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Trump budget director says food aid programs for kids, elderly not showing “results”

  • White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney defended proposed cuts to food-aid programs Monday by arguing that there’s scant proof they work.
  • Mulvaney sparked accusations of callousness and hypocrisy in his defense of Trump’s proposed $1.15 trillion budget when he said after-school programs that feed hungry kids don’t have proven impact.
  • “There’s no demonstrable evidence they’re actually helping results, they’re actually helping kids do better in school,” Mulvaney told reporters.
  • The director was similarly bullish on Meals on Wheels, saying it was among programs that “were just not showing any results.”
  • According to CNN, Meals on Wheels served 219.4 million meals in 2015. Read more (3/16/17 6:37 PM)
‘Uncharted’ Reconfigured: ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’s Tom Holland To Play Young Nathan Drake For Shawn Levy
EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures is bullish enough on its upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming star Tom Holland that the studio is doubling down on the young actor by building a second major franchise around him…
By Mike Fleming Jr

EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures is bullish enough on its upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming star Tom Holland that the studio is doubling down on the young actor by building a second major franchise around him. Holland is attaching to star in Uncharted, in what will be redrafted as a prequel to the treasure hunting action story line in the Naughty Dog video game for PlayStation. Shawn Levy is directing a film that will take its inspiration from a sequence in the third iteration of the video game that focused on the young thief Drake, and his first encounter with the professional rogue, Sullivan. This reformulation of the franchise was an inspiration of Sony Pictures chief Tom Rothman after seeing the latest cut of the Spider-Man film, sources said. The studio has tried for years with various directors to get this video game to launch a franchise, with past scripts from Joe Carnahan, David Guggenheim and Eric Warren Singer. Sony Pictures will now set a new scribe to draft the story line that captures the protagonist as he grows into the treasure hunter Nathan Drake who made the game a top seller. Uncharted is produced by Charles Roven, Avi Arad, Alex Gartner and Ari Arad.

Mark your calendars for June 5th, everyone. 

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Now. How about a sneak preview…

Had it really only been thirty minutes ago she’d said goodbye to Supergirl on the balcony? Letting that red cape flicker off into the night without forcing a confession, letting the hero have that one last little victory. Even the real name tactic had been half-hearted.

It would have been so easy to call for her in that moment, but the bullish streak in Cat that had endured these smash-and-grabs one too many times was determined to find an escape route and get herself home with nothing more than a few thrown elbows.

in a fashion

he tian x mo guan shan one-shot

tags: swearing, kissing (you know the game they play), set in the future, he tian and guan shan live together in domestic bliss (ha)

synopsismy train was delayed yesterday and i was bored and don’t know what this is but enjoy?

‘Someone’s been baking,’ He Tian says, pleased, tasting sugar and rosemary on Guan Shan’s lips. The apartment smells warm and sweet, a new version of home that is crafting itself out of sense, though the space is unchanged but for the suitcase at the bottom of He Tian’s wardrobe, the cooking appliances starting to fill the kitchen surface, and Guan Shan, stretched out on the sofa and flicking through a magazine.

‘Get off me,’ Guan Shan says, head turned, the kiss broken, hands a pressure on He Tian’s chest, nails pressing into the white shirt. ‘You stink of cigarettes.’

‘People at work were smoking,’ He Tian says. ‘It’s not from me.’  But he pulls away, slightly stung, unfolding himself from where he’d rested a knee and a hand on the sofa, curved himself around Guan Shan’s repose.

He’d promised he’d give it up for his health, but Guan Shan must know it’s easier said than done; he knows He Tian holds a cigarette bracketed between his fingers like a compact life-line. Something to wrap his lips around in lieu of letting words slip from his mouth.  

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Ferdia Walsh-Peelo gave a great performance in 2016:

“Between the velour suits and impeccable pop homages, John Carney’s eighties-era coming-of-ager Sing Street is possibly the most joyful time capsule to be seen at the movies this year. But Carney isn’t just emptily reminiscing in this tale of a Dublin teenager who throws together a ramshackle rock band to impress his crush, played by the exquisite Lucy Boynton. As Cosmo, the frontman at the film’s center, first-time screen actor Ferdia Walsh-Peelo offers yet another avatar of awkwardly-evolving boyhood, which isn’t exactly a foreign entity to indie film these days, although Cosmo is far more than just another morose boy with floppy hair and a guitar.

Sing Street improves on this archetype (and the old tropes that come with it) through Walsh-Peelo’s plucky and resourceful performance, which imbues Cosmo with a quietly-attuned watchfulness and wades through the mucky swamp of uncomfortable adolescence with a heady blend of bullishness and apprehension. He develops a physical vocabulary that fits the character to a tee, starting off with the slouching gait and fidgety body language of a teenage turtle still living painfully beneath his shell. You can actually see the actor steadying his fitful frame with each passing chapter of Cosmo’s soulful emergence into a more assured version of himself, while never fully abandoning the shrugs and fidgets of a boy who’s still, like all of us, an undeniable work-in-progress. Every actor in Sing Street is something close to a dream, but Walsh-Peelo is the central, finely-tuned instrument that allows this song to really sing.” — Matthew Eng

So did Lucy Boynton:

“It’s easy when playing the lone girl in a boy-dominated coming-of-age movie to become a glassy idea of girlhood rather than a concrete entity in one’s own right. But Lucy Boynton, as the aspirant teenage model and willing musician’s muse in John Carney’s incredibly infectious Sing Street, has two huge assets on her side that prevent her from falling into such a trap. First, Carney clearly and deeply cares about Boynton’s Raphina, giving her plenty of soul-searching close-ups and an atypically moving and detailed arc. And second, Boynton herself is a born star with remarkably subtle instincts and a magnetic hold on the camera that help a potentially indefinable character learn to slowly but steadily define herself.” — Matthew Eng

You might expect professional locksmiths to be bullish on the ability of a solid lock to protect your home and precious Beanie Baby collection. (They’re going to bounce back any day now!) But a career of dealing with the aftermath of break-ins has shown Harvey how easy it is to bypass a lock: “You look for the removable air conditioner in the window or the insecure patio glass door …” According to him, the air conditioner is the Achilles heel of most people’s home security: “Only once have I been called to install security fasteners on an air-conditioned unit. Turns out a previous tenant wanted back in, so they unscrewed the A/C unit and climbed in through the hole.”

Engaging that deadbolt feels secure, but it’s about as safe as putting a Kevlar patch over your nipple and wading into a gunfight. “You can encase your house in six feet of concrete, and I’ll still get in if I want to. It just takes time …” Harvey explains that “99 percent of people’s locks are fucking garbage. Looking out my window, I can see 15 houses that wouldn’t take me longer than 15 seconds each to gain entry to …”

He’s not talking about picking those locks, cat-burglar-like. He’s talking about breaking through them. Over his entire career, he “saw about 10-15 confirmed cases of lock destruction in forced entry, and one confirmed case of lock-picking.”

5 Terrifying Truths About The Crappy Lock On Your Front Door

Just Had To Let This Out

Normally, I wouldn’t speak up about this, but I just about had enough with the negativity brought upon our fandom by people who aren’t really part of it. I get that some don’t believe that Sprousehart is real or some don’t even like Cole and Lili together whether off-screen or on-screen, and I totally respect that. What I cannot stand is other people shoving their own beliefs to other people because they cannot take an idea that is opposed to theirs. I mean we live in the age of the internet where basically it is the free marketplace of ideas. At this point in time, we are supposed to be diverse, and such diversity is celebrated because being diverse helps our society grow and develop into something more. That is why I get really bothered with people constantly trying to shut down a particular group by throwing ad hominem or shut an idea down just because it is different from yours. Then when you confront them and try to have a healthy discourse with them, they play the victim card or again just throw ad hominem. It is regressive and counterproductive.

On this note, I would like to call out, specifically, a particular account who I find rather troublesome, @forthepalette .

Dear, first of all I want to say that I did try to understand you by reading your blog. I get it. You want more representation for the LGBTQ community. You believe that Cole and KJ are dating. You believe that the whole Sprousehart thing is just PR. Those are all fine with me. I may not agree with them aside for your want for more representation for the LGBTQ community, but I recognize that you are a different person from me and I respect your right to have your own thoughts and ideas.

What I don’t like is the manner you express them. You come out rather bullish and aggressive towards Sprousehart fans when you express your opinions on any particular post. You often use the Sprousehart tag even when you post matters that don’t involve us at all, like when you want to push forth your theories about Coleneti. You INSULT us. You had this post before which is short of calling us stupid with your believers of the world is flat vs believers the world is round comparison of SH fans vs non-SH fans.

I don’t know why you are like this. Maybe some fans may have insulted you before, that is why you feel entitled to insult us back as well. I admit I may have been rather harsh on some of my replies on the posts you commented and I apologize for that.

All I want dear is for you to just let us be. Stop calling us homophobic just because we ship two people of different genders. It’s about the same level of absurdity of calling Lili a homophobe when she expressed in an interview before that she doesn’t think Beronica will happen anytime soon since she knows that the canon in Riverdale now is Bughead.

I think labeling people for something they aren’t is just as bad as being the things you label us as. It’s divisive to say the least. What if we are also for your cause, but because you call us those names, we won’t feel welcome to be part of the community anymore. Actually, I am a supporter of the LGBTQ community in my country. I have very strong views with the lack of same sex marriage in our country. I was one of those who lauded the U.S. Supreme Court for Obergefell v. Hodges decision albeit it being, technically, judicial legislation.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve digressed a bit and this post is rather long now. To sum up everything, I guess what I just want to request from everyone and from you especially @forthepalette is a little thoughtfulness with how you post. Respect begets respect.

anonymous asked:

do you think they'll renew Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for Season 5?

Originally posted by thesecretsofdaydreams

I’m going to be a broken record and recycle this post.   We’re on the bubble and I wish I could say 100% we are good and going to be renewed but I can’t.   All we can do is FIGHT for the show, cast, and crew we love so much.  We need to do this now because its incredibly hard to get a show back after its been cancelled.  

As we watch and tweet tag (using the @) ABC as well and add the #renewagentsofshield

WATCH LIVE!  I realize we have a large international fan base but everyone who can WATCH LIVE!

  • DVR it and watch/rewatch preferably in the first 3 Days but up to 7….I literally have all of Season 3 and Season 4 so far on mine.
  • Watch again or watch on ABC on Demand
  • Buy the episode on itunes and amazon.

TWEET! Make us trend as the episode airs.  And keep it going all night as we air in different time zones. 

  • Use the Hashtags ABC, Colo, Agents of Shield Feed, and the Cast are using.  #AgentsofShield, #LMD, #Philinda, #FItzsimmons, and anything else they put out.  You can tag ABC as well.   HERE is the Tweet Colo just put out with that lovely picture.  Let’s unite Tonight @Marvel #AgentsofSHIELD #LMD LIVE Tweet
  • Retweet things like the Sneak Peeks and Promos to help bring new people into the Fandom.
  • We can add a new hashtag like #renewagentsofshield
  • Interact with the cast on their live tweets during airing.
  • Spread positivity about the show.
  • Cast we know will be live tweeting tonight as of 4:00pm MST.  Interact with what she tweets out and retweet.  If anyone else sees another cast member live tweeting spread the word.  

Build the Hype!  Keep it up on here, twitter, and Facebook.  If people see us posting and getting excited about something they will want to check it out.  

  • Fitzsimmons has a moment…BLOW IT UP!
  • Philinda does something awesome….BLOW IT UP!
  • Plot twist….BLOW IT UP!
  • Badass moment….BLOW IT UP!
  • Cool Easter Egg…BLOW IT UP!
  • Share teaser articles (just not the click bait ones).
  • Share Promos, Sneak Peeks, and other videos they put out on Twitter and Facebook.  

I know some of you are lucky enough to have the Season 3 DVD on pre order now.  Buying the past seasons shows the interest.

Yes, the ABC president was Bullish about us and seemed pleased with how things were going.  But, we need to plan for the worst but fight for the best here guys.

Do any of you want to tell my adorable kiddo that her favorite show has been cancelled?   I don’t!

Its time to mobilize guys, its time to watch, its time to be vocal, its time to show them just how much love there is for this show, its cast and its crew.  Boost this post by reblogging, spread the word, and I’ll see you all Tuesday night!

Originally posted by atlamilliahearts

cuabien16  asked:

Hello, I'm a huge fan of this series and your blog. I'm falling in love with Akutagawa Ryunosuke at the first time he appeared in manga. Therefore sometime, I wonder what he will live for if he stop pursue Dazai, I mean, I don't know the meaning of his life after he chose his own way without Dazai'apperance in the heart of its. Can you tell me your idea about this problem?

For starters, there’s his sister. It bothered me when Gin didn’t set out to save Akutagawa even before Higuchi decided to. I suppose at that point it’s Asagiri either not establishing their relationship yet or not wanting to give out a major hint BUT STILL!

Anyway, it really is a dilemma isn’t it? Because Dazai said he’d give Akutagawa a reason to live, which Akutagawa interpreted to mean that his life would have value as long as Dazai acknowledges him. See, people can’t live as an island and while I can understand Akutagawa clinging on to Dazai, at this point don’t we all agree that he’s going to ends which are both toxic and self-destructive?

(cr: @dazaiscans​)

The mafia is far from a perfect environment, but it was an organization which accepted Akutagawa and is allowing him to do as he pleases provided he doesn’t stain their reputation. No matter how bullish and stubborn the kid can he get, he’s not stupid; Akutagawa has a place in the mafia and there’s nothing better for him out there… At least, not right now. Note how he admits it to Kyouka in the page above, how the “hope for death in his eyes” vanished after joining Port Mafia. Dazai never found any reason to live in the mafia, but Akutagawa did. And even without Dazai, he stayed in the mafia, so it’s not like he can’t continue on without his mentor.

As for those who want to know how Akutagawa would be like if he were in ADA, if you ask me I don’t think Akutagawa will ever fit in. It’s not like he particularly wants to do good or save anyone. Unless he gets a change of heart, his reason for joining will be entirely selfish, and needless to say he won’t pass Fukuzawa’s entrance exam.

EA looking to bring many games to Nintendo Switch

Speaking to investors in a financial call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson noted that the company is now very bullish on the Nintendo Switch, expressing excitement for it bringing an entirely new ecosystem into the fold. He noted that EA is considering bringing more of its games to the system, in addition to the previously announced FIFA 18.

Dating Jung Wooseok:

-Puppy love™
-his age leads to the assumption that he lacks some experience on how to get the girl
-so he’ll probably ask Mr. Scumbag and Mr. Cheese Shinwon and Yeo One for tipps and tricks
-I have a strong, very strong, feeling that he’d try to impress you by acting extra  badass and manly on stage
-and he’d try so hard to seem cool
-and then he’d tell you about how he won a violin competition once
-Wow, that is what you call diversity
-so when he would ask you out eventually boy it’d take some nagging from his members
-and by that point you’d probably know already just bc homeboy isn’t as secretive as he thinks
-But when he approached you shyly and asked if you’d have time to talk to him in private with a flower bouquet you’d probably still die
-so and then he’d tell you he likes you and you’d be like „I like you too“ and his eyes would glow up and he’d be all smiley and he wanted to wait for a while before asking but he’d be like
-“Wanna be my girlfriend?“
-and you would agree
-and Hui is somewhere in the back trying to keep the cheers of the members to a minimum
-So y'all dating
-and Wooseok and Yuto are a ‘take one, get two’- deal
-so rather than Yuto Walking in on Wooseok and you in intimate moments it would  come to situations where you’d walk in on weird situations between them two
-like you’d visit the dorm and walk in the living room and there they sit, spicy ramen in front of them, tears and Yuto’s eyes and Wooseok holding the milk cup for him and petting his back
-and you’d all just share this awkward moment of eye contact and no movement before you’d just turn around
-“I’ll come back in 5 minutes be done by then
-Or y'all decide to watch a scary movie and sit down and you’d wanna scoot a lil closer for some of those cuddles from your boyfriend ;))))))
-and then suddenly the lights turn on bc someone came home and you’d look over at Wooseok cuddling with Yuto while you just lean your head against his shoulder looking like the third wheel
-“I don’t know why I came but this is why I’m leaving“
-So if you ever, ever show PDA in front of his members:
-“Haha slow with the young horses!“
-“Please use protection, omg y'all moving so quick“

-and all you did was like touch his hand by accident
-but that means if you’d get alone time he’d burry you in a bear hug
-with your bodies just in one mess, kind of looks painful but is very comfortable
-I also think he’d either say really cheesy, romantic, beautiful things like
-“You are the only one I need to be happy“
-or he’d say some bullish along the lines of
-“You’re like the plastic piece at the end of shoe lace that hold the lace together“
-“bc you hold my life toghether“

-which is awww so cute but also.. why Wooseok?
-Also if you ever wear his clothes
-you would look adorable
-BC he is so tol and you’d feel very fashiony and be like
-“Babe I need one of your T-Shirts“
-so you could wear it with overknees and look good
-but his shirt would end around 10 cm under your knees and you’d figure just buying an oversized shirt is not that bad after all
-also imagine you’d ever be out and suddenly it started raining and he’d take to to the dorm for a quick shower and he’d provide you with his clothes and after you’re done he walks into the bathroom and you look like a toddler in their father’s clothes.
-Like what was the point of giving you his sweatpants?
-you’d need to hold them so they don’t fall and they are longer than Rapunzels hair smh
-so you just stay in his jumper which is good too!
-so he would have different types of smooches
-type A) quick pecks, those shy stolen kisses, mostly at the beginning and he’ll smile after them awwwwwwwwwww
-type B) the kisses where he’ll hold you and be very careful like you’re made out of glass and he’ll be unsure of where his hand should go etc at first but it would all fall into place eventually
-type C) making out would get messy, likely in a seated position with you on his lap seems the comfiest as he is so tall. He’d use tongue, guys his age do. Hands on your assets bc he can
-PDA outside would be very limited
-so holding hands or having a hand on your back while he guides you
-Woahohoho when Baby gets jealous beware
-He’d scoot very close to you and just show how 'Hey that is my s/o. Hello. Bye’
-and probably gets all needy afterwards
-he would write songs about you and show you work in progress
-probably cares a lot about your opinion
-when it is time for the first 'I love you’ I think he wouldn’t be sure about when to say it and he would want it to be special and romantic but then he would end up saying it while you two watch Youtube videos and eat Happy Meals
-because you just sitting there, no makeup, in comfy clothes, your hair in a messy bun
-that’s how he loves you
-it still means a lot and is a moment between you two that you both will cherish and remember everytime you get McDonalds
-I don’t think you’d fight all that much
-he is petty
-like he is so petty it could be his name
-Jung Woo Petty
-So you know you’d be 7 minutes late or something like that
-and you’d be like
-“I’m so sorry, the bus was late“
-and he would pettily reply
-“It’s fine.“
-and then he’d be salty for like the net twenty minutes and you would ask what is wrong and if he is angry and he would decline
-and then when you almost forgot he’d bring it up like
-“I just think it is interesting how you–“
-so moving on!
-I think he’d be into calling you names like 'Babe, Baby’ it seems like him or jst calling your name cutely
-He’d joke around with you a lot
-and you two would share many inside jokes that would seem completely unexplainable to others
-like one time your mom told him about that time when you were youngger and you wore white pants when you were sick and pooped your pants and now you have a white pants trauma
-so now being sick or diarrhea is 'white pants’
-“Should we eat that Chili from that place down the street?“
-“No, white pants“

-and you two would laugh but if anyone heard it they’d just be like „what“
-you have free access to his aegyo but only if he effed up and you’d be kind of pissed but he’d be acting cute and it is so cringey  you would have to give in just so he could stop
-Overall I feel like being in a relationship with him would be full of firsts both of you experience and share with each other. In the beginning there would be many giggles and a lot of shyness but it would fade away and become comfortable closeness between you two. Again, Yuto is with you two often enough to not become a hassle or a problem in the relationship. Being with him would definitely be filled with jokes and laughter and lots of love.


Display - Pentaceropsis recurvirostris - Longsnout boarfish #marineexplorer by John Turnbull
Via Flickr:
Boarfish seem to be quite bullish animals, often coming out to face and display as divers approach. Wilson’s Promontory

EA looking to bring many games to Nintendo Switch

Speaking to investors in a financial call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson noted that the company is now very bullish on the Nintendo Switch, expressing excitement for it bringing an entirely new ecosystem into the fold. He noted that EA is considering bringing more of its games to the system, in addition to the previously announced FIFA 18.
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the target around his bullish eye,
or lets go eat a sizzle pie. but

i have a submission to complete.
in times like these, repeat repeat.

with hedgehog as my witness,
i did not have sex with that girl
monica lewinski, but
i might have Infiltrated the Dress, Yes Yes.

dear potus 45,
you need to use a different tanning cream.
orange you gonna Call me Octopussy?

i have a to do list which includes
play 1010, play loop, play two dots.
pack everything and move to korea.
learn the korean language.
enjoy true wifi speed until forced to
enroll in treatment for Game Addiction.
remember Game Addiction is not funny or fun.
add this real fact to your real to do list.
this is my Brain on Eggs.
this is how i avoid making phone calls.
i tell my self that “i am in the zone” and
i can’t possibly risk insulting my muse so
no, i will have to deal with normalcy later.

what if this is My Big Poem!
what if i finally found my voice

How I Ship Tauradonna

Soft and Sweet

Whispers of affection in the comfort of a tent. Rain pouring over their heads, pattering against the fabric walls as they wait for the morning. Slipping off gloves and nuzzling cheeks.

Swords off to the side, and lazy afternoons. Blake resting against Adam’s side, fingers touching the walls of the tent, tracing small circles as he reads reports and she gets to the next chapter in her book.

They bring each other comfort, even in the darkest morning.

Angry and Hurt

“You left me!” Is what he says, “What did I do?” is what he means. The hurt comes either way and the anger overwhelms and he can’t see straight. He throws her aside, fearful that he’ll push too hard but angry he hasn’t hit her hard enough.

The bullish nature that so many wretched humans have insulted him with time and time again proves true and all he can see is red.

He hurts her and hates himself and her and everything. He just wants it to stop.

Blake feels the same.

She watched him fall and she cries and can’t stay but she wants to. She wants to make it better, but she can’t and so she blocks his hits and strikes him back just as hard and tries not to remember what they had.

Mutual desire, love and longing lost in a haze of heartbreak and conflicting philosophy.

Tragic and Bittersweet

It had to be done. Red spilling over her fingers as she kisses his head goodnight for the last time. It’s her sword in his side, and his blood on her waist, but lives have been saved and Blake hates it.

Friends behind her; incapable of understanding.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” they both say.

One for changing. One for knowing she couldn’t have changed this outcome no matter how she wished it.

The eyes behind the mask are so tired and so sad, and Blake closes them before anyone else can see even has his last breath brings his fingers to touch her cheek.

Rough and Wrong

“You are never leaving me again,” says a hissed voice, in the ears on top of her head. He presses down, shoving her into the dirt, his knee in her back. Bow ripped away, he buries his face in her hair. “Never.”

Choked sobs and angry words. Blake has drawn blood; Adam took it back. Desperation and a changed man meet a brave and broken woman. Everything hurts. Every touch, every whisper, every mood change.

It’s torture for them both. One suffering, and the other so lost he can’t stop even as he hates himself.

But the alternative isn’t an option. He’d rather be a monster than alone.

She can’t leave him again.

Hopeful and Patient

Years pass. Of talk and heartbreak and change. Time apart does wonder for them both; for their growth. He finds new life in old comrades, and Blake finds it in new ones.

They split angry and hurt, but they meet again changed and wiser.

One’s learned to stand proud, and to fight head on. The other has learned to relent; to compromise.

Forgiveness is a hard path, but they both manage it.

Hands meet and hold tight; foreheads meet and whispers of “I missed you” and “I’m sorry” come from them both. The kisses are soft and and glad. They sit overlooking a new generation, both armed with new relationships and affection. No matter how much time has passed, they can still only see each other.

And for the first time, their vision is clear. They saw what they missed the first time, and they are better for it.

Adam and Blake

“Did you ever thing it would be like this?” Adam asks, face in her neck and arms around her waist.

Blake brushes her fingers through his hair. So many scenarios, and so much time. You never knew what would come next. “Sometimes.”