no bras allowed

so in September, I’m going to try to go the whole month without spending money I don’t need to. that means I will only pay for:

  • bills
  • groceries (and only once a week)
  • toiletries
  • household products (cleaning supplies, paper towels, etc.)
  • gas if I get my licence on the 21st
  • new bras/ underwear/ socks if I happen to run low by the end of the month

I will not do any of the following that I seem to do more often than I should:

  • buy non-grocery food (go out to eat (or for drinks), stop at the gas station for a soda, etc.)
  • buy any new books, movies, or any other form of entertainment
  • buy ANY craft supplies (you have enough yarn, Catie)
  • buy new clothes or accessories
  • buy new dog toys/ treats (Bela has enough, I promise)
  • go anywhere that costs admission
  • order anything online (with the exception of the aforementioned bras)

Things I’m allowed to buy conditionally:

  • presents or cards for special occasions that may come up
  • replacements to important items
  • tools/ things to fix something important

also, a caveat on groceries: 

  • no alcohol
  • only relatively healthy snacks
  • no bottle of soda or candy bar for the ride home (think of the mark up!)
  • nothing from the take-home deli or bakery

so that’s the plan. I’ll be tracking my spending and we’ll see how I do. WISH ME LUCK!