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Can we talk about poly shipping Dorian Pavis, Iron Bull, and a Male inquisitor?

Iron Bull having to deal with not one but two sets of curtains on fire with Dorian and a mage inquisitior.

An Adaar inquisitor and Iron Bull holding Dorian’s hands and swinging him like a child no matter how much he protests.

Dorian being crushed when Adaar and Iron Bull puts him in the middle of a group hug.

Dorian and Iron Bull bending
down to kiss Cadash.

The three of them all curled up in bed, Dorian and Iron Bull listening to an elven inquisitor tell tales about his clan.

Bull causally carrying Dorian and a human inquisitor around Skyhold.

Dorian and the inquisitor surprising Iron Bull with sweets.

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76. “Please put your penis away.” The Iron Bull and Cassandra. Not especially a pairing. Just these two interacting. XD

Holy shit 😂😂😂😭 

Mildly nsfw, I suppose?

Why she had been placed with the Iron Bull, Cassandra would never be sure. Nevertheless, the warriors trudged up the dunes of the Western Approach side-by-side. 

Perhaps it had been unwise to split off in pairs in search of those annoying, humming shards the Inquisitor and Solas seemed so fascinated by. They had no one to heal them, and the two mages could only do so much damage at long range, before they would be overtaken by an enemy. Cassandra wiped at her brow as she wondered what might kill them first: the seemingly endless parade of quillbacks and varghests, or the relentless sun that heated the Seeker’s armor like a skillet.

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I wanted to draw something more complicated but couldn’t focus so here’s a warm up portrait of modern-ish bull

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Cassandra & Iron Bull. Sumptuous, boots, hunger. - not sure it'll help, but maybe it will!

This was… a challenging combo, lol. Thank you!

Quite a bit of foul language, a decent amount of Dorian/Bull, and some slightly nsfw stuff under the cut.

Bull growled as he shook the muck off of his boot, only to have it replaced with more as he put the foot back down. Damn the Fade and all of its murky demon shit. He was certain that’s what coated the floor of this hell hole they’d fallen into. The only comfort Bull felt was in the knowledge that it couldn’t be that far to the nightmare. The Qunari smiled to himself; the idea of having something tangible to lodge his axe in grounded his thoughts, somewhat.

“Can we pick up the pace, Boss?” he called to the mage who had unwittingly brought them here. “Still not a big fan of the scenic tour we seem to be taking.”

Trevelyan smiled grimly as he nodded, stuffing some ring he’d found on the ground into his pocket. “Can’t see a reason to crawl along, myself. We’ve got to be close by now.” 

The human set off again at a light jog, Varric and Cassandra close behind as Bull took up the rear. The ambient noise in this place was maddening; a constant hum that pressed at the ears. It made the Qunari feel like his skin was going to crawl off of his body, and he shook his head, trying to free himself from the heavy weight of it. He needed real sound.

Smirking, he whistled low. “Man, have I ever told you that you’ve got a great pair of hips? See, this is a view I can handle!”

Just as he expected, the Seeker whipped her head around, eyes shooting daggers as sharp as any assassin’s. “Keep staring at them and they will be the last thing you see.”

“Oh, yours are nice, too, Seeker,” Bull grinned, “…But I was talking about Varric’s.”

The rogue ahead of him let out a guttural laugh, as did the Inquisitor. “Thanks, Tiny,” Varric smirked. “It’s nice to know someone around here can appreciate a good set of bones.”

The Seeker rolled her eyes with a smile. “By all means, admire away, then,” she mumbled.

Bull was about to make a quip–something about jealousy making Cassandra even more dangerously beautiful, just to even out the score. But that damned, muck-covered boot slipped on the step beneath his foot, and the Ben-Hassrath felt his heart stop as he fell backwards without a thing to grab for support. 

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Nice and Weird

Today is my darling @desperatelyseekingcannibals‘ birthday and so I wrote a little thing featuring their favourite movie Mads (Elias, from Men and Chicken) and their favourite movie Hugh (Grigg, from the Jane Austen Book Club). Happy birthday to my dear friend Max, I hope you enjoy <3<3<3

Also on AO3.

It all started with an argument. Well, less an argument than Jocelyn telling Grigg why he was wrong and Grigg trying to be pleasant while defending himself. It was something she’d always done, when they were dating and only slightly less now that they weren’t. Grigg didn’t mind it, really; Joss meant well, she just had this unfortunate habit of always believing she was right about everything. Unfortunately, what started as a fairly good-natured discussion about the relative merits of paper versus e-books (Joss, inevitably, was wedded to her dead trees, while Grigg, equally inevitably, was delighted by the way that touchscreens felt like something straight out of the future) had now descended into a personal attack on Grigg’s good nature.

“You’re talking out your ass, Joss,” Grigg told her, patience at having his personality dragged through the mud wearing thin.

“It’s true!” she retorted. “You’re completely undiscerning. You like everyone, doesn’t matter if they’re rude, or boring, or stupid. My dogs are choosier about the company they keep!”

“Clearly untrue, given that they happily spend most of their time with you!”

“Keep it civil, you two,” Bernadette murmured, from her seat opposite them. Most of the other club members had wandered off into Allegra’s kitchen, waiting for Joss and Grigg to finish their bickering before the official discussion could recommence.

“All I’m saying is, it’s lovely that you’re so, well, lovely,” Jocelyn offered (all typical alpha condescension, in Grigg’s opinion), “but if you just like everybody by default, it’s basically the same as not liking anybody at all! It doesn’t mean anything when you like someone, if you just automatically like everyone.”

“Look, I still think that’s crap, and an excuse for you being your usual judge-first-ask-questions-later self, but it’s not even true anyway. I don’t like everybody,” Grigg protested.

“No?” Joss looked at the omega doubtfully. “Name one single person you don’t like. Just one and I’ll drop the whole thing.”

“Fine. Easy,” Grigg told her.

“Real people, Grigg, not politicians or celebrities,” came the proviso.

“No problem.” There were plenty of people he couldn’t stand. Must be dozens of them.

It was just that Grigg was having real difficulty bringing one to mind right now.

Minutes passed as Grigg racked his brains, and a smug smile spread across Joss’ face. It was infuriating enough for Grigg to simply grab the first name that came to mind. “Well… Elias is pretty weird…”

Elias was the new member of the book club, having joined three months previously. He had moved all the way from Denmark to California, after some incident with his family that no one could quite grasp the nature of. Apparently he had decided his destination by throwing a dart at a map, instead of considering such little details as where he might get a job, or the fact that he knew no one in the country, let alone the state. It was the latter issue that had brought him to the book club, after meeting Bernadette at a speed dating event. She hadn’t wanted to date the alpha, but had taken pity on the strange man, who clearly didn’t have anybody in his life, and had invited him to join their group. It wasn’t her most popular decision.

None of the other members could stand Elias, with his awkward manners and brusque attitude, with the way he would talk over them and criticise their opinions. He was loud, opinionated, obnoxious and eccentric. More than eccentric, frankly, he was just plain weird, given to flights of Walter Mitty-like exaggeration about his accomplishments and his prowess as an alpha. Elias was rude. He was overbearing. He was horribly pedantic. He was just, well, really hard to like.

(Even if Grigg did rather enjoy the way Elias would ride roughshod over Jocelyn’s opinions. And the dry sense of humour he displayed when he wasn’t being a jackass. And the way he would give out hugs for no reason at all, holding Grigg against his large, warm, surprisingly solid body. And the way he smelled fucking fantastic, the kind of scent that would make even a beta sit up and take notice, and was, to Grigg’s sensitive omega nose, good enough to take a bath in.)

He was also, judging by Bernie’s horrified expression and the rough inhale of breath behind Grigg, standing right behind him.

Grigg cringed, and turned slowly, to be met with teary eyes and a trembling mouth that sat oddly on a fifty-ish bull of a man.

“Elias, I didn’t,” Grigg started, but with a strangled noise, Elias dropped the book he had been holding and rushed from the house.

“Oops,” Jocelyn said, insincerity dripping from every pore, and it was all Grigg could do not to give her a telling off in the middle of Allegra’s living room. Instead he simply glared at her and took off after Elias, grabbing the dropped book and shoving it inside his jacket as he went.

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So people wanted to see Mace stacked. I’ve never stacked a dog before. Mace has never been stacked before. This is our attempt. It’s not very good because the camera isn’t completely level with her so her tuck isn’t shown as well. I tried y'all.

Mace, female
2nd generation Bull Lurcher (APBT x Whippet)
Height: ~19"
Catch dog, coon hunting, deer hunting, hare coursing
Grand-daughter of a former pit dog on sire’s side. She is too DA for breeding purposes and has been spayed. Grand sire has been removed from breeding program. His DA outweighs the benefits of his gameness and intelligence.
The breeding that took place to get this dog will not be repeated. She possesses most of the desired qualities for the breeding program, but has a tendency to pick fights with other catch dogs in the field. She is also too bull-ish in body for my tastes. We generally aim for the many benefits of the sighthound and this was our first attempt at putting more APBT than Whippet into a line. We will most likely not attempt this again. Learn and move forward, as the saying goes.
That aside, she is an excellent lone hunting dog and gains easy on the hare. A joy to work with and very intelligent. Phenomenal prey drive.

I got bit by the drabble bug.

Words, 1376

Rating, G

Minor adoribull, mostly feelings about Dorian and this one kid

Inquisitor Cadash was many things. She was a deadly fighter, competent leader and reluctant religious figure. She was cheerful, vulgar, and honest, and she loved nothing more than gallivanting about the hinterlands, killing wolves and hunting for the refugees and rescuing kittens from trees.

Currently, she was talking seriously with a farmer about the effect of the breach on weather patterns, and what that would mean for the good woman’s wheat harvest. That in turn, would effect how much she could expect to pay to grind her flour at her neighbor’s mill. Dorian had no idea what she expected Cadash to do to help, but here they were regardless. When Cadash mentioned druffalo, Dorian wandered off to find somewhere to sit.

There was a bench on the side of the farmer’s cottage, facing a small herb garden, and Dorian soaked up the weak Fereldan sunlight gratefully. The days were still scandalously short, but with spring firmly arrived they were slowly beginning to lengthen. He leaned against the wall and closed his eyes, listening to the soft sounds of the bees at hard at work among the flowers and Cadash’s voice floating through the window.

A shadow fell across him, and he cracked one eye open to see the Iron Bull. “You’re in my sun,” Dorian said. “If you don’t move I’ll probably freeze solid and never be warm again.” A breeze swept across the back of his neck as he was speaking, and he shivered.

Bull chuckled and lowered himself to the ground beside the bench, leaning his elbow on Dorian’s thigh. "It’s getting warmer.”

“Not fast enough. I don’t know how these flowers are blooming, there was frost on my tent this morning!” He felt Bull’s hand skim his knee. His arm was heavy and warm against Dorian’s leg. ‘Ice in my stew!”

“Poor little houthouse flower,” Bull’s voice was fond. “You just need someone to keep you warm at night.”

“I do not–” Dorian swallowed his witty and biting rejoinder, because he didn’t want to sully the ears of the child that was peeking around one of the garden hedges.

She was small and skinny, with a cloud of black hair and skin a shade darker than Dorian’s own. She regarded the two of them with solemn brown eyes, wide and bright.

“Hey there,” Bull held his hand out palm up, a welcoming gesture. He always seemed to attract children wherever they went, and had a posse of hangers-on in Skyhold, bloodthirsty little beasts who loved to try to lift his ax and listen to his battle stories. Dorian thought he carried candies in his pockets just in case he met a child who didn’t immediately love him.

The girl approached them slowly, but she looked at Dorian, rather than Bull. He looked back, uncertain what to do with the attention.

“If you’re really cold,” her Fereldan accent was strident and acutely adorable, “you can have my blanket. It’s probably too small for you, but Mama’s teaching me and Caleb how to make quilts this summer so we won’t need the old ones any more.”

Dorian blinked, and Bull struggled to cover his laughter with a protracted coughing fit.

“You could sew it to your coat,” she offered. “To fix that big hole on your shoulder.” Bull coughed harder.

“That’s extremely kind of you,” Dorian stammered. “But I couldn’t possibly–”

“Mother Elane says Andraste and the Maker want us to take care of each other. We have to share and keep each other safe, especially with the sky and the fighting,” she told him seriously. “And we should always help people who have less than us. I have a blanket, and you’re cold, so I should help you.”

“You are a very generous young lady,” Dorian said, “and I hope your mother’s very proud of you, but I don’t want to take things from you that you might need later.”

She frowned and opened her mouth to object.

“And I’m not really very cold,” he assured her. “I can use magic to keep myself warm.”

He wondered if that was the wrong thing to say. He didn’t want to scare her. She didn’t seem to mind, though, and just nodded thoughtfully. She turned to Bull. “Do you want my blanket? You don’t even have a shirt.”

“Nah, I’m alright, kid.” He smiled at her, something softer than Dorian was used to seeing on his face. “My name’s Bull. What’s yours?”

“Ada. After Lady Andraste. And my gran.”

“You’re a credit to both of them,” Dorian interjected. He wasn’t about to let Bull purloin the only Fereldan who actually preferred him. “I’m Dorian.” It was an awkward maneuver, but her giggle when he kissed the back of her hand was worth bending over Bull’s arm.

“Are you an Arl?” she asked. “That’s how the Arl said hello to the Queen. We went to Redcliffe when she came. She was beautiful and she had a really big horse.”

“No, we don’t have Arls where I’m from.”

“Do you have horses?”

“Yes.” Dorian couldn’t help but smile when her face lit up.

“Master Dennet down in the valley says I’m good with horses. He even asked Mama if she’d let me ‘prentice with him when I’m bigger.” Her smile faltered. “We haven’t gone to see him in weeks. I hope he didn’t get hurt in the fighting.”

“Master Dennet’s come to work with the Inquisition, just like us,” Bull said quickly. “He’s not hurt at all.”

“Can you tell him that me and Mama and Caleb are all alright? And I haven’t forgotten the things he was teaching me about horses. I had to stop my lessons with Mother Elane or I’d write a letter,” she said, a little apologetically.

“I have paper in my pack,” Dorian pulled out his notebook and the travel ink set Varric had lent him. “You tell me what to write and I’ll bring it with me.”

Ada’s eyes shone and she scrambled onto the bench next to him. She nearly buzzed with excitement, and Bull caught the little inkpot when she jostled it out of Dorian’s hand.

“I’ll hold onto this,” he said over her apologies, and unscrewed it carefully before propping himself back up on Dorian’s leg.

The letter itself was brief, but Ada kept veering into tangents about horses, and the fennec she’d seen in the garden that morning, and how she was better at fishing than her brother Caleb was, but he was better in the garden. 

It was quite possibly the longest Dorian had talked to someone not in Cadash’s inner circle in months. He felt just as disappointed as Ada looked when her mother finally concluded her business with Cadash and the Inquisitor’s party had to move on.

Dorian folded the letter carefully and tucked it between the pages of his notebook. The farmer eyed him skeptically, and Dorian suppressed a sigh. “Your daughter will be a remarkable horsewoman someday,” he told her. “You should be very proud of her.”

Ada looked up at him with a blinding smile, and to the surprise of nearly everyone, threw her arms around his waist. Dorian absolutely did not tear up slightly when he knelt to return the embrace.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me,” Dorian said to Bull as they rode away. Ada was still standing at the gate, and he waved a final time before settling frontward in his saddle. “I know that look on your face.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Bull said, his tone serious despite his smile. “It’s good to see you come out of your shell a little bit.”

“I don’t have a shell,” Dorian sputtered. “Do I have a shell?” he asked Cadash, who shrugged.

“You can seem a bit aloof,” was her diplomatic reply.

“Just takes the right sort of person to see through it,” Bull said, and Dorian caught the tail end of his sidelong glance. “Like Ada. Keep an eye out for that kid, Boss. If the Inquisition’s still around in seven years, she’d be the type you want.”

“I do not want to be running this circus in seven years,” Cadash muttered. “Let’s move. We’ve got a war to end, a sky to fix, and a missing druffalo to find.”

The Iron Bull was a giving lover. Whatever his partner needed, he would provide.

If they needed it slow, he would pleasure them for hours; holding out until they whimpering and begging for more, please more.

If they needed it rough, he would give it to them hard and fast, being as passionate as he could, so that they would not break.

If they needed both, he could provide that too, alternating between taking them against the wall, the floor, any other hard surface, and then slowly in bed.

The Iron Bull was a giving lover. Whatever his partner needed, he would provide.

AgeofDragon Iron Bull Tank

With my Dragon Age game finally and properly redownloaded, I took a look at Bull so I could see why he was my unstoppable force. So here is my Iron Bull build, which this only my current build and I have not finished the game so I might not have the “highest” level stuff for him even.

Swift Greataxe w/Superb Corrupting Rune:

  • 385DPS (291AoE)
  • 16% Armor Penetration
  • +2 Constitution (Dense Two-Handed Haft) 
    • [Important as this affects Health, plus it brings his Constitution to 15, giving a total bonus +2.5% to Melee defense]
  • +12 Strength (Masterwork Bladed Pommel)
    • [Important for Attack, bring his Strength to 59 and giving him an extra 24.5% to his hit accuracy and 49% to Guard Damage.
  • 9% Critical Chance
  • 32% Critical Damage

Masterwork Battlemaster Armor: 

  • 258AR
  • 9% Heal Bonus
  • +45 Maximum Health (Superior Vanguard Mail Arms)
  • 11% Melee Defense
  • 19% Ranged Defense (Battlemaster Coat Legs)
  • +15 Increase on Stamina from Masterwork


  • Enhanced Belt of Urgency (Moderate Boost to Attack Speed, when below 50% Health)
    • sometimes swapped out with Superior Belt of Melee Defense (10% Defense) for harder fights
  • Enhanced Rampage Ring (30% Duration)
  • Superb Ring of Barrier Penetration (%20 Damage)
  • Kitty’s Collar (-100% Damage Resistance, Block One Melee Attack every 30 sec., 75% Chance to Heal to Half Health when Dying, Resist Leathal Strikes Every 60 sec.)

Preferred: Devour, Ring of Pain, War Cry
Enabled: Everything, but Rampage

Not on Bull, but on Sera. I have her Defending Iron Bull.

So yeah, it’s safe to say that it was the Kitty Collar that was pumping him up and making him undead, invincible Bull.