no bus pass


Yes, we had school today to make up for weather closures in the fall.

Heard back from transportation. Was told that the bus broke down and they would be for sure sending a bus out tomorrow.

Here’s the funny thing- I saw the bus go pass our neighborhood and go into an apartment complex. The apartment complex where one of Bee’s classmates lives and that mom told me the bus didn’t break down today.

Really. Kids with Special needs and in foster care not allowed to ride the bus- subject line for next email.

NBA SIDE OF TUMBLR, which is basically @undercoverangryangel, WHAT THE FUCK? I was at work till like 11, and I was up until 1, and i was checking my phone because I heard rumors that DeMarcus Cousins was being shopped around. I guess I must’ve lost the plot somewhere along that time because I didn’t find out they shipped Cousins to New Orleans for an all day bus pass and a half chewed Slim Jim. 

Urban Witchery

1. Timing your banishing spells not with the moon, but with the garbage pick up.

2. Charming your bus/subway pass so that it activate good luck with each swipe.

3. Finding amulets in trash on the sidewalk.

4. Saying a chant with the crosswalk signal to keep you safe as you cross traffic.

5. Keeping a stash of fast food salt packets in your bag for on-the-go cleansing.

Cute Bus Stop Guy

Sterek, Teen, 2K words, Meet Cute AU

Stiles groaned and took a very long swig from his travel coffee mug as he hitched his messenger bag up higher on his shoulder. It was barely eight in the morning, and consequently, he could barely keep his eyes open. He was a grad student for fuck’s sake, and it was understood that in order to make up for the shitty stipend and the whole working-around-the-clock thing, he got to sleep in until 10. At least. After all, if he was up until 3 working, it was only fair. But noooo, his advisor—fuck you, Finstock—had insisted on an early meeting today.

He passed the bus stop and realized that at least he was lucky in that he lived close enough to campus that he could walk instead of dealing with public transportation at rush hour. Small condolences, really, though.

He yawned and accidentally bumped into someone walking past him. Stiles tried to apologize, but the word got stuck in his throat when he opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of the person he’d nearly knocked over. He was about Stiles’ height but bigger, all broad shoulders and muscles capped off by really great hair and an unfairly attractive face. “Uh.”

The guy gave him a curt little nod and neatly sidestepped him, continuing on his way. Stiles snuck a look over his shoulder, and yep, the rear view in those tight slacks was pretty good, too. The guy stopped at the bus stop, leaning against the sign, and Stiles sighed. It was a dreamy sigh, even he could admit that.

He had a feeling he was going to become a morning person.

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Midnight Bus Going Anywhere

Yuri Plisetsky gets on a bus to get to the airport and ends up somewhere between ‘buttfuck’ and ‘nowhere’, Kyushu, Japan; and to make matters worse, his phone is dead. But sometimes people can lend a helping hand. Especially people with big brown eyes and the demeanor of a puppy.

Pairing: Plinami; Yuri Plisetsky/Minami Kenjirou

Part: 1/?

Rating: T, may bump up in later parts :^)

Words: 2,215

People often compared Yuri Plisetsky to a kitten. Of course he objected to that, repeatedly and very vocally. He was a tiger, not a kitten—he was battle hardened with the ability and technique to get what he wanted no questions asked. He was the king of the world, the best of the best, and the only reason people didn’t realize how much of a big deal he was yet was just because he hadn’t debuted. The same way that a world revolutionary leader wasn’t acknowledged as a revolutionary leader until they stood on that podium, Yuri was waiting for his chance to stand on the big stage and bare his fangs for everyone to see, clear and dangerous.

         But if Yuri Plisetsky was a kitten, then Minami Kenjirou was a puppy. Eager and loving with so much energy that he didn’t know where it should go half the time, and as such spent days inefficiently chasing its tail in circles until it falls over from dizziness or exhaustion. He was a puppy that could do no evil, think no evil, see no evil, and that was the problem: Minami was a puppy who loved, who could run up to you after you accidentally kicked it and it’d pant excitedly like you’d never done a single thing wrong to it a single day in its life. And again, that was the problem.

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He kissed me and said “Message me when you get home.”
On my way home, in this blue bus, my thoughts were talking about you. Fuck, this bus still smells of you, I guess the driver wonders what happened to us, I bet he liked you, you always used to thank him after getting off the bus.
I passed this green station where we couldn’t stop kissing each other, your hands wanted only me and you did not care about other people passing by, because all you craved was me and my mouth and my body. On that day we created the universe from the beginning.
I almost got home and messaged him “I’m home.”
One minute later, I got a message from him, “Yeah, you’re home, I mean, you’re my home.”
How wonderful it is to read such words.
And how tragic it is to get them from the wrong person.
— 🌙

he’s not you.

  • Pidge: So its raining, right? You pass a bus stop. There are three people there: your most trustworthy friend, a pregnant woman who has to go to the hospital, and the girl of your dreams. Your smart car has only 2 seats. What do you do?
  • Hunk: Oh, I’ve heard this one! You give the car to your most trustworthy friend, he takes the pregnant lady to the hospital, and you stay at the bus stop with the girl of your dreams.
  • Pidge: ...No. you go home and
  • Pidge: YOU BOUGHT
  • Pidge: A SMART CAR

We see you,
our children;
hunched over phones and laptops
texting love letters on skype
sending slept in t-shirts in the post

We see you,
our children;
calculating time zones
burning midnight oil
just the energy burn of 3 AM Red Bull

We see you,
our children;
absence makes the heart go hard
“where the hell you been?”
family emergencies. careers. wi-failures.
Lover’s Quarrel à la

We see you,
our children;
with kisses of plane tickets and bus passes
in reality or within dreams
we support you,
our children…

—  Prompt #7, “Long Distance Relationship”
  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • my mind: waiting for the bus in the rain in the rain rain waiting for the bus in the rain waiting for the bus where is the bus? waiting for the bus in the rain (in the rain) when the bus come? where the bus at? got my bus pass, bus is much better than a train (than a train) oh good here comes the bus oh shit it's a different bus not the right bus not the bus i need now I’m waiting for the bus in the rain at another stop bus ain’t got a real high speed
  • psychic: what the fuck

This whole Pokemon Go drama of people bashing younger generations on social media has made me think a lot. All the comments revolved around the same: “why don’t you go and adopt an actual animal?” “Or why are you so immature?”

The answer to most of these people is very simple: this is all we got. I’m going to be 25 years old in one month and I just secured my first ever permanent job. At my age my mum had a 6 year old and had a permanent job for 5 years. My dad had his own business. They had two cars, a house and a mortgage. Do you know what I have? Student loan debt, high rent for a tiny flat (that doesn’t allow pets btw!), four plants and a bus pass.

Baby boomers accuse my generation of being lazy and immature and this and that when they literally fucked everything over for us. “How do you want to buy a house do you? Well get ready to fork out a quarter of a million pounds and a kidney while you are at it!”

Travelling, fandoms and nostalgia filled games are all we got. Don’t you think I would like to have children? Don’t you think I go to sleep every night thinking I’m getting older and I haven’t reached even a quarter of the goals I set up for myself? Don’t you think that I’m scared I will never be able to afford a family? 

I grew up hearing that I could be everything I wanted. That if I worked really hard I would be rewarded for it. Well guess what? You lied. You, baby boomer, sitting comfortably in your 4-bed house with your mortgage and your white fence. You lied to all of us. So the least you can do is shut the fuck up and let me catch some Pokemon.


“They run into the street to flag down a passing bus and take the back seat, elated at their victory. However, in the final shot, Benjamin’s smile gradually fades to an enigmatic, neutral expression as he gazes forward down the bus, not looking at Elaine. Elaine first looks lovingly across at Ben but notices his demeanor and turns away with a similar expression as the bus drives away, taking the two lovers towards a future of uncertainty.”

The Graduate (1967).

Please help me move to Chicago!

Hey tumblr so I’m at the point where I have to ask for help, in a serious way.

I need to get out of LA and to do that, I have to pay off my medical bills that are almost $1,000 and I have to do cal trans which I have to pay for as well. As of right now I have $40 bucks to last me until I get paid again in two weeks. A weekly bus pass is $25 so I won’t even be able to get to work next week.

I am so miserable in Los Angeles. I moved here thinking that all my hopes and dreams would come true but instead I’ve been sexually assaulted, harassed, abused, taken advantage of, physically harmed, had terrible roommates who’ve treated me like their slave, I had one roommate take a baseball bat to my door trying to break it down while screaming she was going to kill me, I lost my uncle who was my best friend in the world, my mental health is the worst it’s ever been, my alcoholism is horrible and controlling my life, my job is so stressful it’s making me sick, I have no support system whatsoever.

I need to move to Chicago so I can start a new life and be happier and healthier.

Please, if you can spare even $5 that would help. I need help and it’s taking a lot for me to ask for it. I know there are so many people out there who need help so even if you can’t help me, please reblog this. Thank you.
Venmo: click-la

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