no but cam's reaction is priceless

Gift Souls

I’ll link the highlight when it shows up, but in the mean time I wanted to share what was necessary to give Cam his Dark Souls present on stream today.

In under an hour:
- New character
- Obtain gravelord sword
- Kill pinwheel
- Shortcut through valley of drakes to parish
- Kill wandering demon
- Kill gargoyles
- Climb the darkroot basin ladder without getting killed by the hydra
- Join forest covenant, talk to Shiva
- Visit blighttown with 20k in my pocket, buy washing pole from Shiva
- Kill quelaag
- Upgrade sword to +5
- Fight backwards through Parish, get white soapstone from Solaire
- Fight through lower Undead Burg
- Kill Capra
- Battle down to Depths bonfire
- Level to 26, matching Cam’s character
- Drop summon sign
- Obtain priceless reaction from a dear friend