no boxing for me today

I think today is my low day and it’s terrible because I was having a couple of good days before today. It was kind of expected because a low day is going to come whether you want it to or not. This could just be me being negative but it’s happened in the past so many times. This low mod just came on like a switch. It feels like my mood switch had been left on ‘good and stable’ for a few days before it decided to switch back down to ‘upset with a whole load of other negative things’. 

In fact, it’s funny because I dropped a cereal box today and that ticked me off because quite a lot of it came out. My mum was a little bit annoyed at the fact that happened but it’s nothing serious, it’s just spilled cereal. But it seems like after that point, my mood went off slightly and it’s just gotten worse. 

I’ve got a lot on my mind that I try to block out sometimes but that doesn’t stop it from trying to surface. I think that talk with my father also threw me off and I’ve been having the weirdest dreams lately even though I’m sleeping early. 

I guess I’m just scared, a little worried and envious. I’m still in this part of my life where the pause button is firmly pressed and I can’t make anything happen to make the play button go. I’m envious about a lot of people living their lives but I’m still stuck here, irritated at the position that I’m in. 

I hate feeling like this, it feels like I’ve taken a step back. 



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I work in a grocery store. *customer approaches my line* Me: How are you tod- Customer: Marlboro lights in a box. Me: Okay. *doesn't move yet* How are you today? Customer: ...good Me: That's good! *gives smile* *finally grabs cigarette key and gets cigarettes* I am a petty worker.


Sometimes everything I need is a little break from my own mind.

Doodles I made instinctively at dark times. I’m actually happy with how they turned out.

TalesFromRetail: I can't help you if I can't hear you.

I have very mild hearing difficulties. It’s nothing obvious to the casual onlooker, but a lot of the time I can’t hear clearly and I need to lip read or clarify, especially when there’s a lot of background noise, like say, I don’t know, in a busy shop with people chatting, shelves being stacked, cars going right outside the door and the radio on under all this.

I don’t think any of my regulars knows why I have a quirk to repeat back stuff, but after a year they’ve just accepted it as something I do, and most of them just find it amusing.

This week, for some reason one new customer just want getting it.

One of the things I always make sure to repeat back is the lotto stuff, the scratch cards which come in numbered boxes 1 to 12.

Me: Hi, how are you today?

Newbie: 7 and 10.

Me: One of each?

Newbie: 7 and 10.

(I think he hasn’t heard me so I look over and speak up)

Me: One of each?

Newbie: :stares:

Er okay then. So I get one number 7 and one number 10 and hope he hasn’t said 7 10s and I haven’t misheard him twice. So I hold out both scratch cards.

Me: Is this right?

Newbie: Yes, I said one seven and one ten, how difficult does it have to be?

He slammed the exact cash on the counter and stormed out of the door, never to be seen again.

People, be patient with your cashiers. If they’re asking you a question about your product then it’s probably best you answer them…

By: NejKidd

How’s your Monday???

I wish I can just walk into a spa after work. So tired.

I was slammed with phone calls today.

So… Husband treated me a box of candies. I really shouldn’t eat this, but im usually good with just eating one piece at a time. Damn diabetes.

Hope tomorrow is a little better!!!

“There will always be another donut day.”

One thing I have forgotten in the past few years of binging and weight gaining is that there will always be another donut day.

Let me explain. Today they ordered donuts. About 15 boxes worth of Vodo Donuts filled the kitchen counter. Any time today that I went to grab water, a snack, a piece of fruit, all I could smell was donuts.

And I got to the point a few times that I walked up to the box and wanted to take a whole one… no maybe just half… maybe just a bite…. or maybe one whole one since they have been sitting here and no one will notice and I should treat myself because food is not the enemy.

My dear friends… food is not the enemy. It never has been. It never will be. But emotional binging is. And one donut for me turns in to five. And today I was not actually hungry for a donut. I was not hungry at all after eating my delicious food (besides the broccoli. That’s not delicious but necessary). And there will always be another donut day.

So the lesson I was reminded of today was that just because food is in front of me, I do not have to eat it. Binges do not control me, and THIS GIRL’S GOT GOALS.

massive fucking pet peeve: when people post pictures of percy and annabeth or even just aesthetic posts for them but tag them with every fucking character name from the whole series and clog all the other character tags

fuck off. there’s enough wanking off to percy in the fandom already, let me have a leo tag that’s actually a leo tag. 

@aefensteorra replied to your post “Do you ever get to the stage of worldbuilding where you’re…

I just figure it’s along the lines of the Thanes or village heads collect tithes from the freemen, then they pass on a share to the Jarls, who pass on a share to the High King, who passes on a share to the Empire. Then there’s death and inheritance taxes, weregild and fines. I love when people consider this sort of thing.

Sure, but what gets taxed? Land? Crops? Livestock? Certain commodities? Are there toll roads, and if so, who maintains them - the provinces, or the Empire? Do people get conscripted to work a certain number of days a year repairing roads/walls/forts/other community infrastructure? Does the jarl have subsoil rights to precious metals, and automatically gets a cut if you find a vein of gold or something in his hold? (Maybe that’s why there’s so many bandits hiding out in mines – the mine ITSELF is an under-the-table operation.) WHO gets taxed? I assume it’s usually a community tax rather than an individual one (e.g., the farmers in Rorikstead owe the jarl in Whiterun x percentage of their harvest so that he can feed his hold guards), but who keeps track of what and how much everybody owes (and makes sure people aren’t cheating)? How does that sort of tax-in-kind get converted into septims (or ingots or what have you) and make its way to the Imperial City? And who’s striking the septims, anyway? Does the Empire have a state-owned mint? Are there various provincial treasuries that make their own coinage based on the value of an imperial septim? (@sunderlorn, I know coinage is your jam, so I’m tagging you in.) Who keeps an eye on stuff like inflation and currency debasement? DOES someone keep an eye on stuff like inflation and debasement?

And is there a standardized system for all this, or does every jarl do things differently? Who sets the price of weregild? Are different things taxed heavily in different holds?

I mean, I asked myself exactly what sort of corrupt nonsense Thonar Silver-Blood was getting up to in the Markarth Treasury House (and on reflection it seems kinda odd to call it the Treasury House if it’s not owned by the state – so is he, like, the Reach’s Minister of Finance? Enriching himself through his position? It would certainly be in character) and found myself with a national economy on my hands. I am not an economist. I don’t even have a terribly intuitive understanding of medieval economics as compared to modern ones. LOL. HELP.

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Don’t dismiss the little things

Little things are important. Little things matter. Please do not put yourself down for only being able to manage the little things on any given day. Little things, little victories are so important to get you through on rough days.
You made tea! HOORAY! Now you have a warm drink that tastes like comfort.
You took a shower! YES! You’re all squeaky clean and ready for that nice lotion you love so much!
You took out the trash! AWESOME! You got a little bit of a walk in there that you wouldn’t have otherwise.
You blogged on tumblr today! HUZZAH! You spent time in your happy place with people who accept you for you. Where else do you find that?
You managed to watch a whole episode of that new show! YAY! You now know what that inside joke is about and can laugh along with it.
You got out of bed! WOOO! There’s some yummy cereal just waiting for you to eat it. You don’t need milk, just eat that cereal straight out of the box like you did when you were little.

Celebrate the little things, celebrate the little victories! They are worth it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Some days the little things are all that keep us going and that’s what is most important.