead feels warm and fuzzy. He’ll never get used to the feeling of having this part of her, but for them, each kiss is like the first. It feels exciting and new.

After school, she beats him to FP’s beat up old truck. He spots her immediately when he steps out of the building, and watches for a moment in awe. The sun shines one her golden skin and she has never looked more like the angel that she is.

It’s been a long day, and he craves the feeling of being wrapped up in her arms. She looks up as he strides over to her and immediately understands, setting her things in the bed of the truck and opening her arms.

He just hugs her for a moment, breathing in her comfort and loving the feeling of how she fits like a puzzle piece against his body.

“You ready to go home Jug?”

He takes another deep breath and mumbles against her ear, “I’m already there.”

The prompt was “an AU Sans caught doing something embarrassing but cute, with fluff.”  

For @ladyanatares 
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UF!Sans x Reader:  Stuffed with Nightmares

You couldn’t sleep.  

It had been an issue with you ever since you fell Underground and entered a world without hope, where the creed really was ‘kill or be killed.’  You had been fortunate enough to manage to befriend two skeleton sentries–despite the fact that the Royal Guard Captain wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of letting a human SOUL remain in its vessel when they only needed a few more to supposedly break the barrier, but…

Sans had vouched for you.  He had actually stood up to his brother, getting over his nervous stammer to gain you Mercy.  

And once you had stomached Papyrus’s lasagna (which you were almost certain contained so much vinegar that even some glass shards from the bottle had managed to become incorporated within), you had been deemed ACCEPTABLE FOR A HUMAN and allowed refuge in their home.  

Of course, this meant sleeping on their couch…

Even after what had happened with Sans.

Wistfully, your gaze was drawn to the bedroom door, barely visible past the railing of the upstairs hallway.  You found yourself sitting up on the couch, your fingertips rising to brush against your lips, feather-light.  You could still feel the imprint of his teeth there, his phalanges on the back of your head, tilting it back while his magical tongue swept across your lower lip, demanding entrance.  

It had been a hell of a kiss, especially from a skeleton, but Papyrus had chosen that moment to barge in (literally kicking the door in; you had discovered over the last month or so that he had a weird fetish for kicking inanimate objects, as well as Sans’s ass) and ruin the moment.  The two of you had jumped away guiltily, flushing like teenagers caught making out by their parents.  Sans’s zygoma were flushed a vibrant crimson, his eyelights dilated and just as bright, and he hurriedly wiped saliva from his sharp teeth on the back of his sleeve.  

Papyrus had narrowed his eyesockets at the two of you, giving you a knowing glare.  Of course, he had grilled both of you for a confession, but Sans stammered some excuse, and ultimately, Papyrus decided he didn’t care enough to wring a truth he already knew out of you.  After that, Sans had laughed with a nervous timbre and squeezed your hand, claiming you both had dodged a bone attack there.  He was sweating as the two of you went back to watching MTT, and while he didn’t move closer, he also didn’t let go of your hand until he retired to his bedroom with a “welp, night sweetheart.”

That had been weeks ago, and ever since then, Sans had been quick to kiss you when his brother was away, though he was becoming more and more brazen, like holding hands beneath the dinner table with Papyrus seated directly across from you.  It felt both silly and exciting to hide your affection from the grumpy Guard Captain, and it was obvious he knew what was going on but chose to simply scowl at the two of you instead.  You had achieved relationship status–you’re crazy about the red-eyed skeleton–and yet you were still sleeping on the lumpy couch.  And he would still kiss you and murmur a “night sweetheart” before retreating upstairs.  

After he did that tonight, you hadn’t been able to sleep, but that wasn’t new.  You had been on-edge ever since the first monster in the Ruins tried to kill you (you could still feel that Froggit’s tongue lashed around your throat), and when you did sleep, it was uneasy and felt as if you were constantly being chased.

So… given your dynamic with Sans, maybe you could sleep in his bed tonight and let him chase away your bad dreams.  It would be nice to finally find a reprieve secure in his arms.  

You creep upstairs, careful to step over the creaky stair midway up the staircase, and head down the hall to Sans’s room.  There, you pause, your knuckles poised to knock.  

But… you don’t want to wake up Papyrus and have him irritably shout in your face and banish you back to the downstairs couch.  So, you throw caution to the wind and try to doorknob.  It’s unlocked, of course, and you quietly slip inside the bedroom, closing the door behind you.  It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust, but once you spot the lump curled up in the middle of the mattress, you gingerly pick your way across the messy floor (geez, Sans was a slob; food wrappers crinkled lightly underfoot, and you’re fairly certain every garment he owns has been haphazardly discarded on his carpet) until your leg hits the edge of his mattress.

Two sudden red lights emerge from beneath the ball of blankets, and in the next moment, the bedside lamp temporarily blinds you as it’s switched on.  You blink away the sudden slew of spots in your vision and Sans jolts up in the bed.  "what’re you doin’ here, sweetheart?  tryin’ to give me a heart-attack?“

"You don’t even have a heart, and I taught you that phrase,” you point out, giving him a look.  "I just wanted to see if I could…“  You voice trails off as you gain a better view of his bed.  You’ve never been in his bedroom before, and now… you understand why.

Sans follows your gaze and freezes, as if he forgot it was even there in the first place.  "shit, uhh.. listen, it’s not what it looks like.”

You’re suddenly grinning ear-to-ear.  You had thought Sans was such a gruff monster, someone who had probably dusted plenty of monsters over the years–someone tough, fierce, and quite crude.  

But you never expected to see this side of him.

“It looks like you sleep… with a mountain of stuffed animals!” you blurt, unable to keep the unabashed amusement from your voice.  Still grinning like an idiot, you sit on the edge of his bed while he blushes a vibrant crimson (even brighter than the time his brother caught you making out on the couch) and tries to articulate a rebuttal, but… he’s just too mortified.  

You pick up a fluffy brown bear, missing a button eye and appearing both worn and well-loved.  A sudden realization dawns as you watch him attempt to stretch the blankets over his collection.  "Is this why you never offered to let me sleep up here with you?“

"yeah, ok?” he snaps, irritated and unable to look you in the eye.  "i didn’t want you to see. ’s embarrasin’.“  His growl of a voice is low, his chin dipping down beneath the cherry red collar secured around his neck.  "i kept meanin’ to stash 'em away in my closet, but… they… help me sleep.”

He looks so miserable in that moment that you reach out and hug him, crushing the stuffed bear between the two of you.  "There’s nothing wrong with that.  I used to sleep with them, too, before…“  Before you fell.  You shake your head to dispel the thought.  "If anything, I find it cute.”  You draw back while he scoffs, his hands balling into the bear as if he wants to rip its stuffing out.  Your hand covers his, and your smile shifts from teasing to gentle.  "I didn’t know you had such a soft spot, Sans.  And I like that there’s more to you.“

He snorts.  From the smirk that crosses his face, you can tell he has a good come-back in mind, but he doesn’t ruin the moment by utilizing it.  Instead, he draws you into both his arms and his bed and clicks off the lamp.  "there’s nothin’ soft about me, sweetheart, but… maybe you can be my stuffed animal from now on.”  His arms wind around you, drawing you against him, while you can feel the mountain of stuffed animals pressing into your back.  It’s comforting, being surrounded by both.  

“I’ll help you sleep if you help me sleep,” you murmur, your fingers tightening in his sweater.  He grins, clicking his teeth against your forehead.

“ok, sounds fair.  'night sweetheart.”


And this time, when you fall asleep, neither of you has nightmares.

justareader  asked:

Amrita darling, after hesitating for a little time, I'm asking you for prompts (I should do that again on my blog too when I'll have some time), so I chose : 1. “Are you sure about this?” 2. “Is that your phone or you’re happy to see me?” and 34. “Remind me why I still love you” and oh god that one 'cause I'm sure it would be so fun !! => 66. “Remember Istanbul?”. Thanks sweetie 😘💗

Yes , you should totally do it(when you have the time) . It is pretty fun . 

A/N - I am not sure about this . Tell me what you feel though . Also pls don’t send any prompts for the next 3 days . Thank you . 

”Are you sure about this.”
“Is that your phone or are you happy to see me.”
“Remind me why I still love you.”
“Remember Istanbul.”

Remember Istanbul?”, you ask trying your hardest not to giggle .

“Oh god. Please don’t remind me .” Bucky said putting his hands up .

You were out there on a mission . After successfully completing the mission you returned back to the hotel . You and Bucky stayed in the same room while Steve and Nat in the other . You were getting in on . Bucky deep inside you, fucking you against the wall ,both still clad in your uniforms , when you hear commotion outside . Steve had come knocking on the door , saying that the mission wasn’t complete yet and that they followed us back here . Bucky had to pull out of you and put his pants back on , while he was still super hard , and very close to cumming .

He fought all while with a ruined orgasm and sat through hours of flight just like that . He couldn’t get off . It was pretty painful . And honestly you pitied him . He had to fucking fight like that .

After getting home , you helped him clean him .He hissed every time you touched him down there .

But later you guys had the best sex you have ever had . And since then you thought maybe edging had something to do with it .

And it was stuck in your mind since then . You wanted to try it . Obviously not torture him like that , but just mildly edging before giving in and fucking him the way  he deserves .

“So …I was thinking …” you start .

He hummed continuing to scroll through his phone .

“Like …if you are okay with it …why not..try edging.”, you looked up hopeful .

“Hell no . I am not doing that shit again.” He stood up as he started walking to your room from the living room .

“Bucky!!! Remember the sex we had after . It was amazing . I know you felt amazing.”You said as you followed him .

“Yeah , but I had to suffer for hours.”

“I am not going to torture you for hours obviously . Just edge once , then fuck .”
“I don’t know Y/N .”, he said plopping on to the bed .

“Okay .”, you said and laid beside him .

It wasn’t like Bucky hadn’t thought about it , he too wanted to ask you about it . But he was scared . Scared of losing control  .Scared of getting orders .

He knew you didn’t mean it that way , you would never do anything to remind him of his days at HYDRA .

He trusted you . He loved you . And he trusted you to make him feel good .

That evening he decided to tell you his decision . He wanted to try it .

He came to you in the bathroom as you were washing your face , getting ready for bed .

“Hey Bucky . Looking good.”, you said when you saw him through the mirror.

He laughed at your attempt at flirting even though you have been in a relationship for 2 years .

“You look better doll.” He wrapped his arms around you , and buried his face in your neck , inhaling your scent .

Is that your phone or are you just happy to see me?”, you asked as you felt the outline of his hard cock against your bum through his trousers .

He chuckles and kisses your neck gently . The kisses trailed along your collarbone , and you moaned his name when he bit at your sweet spot .

“You know…I was thinking .” He turned you over so that you were facing him .

You hummed telling him to continue.

“About what we were talking about this morning.”
“Yes . So…I wanted to give it a try .”

“ don’t have to…”
“I want to .” He said confidently .

Are you sure about this?”

You knew why it might be hard for Bucky . You never wanted him to fell like he was conditioned and was being ordered . So you had to be sure that he was doing it because he wants to and not because you want to .

“Yes .Completely.”

You stood on your toes and placed a gentle kiss on his lips before taking his hand in his .

You asked him to get naked and pointed to the bed .

Now both of you naked , Bucky lying in the middle of the bed , you couldn’t help but admire his beauty . A man who has been through so much is still so gentle .You were lucky to have him , and lucky to be loved by him .

You were going to worship him the way he deserves .

You spread his thighs as you settled between them .  You licked a long strip from his frenulum to the tip of his cock and his muscles instantly tightened .

“Relax Bucky .”, you say as you rub your hands on his torso .

He let out a breath he was holding as he nodded .

“I want you to enjoy it . I want you to fell it . I want you to feel my tongue sliding over your cock , my mouth warm around you . Just close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling.”

You take the base of his cock in your hands as you run circles around his slit . He let out small huffs of breath . You pulled down his foreskin as you slowly took his head in your mouth . You lightly sucked at it before cupping his balls .

You massaged them , while slowly bobbing your head very slowly over his tip  .

“Y/N ..”, he moaned when he felt you taking him deeper into your mouth .

“You like that baby.”, you asked looking up to him .

“Hmmm, feels so good .”, he says looking down at you .

You took him as far as you could , moaning around his length as your hand on his balls tightened .

The vibrations from your moan and the pressure on his balls made him jerk up and pushed deeper into you .

“Mmm, baby . You have got to behave . I’ll give you what you want .”

You say , pulling him out your mouth, your saliva dripping from the corners of your mouth , and soaking his dick .

You sat on your knees and took him in your hands . You started stroking him and up and down slowly , increasing your pace every 5 pumps .

“Oh god , just like that baby .”, he moaned .

You could see he was close . He eyebrows were furrowed , concentrating on the feeling in his abdomen , his abs flexing , his hands holding the sheets tight .

Sloppy ,wet sounds , filling the room , making you wetter by the second  .

“Don’t stop , don’t stop , fuck fuck fuu…..”

You removed your hand from his dick and sat back , not letting him cum . His eyes opened in irritation , as his hand reached down to his cock . You took his hands in your hands and put them behind his head , straddling him .

He groaned loudly in frustration.

Remind me why I still love you.” , he said short of breath . You just chuckled .

“Bucky …breath .”, you said firmly .

He squirmed beneath you trying to get some friction from your body .

“Bucky , shhh.”

You say rubbing your hands over his chest trying to calm him down .

His heaving chest came back to normal as he breathing regulated .

“Good boy . So good for me .”

You takes his lips into a kiss . You kiss him softly , and slowly enter your tongue into his mouth before starting to move your hips over his cock .

Your pussy lips lined perfectly against his cock . You juices leaking onto him, making it even more slick .

His put his hands on your hips , guiding your movements . You let him . Your licked the top of his mouth and bit his lip as you aligned yourself over his tip .

You slowly sank onto him , releasing a long moan of his name .

“Hmmmm , feels so good .” He moaned feeling your warmth around him , feeling you clench around him cock disappeared into you .

You put your hands on his chest for support before pulling up and taking him in again . You started bouncing on him , while also grinding , pleasure seeping through your nerves .

“Fuuuck , you feel so good Bucky .”, you moaned out as you fucked him harder , his tip grazing your spot with every thrust .

“You are so tight baby . I can’t last much longer .”He groaned , and his fingers tightened around your waist , definitely leaving marks .

He started matching your rhythm by thrusting into you upwards , hard .
“Y/N…so close.”
“No …hold on a little .” , you said trying to reach your release .

“Y/N…”, he whined .

“Bucky . You will cum only when I say .”
He turned you over in a heartbeat and started thrusting into you like crazy . The hard sound of his balls hitting your ass filled the room , smell of sex and your juices filled your senses , combined with Bucky’s moans and grunts against your ear .

You grabbed his hair tightly as you came .
“Cum.”, you said .

With one last hard thrust he emptied himself inside you completely .

He got off of you , laying next to you .

“You didn’t behave Bucky.”, you say breaking the silence.

“What?? Of course I did.”, he argued.

“No. You turned me over . I will have to teach you a lesson babe .”


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