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Stretching from the Neck to the banks of the Blackwater, and east to the borders of the Vale, the riverlands are the beating heart of Westeros. No other land in the Seven Kingdoms has seen so many battles, nor so many petty kings and royal houses rising and falling. The causes of this are clear. Rich and fertile, the riverlands border on every other realm in the Seven Kingdoms save Dorne, yet have few natural boundaries to deter invasion. The waters of the Trident make the lands ripe for settlement, farming, and conquest, whilst the river’s three branches stimulate trade and travel during peacetime, and serve as both roads and barriers in times of war.

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Saarburg (population ~ 6,700) is a city of the Trier district in the Rheinland-Pfalz in Southwestern Germany right on the border with Luxemburg and France. It’s located on the banks of the Saar river in the hilly country just upstream from its junction with the Mosel. The area is noted for the cultivation of Riesling grapes. The history of the city begins with the construction of the now-ruined castle by Graf Siegfried of Luxembourg in 964. It received its town charter in 1291. The city has a bell foundry, the Glockengießerei Mabilion, which has been in operation since the 1770s, and as of 2003 the only one left in Germany that makes bronze bells. From 1945 to 1948 Saarburg was occupied by troops from Luxembourg. From 1946 to 1947 Onsdorf, in its then municipal boundary, formed part of the Saar Protectorate. French troops complemented the occupation until 1955.

Palestinian prisoners in Israel suspend hunger strike

A mass hunger strike staged by Palestinian prisoners over conditions in Israeli jails was suspended on Saturday after a deal with Israel, officials said.

About 1,500 inmates launched the actionon April 17, in one of the largest such strikes.

The 40-day hunger strike raised tensions with Israel as protests in support of the strikers spilled over into clashes in the occupied West Bank and along the Israel-Gaza border.

More than 800 prisoners, who had stuck with the hunger strike until Saturday, ended it after talks held with the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Palestinian Authority concluded in an agreement with Israel, allowing prisoners to receive two visitors per month.

Issa Karaka, Chairman of Prisoners’ Affairs at the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), confirmed the inmates had agreed to stop the strike.

WATCH: What’s behind Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike?

On Wednesday, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein urged Israel to improve conditions for Palestinians in its custody.

Both Karaka and the Israeli Prisons Service did not initially divulge the full details of the agreement. However, the Prison Service did say that a second monthly family visit would be reinstated after it had been cut in the past.

“After intense negotiations, a compromise was reached on the just demands of the prisoners and based on the agreement, the details of which will be disclosed later, the strike has ended,” Jamal Mheysen, a member of the central committee of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement, said in Ramallah.

“Today, we declare the victory of the prisoners and the Palestinian people. We declare the triumph of the prisoners in their epic struggle and fight for freedom and dignity,” he added.

The strike was called by Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, the most high-profile Palestinian jailed in Israel, to protest against solitary confinement and an Israeli practice of detention without trial that has been applied to thousands of prisoners since the 1980s.

Other demands included longer and more regular family visits, landlines installed in prisons and better healthcare.

There are currently 6,500 Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel, including more than 500 administrative detainees, according to Jerusalem-based prisoner rights group Addameer.

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Palestinian activists hailed the deal as a victory for the hunger strikers.

“The Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike have prevailed,” the Free Marwan Barghouti campaign said in statement.

“This is an important step towards full respect of the rights of Palestinian prisoners under international law. It is also an indication of the reality of the Israeli occupation, which has left no option to Palestinian prisoners but to starve themselves to achieve basic rights they are entitled to under international law,” the statement added.

Barghouti was convicted for his involvement in the second Palestinian intifada, and sentenced in 2004 to five life terms.

Surveys show many Palestinians want him to be their next president.

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He laughed at her reaction, almost soundlessly. “Don’t risk your own. He doesn’t aim, he shoots to scare us.” He was watching the robber closely, lifting himself on his elbow slightly. “Now if someone tries to play a hero, to call the police or reason him, he can start shooting for real. So lie quietly.” Cops didn’t hurry. Someone of the bank employees already should press the button or whatever they had there now unless they didn’t. Vic saw the guy standing at the counter, holding the gun in extended hand, pointing it at people on the floor, while someone behind the counter was filling his knapsack. What was he going to do next? Run to the Mexican border? Poor crazy idiot. Who robs banks alone these days?
Vic decided if cops don’t enter the building in the next five minutes he was going to play his own game with this guy, very quick game. Carefully he reached his right hand under his jacket and put it on the handle of his Glock. He was going to get the cash today, maybe not the way he planned when he came here.

Analysis of Ian’s POV in Shameless Ep. 7x11

Question: I have seen several theories but at what point do you think Ian decided he wasn’t going over the border?

Answer: In the bank, when teller asks him if he wants to empty out all of his money, and he looks at Mickey and says “all of it” (or whatever the line was). The way I view Ian in 710 - 711 is this: He has that stupid conversation with Fiona, but luckily he doesn’t listen to her because everything she said was bullshit. I honestly don’t think Ian would have listened to anyone in that moment. So he decides to go with Mickey. In the “lets ride” scene, he is ALL IN. He has every intention of going to Mexico with Mickey. Beginning of 711, Ian is asking Mickey what his plan is. How will they get over the border? Does he have money? Then you see Ian looking disconnected and annoyed as Mickey talks about “sandals and tequila from here on out”. I think this was because Ian was realizing that Mickey was basically winging it. I love Mickey, but I don’t think its unreasonable to think that someone who took the time to plan a successful prison break should’ve also come up with some good plans for what they would do for survival afterwards. I know Mickey doesn’t have much control over things once he escaped, but I’m sorry - maybe he should’ve thought about that more carefully beforehand. For the record, I don’t think any of this is in keeping the Mickey I know. That guy was a careful criminal with well thought out schemes. I hate that this dumb retcon version makes me mad at him, but its all I have to go on. Mickey and Ian also pass by a policeman, and all Mickey does is cover his face and then giggle about it when its over. I think Ian’s thoughts in this scene are “Omg what have I got myself into? We are fugitives on the run with no resources, and Mickey doesn’t seem to realize this or maybe even care!”. He is worried.

Then Ian and Mickey have sex, and they have fun like old times. At this point, although he was nervous, I think Ian wanted to continue on with Mickey. As the episode goes on, Ian witnesses Mickey getting by through criminal means, but he kind of sucks at everything he attempts, each time putting Ian and him in more and more danger. First the guy Mickey brought with them robs the gas station, then Mickey decides they need a new car but he can’t figure the hot wire. THEN Mickey does the dumbest thing of all, and dumps Damon on the side of the road. It doesn’t matter that Damon doing dumb shit. His connections were the basis of Mickey’s ONLY plan to get over the border. Mickey was stupid to let him go without a backup plan.

So they get back in the jeep, and Ian is trying to help Mickey think of ways to get across the border. I do think the allure of living on the run with Mickey is probably waining for Ian at this point, given all of the difficulties they’ve had on their journey so far. However, I don’t think he would be actively saying “we still have to figure out a way to get across the border” if there wasn’t some part of him that thought he could make it work. This scene shows Mickey’s dangerous recklessness again when he suggests robbing a TX bar at gunpoint. Ian has to talk him down from this plan, and then once they are in the bank Ian has to talk Mickey down from another dangerous plan. However THIS time its in a place thats lined with surveillance. They could get caught any minute, and Mickey’s acting like an idiot, putting on a mask when he has already been seen walking into a bank. (AGAIN BAD WRITING, but we need to accept what actually happened in the episode to understand Ian’s POV.). 

I think the high pressure nature of this scene, compared to the ones that preceded it, is what forces Ian to realize that despite his feelings for Mickey, which I do believe existed the whole episode, he doesn’t want to live his life this way. By “this way” I mean a life where he is constantly putting out Mickey’s fires because of his partner’s poor life decisions. Love you Mick, but you’ve made a series of bad calls. (Before anyone asks, yes I still think Ian is a selfish asshole, but I also understand his POV and I don’t necessarily think he’s being unfair here). So anyway, in this moment Ian realizes that a life with Mickey isn’t what he wants. It’s not that he doesn’t want Mickey, the man he loves. Its everything else he’d have to accept to be with Mickey. I think this is fully realized when Ian empties his bank account. His intent from this point forward is to get Mickey to the border safely, and to give him seed money to do what he can to help him succeed once he gets there. It’s not that he doesn’t want do put out Mickey’s fires, he just can’t do for the rest of his life.

As world marks 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Israel’s Wall has become a new global icon for oppression

Symbolically, the wall in Palestine is this century’s Berlin Wall, albeit four times as long as that hated Cold War icon and more than twice as high. Under construction since 2002, it is expected to eventually extend for 709 kilometers through the West Bank. A series of concrete slabs, barbed-wire “buffer zones”, trenches, electrified fences, watchtowers, thermal-imaging video cameras, sniper towers, military checkpoints and roads for patrol vehicles have dismembered the cities of the West Bank and segregated them from occupied East Jerusalem.

The wall defies international law as well as United Nations Security Council resolutions, and deviates considerably from the original boundaries demarcating land captured by Israel during the 1967 War. It is more than twice the length of the Green Line, Israel’s recognized border with the West Bank. Israel maintains that it is intended as a defense against terrorist attacks; Palestinians view it as a cynical, long-term maneuver aimed at annexing more land to Israel and inhibiting Palestinian movement within the Occupied Territories.

“A country is not only what it does, it is also what it tolerates"
This Teenager Can't Get A Bank Account Because They Don't Identify As Male Or Female
Keith Farnish and his 17-year-old non-binary child Kaelin told BuzzFeed News what it's like when you can't open a bank account or apply to university without ticking the male or female box.
By Patrick Strudwick

The father of a 17-year-old student is campaigning to change Britain’s banks because he cannot find one that will give his child, who identifies as genderqueer and non-binary, an account – because all the online application forms require customers to be either male or female.

Keith Farnish, 45, told BuzzFeed News that he and Kaelin, who live in a small village in the Scottish Borders, have gone to bank after bank in a quest to find just one that will allow them to join up without having to tick one of two gender boxes.

“When you’re filling something in and you don’t identify as male or female and you only see those two boxes then you don’t see yourself there,” said Farnish. “You are absent. That must hurt, and that’s what makes me angry. There’s no reason for it. It doesn’t need to be like this.”

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What's traveling in/out of the West Bank compared to Gaza? Is it as difficult?

Gaza -as you may already know- is the world’s largest open-air prison. Overcrowded. Unliveable. Being a Gazan means you’re not free to leave or enter the strip, nor allowed to freely export or import goods due to the Israeli-Egyptian blockade. The strip is too small, I wouldn’t call it travel. But, yes you’re free to go wherever you want within the strip, nothing will get in your way but borders. On the other hand, West Bank is torn up from the inside by Israel. Almost between every town/village and village/town, there’s a military checkpoint. Not to mention the apartheid wall, which seeks to annex Palestinian land under the guise of security and it severely restricts the travel of many Palestinians and impairs their ability to commute to work within the West Bank. In West Bank if you missed your family -on the other side of the wall- and happens that you want to pay them a visit, then you have to cross overseas to get to there, even though the distance between you is lesser than a 500 meters, you still not allowed to, because either of the wall separates you or this way is Only-Israeli-Jews way. However, traveling out of West Bank is easier than of Gaza.

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what tools do you use for traditional art?

Not many tbh! The only kind of work I do traditionally is sketches and comic layouts– I keep meaning to give watercolours a shot, but haven’t gotten around to it. I like generic mechanical pencils, Kuretake Zig Mangaka Flexible brush pens, and Le Pen! 

The bank card is to trace border templates for comic layouts \o/ I find that it’s the perfect size to work at.

I haven’t been to a figure drawing session in a long time, but I used to really love compressed charcoal and oil sticks!!