no bonez

You see this boy right here? He doesn’t get half the credit he deserves. He went on stage every single week and danced his heart out. He put everything he could into his talent and has done it since he was 2! He makes me smile with his facial expressions, and his way with words is way beyond his years. Immature people hate on him and say things that i wont even bother to repeat, but i will say that no matter what anyone has to say, or what people may think i will always love and respect this kid. I honestly think hes the best over all dancer in ICONic Boyz and i believe he will go so far in the dance world. When he does i’ll be so proud to say i’ve watched him since the beginning. No matter what anyone says about him, he still always kills it and, his freestyles are just mind blowing to me. He ranks up with dancer way older than himself and his swag? don’t get me started haha. Basically what i’m saying is i’ll be a no boner fo lifeee LOL<3

Jason ‘No bonez’ Smith.

He is probably one of my favorite ICONicboyz, i dont know why people dont like this kid, he’s adorable, his dancing is amazing, and his facial expressions when he dances are the best.

You can see how much effort he puts into the performences, but people still dont notice him, i dont know why. I love this kid.