no but he's so adorable in this


Just gonna drop these gems here for all you folks to enjoy.


lotte world with kyungsoo

I was tagged by @co-kai-ne to make a bias moodboard!! Thank you darling 💕💕 this was lots of fun to do~

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Dreaming about Cullen

Had a very odd Cullen dream last night, that’s fourth one I’ve had with him in, also dreamed about one of my oc’s a few nights back, maybe I have been shipping too hard?

So here’s the Cullen dream no one asked for (because I know your dying to know):

 I was engaged to one of my irl best friends and we were on holiday together somewhere hot (aka. Spain) and she is treating me just awfully and being such a bitch (side note i have a lovely husband irl). Cullen is also on a ‘lads’/boys’ holiday at the same resort with his friends. I spill tea on his shirt one morning at breakfast,which I try to wipe and he takes his shirt off, all bashful (rubbing his neck!) and apologising for bumping into me. We get talking and hit it off really well - I’m like ok, he’s hot, adorable, kind and funny - aka perfect, shame I’m not single!

 Anyway more of my friend/finacee being really mean, then I find her cheating on me with some random woman in the shared shower room! Unknown to her I run off crying. I kind of know the area of the park he’s staying in so just blunder around calling for him until he appears all concerned. We disappear off together for the day while he tries to comfort me. Then he starts getting abuse from his friends who show up, accusing him of trying to sleep with an engaged woman, as it turns out my cheating friend has been playing the victim! So we decide ‘screw this’ and book a bus ticket out of there to enjoy the rest of our holiday together instead.

And then I woke up *heavy sigh* Didn’t even get a kiss, but did get to see him topless and just be with him so was still one of the best dreams ever!

Tagging @kawereen just because i know this makes her jealous and I’m nice like that :D

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Prince Cecil, why are you so tsundere? I have to admit, it’s quite adorable.

“Call me adorable again and you’ll find my lance through your throat. I don’t know what ‘Soon-dairy’ means but I can tell it’s Hoshidan, so I already have TWO reasons to execute you. Don’t push your luck.”

Congratulations to Nu’est W

As a fan since I heard of Pledis’ first male trainee (Jonghyun), I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I’m glad that they’re getting the recognition they deserve. They deserve this and so much more. It’s just the beginning for them. Although Minhyun isn’t with them, it’s a win for Nu’est as a whole. I’m glad that their dreams are slowly coming true. Congratulations to my loves.