no body tell him about this

What if Lance can’t dance?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the headcanon that the boy has hips that speak only truth, but have we considered the opposite?

What if Lance is a horrible dancer?

Lance with legs that encompass nearly his whole body.

Lance with zero coordination when it comes to finding a rhythm within a tune.

Lance who flails about regardless of the song and ignorant to how absolutely ridiculous he looks because he loves the beat and doesn’t care what the others think.

Gimme leggy boy Lance doing the Macarena at half speed during slow songs because that’s all he knows.

Or partaking in the classics like the Sprinkler and the Shopping Cart. Not to mention the infamous peace signs over the eyes, (or the Chicken Dance).

And to top it off, maybe Keith is the one who knows how to dance.

Keith who was taught the steps for ballroom and is well rehearsed in the ways of the Waltz.

Maybe he learned from one of his foster parents in his childhood, and practiced with old mops and brooms in his free time at the shack.

I want Keith the amazing dancer, with meticulous timing and careful footing; soft hands that guide his partner around the floor effortlessly.

Which is good, because Lance is absolutely hopeless to teach.

“Just focus on the footing Lance.”

“I’m trying! How does it go again?”

But no matter how many times Keith repeats the pattern, Lance doesn’t get it.

It’s when he’s had his foot stomped on for the fourth time in the last ten minutes that Keith finally insists Lance just take off his shoes and place his feet on top of Keith’s so he can teach him without further incident.

Doesn’t work.

With Lance already taller than Keith, the added height of standing on Keith’s boots has the Blue paladin clinging closer to keep his balance as they dance around the room. And Keith’s hands, of course, can no longer maintain the traditional ballroom pose, and slip around to hold Lance’s middle instead, drawing the two even closer.

They end up just swaying gently back and forth while the Altean music Allura supplied chimes peacefully in the background.

It’s calm.

And…nice, though they’re both too shy to admit it.

So yes, Lance can’t dance.

But standing socked footed in Keith’s arms with soft hands on his back? Feeling warm breaths of air near his neck each time Keith laughs? 

That he can handle.

so i had this dream where the paladins had found the ruins of a planet but while they were scouting it they just found,,,so many dead bodies and blood everywhere

and then lance found a fucking SKELETON

that looked huMAN

allura went over and said it looked galra, but not

and lance is like “oh no”

so he runs back to the castle and catches keith coming back from a mission

he tells him about the planet bla bla bla

and then he’s like “there was a skeleton…of a half human, half galra hybrid”

and Keith’s fACE in my dream made me wanna cry

he did, in lances arms

and then i woke up so

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Why don't they know they're in the same universe o.o?

Marvin and Hazel have met each other since they were 14, thought their friendship had to be kept a secret, since Hazel’s family despised humans, and they killed them to offer their souls to Mother Nature.

5 years later, due to Hazel’s love for Marvin, she decided to rebel against her family, telling them that she was against killing humans. Thanks to this, everyone got really mad at her, they started to tag her as a traitor.

A few days later they killed her and hid her in the deepest part of the forest.

Soma days later, Marvin knew about what happened, and by being controlled by sadness and desperation for losing her, he learned black magic to try and bring her back to life.

But due to him not knowing where her body was, he threw the spell to the whole forest, and after some time, it started to die.

Marvin was caught, and was punished for his actions.

Now, Hazel did come back to life, but thanks to Marvin only being a beginner on the black magic, the spell he did also opened a portal in the forest. After Hazel woke up, she walked in the portal, not really knowing she wasn’t gonna be able to come back.

Some weeks later, Marvin went to this dead forest with a lot of hope of trying to find his best friend (and lover) alive. But he didn’t. He simply assumed that the spell didn’t work.

After a couple of hours walking in there, he eventually found the portal, and used it as an option to escape from the town.

i was watching a video of cyntoia brown talking to a man investigating her case or whatever, and she’s telling him about how Cutthroat, her pimp, forced her to do drugs, raped her several times, choked her until she passed out and then he asks her ‘how come you didnt leave?’ and she’s like 'you’re not listening to what im telling you! he even knows where my mom lives.’

i just hate the constant victim blaming women go through. no one ever asks why that men was raping her and forcing her to sell her body. no one ever asks why a forty-something man purchased it. it’s always our fault for “staying”.

anyway, i hope she finds peace someday.

[when you finally finish a fic after three months]


“Yo, grandma! Why does your yard look so nice?”

“Because it’s been watered.” She answers, opening her arms and silently asking for the hug Stiles will never deny her. She always smells like cookies and coffee.

“That was supposed to be my job!” Ever since she dislocated her shoulder and Stiles’ dad gave her a lecture about being more careful, Stiles was entrusted on taking care of her garden for her. He isn’t particularly good at it, though. The last time he visited, two months ago she threatened to fire him, even though he’s, you know, her grandson.

“Well, I just got someone to help you.” She smiles and pats his cheek. “Since you’ve been so busy being away.”

“You need to work on your sarcasm, Mrs. Stilinski.” Stiles mutters, narrowing his eyes. His grandma smirks.

Please.Who do you think taught your father?” She turns to the fridge and begins pulling ingredients for a cake. “Chocolate cake, honey?”

Stiles only mutters a ‘yes, please’ and turns to look out the window. If she was, in fact, capable of firing her own grandson (even though he’s supposed to be working for free), Stiles should meet the person who replaced him and managed to make the roses look pretty again.

“He should be by the fence.” His grandmother says, joining him by the window. “He’s tending to the tulips today. I hope he’s shirtless again.” She adds.

What.” Stiles squeaks, turning to stare at her. “Grandma, tell me you didn’t hire him just because he’s hot?” It has happened before, many times. The last guy she hired to fix the sink almost gave Stiles’ dad a heart attack.

“Not just because.” She smirks again.

“Oh my God.” Stiles face palms. His grandmother is a menace.

Before she can retort, the back door swings open and Derek steps into his grandmother’s kitchen. “Cecilia, could you get me a glass of water?”

His grandmother’s smile gets bigger.

“Oh my God.” Stiles repeats.

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I don’t think Darkiplier was trying to trick us in ADWM.

“Shoot him. Shoot him now, please. You do not have time. He needs to die. He is dark. He’s a bad influence. He takes over everything you’ve ever loved. Please shoot him RIGHT NOW. Don’t listen to him. He’s a liar. Please shoot him. He’s a bad man and does bad things to good people. You have to trust me.”

This is the exact text of what Darkiplier says to us at the end of “FREEDOM!” in ADWM.

You know what I noticed about this?

Not once does he claim to be Mark.

Also, there’s a reason the word “dark” isn’t capitalized. This is not Dark trying to trick us into thinking Mark is really Dark– this is him telling us what Mark’s really done.

And now we know what Mark has done, thanks to WKM.

“He needs to die” = Dark recognizing that he CAN die now that he’s out of the house.

“He takes over everything you’ve ever loved” = Mark taking over Damien’s body and life.

“Don’t listen to him, he’s a liar” = Dark warning us about Mark calling us ‘a close and trusted friend’.

“He’s a bad man and does bad things to good people” = the fact that Celine and Damien were torn apart, (Y/N) was pushed out and left behind, and the Colonel was subjected to madness, all because of Mark’s sinister plot.

This was not Dark trying to trick us.

This was Dark trying to stop Mark from making things worse.

This was Dark actually needing our help.

And you know what kills me the most about this?

The fact that Mark totally discredits any potential for goodness left inside of Dark… and we believe every word of it.

Denial (Jungkook smut)

Words: 1713

Warning: Rough, detailed sex. 

Jungkook x Reader

Check it out: Days of the week smut

Originally posted by dream-bts

It’s been three months since I last fucked you, and I’m not waiting any longer"

 You had been dating Jungkook for a couple years now. You loved him, and he loved you as well. Your relationship was awesome, you rarely had a fight, but your sexual life… shit. You mean, the sex was awesome but that was so… vanilla. Sometimes you needed something different, something ruder, and you were sure Jungkook could never be the daddy you wanted. You could just tell him but you were shy about telling him everything you wanted to do.

   Frustrated about it, you had an idea. Not that it would be easy to you, but you would avoid giving him sex only to push him to his limits. You would tease; you would kiss him and stuff, but wouldn’t let him do you. And that was what you had been doing.

  You constantly got naked in front of him after you showered, bending over to “grab something”, exposing yourself for him. You kissed him every time, touching him and grinding yourself onto him, but that was all. Of course he asked what was happening. You often gave him excuses. “Jungkook, not now, I’m tired”. “Sorry babe I have a headache.” “I’m not in the mood”. You could see he was getting frustrate as well, but you wanted him to react. You wanted him to lose his shit.

The days passed by, and nothing happened. He kept trying to do things, but he didn’t do anything new. He didn’t push you; he didn’t try more whenever you said “no”. He just accepted and that was not what you wanted. You wanted him to make you beg for him, to make you his sub.  

  Three months without sex. Three months without having him inside you. Wasn’t he affected?

He was constantly trying to have you, caressing every part of your body whenever you started to tease him. You made him think he would get it, and when he didn’t, you could see the angriness in his eyes. He was about to explode.  You just needed to push him a little further.

   You were on your kitchen, washing some dishes. You were wearing only your robe with nothing underneath. You were waiting for Jungkook, to try one last time. He arrived from the studio. He was all sweated, his wet hair falling sexily against his forehead, his muscles calling your attention. You wanted to jump on him, to kiss those pink lips, but you managed to control yourself.  He was the one who had to do something.

  “Hi, Y/N” He greeted you, pulling you toward him, hugging you. He pressed himself against you, making you feel his toned chest. Suddenly, he pushed you backwards till your back hit the wall, locking his eye with yours.

  “What the…” you tried to say when he cut you off with a kiss. His lips forced yours, making you open it for him, his tongue entering your mouth right after. He did bite on your bottom lip roughly, making you whimper.

  “What is going on? You’re gonna tell me right now” he already yelled. You had to admit, you were kinda scared by his stare. You had never seen him that way.

 “What? Nothing is happening, what are you talking about?”  You asked cynically. You would not tell him.

 “Why are you avoiding me? My touch, my lips…my dick” he said, pressing his pants against you with the last word. Shit, he was hard. Finally.

 “I told you. I’m just tired, Jungkook, I’m not in the mood” you said, trying to look tired.

 “Tired, Y/N! Bullshit. You don’t want me anymore, is that it, huh? How come we don’t have sex for months? Shit.” He said. He looked you up and down, and you realized your robe had opened. You were exposed. Your boobs, your pussy, everything. His eyes darkened.

 “Jungkook, please. I don’t want to do it right now. I want you, but not now. Excuse me” you said, teasing. That night you would get what you wanted.

 “No fucking way. You are my girlfriend, I want you. It’s been three months since I last fucked you, and I’m not waiting any longer" He said and with that, he kissed you again. His hands flew straight to your but, squeezing it harshly, earning a groan from you. You let your robe fall completely, giving him better access to your body. His lips made their way down to your jawline, sucking purple marks on it, your hands playing with his hair. Shit, that was what you wanted.

 “Jungkook, stop it” you tried to sound convincing but you failed. You needed that as much as he did. You could feel his bulge poking you over his pants, and you couldn’t wait to feel it inside you. He stopped the kiss and pushed you down to your knees.

“Take off my clothes” he said. You fumbled with the buckle of his belt, his hands smoothing your hair back as he waited. When his pants fell off, his bulge was already visible against his boxers. You took it off as he took his shirt.

“You know what to do” he said once he got completely naked. You wrapped your hand around the base of his dick as you teasingly licked his tip. You alternated between stroking and sucking, and then he grabbed you by the hair.

 “You are trying to tease me? Really?” he said, and forced himself all the way to the back of your throat, making you gag instantly. You tried to pull away, trying to push him back by his thigh but he was way stronger than you.

 “Fucking take it. I’m gonna fuck your mouth the way I should fuck you” he groaned as he pushed in and out, his grip on your hair tightening.  You had never seen him this way. He had always been so kind… But you loved it. You managed to control your breath. “Finish” he said and pulled you by the arms back to your feet. He grabbed you by your thighs and made you straddle his waist, his dick making contact with your pussy but the empty feeling making you whimper. He carried you toward your bathroom, his lips never letting yours. He let you fall on the fluffy mattress, your legs spread open. He went between your legs, his lips found your chest. He kissed and sucked on your sensitive nipples as he put his hand up your thigh, caressing your pussy. You moaned.

He went downer, finally stopping where you wanted the most.

He kissed inside your thighs, his finger teasing your entrance, not pushing in.

“Jungkook please, just touch me” you said. You needed to feel something inside you.

 “Tell me what you want. I’m not gonna do anything till you tell me” he said, pumping his dick, the pre cum dropping. Shit. You got red. You were so shy about telling him what you wanted.

 “I want you… to suck me” you whispered. He let his finger slide in teasingly slow, your body shivering.

“You’re gonna regret denying me what I deserve” he said. He gave you a long, deep lick, you moaned his name. He pushed one more finger, scissoring them inside you. His tongue kept working on your clit, the pace of his fingers increasing, your stomach burning, but whenever your edge came close, he stopped.

 “Jungkook, please! Let me cum!” You begged.

 “Why should I? You didn’t let me” he said and pushed two more fingers. 4 fingers inside you, being pumped slowly. Bastard. You were paying for what you did.

 “Please, Kookie, I need it. Make me cum with your fingers” you said.

 “When you ask like this… it’s hard to deny” he said and pushed his fingers deep inside you, pushing in and pulling out in an incredibly fast. You squirt all over his face and fingers, letting out a loud moan. Your body relaxed, you had won what you wanted.

 “Don’t relax. I’m not done. I’m the one who deserves to cum” he said and placed himself between your legs, not wasting time to push in. The oversensitivity made you whimper, you needed a time. He pushed in and out instantly, supporting himself with one hand aside your head while he grabbed your neck with the other.  Your eyes were locked with his.

 “Look at you… whimpering. You’re a little whore for my cock, aren’t you?” he groaned as he fastened himself. He stopped, but only to change the position.

 “On all fours. Now, I’m gonna pound you from behind”. When you did, he slapped your ass all of sudden. “Are you gonna do this again?” he said and slapped your other cheek, his other hand pulling your head back by your hair. “Are you gonna deny me?”

 “N-no, Jungkook, please.” You begged. Shit, you wanted to feel him inside you.

 “Please what?” he said, “You gotta be more specific”

 “Please just fuck me. Fuck me hard and good” you said.

 “You’re a little whore. As you wish” he said and pushed in again. He growled as he moved his hand from your hair to grab your neck, pushing your hips back against his as he thrusted. His balls were smacking soundly against your thigh, the room filled with sounds of sex.

He pounded harder, hitting that sweet spot sending you over the edge again, till his pace started to grow erratic and you knew he was close too.

““Cum for me, Y/N. Let me feel your walls tighten around my dick, let me cum inside you” He whispered in your ear, and that was enough for you. You cummed all around him, the grip around his dick pushing him to his edge.

“Oh my…” you whispered against his neck. You were laying, your head resting against his chest as he caressed your shoulder.

 “Are you ok? I’m sorry I was a little rough…” he started to say.

“No, no. That’s what I wanted. That’s why I avoided you. I wanted to push you to your limits” you admitted.

 “You could just ask, don’t you think?” he asked.

“Well… if that’s what I win for teasing you, I think I’m gonna do it more often” you answered.

;lostmyhead (m)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader x min yoongi
genre/warnings—smut, threesome, fuckboy! Seokjin, dom! Seokjin, dom! Yoongi, dicks with photo filters, dirty talk
words— 13,332

:: summary— Kim Seokjin is the worst thing you’ve ever done, quite literally. Hooking up with him—continuously, for months, is something you regret doing. Mainly because you now have a boyfriend and have seen the error of your ways (mistake!). However, even then, you can’t seem to escape him…or say no for that matter…


→ Jin somehow convinces you and Yoongi to have a threesome with him…

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Sleepy Pleasures

Originally posted by niallhavelarrysextape

A lil blurb where Harry’s flustered by his girlfriend in the wee hours of the night

Right when Harry got home, he was in a mood.

Y/N had come with him to a party right after one of his tour shows. She was showing off her legs in a skirt that just made Harry wanna rip all her clothes off and just fuck her into oblivion. Of course she wasn’t doing it intentionally, she was just being her innocent self. Catching her bottom lip between her teeth as she smiled, eyes that sparkled all day.. She was just so beautiful, he could not believe she was all his. Her innocence had proved to be Harry’s weakness as well. Y/N and Harry still hadn’t made love. They had taken small steps through the course of being together to have Y/N warm up to the idea of being with him. Of course Harry wasn’t going to push anything until Y/N was 100% committed.

That didn’t stop Harry from thinking about what he would want with Y/N. Right when they got to their room, he could feel all the blood rush to his cock. Of course Y/N has changed in front of Harry plenty of times, but he could feel himself slowly losing control, deciding to slip out of his clothes down to his boxers and slipping under the covers. Y/N giggled looking over at him running her hands through her hair.

“What’s up with you? You’ve been quiet the whole ride to the hotel.” Harry glanced over at her biting on his lip subtly glancing up and down her body.

“‘M just a bit tired baby… come cuddle I just wanna sleep.” Harry scrunched his nose making grabby hands towards her. Y/N climbed into bed lying her head on his chest, pulling the blanket up. Harry wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pecking her forehead and a loving exchange of ‘I love you’s’ which resulted in a lazy make out session which wasn’t helping Harry’s problem one bit. Her lips were slightly chapped against his smooth ones.

He can thank Y/N for making sure to slather his lips with some lip balm now that it’s that time of year.

After one more longing kiss, they shut their eyes and drifted into peaceful slumber. Harry tried to sleep, but his cock felt as if it was ready to burst. He planned out to wait about an hour or so, just until Y/N was fully settled in her position for the night. Harry wanted nothing more than to slip his hands into his boxers and let him rub one out while looking at her body, but his brain was telling him to try and go to sleep. Main thing being was he tried.

The whole image was so vivid to me. Like it was so real. Her legs were wrapped around my waist as I thrusted into her deep and slow. Her moans and whimpers were so clear and sexy, I clutched her to my chest. She felt so warm and wet around my cock as she bit down on the skin of shoulder holding onto my back like it was her life source. I pulled back to look into her big eyes, just falling in love with her over and over again. My lips laid down on hers as I held her cheeks between my hands thrusting into her deeper than ever. I swallowed all her moans, making my heart race more as she dragged down my back. I could feel her whispering against my lips to cum with her. Her hands tangled into my hair making my eyes squeeze shut swallowing thickly gasping out as I came.

Harry shot up gasping out panting for air looking around. He was still in the bed, Y/N was still in deep slumber while Harry felt a warmth in his red Calvin Klein’s. He sighed holding his head in his hands, taking deep breaths to compose himself. Harry was still semi hard. He obviously has pulled on out while on tour missing her.

But he had never done it while she was in the same room as him.

Harry was aching for another release. As long as he was quiet, he wouldn’t wake Y/N up, no harm, no foul. He looked back at her and she was lying on her side, with her back facing towards him. His hand slipping the boxers down to his knees with his painful, aware, cock sprung fully erect. Harry bit down on the corner of his mouth, swallowing thickly as his hand slowly wrapped around the base. He shut his eyes slowly moving his hand up and down making his breath get caught in his throat. The thoughts Harry was having about Y/N were the most filthiest.

He imagined her on her hands and knees begging for his cock. That innocent mouth begging him to do the worst to her. Harry was halfway from letting out a whimper, biting the skin of my biceps to stifle the sound. He glanced over at Y/N’s figure with the blanket pushed down her lower body. Her shirt rid up to show off the skin of her hips making the butterfly on his tummy come to life with the shivers that came through his spine, wanting nothing more than to just leave a harsh love bite in the spot. He whimpered out again squeezing his eyes shut when his thumb swiped over the slit to gather to some of the pre cum there. Harry stroked himself, teasing with short fast strokes to long and dragged out stroked making his bones rattle in his body, shuddering in pleasure. A small drop of sweat started to drip from his temple. Harry squeezed his eyes shut whimpering into his bicep imagining how good Y/N’s body must look without a single piece of clothing on. Harry moved his hand faster and faster whimpering and panting against his arm as he dug his head back into the pillows. 4 spurts of cum shot onto Harry’s stomach and chest, shorting his breath as he tried to regain his normal breathing. Harry shut his eyes rubbing over his face before hearing a familiar, sleepy voice call out to him. “Harry?” Oh shit.

The sight in front of Y/N was just…. Wow.

Harry’s cheeks were flushed red, some strands of his hair draped over his forehead, and his cock was lying limp against his thigh with a few streams of cum spread across the butterfly of his tummy and chest.

“Y/N I-I can explain…” Harry stuttered out quickly making her look at him. His bottom lip was puffy from the constant chewing and biting, bursting with a deep raspberry color. His green eyes were staring at Y/N, glossy, filled with embarrassment. Y/N didn’t know why, this whole thing made her body get all fuzzy and warm. Y/N leaned down to shut his babbling up with a deep kiss holding the side of his face.

Harry kissed back slowly, his hands itching by his side. She pulled back softly tugging on his lip lightly with her teeth, making him let out a breathless whine. Y/N looked down at the creamy white substance adorning his chest, moving down and slowly licking every inch of his chest and abdomen. Harry gasped propping himself on his elbows looking down at her with his mouth parted open. She looked up at him as she licked up the last few drops on lower abdomen, tracing her tongue over each of the ferns on his hips. Harry’s hand brushed the hair out of Y/N’s face, caressing the side of her head as she kissed further down to his semi hard prick. He took a sharp intake of breath as she grasped it putting his hand over hers. “Petal…. ‘s really sensitive…” He whimpers out sinking his teeth into his pillowy bottom lip. Y/N looked up at him softly kissing over his tip and laying soft, open mouthed kisses up and down his shaft. Harry kept himself propped on his elbows letting his head fall back on his shoulders moaning out softly. One of Harry’s hands moved Y/N’s hair to the side, resting his fingertips at the hair behind her ears. Y/N let the tip slip into her mouth slowly as she looked up at him suckling softly, feeling tongue. Harry gasped looking down at her with his mouth agape and sputtery breaths coming out of his mouth. His high was coming quick, Y/N let her hand slide up and down his shaft opening her mouth looking straight at him.

He was about to go fucking insane.

Harry panted and gasped for air gripping, tightening his grip on Y/N’s hair with one hand, the other clenched onto the cream colored sheets the bedsheets.

“Y-Y/N oh god.. oh fuck I’m cumming s-sHIT” Harry cried out letting his release slip into her mouth.

Some had dribbled onto her cheek and as far as getting close to the corner of her right eye. He looked down pulling Y/N up softly, using his thumb to wipe the cum off her cheek. She took it into her mouth sucking softly on his thumb giggling around it. He pulled back carefully wiping it from the corner of her eye frowning. “‘s your eye okay? I didn’t know it would.. you know.. go everywhere like tha’..” Y/N nodded, giggling again as she cupped over his cheeks.

“I’m fine Harry it’s okay..” He blushed softly smiling pressing his lips to hers. She kissed back humming into his mouth as his fingers lightly brushed over her jaw to cup her cheeks. Y/N pulled back looking at him with her arms draped over his shoulders grinning.

“So…. What were you dreaming about that made you cum in your boxers..”

Harry blushed heavily hiding his face in her neck, both of them breaking out into giggles.

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I'll never get over Kylo's heavy breathing, quivering lips, and trembling hand in that moment. NEVER. Maybe that's why #reachgate is such a thing, it must be terrifying for antis to see him like that because he's so clearly sharing that scene with Rey. Goddamn, Adam is giving it all he's got.

I think that’s ABSOLUTELY why reachgate is a thing. Reality is finally starting to crash in that this movie isn’t going to go the way they thought it was going to go, so they’re doing one last-ditch scramble to come up with alternate explanations, either focusing on the scenes being cut together (which doesn’t MATTER because Kylo is still being thematically presented as the answer to her dilemma) or desperately trying to come up with an alternate explanation for who he could be reaching out to.

But it’s so obviously Rey. All you have to do is look at his face. The softness, the trepidation, the vulnerability, the halting hope (and no, it’s not Leia because the trailer already took pains to show us what he looks like when Leia is involved–like a sad, scared little boy). He doesn’t look like a little boy here, he looks like a man, a man holding out his heart and hope in his trembling hand, and Adam the king of microexpressions knows EXACTLY what he’s doing. 

avoiding - bucky barnes

fandom: marvel

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

summary: based on prompts;

  1. A: What are you doing?
    B: Avoiding.
    A: Avoiding what?
    B: Everything.
  2. You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.

warnings: mild language?

notes: i fully intended on writing something different but got distracted and then read over this one i wrote a while ago, so here you go! i hope you like it - feedback is always awesome and requests are open! x

Originally posted by santaevans

word count: 1,835

“Um, what are you doing?” Natasha asked, poking her head into the small, dark storage room where you sat amidst tangled chords and old computer parts.

You looked up from typing the report on your laptop, “Huh?”

“What are you doing?” she repeated.

Avoiding.” You returned your hands to the keyboard of your laptop, hoping Natasha was too tired or uninterested to bother pressing for any more detail.

“Avoiding what?”

You sighed loudly, “Everything.”

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zemerrie  asked:

What do you think Bucky’s first time will be like?

(I’m assuming when he’s outta cryo?)

• as much as he’d like the idea, he wouldn’t let you straddle him, he’d wanna be in complete control. That means he’s topping this one.

• he’d be so desperate, since he’s touch starved, he’d need you touching him constantly. His hands would be everywhere: on your breasts, ass, legs and tummy.

• he would try to press sexy lil kisses onto your body, but since he’s so eager and his heart is pounding so fast, they’d end up coming out as the most sensual open mouth kisses and bites.

• “it’s been seventy fucking years, baby. please let me taste you.”

• he wouldn’t just eat you out. you’d be the last supper to him. he’d hold your thighs down, wrapping his lips around your clit and flattening his tongue against it. and he wouldn’t be subtle about it -hell no- he’d shake his head, make the most obscene sounds. when he’s done, he’d look up at you with that blissed out smile and dilated blue eyes like you’re his entire universe.

• he’d grab your face with his hand and force your mouth open (not enough to hurt you, just enough so you open wide for him) and he’d press his lips against yours, letting you taste yourself in his tongue.

• “you’re so fuckin’ sweet, sugar. you know that?”

• when it comes down to it, he’s going missionary -just this once. it gives him the right amount of control and he wants to see every gasp, moan and cry that leaves your mouth.

• when he finally gets inside you, he lets out the most heavenly sound. it’s somewhere between a groan and a cry and has to grip the headboard with his metal hand to keep himself from cumming right there.

• he’d go slow for you because let’s be honest, when Steve said the serum enhanced everything, he really meant everything. he’d give you small thrusts, just enough to stretch you out and get you used to him.

• once little whimpers and gasps we’re leaving your mouth, he’d take that as a sign to pick up the pace. he’d place his flesh hand against your hip and snap his hips forward and this time, the filthiest shit would come out of that pretty mouth of his.

• “so fuckin’ tight, baby. all for me, right?”

• “you’re so wet, y/n. did i get you this soaked?”

• “tell daddy how that feels, doll. that’s it -oh fuck- good girl.”

• and his inner territorial side would show so much and you’d love every second of it. he’d leave purple bite marks along your jawline, your collarbones and throat.

• when he’s about to cum, that’s when you’d see s completely different side to him. he’d grab your jaw and crash his lips against yours as he spilled inside of you, his body trembling. he’d gasp into the kiss, whimpering your name before pulling away and burying his face into your neck.

• and post sex Bucky is such a sweetheart.

• “are you alright, doll? i didn’t hurt you, did i?”

• “are you sure? i got a bit carried away on your chest, haha.”

• “you’re so fuckin’ beautiful when you cum, you know that y/n?”


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Two requests in one. This is hot. Please enjoy, and try to keep yourself calm ;) Love you all. xx - L

You and Harry are friends with benefits.

Warnings: smut, smut, and smut

Word Count: 2,125

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BTS scenarios: Cheering him up when he feels self-conscious

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Kim Seokjin/Jin

 There was something different about Jin that day. He wasn’t his usual bubbly self but quiet, almost invisible, ghost of Kim Seokjin. He didn’t try to make you laugh during breakfast when you were drinking tea. It worried you, but at the same time you didn’t want to be nosy. You knew damn well how easy it was to set him off when he was visibly stressed. Limited on choices you decided to wait for him to show signs that he wanted comfort from you.

 Good thing it was the day you tagged along for another show. You could watch Jin’s lack of interaction with other people. Every time somebody pointed that out he just laughed blaming his fatigue. Of course he was tired but neither you nor his bandmates believed it to be the reason behind his blank face.

 You stood by the wall, observing everyone move around. Minutes passed in a rush and your head started to spin at the thick atmosphere. Thankfully the stylist asked you to help Jin with his collar and tie. You walked close to him and instantly grabbed at the material with delicacy. While shifting the cables to his microphone you realized that Seokjin avoided looking at you. At first dark thoughts clouded your mind, but you pushed them aside with all your strength.

“Is the wire bothering you anywhere?” Although you let go of his collar, you stayed still in close proximity to him. 

 At the question he finally looked at you. Your eyes met for a short moment before his gaze moved somewhere to your right. He shook his head faintly without moving any other part of his body. You sighed and grabbed his shoulders to shake him a bit. Jin gave you a weird glance as he tried to pull out of your grip.

 Although it hurt, you didn’t let go of him. You were awkwardly struggling with each other for a longer moment until you decided it was really enough.

“Now, is it bothering you anywhere?” You asked once more. Again, he shook his head, but this time his eyes remained on you.

 You smiled faintly and tied his tie. When done, your index finger trailed up the fabric to stab his chin playfully. He was more confused than amused by your behavior yet he kept his mouth shut. Unfortunately for him you weren’t the one to give up on Jin.

“Oh, here’s a thing I forgot to give you!” You exclaimed after an idea formed in your brain.

 He observed your hand as you hid it in inside pocket of your jean jacket. You searched for a few seconds until you pulled out fingers shaped in heart. Your eyes were hungrily tracking his reaction.

 A quiet snort left his nostrils and Jin finally smiled for real at you. You returned a five times wider one and put the finger heart in the small pocket on his chest. The action had expected result. Your boyfriend relaxed enough to look you deep in the eyes. Encouraged by his positive response you dared to approach him close enough for you to lay your forearms on his chest. Your hands smoothed the material as you looked up from it with the gentlest expression you could make.

“I’m glad you accepted my heart.”

“It would be hard not to.”

“Did I tell you already that you look really handsome in that suit or was I screaming it in my mind this whole time?”

 His smile widened even more at that. His eyes moved down to look at his right hand that hung in the air. You grabbed it along with the left one without losing sight of his face and brought them up so you could kiss each one of his fingers. Jin’s eyes followed your lips hungrily taking in your adoration for his least favourite part of his body. When you finished his glance returned to meet yours. Jin let his hands hold your cheeks so he could kiss you properly. 

“Can you do one thing for me when on the stage?” You asked when he pulled away.

“Anything.” He smiled with pure adoration.

“When you’ll be singing your solo, can you take out the heart so I know you still have it? I want a close shot at you.”

 Jin gave you a weird glance but nodded lively.

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Min Yoongi/Suga

 Yoongi disliked doing anything and it was a well-known fact. Not only you and his closest coworkers had an idea but also his fans were aware of that so-called hobby of his. That’s why you didn’t make a big deal out of his stay in bed. At least at first. You got worried when the bedroom door remained closed at 2 p.m. and frantic when nothing changed an hour later. Aware that he was probably hungry by that time, you prepared breakfast and decided to go see him. You tip toed to the doors and turned the doorknob carefully.

 It was weird to act that way in the middle of the day, but there was something about his absence that made you want to cover behind furniture at any sound. At first, only your head leaned out. Room was dark as the curtains blocked the daylight. Still, you could see Yoongi’s body resting under covers. You listened for a moment but when steady breathing didn’t reach your ears you risked walking inside. You moved to his side of bed and sat on it’s edge, centimeters from your boyfriend. Then you put kitchenware on his night stand and turned to him. He laid on his side facing away from you. Aware of how easily one could annoy half-asleep Yoongi you hesitated before laying fingers on his arm. You stroked it gently then leaned forward to look at his face.

 You were surprised to find him awake and shocked to see how puffy and red his face was. Dry paths of tears glistened on his cheeks and nose. If it wasn’t enough, his lower lip was bleeding probably from biting on it. Your other hand brushed his fringe to reveal his eyes, but he stubbornly kept them away from you. Through the whole process of you finding out about his miserable state he didn’t make a single movement to acknowledge your presence. Almost as if you weren’t there.

“Yoongi…” You whispered shaken by his state.

 He ignored you although he heard you for sure. A memory of his voice telling you to leave him alone resurfaced in your mind. But you weren’t able to leave him alone in his misery. He could lash out at you at any moment. Your mind kept repeating the same sentence over and over again yet your body was deaf to it. Carefully you changed position so your knee was touching his back while you could still look at his face.

 Afraid of his motionless state you called him out again but a tad more quiet. Once more he didn’t answer. His eyes remained glued to the wall on the other end of the room. You felt your blood turn cold when his lids moved, but he just blinked.

“I made you breakfast.” Your lips ghosted above his arm as you told him. “You must be hungry.”

 He remained as he was. You knew that you wouldn’t get more and moved up after kissing his skin softly. Your walk to the door was interrupted when you heard him finally move under covers. You turned around to find him staring back. His face was blank but you smiled widely.

“I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.”

 Yoongi let you leave him alone although he wanted you to stay with him. He needed your comforting words and warmth of your body to make him feel better, yet he couldn’t find strength in himself to ask that of you. After a couple of minutes he looked to his left and grabbed the plate you had left there. He knew that it had taken you a lot of time to prepare, considering how pancakes were cut to resemble a head. Most likely his head. He judged from the pierced ears. Around the head laid rays of sunshine. The whole work looked like breakfast for a child not a grown-ass man like Yoongi. But he thought it was cute anyway and grabbed one of the stripes to bite it.

 He only realized that he was really hungry when he finished the whole plate. Aware of his loneliness he dared to lick the powdered sugar off it. When he put the plate back, door opened to reveal you with victorious smile on your face. You strode over to the bed and sat in front of him.

“Now that you ate enough sugar, can you come out and spend the day with me?” You asked.

 Yoongi’s eyes fell down to stare at his lap. His hands ran up his face and he let out a loud sigh. You were afraid to push him too much but then you noticed a bit of sugar on the top of his nose. Your finger wiped it off and transported it to your mouth. You licked off the sweetness meanwhile smiling at his surprised face.

“I’ve been blessed with the sugar off the sweetest man on Earth.”

 His face softened, your most beloved expression replacing the previous one. His hand caught yours and gripped on it tightly. No words needed.

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three times; shawn mendes

a/n: proud of this one lmao, based on a prompt i got a while ago
synopsis: literal smut, smut nsfw holy shit - porn without plot [masterlist]

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falling in love with you | bts

summary: “i think i’m in love with you” he says as he realizes this moment, right now, he’s fallen in love with you, and he knows he will forever.

genre: fluff, slight angst in some.

a/n: this is my first scenario on this blog, so i really hope you guys enjoy this, if you have any requests or ideas feel free to send me an ask :)

request here.

The moment Jungkook realizes he’s in love with you is when you’re fighting.

It’s an unusual moment for him to realize such a thing, and it was definitely the wrong time to confess.

You had gotten overly upset at Jungkook for flirting with one of the waitresses at the restaurant – the restaurant that you had taken time to book and plan out for a good night out with your boyfriend.

After being fed up with the back and forth exchanges of flirtatious comments, you grew increasingly angrier as you demanded Jungkook take you home. He looked at you questioningly, eyeing your unfinished meal on your plate.

“Y/n, jagi, you barely touched your food.” he remarked as you rolled your eyes.

“I lost my appetite. Now take me home, please.” Despite your mannered response, there was a hint of indignation laced in your tone.

Without questioning you further, he nodded his head as you stood up abruptly, storming out of the dimly lit place not bothering to wait for him.

The car ride was filled with an unbearable, painful silence as he knew you well enough to know you were definitely pissed at him. The whole time he contemplated whether or not to ask you and confront you about your behaviour, but ultimately decided to wait it till he took you back to his apartment – she just needs time to cool off, he told himself trying to brush off the anxious feeling in his body.

You were frustrated and annoyed that he didn’t realize how much it hurt to see him looking happy with another girl – that should’ve been me, you thought. You knew deep down it was never his intention to do that to you. He never purposely tried to hurt your feelings, but you cared so much about him that you couldn’t stand to see someone else be the reason for his bright smile and loud laugh. It made you feel so much jealously and rage, and you didn’t know why else that would be other than the fact that you were probably in love with him – you just hadn’t fully admitted that to yourself yet.

“I fucking hate you!” you seethed, slamming the door behind you as Jungkook felt the sheer pain erupt in his chest hearing you say such a thing.

“Y/n, baby, I’m sorry, you know I never meant to do that to you. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” he tries to reason, holding back the urge to cry.

He was a sensitive boy and you knew that, and he never felt such strong feelings for any other girl except you, so every little thing you said to him affected him in such an unexplainable way. You being angry at Jungkook absolutely shattered him, for the sole reason that he promised himself he’d never hurt you, and because he cared so much that he feared he would lose you.

“Did nothing from the way she acted towards you tell you that she was obviously trying to get in your pants with your fucking girlfriend right in front of you?!” you hissed as he let out a heavy sigh.

“I-I didn’t see anything wrong with what she was saying,” he admitted, his head hung lowly almost as if he was ashamed to be saying this to you.

“Yeah cause you’re so frustratingly oblivious, but you know what Jungkook, that wasn’t even the worst part,” you began, not bothering to hide the irritation in your voice. “You flirted back! Do you not use that brain of yours to realize that what you were doing was so fucking inconsiderate?!”

“I know what I did was wrong, I acknowledge that. I didn’t realize what I was saying, I didn’t know how upsetting it was to you, and I’m sorry for that, babe, please believe me when I say that,” he cried out, his voice pleading for forgiveness. “I know my apologies don’t mean shit right now, and it doesn’t excuse the fact that I may have come off as over friendly, but I promise that’s all it was. I’m sorry for making it seem like it was something more than that, it wasn’t. It was just me being friendly and I’m sorry for hurting your feelings.”

His rant only somehow managed to make your blood boil even more as you let out heavy breaths, not wanting to explode at your boyfriend. You knew his apology was sincere, you knew was truly sorry for actions, and you knew he really didn’t mean to act that way towards the waitress, but you were so enraged with jealousy that you could not focus on anything else but letting out the rest of your anger.

“You’re just so inconsiderate sometimes! If I were to ever put you in this position I know that it would hurt you! I know you’d act the exact same way as I am right now, that’s why when it ever comes to similar situations I use my fucking brain so I don’t end up doing this to you. So what part of you thought that it was okay to do that?!” you question, you couldn’t help the loudness and utter bitterness in your tone.

“I wasn’t thinking!–”

“Exactly! You never fucking think! You never think about how I would feel!” you say with an exasperated sigh, your fingertips making its way to the area of your temples. You tried your best to ignore the throbbing feeling of your brain pounding against your skull, continuing to massage your forehead.

He observed you intently watching you breathe through your frustration and something just clicked in him. He noticed the way your hair effortlessly cascaded down your shoulders and back, the little pieces framing your face so perfectly; he noticed how your lips that he loved so much parted to let out little huffs of frustrated sighs; he noticed the way you spoke to him, even though you had been screaming, trying to let out your pent up anger, your voice still sounded like absolute music to his ears; most of all, he noticed how beautiful you were despite the fact that you were pissed beyond belief, and how incredible you looked to him, still.

I’m in love with her, he exclaimed to himself.

Jagiya,” he began quietly.

“I’m leaving–”

In that moment, throughout all the hurt he was feeling, and throughout all the hurt you were feeling, he couldn’t let you walk out on him like that. Watching you make your way towards the door, he beat you to it as his much larger body blocked you from leaving.

“Move,” you demand.

Right then and there he couldn’t help himself from the words tumbling out his mouth, knowing that could potentially give you a reason not to leave him.

“I think I’m in love with you.” he randomly blurts out, catching you off guard as your breath hitched in your throat.

“W-what?” you ask in surprise, your mind not fully processing his sudden confession.

“I’m in love with you.” he clarifies as he walks slowly towards you, his arms wrapping around your waist. He pulls you closer to his chest, inhaling your sweet scent before peppering light kisses on your neck, till he reaches your jaw, your eyes shutting close at the comforting feeling. “And I know you only act like this because you love me too.”

His lips connected with yours in a deep kiss, as you lost yourself in his touch, the feeling of adoration replacing the feeling of anger. The kiss held so many emotions, as you relished in the feeling of his warm, soft lips against yours. He gripped onto you tightly as if afraid you would dissipate any second, worried that if he were to let go you’d try to leave again. The kiss was filled was so much love, you both pulled away breathless.

“I know I screwed up, and I hurt you. But don’t leave me please. Don’t leave me because I am so fucking in love with you and it hurts because I will never feel this way for another girl. I won’t let the love of my life walk out on me like that. I’m in too deep with you, so even if you’re pissed as shit at me right now, don’t you dare leave.”


“Please tell me you love me back.” he spoke quietly, still hugging you tightly. “I know you hate me right now, but please tell me you love me.”

“Of course I do,” you say in a whisper. “I love you even when I hate you.”

The moment Taehyung realizes he’s in love with you is when you’re crying in his arms.

He had always been there to comfort you when you needed it most.

Taehyung cared so much about you because you were his best friend after all.

You two had so much love for each other after growing up together and experiencing everything you could as teenagers, and here you were experiencing your first heartbreak.

He rubbed your arm as you clutched onto him, your body raking with sobs as he held you closer if that were even humanly possible. He felt so helpless in this moment, and also a bit angry knowing that someone had the heart to hurt you, the most down to earth and kind person he ever knew.

He couldn’t comprehend how a boy who had the privilege to call you his could ever do something so cruel. Cheating was the lowest form he could think of, and no one deserved to feel that way, let alone someone like you.

“Tae, it hurts so much.” you sobbed as he sighed, feeling so desperate to make you feel better.

“I know, y/n. You don’t deserve this. You deserve the entire world, and I’m so sorry he couldn’t give you that. He missed out, big time.” he replied, his voice soft and gentle.

“Really? You think so?” you sat up, as Taehyung’s thumb made it’s way to your cheeks, wiping the tears and the smeared mascara under your eyes.

“Of course. You are the most beautiful girl to me and you have been since we were six years old. You’re also the kindest girl with a fucking heart of gold, and you’re so incredibly smart, you have so many things you want to do with your life, and I know you always see the best in situations,” he exclaimed. “You’re also a little bit stupid, but funny nonetheless..” he said jokingly, loving the fact that you finally managed to crack a smile. “And you always put the people you care about first. You always do your best to make sure they have a smile on their face, and you go out of your way to make sure they’re happy.”

“I can honestly go on forever, but my point is, you are everything a guy would want in a girl. And if that asshole can’t see that, then that is his loss, and he will never find a girl better than you.”

Upon saying all these things in an attempt to comfort you and mend your broken heart, he realized right then and there that what he said was true. He meant every single word he said, and he meant it because he fell in love with you. And he didn’t know why it took him so long to realize that, but at this very moment nothing made more sense. Admitting all the things he absolutely loved about you made him feel something so strong. Putting the pieces together he realized all along that he masked his feelings for you by trying to convince himself that it was because you two were friends for so long, and because you considered each other family, all those feelings were because of how close you two were.

But it all made sense now.

He was in love with you and he knew that.

His words made your heart flutter, the feeling so unfamiliar to you. Nobody’s words made you feel that way. The way Taehyung spoke to you was so different than the way your ex-boyfriend had. He had never made you feel so loved and cared for the way your best friend had, he had never shown so much affection towards you despite the fact that he was your boyfriend at the time. He had never made you want to smile and cry at the same time because of his sweet words. No, only Taehyung managed to do that, and you realized that maybe.. maybe, Taehyung was the guy you wanted and deserved to be with all along.

You knew you were hurt, you knew that you were going to be hung up on this breakup for a while, but one thing you also knew was that you felt something for Taehyung.

Some can call it unfair, some can call it a form of distraction to take your mind off the fact that you just got your heart broken and battered, but you knew that this very moment, Taehyung was the person you wanted.

“You are so perfect, Tae,” you whisper, leaning closer to him. “You and me would’ve just been better off together.”

Taehyung looked up at you in surprise. “D-do you mean that?”

“I-I do..”

He let out a deep breath before letting the words slip out his lips as his heart hammered rapidly against his chest, and yours clenching at his words.

“Y/n, I think I’m in love with you.”

“Good,” you smile at him. “I think I’m in love with you too.”

Closing the gap between you both, his lips found its way to yours as you felt something you could only describe as pure affection – this was such a weird concept, but it was something that felt so right, you knew you wouldn’t regret this moment in the future years to come. The way his lips fit so perfectly with yours, and the way his thumb caressed your cheek so gently, it was confirmed,

You were in love with him.

And he was in love with you.

The moment Jimin realizes he’s in love with you is when you’re scolding him for being the biggest idiot on the planet.

“You’re actually fucking dumb you know that!” you exclaim.

He smirked at you, shrugging his shoulders. “It’s not that bad..”

It’s not that bad,” you mocked letting out a huff.

You eyed the large white cast wrapped around his right leg as he winced a few times due to the obvious pain. You shook your head knowing this was so easily avoidable, but your boyfriend was far too stupid sometimes to think things thoroughly.

Regardless of the fact that he just got himself into an accident, landing himself in the ER, you couldn’t help but think of how attractive he looked with his hair parted messily, and his cheeks still flushed. However, that was something you would never admit at this current moment because of the anger that you displayed at his lack of self-control. He wasn’t the brightest person in certain situations, and you knew that. No matter how much you cared for him, you couldn’t deny his immense stupidity sometimes, often finding yourself scolding the poor boy.

“Y/n, baby–”

“You broke your fucking leg for fucks sake!” you interrupted, letting out an exasperated sigh, not bothering to stop the curses from flowing out your mouth.

“I know, but–”

But nothing! You’re a dumbass! You don’t think before you do things do you?! This could be so much worse than what it is, and you need to use that brain of yours because I know you have some sort of common sense in there!” you said angrily, but Jimin took no offence to what you said, only laughing in response.

“Why do you find this funny?!”

“Because you’re cute when you’re mad at me,” he responds, flashing the bright smile you grew so fond of.

“What if you died or something!” you were over exaggerating right now, and you knew that, but you couldn’t help it when your boyfriend literally almost dropped dead in front of you.

“–But I didn’t die, so.. that how to count for something right?” he tried to reason as you glared at him intently.

He let out a small laugh seeing how incredibly irritated you were with him, but he knew all of that came from a place of worry. He knew that you were frustrated with him because you cared so much for him, and yes, he was a dumbass, and he willingly admitted that.

But he couldn’t help noticing the way your face grew increasingly pinker as you let out your frustrations. He thought it was absolutely adorable seeing how small you were compared to him and how your loud screams were still so high pitched and soft.

A sudden wave of adoration washed over him as he came upon the realization that he knew he wanted to be with you for the rest of his life. He knew no other girl would show this much concern and  for his wellbeing, and would call him out for every stupid thing he pulled. He loved how you didn’t hold back from the things you wanted to say with that sharp tongue of yours, and he loved how much you showed that you cared for him.

He couldn’t find the right words to explain everything he was feeling at this very moment, but he definitely knew what this was. Although he had never experienced this feeling with any other girl, he knew from all the stories he’s heard, this what exactly it.

So this is what falling love feels like, he thought to himself.

It was so sudden to him, all his feelings hitting him at once. Slightly overwhelmed with it, he quickly accepted the fact that he was certain about the immense amount of love he had for you.

This feeling was so different, so foreign to him, but he loved it. He loved you.

Jagi, don’t be mad at me,” he said, reaching out to grab you. You watched him struggle knowing he could barely move because of the leg he managed to  shatter, a small pout displayed on his face as you rolled your eyes, walking over to sit beside him on the hospital bed.

“I’m not..”

“Yes, you are. And I know that you are, and I am sorry for almost killing myself in the process, but don’t be mad at me because like you said, as dramatic as it was, I could’ve died. So you should focus on the fact that I’m not, and that I’m still here with you and once I get better, you can beat me up and break my leg all over again for being stupid.” he said, kissing you softly.

You melted into his touch, hugging him tightly as his heart clenched feeling how secure your arms were wrapped around his body. You two were already so close to each other, but he needed more. He wrapped his arms around your body as he tried pulling you even closer into him.

“You’re lucky I’m in love with you..” he said to himself, not realizing the words that slipped out.

Your eyes widened as he mimicked your expression, both of you at a loss of words at the sudden bomb he just dropped on you. Of course you were surprised, but your heart skipped a beat as his words repeated itself in your head, over and over again as if it were on loop. You had waited for this moment for so long, and now that it finally happened you couldn’t believe it.

“Wait what?”

“N-nothing.” he was quick to try and recover himself but you wouldn’t let this slip past so easily.

“You just said you were in love with me..”


“Are you?”

“I uh, um, well, y-yeah, I think I’m in love with you.” he admitted.

He braced himself for your response, not knowing how you’d react. He knew you cared for him, but you didn’t know to what extent and if you reciprocated those same feelings. After all, it was pretty sudden.

“Yeah, I’m not mad at you anymore. How can I be mad at you for confessing that.” you smirked, connecting your lips with his once again, feeling him sigh in relief.

“I’m in love with you too, dumbass.”

The moment Namjoon realizes he’s in love with you is when you’re consoling him through a hard time.

On a few rare occasions Namjoon would suddenly feel a wave of insecurity wash over him. Although it happened very rarely, it wasn’t uncommon for him to feel this way every few months.

Today was one of the days he felt extremely bad about himself, and of course you were there for him trying to provide any sense of comfort you could to your boyfriend.

Despite the fact that the two of you had only been together for a few months, that didn’t stop you from devoting your whole heart to this man that you cared so much for.

“I just feel like I haven’t been doing my best, I feel like, like I’m the worst one in the band. I don’t even know why the fuck I’m the leader because I can’t do anything for shit–”

“Namjoon, baby, don’t say that.” you scolded, rubbing his back comfortingly as he laid his head on your chest, ranting about all his personal issues that accumulated recently. “I don’t understand where this is coming from, you are such an amazing artist, and you have so many fans that love every little thing about you.”

“I just, I can’t explain it, I just feel like I don’t have the best qualities. Everyone else is more attractive, and hell, more talented than I am. I just look at myself and all I see is something so plain and boring, there’s nothing special about me.” he pours his feelings out and it absolutely breaks your heart seeing your whole world beat himself up.

“Babe, look at me,” you say, his eyes finally reaching yours. “You may not see it, but you are so fucking special to the boys, to your fans, and to me especially. I know that no matter what I say, it might not help the way you’re feeling, but I want to let you know how amazing you are. You are so attractive, I think you’re the most attractive man alive, and you are so smart, like so smart it still amazes me, you are also so funny and charismatic, you’re kind and caring, and most importantly, so, so, so fucking talented. You have so much potential, you’ve come so far and you were chosen as the leader for a reason, baby. You are so much more than you see yourself. I hate that you think so little of yourself because I see so many things that are perfect about you.”

Your rant makes Namjoon’s heart clench, hearing you speak so highly of him made him feel so much better. He knew if it was any other person saying all these things about him, he definitely would not take it to heart. But because it was you, he knew you meant it. You were the most perfect person to him, and seeing how much you cared for him and spent time comforting him and offering words to ease his feelings really made his entire world.

He looked at you and immediately thought, I’m in love with her. This is the girl I want to marry.

“Thank you, y/n.” he said, pressing a soft kiss to your lips as you smiled. “I love you.”

Your eyes widened slightly as the words he spoke, not realizing he had just said them for the first time to you. “Did you just say–”

“Yes, I think I’m in love with you.” he spoke, confirming your question.

“I’m in love with you too.” you said, cupping his face in your hands as your lips connected once again, letting all your emotions towards one another relish in the passionate kiss you shared.

The moment Hoseok realizes he’s in love with you is when he sees you dancing in your underwear to one of his songs.

He’s laughing at you as you flash him a bright smile, swaying your hips to the music.

Your body was barely covered, your bare skin exposed to his eyes as he observed every curve and imperfection of your body that made you look so perfect to him.

Of course he loves what he’s seeing, but he loves more than the fact that your half naked figure was prancing around your living room. It was so much more than the sexual attraction he felt for you. It was the fact that you didn’t care about embarrassing yourself in front of him, it was the fact that your hair looked so amazing despite it being messed up from all the movements your body made to the beat of the song, it was the fact that your smile was so bright and so happy that it made his heart flutter at the sight of you; and it was the fact that he loved how incredibly comfortable you were around him that you were able to show yourself off.

He had seen you a few times before, slightly exposed, but you two hadn’t even been intimate yet. He loved seeing you like this, and his heart hammered against his ribcage, allowing himself to get lost in the way you looked at this very moment.

Nothing in that moment could take his eyes off of the sight in front of him. There weren’t enough words to describe the way you made him feel, because he never truly experienced it before. Sure, there were other girls in the past, and sure, he liked most of them a lot, but this feeling for you was far different than anything he’s ever felt before – you made him absolutely crazy.

Something sparked in him, not really understanding the whole concept, but he knew it couldn’t of been anything else but that; as he watched you grab juice from the counter, still dancing around to the music, it was then and there he realized that he was definitely in love with you.

It wasn’t because you were covered in nothing but a pair of his favourite black lace bra and panties, but it was because he saw every part of you that was so beautiful to him. It wasn’t concealed by layers of fabric, he was able to see everything that made you, you.

“I’ll never be able to perform this song without picturing your bare ass–”

“Hobi!” you scolded jokingly, grabbing a pillow from the couch as you threw it at him. “Come dance with me.”

He happily obliged, grabbing your waist as you both swayed. “You are so perfect, y/n.” he whispered in your ear as he gave you a light peck on your lips.

“Because I’m half naked in front of you?” you ask teasingly, raising your eyebrow at him,

“No,” he shook his head. “You’re perfect cause you’re showing me everything about you. Your flaws are non existent to me. I love everything little thing about you, and every little part of you that you’re comfortable showing me.”

“You’re so cheesy, Hobi.” you state, shaking your head with a laugh.

“I am, but I still mean it.” he shrugged.

“Really?” you ask, a blush forming on your cheeks.

“Obviously,” Hosoek confirmed. “I honestly think I’m in love with you.

Your heart hammered rapidly against your ribcage, the smile on your face widened as you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend. “I’m in love with you too.”

He smiled back at you, leaning in closer till your lips touched. Instinctively, he caressed your cheek, feeling the soft skin beneath his thumb. You opened your mouth slightly allowing him to slip his tongue in as he leaned you against the couch. This is the girl I’m in love with, he thought to himself, not wanting a single moment with you to end.

Your hands tugged at the hem of his shirt as he pulled away, slightly breathless. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“You just confessed you were in love with me,” you replied. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

The moment Yoongi realizes he’s in love with you is when he throws the last insult at you.

It had become such a frequent thing between the two of you that you both found nothing but entertainment in the fact that you constantly argued.

You both would never admit such a thing, but there was no doubt how much sexual tension there was between the two of you.

You never denied how attractive and charming you found Yoongi, but for some reason he absolutely despised you, and as hurt as you were at first, you eventually found yourself liking the harmless banter the two of you shared.

One reason being that was the only way you could interact with him, other than the consistent insults you two exchanged, the both of you ignored each other like the plague.

Tonight was like any other when it came to arguing. Your friends sat around you guys, completely used to the fact that this was almost a routine between the two of you. At first they’d attempt to stop the two of you from bickering, but eventually gave up on the fact that nothing would change between the two of you.

Until tonight.

“You both are so fucking annoying, go talk this shit out.” Jungkook huffed, join by a chorus of agreements as he led you both into his bedroom. “Neither of you are leaving this room. Not until you guys make up.” that was all the younger boy said before slamming the door shut and locking it.

You let out a sigh knowing that it must’ve been frustrating for your friends to have to witness this consistently, but you and Yoongi were too stubborn to back down from any fights. You both wanted the last word which cause these arguments to last for hours on end.

“Don’t expect an apology out of me,” Yoongi hissed, crossing his arms across his chest.

“As if you would ever have the heart to apologize first,” you retort, running your hand through your hair. “If you weren’t such an asshole all the time, we wouldn’t be here in this position right now.”

“Oh so this is my fault?” he let out a humourless laugh. “If you didn’t argue back we wouldn’t be here in this position right now.”

“You’re the one always instigating the fights, so yes, it is your fault.” You remark.

“I instigate the fights because you piss me the fuck off!” he exclaimed.

How?!” you question, irritation evident in your tone. “I barely even talk to you! I try to be as nice as possible when I’m around you, you always have some sort of snarky remark to make and that’s why I argue back. If you didn’t say anything you actually think I would waste my breath fighting with you? You’re not that special, Yoongi. You’re just an asshole that needs to be called out for it.”

“I just find you so fucking annoying,” he seethed. “The way you laugh so loud and obnoxiously, and the way you’re so overly affectionate towards your friends, you’re so needy and clingy it’s like your whole fucking life depends on them, and the way you talk, and just the fucking way you look, it bothers me so much. I don’t understand why anyone even likes you, there’s nothing there to like about you.

That one comment made your face drop, feeling an unexplainable amount of hurt from his insult.

Of all the things Min Yoongi had said to you, there was nothing more painful than hearing him say there was nothing likeable about you. You didn’t know if you would be as affected if any one else had said it, but deep down you knew you probably wouldn’t of taken it so personally.

You liked Yoongi, that was something you tried so hard to deny.

Hearing him say those words about you really cut deep, and he noticed that. The smirk on his face dropped as you remained silent, tears springing to your eyes as you turned away from the boy in front of you trying to wipe them away discreetly. You were thankful it was dark enough in Jungkook’s room that you hoped your emotions had gone unnoticed.

The moment those words left Yoongi’s mouth, he regretted it instantly. Of course he didn’t mean that. He adored your loud laugh, he didn’t think it was obnoxious at all. He adored the fact that you had so much love and care for your friends, always going out of your way for them, proving the kind heart you had. He adored the way you talked, how sweet your voice was. And he absolutely adored the way you looked. He thought you were the most beautiful girl to walk the planet.

But for some reason, he didn’t allow himself to tell you the truth, instead hurt you with all the lies spilling from his mouth.

“Y/n–” he began but you stopped it.

“Don’t, just, don’t say anything else. Please,” you sounded so defeated. You mentally cursed yourself for sounding so weak and upset. You didn’t want him to know how much his words hurt, how much it affected you. He would never let you live this down.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I didn’t–” he couldn’t find the right words to say to make it better; not that you expected him to.

“Obviously you meant it, I know how much you hate me.” you retaliated.

Fuck, y/n. I don’t hate you!” he returned with a heavy sigh.

“There’s no other reason why you would act like this if you didn’t.”

“No, no. You have it all wrong–” he exclaimed. “Fuck, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this..”

“Yoongi, please just don’t say anything else–”

–But I think I’m in love with you.

His words caught you off guard, expecting another insult to emit from his lips, but instead the opposite came out as you let out a small gasp. “What the fuck, Yoongi.” you exclaim.

“I know, I know. I just said something so fucked up to you. Now I’m confessing and shit and it’s just contradicting what I was saying before, but fuck, I know that I’m in love with you. I only acted like such an asshole this whole time because I didn’t want to tell you how you really made me feel. I don’t hate you, I never have. You’re the only girl I felt this way for, and it scared me shitless, but I’m in love with you and I have been for a long time. I think, I mean I don’t even know what being in love really feels like, but I’m pretty sure this is it. And I understand if you hate me. I would hate me, if I were you. Just because I told you this doesn’t mean you have to love me back or feel anything for me, I mean how can I actually expect you to feel the same–””

You shut him up instantly as you kissed him roughly, roughly but passionately and that same feeling of love erupted in the both of you as you felt his hands caressing your jaw in such an affectionate way.

“I’m in love with you too.” you spoke breathlessly once you pulled away.

“You don’t know how happy that makes me, y/n.” he said before smashing his lips onto yours once again, not wanting the moment to end. He gripped onto your waist, pulling you into him, savouring the taste of your lips.

You were both so caught up in the moment that you didn’t notice the clicking of the door, as it slowly opened, followed by a mortified scream from Jungkook as his voiced echoed throughout his house.

“I said make up, not make out!”

The moment Jin realizes he’s in love with you is from the very beginning, the first time he laid eyes on you.

Going to bars were never really his thing, nor yours – However, something told Jin that it was fate that brought you both there. It was a rare occurrence to see him lounging in the dimly lit space, a glass of coke in his hand as he eyed his group members fucking around. Being the eldest and most responsible, he made it his obligation to stay sober and watch over his friends to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

He sat at the bar toying with his fingers to stop the boredom from taking over as his eyes scanned the area. That was the moment his eyes landed directly to you, only a few feet away a glass of what he presumed to be a sex on the beach in your hand as you let out a heavy sigh.

He eyed you as he observed your features, and how incredibly attractive you looked to him. There was something about you that captivated him, he couldn’t explain the sudden feeling of gravitation towards you. He tried his best to ignore the rapid beating of his heart against his chest as he watched you take a small sip from your drink, tucking a strand of loose hair behind your left ear. Something about that gesture made his heart skip a beat. Confused, and slightly daze he couldn’t explain the amount of sudden infatuation he had with you.

There was nothing in his system that could ever give him this boost of confidence, it was simply just his personality that drew him to walk over and start up a conversation.

“Hi, is this seat empty?” he asked as you looked up at him in surprise.

“Y-yeah, it is.” you reply shyly.

She’s cute, Jin thought to himself as a small smile tugged at your lips.

“Um, so, I don’t mean to sound rude or anything,” you began. “But is there a reason why you came over to talk to me?”

Jin shrugged, “You looked like you could use some company, and I needed someone to talk to.”

“Oh so you came over because you pitied me?” you ask questioningly, a light laugh escaping your mouth.

“No–” Jin’s eyes widen as you let out another laugh.

“I was joking.” you exclaim as you see the boy heave a sigh of relief.

“Can I be honest with you?” he asked suddenly as you nodded. “I came over here because I thought you were really pretty, and I can’t explain it, something just kinda drew me to you.”

Your heart pounded at this boy’s words, there was no doubt in your mind that you found him attractive as well, but his actions surprised you to say the least. “Wow, you really aren’t into formalities are you? You just get straight to the point.”

“I may just be overly cocky but, you seem interesting.” he admitted, managing to flash a gorgeous smile as your heart clenched.

“Oh, well thank you,” you say a small blush forming on your cheeks. Extending your hand out, the boy shakes it as you exchange introductions.



“Would it be too soon to ask for your number?” he asked you as you shook your head.

“If this was anything other guy I’d say yes, but like you said, there’s something about you that interests me.” you say, grabbing a napkin from the table. You kindly asked the bartender for a spare pen as you scribble down your number, handing it to the boy.

The rest of the night was spent getting to know small details about each other, as you both got lost in your own world. You discovered how incredibly funny and kind he was, and how devoted he was to his friends, family, and most importantly his music. Along the way you were introduced to his band members who seemed far too drunk to stir up a proper conversation. The way Jin handled his younger friends was something you found really endearing, seeing the way he cared so much for them. You found out all the rest of his interests, and how big he was on eating, something you both cracked jokes about. Every little piece of information he shared about his life made you fall for him more and more.

For Jin, his interest in you sparked from the very start. But throughout the time he was able to get to know you, he realized at that very moment that he wanted more with you. You two had a lot of interests in common, and he was practically convinced you were his soulmate. Was it too soon? Maybe, but Jin could not focus on anything else but the fact that you intrigued him, and every part of you –  physically and personality wise was something Jin slowly started to love more and more.

I think I’m in love with you,” he jokingly said as you let out a small laugh.

Even though he said it in a joking manner, something in his heart told him that he meant it.

“All we’ve done is exchange numbers and plan one date and you’re already in love with me?” you teased, nudging him slightly.  

“You’re something else, y/n.” he exclaimed. “And who knows, maybe someday we’ll end up meaning it.”

Your heart fluttered hearing him say such flattering things to you, and you just knew that he was definitely gonna be the person who would stick around for you.

Although this was the beginning of something you couldn’t guarantee the outcome of, you felt it in your heart that he was the one. And even if Jin wouldn’t admit it to himself, in fear of feeling as though it was too soon to say, he definitely knew in his heart that you were the one for him too.

Pregame Personality AU (NDRV3)

Finally ! Finally I’m going to talk about this au that I love so much ! It’s kinda a fanfiction to itself but since I’ve never finished the fan fiction I wrote I’m going to talk about it here. Let’s go !

Part 2 of the au here, Part 3

WARNING ! : Contain major spoilers for the whole game !

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