no blue clothes anymore

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So dude-babe! I know you wanted pain but I have a funny malec headcanon for you first. Another game like their phone name one is the one where Magnus will magically poof Alec's shirt off. It started small where Alec would be getting dressed and just as he shirt comes on Magnus poofs it off. First he'd just take it and play keep away. Then he started moving it around the loft. It's escalated a bit. Alec has to be creative if he wants to get dressed and leave home on time now.

“Magnus, I have to go,” Alec says with a sigh, though he can feel the smile that’s threatening to betray him.

“Oh no,” Magnus says, voice dropping in faux concern as Alec emerges from the bedroom. “You seem to have lost your shirt.”

“Funny,” Alec deadpans, “because I could’ve sworn I just put it on.”

Magnus closes the distance between them and places a hand on Alec’s chest, still wearing his faux frown.

“Sounds like we may have a poltergeist,“ Magnus says. His hand traces subtle patterns where it rests over Alec’s heart. Alec doesn’t miss Magnus’s split second smirk when he feels it pick up under his touch.

Alec rolls his eyes and moves his own hand up to cover Magnus’s.

“I have to be to the institute in twenty minutes,” he says firmly.

“Then you should probably get dressed,” Magnus replies with an innocent smile.

Alec rolls his eyes again, but can’t help pressing a kiss to Magnus’s palm before he drops his hand to head back into the bedroom.

He grabs another t-shirt out of his drawer in Magnus’s dresser and has just barely pulled it over his head when it too disappears in a crackle of blue magic.