no but cam's reaction is priceless

anonymous asked:

Who is Cam and how is he related to the boys?

He’s an amazing DJ from New Zealand and he dedicated HOURS of his to play 1D SONGS ONLY on Ultimate Access. Then he made a periscope which is like a livestream where he watched live the Wellington video, the Mario Kart interview, the Paris interview etc.

He has a tumblr too:  cameronmansel

On top of that he promised that every Wednesday there will be 1 hour for 1D songs! Aaaand he also had his friends play the song in following next radio show.

Aaaand he still did a periscope while driving and eating his lunch. He worked overtime just for us!!!

His reaction to Wellington is priceless, the love and support, and the realization for this whole romance is reflected in his eyes.

Wonderful! :)

Now someone share the entire video with us please!!! :)

Gift Souls

I’ll link the highlight when it shows up, but in the mean time I wanted to share what was necessary to give Cam his Dark Souls present on stream today.

In under an hour:
- New character
- Obtain gravelord sword
- Kill pinwheel
- Shortcut through valley of drakes to parish
- Kill wandering demon
- Kill gargoyles
- Climb the darkroot basin ladder without getting killed by the hydra
- Join forest covenant, talk to Shiva
- Visit blighttown with 20k in my pocket, buy washing pole from Shiva
- Kill quelaag
- Upgrade sword to +5
- Fight backwards through Parish, get white soapstone from Solaire
- Fight through lower Undead Burg
- Kill Capra
- Battle down to Depths bonfire
- Level to 26, matching Cam’s character
- Drop summon sign
- Obtain priceless reaction from a dear friend