no but can we talk about the way these two look at eachother

I want to know.

This has been bugging me for a while. A long time ago I was thinking about how the characters interact and there are a few characters that just don’t talk to each other in canon and normally I’m ok with that but there is one that’s really bugging me. Kanaya and terezi haven’t really talked to each other directly once. That’s ok but I’m annoyed becase they’ve known eachother since before canon, they’ve been two of the few living trolls in a few universes for collectively six years (including both timelines), they were both close to both vriska and karkat, etc. etc., but we don’t even know if they even consider eachother friends. I tried to look it up but i haven’t found anything. I just want to know their dynamic. I just want one talk where we can get a feel for the way they have interacted for years. I mean I don’t ship them on anything but it would be nice to have some idea of how they talk to each other

If you find something that might show it please tell me but i couldn’t find anything. If im wrong please tell me. I just wanna know