no but goddamn i love this song

  • me: I am fine and focussed on my own goddamn life
  • me, at night, eyes snapping open: Lana Del Rey wrote a song named "Terrence Loves You" for her album "Honeymoon". Said song references David Bowie's "Space Oddity". David Bowie had a half-brother named Terence, who suffered from schizophrenia and who he was very attached to as a kid. He was also the one who turned David's interest at an early age towards jazz. Due to David being fearful he might be schizophrenic himself and general fear of mental illness that ran in his family, the two brothers lost touch after David witnessed Terry worsening and checking himself into a mental hospital. They never quite reunited before Terry's suicide in January 1985. The line "and I lost myself, and I lost you, too, but I still got jazz, when I've got the blues", might be meant as spoken from Terry's perspective.

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Regarding the soundtrack for S4, I've noticed a new motif that originated in TST, a sombre violin piece that begins at 1:13 on track 6 'Running Away', used for the scene where John reads the letter Mary wrote about running away. So naturally I assumed this was Mary's theme, until today when I heard it again in TLD (track 7 of the TLD soundtrack 'No Charges' at 0:45), but slowed down. The scene in TLD is where John hits Sherlock, so it has nothing to do with Mary. What may we deduce of this?

Hi Lovely! 

Here’s “Running Away”:

And here’s “No Charges”

What struck me first of all, on Running Away, WAS THE GODDAMNED VIOLIN. A lot of us speculate that Mary’s letter is ACTUALLY Sherlock’s letter that he wanted to write to John when he left him at TRF. Alright, stay with me here for a second: Sherlock writes his “love songs” on violin, and they’re always melancholy and ALWAYS for John (sorry, but Irene’s Theme is FOR JOHN); I think this is ACTUALLY meant to represent Sherlock’s character and his pining for John, his apology for leaving him. It’s also tightly intermingled with hints of John’s theme sped up in it as well.

Then, in No Charges, you are correct – it’s DOES bear a terribly striking resemblance to Running Away, just played an octave or semi-octave down or on a different scale. Which causes it to sound SADDER. Because now Sherlock feels like he is getting what he deserves for leaving John, doomed to a life of infinite sadness and loneliness. Technically, it’s also relating to Mary since they are discussing Mary in that scene, but yes, I do honestly believe anything played by the violin in ANY of the soundtracks are a reflection of Sherlock’s feelings.

God I actually cried writing this. I hadn’t had the chance yet to listen to S4′s soundtrack, so I’m glad I got to for this. 

If you’re interested, there’s interesting meta about the entirety of the S4 music here by @holmesianscholar!

i gotta organize my thoughts on why evermore has me so shook

1) it’s just so goddamn beautiful. and goddamn dan stevens + beast voice growliness???? good shit ok. good damn good shit. 

2. it comes at the PERFECT thematic moment for beast. certain characters just wouldn’t pour their heart out in song format like that. they just wouldn’t. and beast is one of them, he wouldn’t, not until he’s at his lowest would he sing-monologue like that. the song comes at the exact right point in the story. holy shit good timing 10/10

c - he doesn’t have anything against belle herself for leaving. sad as heck she’s gone? yes. convinced he’s never gonna see her again and SUPER sad about that? yes. but angry at her for leaving??? no??? not at all??? damn dude. that’s some goddamn character development. 

ii. he’s been so affected by her she’ll forever inspire him and that is just. goddamn disney. that’s it y’all are done you can’t top that, that’s the pinnacle representation of romantic love. could anyone else even??

b) he’s so completely convinced she’d never come back to him. im so sad. oh, guy. dude. i feel so bad for you. im so sorry you poor sad bastard. “i’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in” oh my god guy you can’t even imagine she’d want to come back to you. 

somebody help me i’ve been listening to this song on repeat for 13 hours and crying

Ok but what if there was a soulmate au based on music

Like everyone knows a part of a melody and you have to find the person (or people) that knows the rest

So many possibilitie

  • married couples idley humming their tune around the house and hearing their partner finishing the tune and smiling because its such a simple bonding moment
  • Teens sitting in a classroom working and a hard worker starts humming under their breath and the quiet kid at the back goes bright red and chokes out the answering piece of the song
  • Musicians working their song into their work as an underlying melody hoping the right person will hear it
  • Dating sites where its just a bunch of voice clips
  • ‘Hi, um I’m X and this is my tune… da de dum, dahhh la de da de and then i dont know the rest, do you?’
  • Radio call in stations to help people find TRUE LOVE
  • Someone having a panic attack and crying and choking out their tune because it always calms them to sing it, and then the person caring for them starts singing along quietly
  • Popular kids pretending their melody is hip and trendy when its actually a beautiful classical piece
  • LyRIcS
  • The deaf knowing the lyrics to their song and signing it randomly, trying to find the person who knows the rest because it cuts out in the middle of the sentence like you’re my true love whatever wHATS THE REST OF THAT ONE SENTANCE ITS BEEN BUGGING ME SO LONG
  • People slipping phrases of their lyrics into speech, hoping someone will pick it up
  • People theorising like what could go next, maybe its like this or this and trying so hard that when they hear it they just smile because they were never anywhere near how beautiful their partners song is

i think it’s like bts week or something and today is seokjin’s day and people are making appreciate him threads for his singing and dancing which true love him for that, but also remember that he graduated college, speaks the best english after namjoon, and wrote a goddamn song about how he didn’t mind being at the back if he could support his members doing their best in the limelight sOOOOO stan seokjin 

Dating Sherlock Holmes Would Include...

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- Forehead kisses. All. The. Damn. Time.

- John seeing how good you two would be together, and decided to be cupid and set you up.

- Him letting you wear his clothes all the time around the flat, because you look cute in them.
- Especially his coat when you’re out on cases together.
- He thinks of it as, “me marking my territory.”

- Being the one who makes sure he takes care of himself when he doesn’t.
-“Just eat the goddamned sandwich, Sherlock!”
-“I told you I don’t eat on cases!”
-“If you don’t eat that sandwich right now, I’m withholding sex for a month.”
- That gets him going.

- Him being a jealous little bastard.

- Whenever he did get jealous he would hug you from behind.
- Or pull you onto his lap.
- It was really hard to continue conversations after that.

- His parents would adore you the moment they met you.
- Loving how flustered Sherlock would get from old embarrassing photos of him.
- Mycroft would surprisingly get along with you, which annoys the crap out of Sherlock.

- Him writing and playing songs for you.

- You being the only one he ever does anything for.
-“Could you go out and get some more milk later?”
-“Of course, love.”
-John couldn’t believe it when Sherlock came home with grocery bags.

- Him letting you play with his hair.

- Shutting him up with kisses.

- Sherlock would find it very amusing when you told various of his past enemies to “Fuck off” when they came to Baker Street to terrorize you.
- You would then proceeded to whack them with whatever you could find.

- Also telling Anderson and Donovan off whenever they make a remark on Sherlock and you.
-“Oh look, it’s the freak show.”
-“Oh look, it’s the cheat and the mistress.”

- Dancing with Sherlock around the flat.

- Staying in bed and cuddling until noon on lazy days.

- Him telling you how ‘aesthetically pleasing’ you are all the time.

- Him stealing kisses whenever, wherever.

- Forcing him to watch your favourite TV shows.
-“This show is highly illogical, I mean how can it be bigger on the inside? ”
-“You just don’t question Doctor Who, Sherlock.”

Space dad pls don't die
Space dad pls don't die

I just love Shiro so much I wrote a song about him also I was sad

Why do I care so much
for a fictional character
his anime hair
and his goddamn eyeliner
you’re a freaking drawing
and I don’t know to feel
I just wish that men like you were real

Shiro you’re my hero
I hope you’re doing okay
leading Voltron is stressful
but you still do it every day
I’m sorry Slav is annoying
and the Galra won’t leave you alone

You’re still my number one space dad
and if you die I’ll be so very sad

Space dad
I hope you’re somewhere chillin’
just like that
space dad
drinking space martini
on some nice deserted planet
with a good view of the sky
so when your team comes back for you
they won’t pass you by
they won’t pass you by

space dad please don’t die… 

Guess who’s gotten into Bendy and the Ink Machine now. :’D I just love the old Disney cartoon style it has~ Can’t wait to see what the future chapters will bring!

13 Reasons Why (Daveed x Reader)

Sooooooo this took me literally forever to write, but I’m happy with the way it turned out!! Lil shoutout to Becca ( @angeilca-s ) helping me with some of the reasons ;) feedback would be lovely, and enjoy! 

Warnings: ANGST, swearing, it gets a little heated at one part but other than that I think it’s all good?

Words: 5447 (dang this took forever)

One - Constantly distracted

You mindlessly scraped the food around on your plate, your eyes glancing from the food up to your boyfriend, who obviously had something much more important than your three year anniversary on his phone.

“Babe, can you please put that away?” you hinted, glancing down at his phone when he looked up at you.

“Oh, yeah, mhm,” he nodded, sliding it into his back pocket and looking at you. That’s one of the many things that killed you, was the way he looked at you. No matter what you looked like, what you were doing, it didn’t matter. His chocolatey brown eyes bore into you like you put the stars in the sky and made the earth spin on its axis. You sighed and continued eating.

“Babygirl,” he strung out, letting the word slide right off his lips like music to your ears.

“Yes?” you responded, once again giving him your attention.

“I love you, I promise. So much,” he grinned, reaching over to take your hand. He rubbed his thumb across the back of your hand, something that you had always found calming.

“I love you too,” you replied, smiling back. It was a truly genuine smile. You couldn’t be more in love with the man sitting across from you.

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I just realized Frozen and Moana both have sexy-positive empowering songs.

In Frozen: “Let It Go.” Beautiful young “Disney Princess” Elsa puts herself in a sparkly dress and sexily struts towards the camera singing about how empowered she feels.

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In Moana: “Shiny.” The giant goddamn monster crab sings about how sparkly he is and literally “strut[s his] stuff” before the audience.

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You’d think Moana would be the one to get a sexy-empowering song since she’s the young, hot “Disney Princess,” but nope. She’s a sexless badass, and it’s the giant goddamn (male) monster crab villain who shakes his money-maker for all he’s worth.

Hot Damn, I love this movie.

Chantaje - Mieczysław Stilinski Smut

REQUESTED: No, I just haven’t written for a while, and I wanted to do something for you guys!

WARNINGS: Hickeys, fingering, blowjob

SUMMARY: When you run into Stiles at a club, your past comes out. It takes a further encounter in the bathroom for you to both be okay again.

NOTES: I’ve listened to this song too many times, and it’s becoming problematic.

AAAAAnyways, SMUT YAY! (I miss writing smut. I haven’t had the motivation since my birthday because a lot’s happened.)

Hope you enjoy! Based off this song (and there will be translations of the lyrics too dw <3)

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Oblivious (Tom Holland x reader)

Request: First of all, I LOVE your writing!!! Also, I was wondering if you could do an imagine with Tom Holland and an artist reader, and he’s totally head over heels for her (secretly) and thinks she’s talented, but she has her head in the clouds and is so busy daydreaming/drawing that she’s oblivious to his attempts to flirt/impress her. Finally, Tom becomes so frustrated that he blurts that he’s been in love with her for 217387312 years. Lots of fluff, please:) Also Haz teasing him??? haha. Thanks:)

Raising your eyes from your notebook, you look at Tom, who is sitting in front of you at the diner booth.
‘’I should probably stop doodling’’ you say, putting your notebook and pen in your bag. ‘’I’m sorry.’’
You look back at him to find him staring at you, no words leaving his mouth.
‘’Are you okay?’’ you ask. ‘’Is there anything on my face?’’
Tom quickly shakes his head and smiles softly.
‘’No, no! Nothing’s on your face! Your face-your face’s perfect’’ he says before blushing.
You smile at him and turn around in your seat, looking at Harrison, who is ordering your food.
‘’Would you… Would you want to, I don’t know, have coffee together this afternoon?’’ Tom asks, blushing.
You don’t realize his blush and nod your head, happy.
‘’Yeah, of course! Is Haz coming?’’ you ask.
His face changes, although you don’t realize.
‘’Uhm, no. He has things to do’’ he softly answers.
You nod your head again and look at your hands, full of doodles. As you start bobbing your head to a new melody you have just thought of, Harrison approaches you with his hands full of food.
‘’Hey, guys’’ he tells you, sitting next to Tom.
He looks questioningly at Tom and Tom simply shrugs his shoulders -he doesn’t know if Harrison’s idea of Tom inviting you to coffee has really worked.
When they realise that you haven’t spoken a word in ten minutes, they start to worry, until you look at them suddenly with an excited look in your eyes.
‘’I just came up with an amazing idea for a song lyric!’’ you whisper-shout.
They both laugh, Tom looking at you tenderly and with an adoring look in your eyes.
‘’If you don’t close your mouth, you are gonna catch flies’’ Harrison tells him as he sees Tom staring at you with his mouth open.
Tom blushes and nudges his friend, his eyes not leaving your figure as you look for your songwriting notebook all around your bag.
When you finally find it, you look back at Tom, feeling his eyes on you.
‘’Is everything alright?’’ you ask, concerned.
‘’Yeah, yeah’’ he tells you, shaking his head softly. ‘’You just look really pretty today.’’
You blush and laugh, hearing Harrison chuckle next to Tom.
Quickly scribbling the lyrics down on your notebook, you look at the table and find it almost empty.
‘’Shall we leave already?’’ you ask.
The boys nod and walk to the door next to you, Tom’s arm brushing against yours, his cheeks red.
‘’I’m going to pick up the car and I’ll pick you guys up here’’ Harrison says, and he is gone before you can even tell him that you don’t mind walking.
‘’What are the song lyrics you thought of?’’ Tom asks you softly.
You shake your head blushing a little.
‘’I’ll tell you when the song is done. I don’t feel like they make a lot of sense on their own.’’
‘’I’m sure the song will be great. You are amazing’’ Tom tells you, still blushing.
You laugh and hold his hand, trying not to blush yourself.
Tom starts leaning in, although you don’t realise and turn around to look at a bird when his lips are extremely close to yours. He groans, frustrated, and removes his hand from yours to tug at his hair.
‘’Goddammit, [Y/N]’’ he whispers. You turn around again to look at him, your brows furrowed. ‘’You are so goddamn oblivious. I’ve been trying to tell you I like you for months and how desperately in love I am with you and you don’t even realise my pathetic attempts at flirting.’’
You open your mouth and your eyes, processing what he has just told you.
‘’You like me?’’ you ask him. He nods and closes his eyes, ready to feel the rejection. ‘’I’m sorry I didn’t realise, but you know how I am. I always have my head in the clouds’’ you admit. ‘’I like you, too, you know. I told Harrison last month. I’m surprised he didn’t tell you’’ you say with a chuckle.
‘’Are you serious? You like me?’’ he asks, removing his hands from his face and smiling like a kid. ‘’Wait,’’ he says, furrowing his brows, ‘’Harrison knew? I’m going to murder him’’ he whispers.
You laugh and shake your head, grabbing his hand.
‘’Come here’’ you tell him before pulling him close to you, your lips finally collapsing against his.
After what felt like a second, Harrison’s voice came ringing through the street.
‘’It was time! I was tired of being surrounded by stupid people!’’ he shouts from the car window, raising his thumbs at you.


Gazette Gif-a-Day 2016

[3-5/?] To Dazzling Darkness
→Credits to trauma_radio for the translation ☆

Best Friend

Title: Best Friend
Brendon Urie/Reader
Word Count: 1.2k
Platonic relationship (sorry lol), angry Brendon, hella swearing
A/N: I got this inspiration from the song Best Friend by Auburn. It’s a great song and I recommend a listen. I might write a part two to make it have a happy ending but only if enough people want it. So let me know! Hehe.

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You and Brendon have been best friends for basically all of high school. You met when your Science teacher partnered you both up for a project. It was odd because you and Brendon were total opposites. He smoked weed, you didn’t. He loved to party, you loved Netflix. But it was an instant connection which blossomed into a great friendship.

You sat at your desk, working on the last page of English homework when your phone buzzed. You sighed as you picked it up to unlock it. It was a text from Brendon.

Y/N! Wanna come over and chill? I got pizza!!!!

You giggled as you mentally read it in his nerdy, happy voice. You glanced over at the time to see it was 4:29pm. You slouched back in your chair as you sighed, sending a reply.

Can’t. I got a date with another one of Jenna’s guy friends in 30 mins. I might ditch it early and come over later though! Sorry, Beebo!!

You hated all these dates that your friends would set you up on. You weren’t focused on finding love but it would be nice to have someone to call your’s. You went back to your homework as wrote the last answers before getting up to walk over to your closet, searching for a decent outfit to wear. As you began to change into a floral dress, your phone went off. You rushed over to it to open the new text from Brendon.

No worries, babes! Just let me know if you’re coming over. USE PROTECTION!! xD

You rolled your eyes at Brendon’s stupid humor before going to put on a pair of beige sandals. You grabbed a small bag and stuffed your wallet and phone into it, along with some chapstick and makeup. Your mom said goodbye as you walked out the door to head to the movie theater a few blocks down your street. You put in your earphones to listen to some music whilst you walked. A few clicks through your playlists and you found a song that you don’t remember putting on your phone. It was called Best Friend and was sung by a girl named Auburn. You hit play and the lyrics began resonating through your ears. You carefully listened the words in the song. Once you finally arrived at the theater, you paused the song and put away your earphones before stepping inside to search for the guy your friend is making you meet. You opened your gallery and opened a picture she had sent of him so you could find him in a crowd.

“Y/N?” A gravelly voice said from behind you causing you to turn in surprise. You sighed as you realized it was your ‘date’ for the evening.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. I’m Tyler. Nice to meet you.” He held out his hand towards you.

“Nice to meet you too, Tyler.” You happily shook his hand before walking into the movie with him. He was handsome, no doubt about that. His buzzcut worked with his face perfectly and his eyes were a nice dark brown. His hands soft but strong at the same time.

You two found some seats in the back of the theater as the lights began to turn off for the movie to start. You took a deep breath as you clutched your phone. You didn’t know why but you felt the urge to message Brendon. You didn’t wanna ditch Tyler, he seemed like a really sweet guy but that song you listened to on your way over here made you start realizing certain things. You’ve been on dates with a ton of guys that Jenna had set you up with but none of them seemed like what you wanted. They were totally your type but they didn’t live up to someone else. Someone you were always happy around. Someone you could talk to about anything. Someone like Brendon. Before you knew it the movie was over. Your thoughts had completely distracted you for over an hour. You and Tyler exited the theater and chatted for a little bit, getting to know each other but your mind was still focused on Brendon. After a few more minutes of chatting, you and Tyler said your goodbyes. You quickly began to make your way towards Brendon’s place. You put your earbuds back in and played the same song on repeat as your realizations grew bigger and bigger.

As soon as you made it to his house, you knocked on the door without hesitation. Within moments, Brendon opened the door in a pair of black skinny jean and no shirt. You quietly gasped at the sight but were drawn out of your trance once he said something.

“Y/N? I didn’t know you’d be coming over. I didn’t get a message from you.” He looked quite confused of your presence at his door. He motioned for you to come in and lead you upstairs to his bedroom so you guys could be in private.

“I, uh, I actually came here last minute. I had to tell you something that couldn’t wait until tomorrow.” You spit out in one breath. “I knew I should’ve called or texted you first but this was out of whim and I’m sor-”

“Yo! Y/N, calm down and breathe for a second.” He cut you off and began laughing. “What is it you needed to tell me?” He stepped closer to you.

“Um, I, uh, actually, ugh.” You stuttered, unable to find the right words. Before you thought of what you were doing, your lips attached to Brendon’s. He was still causing you to pull away, completely embarrassed.

“Fuck, I’m so fucking stupid! I shouldn’t have done that.” You covered your face with your hands as you hid your red cheeks from Brendon.

“Are you serious, Y/N?”


“You go on a dozen dates with all these guys and magically you decide you wanna just jump me one night right after a date? What did he not seem into you? He probably knew about all the other guys who have been all over you before him. I wouldn’t blame him for not being interested!” He suddenly yelled.

“Brendon that’s n-”

“No! Fucking listen to me, Y/N. You can’t just show up at my door out of the blue and expect me to confess my feelings for you just like that. You never fucking notice anything, do you? Obviously not since for the past year I’ve been trying to get you to see that I love you. There, I fucking said it. Are you happy? I fucking love you, Y/N. But you going out on all these dates and then ranting to me about them or telling me how good of a kisser he was, doesn’t fucking make me wanna tell you.” He took a deep breath before continuing. “I put that goddamn song on your phone. I wanted to see what would happen once you listened to it. And now I know. You’re just tired of going on dates with dumbass douchebags and desperate teenage boys so you thought that you listening to that song made you realize you liked me. But you don’t. You just want a reason to tell your friends to fuck off and stop setting you up.”

“But I do like you Beebo.” Your voice cracked.

“Just fucking leave!” He screamed causing you to jump in fear.

You left his house and ran home to yours.

When I Drink

When I drink alcohol,
I tend to have one too many.
My brain goes fuzzy
And my vision turns blurry.

When I drink alcohol,
I sing on top of my lungs.
Pretend that I’m singing kareoke
To whatever song that was playing.

When I drink alcohol,
I talk a lot.
I talk about things I never tell people -
Things such as feelings.

When I drink alcohol,
My bottled up emotions
Turns to running water
And explodes.

When I drink alcohol,
I call you names.
Love, baby, my one and only
The list goes on,
but my favorite is “that dipshit prick”

When I drink alcohol,
My confidence boots,
Cheers from from friends in cahoots,
Oh god, I’m going to embarrass myself.

When I drink alcohol,
I forget that I hate you.
I remember all and I still love you,
Goddamn it, what is it with you?

When I drink alcohol,
I fail to remember drink responsibly.
I draw Venn diagrams of why we can’t be,
Wishing every shot was a ticket of what used to be.

I still drink 1..2..3

The The Adventure Zone Playlist™ (you’ve solved my fanmix puzzle)

cover art by @glowbat (used with permission)

this may be the longest goddamn fanmix ive ever created but do i care? no. i tried to give each arc a few songs with some character focused songs thrown in approximately where they would go in the podcast, so there’s a bit more structure to this playlist than i usually do

here there be gerblins/moonlighting: dirty town - mother mother // let’s steal everything - world/inferno friendship society // aerodynamic - daft punk // everybody loves me - onerepublic

murder on the rockport limited/petals to the metal: aha! - pentatonix // cops and robbers - the hoosiers // in one ear - cage the elephant // hero - elizaveta

the crystal kingdom: zip it up - zowie // crazy=genius - panic! at the disco // staying gold - brick + mortar // AhHa - nate ruess

the eleventh hour: san cristóbal - mal blum // kiss this - the struts // vagabond - misterwives // save our city - ludo

the suffering game: my boy builds coffins - florence + the machine // not the end of the world (even as we know it) - faded paper figures // immortals - fall out boy // rabbit heart (raise it up) - florence + the machine // forces of the unseen - cloud cult

[playmoss] [youtube]