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Pun #5

Joker: Wanna know why Bruce became Batman?

Alfred: I believe I already know.

Joker: But do you know the REAL reason???

Alfred: *sigh* I’m going to regret this, but I’ll do it if it means you’ll stop pestering me.

Alfred: What is the “real” reason?

Joker: Bruce became Batman because

Joker: He didn’t want anyone else

Joker: to die


Joker: in Wayne.

Alfred: Oh for Heaven’s sake.

headcanon: bruce getting de-aged to ~10 years old

  • before his parents died, so he’s not the bitter vengeful child yet
  • the team trying to explain to him who Damian is without telling him that he’s gotten de-aged (at first, because they don’t wanna lay it all on him) when literally Damian looks like his twin
  • Jason making fun of him and sneaking some tricks on him as his own little way of revenge
  • Dick being extremely protective and fatherly of him 
  • Bruce musing over Tim’s work and basically falling in love with Tim’s genius
  • Damian getting to be a little kid?? because Bruce is a kid and he drags Damian into all the games with him and they genuinely have fun and play with normal, childish things???
  • Alfred being very emotional

my gf @scarecrane gave me new brushes to try out and I found this marker tool for drawing that looks really nice in my opinion so I tested it out first doing a bust of two face then went wild

it was funny to me because my gf said my art didn’t even look like mine anymore lmao I hope you guys like these though!

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)


So I was reading injustice, and I almost didn’t notice this. Barry didn’t just CARRY Bruce, he gave him a FUCKING PIGGY BACK THROUGH METROPOLIS IM SCREECHING THIS IS THE BEST PANNEL IVE EVER READ


And that’s what we call the ‘Was I really being that obvious?’ look

                                            (all credit to @bonnefoybaggins for pointing out this parallel to me)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcannons for Damian bring home a girl (or boy whichever you want)?

(I’m leaving it gender neutral)

-He would be really apprehensive about bringing them home because of his family and how they would either inadvertently or on purpose screw everything up

-Dick is the one who embarrasses Damian by bringing out the photo books, telling stories about him doing unbecoming things, basically making Damian regret everything

-the others are what Damian is really afraid of because they’re more likely to tell his date bad things about him and he doesn’t want his date to think badly of him

-Bruce is the Stern Dad that’s like “if you don’t have my son home by ten, I know where you live” and Damian is just there in the back like “kill me now, Dad stop”

-deep down Damian is really hoping that his date is able to get along with his family because they’re his family and it would be great if everyone was accepting of each other

-Dick would make it even more embarrassing because he’s kind of like Damian’s mom of sorts??? And he’d totally pull the whole “Do you two need anything? A snack? A condom?” thing and Damian would just shrivel up and die but also pledge revenge

-the one person Damian can count on is Alfred, who is always very pleasant towards anybody that the family brings into the house, and who will always try to keep things civil between the family

-basically just Damian trying not to die while his date is sitting next to him trying not to bust out laughing and/or blush while all of this is happening and then after his date leaves, Damian just wants to murder his siblings even though his date assured him it’s okay