no but guys i'm a mermaid

Disney thinks they’re sneaky

Okay. I think Disney is setting us up for something here.

Something no one is gonna see coming…

Okay. Disney is on their live action kick and that’s all good, and great, and wonderful.

But let’s look at some of the movies that have come or will be coming out in the future.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

The Lion King (2019)

Aladdin (2019)

(tbh I don’t even wanna talk about the casting choices…)


The Little Mermaid (TBA)

Yes. I know that’s Anna Kendrick in an SNL skit. BUT back to the point

All of these movies have one thing in common that stands out in my head. The all provided iconic scenes that ultimately turned into trailers for this little guy

That’s right. Everyone’s favorite little, blue alien, Stitch.

I believe Disney’s ultimate goal is to actually make a live action Lilo and Stitch movie and all of these remakes are just so they can reintroduce it just how he was introduced the first time… through other movies’ trailers.

Come on, not even Disney can deny that a live adaptation of Lilo and Stitch would be fantastic.

So what do you think? Is Disney setting us ip for a Live Action Lilo and Stitch? or am I just reading way too into things and living on a pipe dream?

She’s the betta half of the two

A merm pretending to be a blue sea slug.

MerMay n°10

Sorry Not Sorry for the next Dady!Killian mermaid feels guys… Little modification because I’m a idiot and forget to add the source of the drawing that inspired me a lot for this fanart. The original has been made by @yohann-antoine (I’m truly sorry for not having asked AND forget about the credit… 😖🙈)

Annnnd last but not least have a deep sea merm.

Phew finally done with Merjune Mermjuly Mergust Mermay; thanks so much all the contributions/asks : ]

Last q for you guys: which merms would you be interested to see the process for? (I know someone a waaaaaaay while back asked, sorry for the long wait, but I wanted to ask when I was actually done with everything.)

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harry and louis as mermaids with seashell crowns? i would die of happiness! have a lovely day

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Is there anything you can tell us about the Victuuri mermaids? Like colors, general appearance, maybe who's in who's water/pods? I'm dying for all the mermaids, but Victuuri is my weakness.

Normally I’d try to keep it a vague surprise but since I still have to finish Water Imp and then actually start The Churning Lake AND work through another epic mer!ereri fic I have planned because I have no self-control whatsoever…I guess I can tell you about the viktuuri mer one now, cos good lord I have a lot of mer fics to get through including that one.


  • A siren.
  • Doesn’t want anything to do with his vicious kin. Goes on a big old holiday across the ocean essentially and winds up in a new reef where he figures he might find some peace and quiet.
  • Nope. He was wrong, so wrong.
  • Sirens are supposed to be super dangerous but Yuuri’s more passive aggressive. He has no idea how to get rid of this entirely too friendly little mer that keeps sneaking into his cave on the edge of the reef.
  • His scales look black most of the time, but they turn a very dark blue when he’s in mating peak. He has some silvery scales as highlights along his tail, fins, and spines. His spines flush red when he’s agitated or actively using his threat display. Sufficed to say it has no effect on Viktor, who just thinks he looks pretty.

Sirens are generally bigger than mermaids and they roam more so they have a shit tonne of stamina. They’re going to have a nasty set of teeth on them and retractable claws.


  • A mermaid. Yes, this is how it’s going to be. Mwahaha.
  • I’m thinking he’ll have a kind of blush/pink scales? Like dusty pink? Like his jacket, you know when we first see Viktor skating his melancholy “Stay Close To Me” routine? Like that. With probably some silver for the fins and flukes to match his hair.
  • Doesn’t give a single shit that Yuuri’s a siren and that sirens are supposed to be scary. Will not listen to any of the other mermaids who insist that he shouldn’t go visiting the newcomer because sirens are dangerous.
  • Essentially pesters Yuuri into courting him.

Mermaids don’t have claws, but they can make tools to help them hunt and what not. They’re generally smaller than sirens. Sirens and mers are distantly related, but they very rarely get along because mermaids are intensely social creatures and sirens can’t even stand each other most of the time.


Sirens ususally travel solo, or in pairs occasionally if they can stand each other.

Yuuri ends up living on a reef with a sizable mermaid pod, though he tries his best to steer clear of too much company by living on the outskirts of the reef.

It’s Viktor’s pod that features mostly. Maybe a visiting pod around courting time? Who knows?

I’m REALLY considering making Phichit a siren, just because I think he could pull off the darker colours and a badass Phichit would be hilarious honestly. And he could track Yuuri to the new reef and laugh at him for being henpecked by this one mermaid, it would be priceless. Plus it would be nice for poor Yuuri to have at least one friend he can tolerate.

Nearly everyone else will be a mermaid, but I have no idea how in depth I will go with other characters since most of the plot is literally just viktuuri shenanigans at this point.

Also can we all just imagine Yuri.P as a catfish for a moment because the idea really amuses me.

I’m super keen to write this AU, but I really want to finish the Dark Waters series first. And that shouldn’t be too much trouble, since the final two instalments aren’t going to be epicly long. I’ll see how it goes. Hopefully I’ll get everything DW related over and done with and then launch into this bad boy.

The viktuuri mer au will be tagged “fic: needles and fins” so when you see that Ao3 link you’ll know what’s up.

Hey everyone~ sorry for the lack of updates, real life has been kicking me in the ass all week (it’s a bad week, lemme tell ya), and because of that I haven’t had as much time to draw or work on comic pages as I would have liked. I did manage to get a lot done yesterday though, so here is another sneak peak. :’ ) I’m gonna do my best to get these finished for you guys within a reasonable time frame, just bear with me as I try to, well, bear with Life™ rn.

The Prince and the Sea Witch

I’m back with the first chapter of the Mermaid au! You guys really liked the prologue, and I am having so much fun with this! Thank you all so much! Also, the poem at the start is a translation of an amazing Urdu ghaza by Amjad Islam Amjad. One of my favorites. Enjoy!

Pairing: Prinxiety, background Logicality

Summary: Prince Roman of the Mermaid City and the evil Sea Witch Anxiety must work together to put their differences aside to save the ocean from the biggest threat yet. They might succeed, if they could go five minutes without murdering each other.

You can also read it here:

Chapter 1

No matter what season it is on the outside,
My heart always celebrates the season of missing you,
You can test me, my love, if you do not believe,
And see how your smile transforms the season of my melancholy heart.
The Mermaid City, Jaesmore, was a sight to behold. Named after the very first Mermaid Queen, it was situated deep in the heart of the ocean, and spanned several thousand feet in every direction, as far as the eye could see. Surrounded on all sides by an impenetrable protective Shield, the city was both a safe haven and the worst prison to all that resided within.

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Dianakko~Mermaid Au

Okay so Diana Cavendish is a well known captain in Britain. She sails the mighty ship of Artemis (or any other name) with her first and second mate Hannah and Barbara.

She is feared for being a vicious fighter, sailer and captain.

She stays in the local yet old docking Village of Luna Nova.

Amanda and the green team is also a ship crew and they are also feared for their strange tactics and brute strength.

One night, Amanda and her crew comes home, ship in shambles and Amanda talks that there are mermaids in the ocean.

Diana obviously doesn’t believe her because she’s sailed the ocean many times before and never seen a mermaid and doesn’t believe they exist.

Of course Diana is lying because she believed in mermaids after one (Shiny Chariot) saved her and was obsessed with mermaids and sailing ever since but her belief in mermaid has faded as she grown older.

Amanda then challenges her to go look on her sailor’s honour. With a lot of pride and arrogance the blue team travels to that place and a freak weather happens.

This then causes Diana to go overboard and she is then saved by a mermaid as gets a sudden inhale of oxygen viva kissing and she fades out.

She is then found on the beach of Luna Nova, everyone else is fine par the boat they used and Diana is shaken. She lies about seeing mermaids. She hides the fact that she believes and travels back in secret to find the person who saves her. After a few nights of getting nothing, Akko appears.

Now Akko, Sucy and Lotte are mermaids. Akko is supposed to be the one to rule the 7 seas as she was chosen by the Shiny Rod (maybe a trident in this Au) but she doesn’t want to be that kind of hero she just wants to make people happy like her mermaid hero Shiny Chariot who also disappears. She can do this by telling stories of the other side of the ocean- I.e the surface.

So Akko goes on underwater adventures as Lotte and Sucy tries to control the damage done and the secrecy of their race- well Lotte does, Sucy is there because it’s going to be fun. They often get in trouble with the council of elders which are the teachers, especially because Akko needs to be prepared for any underwater war like the one with sea dragon who wants the precious artefact of their race, the philosopher’s stone and the Jenifer memorial volcano along with other things.

Akko was first drawn by Amanda’s crew and then Diana’s. She watches them from afar and wishes to know them but she can’t due to secrecy and the risk of getting caught. But when the old sea dragon Fafnir messes up the ocean because of an old war with the mermaids. Akko takes the opportunity to save them from dying. Even if it meant kissing one of them to give them oxygen.

She gets a lot of trouble and had to sneak out when she finds out that Diana is looking for her.

Knowing that Diana is a kind person she swims up and their forbidden relationship begins.

Also I can see that Andrew is a high aristocratic family and is a collector. He doesn’t believe in mermaids until he does when he finds Akko. To boast to the high social class he aims to capture her and have her be live exhibit.

This Au will definitely include:

- swimming in the moonlight
-Diana singing to Akko with sailing songs
-Akko singing to her in native mermaid
-Kisses in low tide caves
-Akko begging Sucy for a potion to be made so that Diana can swim with them or that she can walk the surface
-Diana sharing sailing stories
-Diana being enthralled when she sees the ocean floor
-Diana becoming friends with Amanda because she believes in them as well
-Amanda being a wingwomen to Diana
-Underwater kisses
-Akko being in love with Diana and her smiles
-Akko on a lone rock as she stares at Diana’s ship
-Whispers of love in the other person’s language
-Akko singing sonnets and Diana hearing them
-Diana being scared of Lotte because she wants to make a good impression
-Amanda teasing Diana
-Diana just being love struck
-Coral presents from Akko
-Diana surprising Akko when she knows mermaid and their culture
-Diana being a marine nerd and Akko just stares at her because of the cute faces she’s making
-Amanda marrying them because captains can do marriage rituals
-Lotte making music with the fishes like Sebastian
- Underwater dances
-Diana teaching Akko how to sail
-Constellation lessons
-Akko being teased by Sucy
-Lotte helping her with romance advice
-Diana fixing the Fafnir problem

(Angst possibilities)

-Akko being torn by duty and love
-Diana trying to hide Akko’s existence from a visiting Andrew
-Fafnir causing trouble for them
-Diana went missing on her travels and Akko not knowing if she’s alive or not
-Forbidden love angst
-Their relationship is found out and they are forced to separate
- Andrew catching Akko and Diana has to save her
-Diana causing trouble for Akko and feeling really bad like setting the Jenifer memorial volcano off and Akko has to fix it
-Diana hitting Akko and feeling like utter dog poo and has a lot of self hate
-The Luna Nova docks are being closed down due to budget cuts and they don’t know what to do

Please add on anything else. I am in love with this idea and if I wasn’t already writing a full fic I would be writing this.


First piece of 2015!!! (Also first piece made in Photoshop. And first non-fanart in a really long time.)

My Photoshop muscles got a little rusty but this is just a practice/study/experiment so it was fun and hella educational, and that’s what matters, right? (plus, drawing mermaids is always fun)


BTS as Animated Characters~ (5/7)

Park Jimin // Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)