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Vogue Korea September Issue
Taeyang and his crew’s photoshoot
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Whizzer and Jason Headcannons

-I mean, they’re like best friends, but everyone already knows that.

-Whizzer ugly cried for an hour when Jason once accidentally called him dad. Then Whizzer proceeded to flip out because his face was all red and blotchy from the crying, he forced Marvin to go out and buy him some cucumbers for his puffy eyes.

-Whizzer once tried to teach Jason karate as self defense when Jason told him about a bully that was picking on him.

-Whizzer took Jason to pride with him because Marvin didn’t want to go, and now he takes Jason every year. It’s a tradition thing they have. 

-Whizzer and Cordelia always try to coax Jason into watching reality shows with them, and when he finally did watch an episode, he got really into it. 

-Whizzer and Jason make endless amounts of cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. It’s the main contents of Marvin’s fridge. 

-One time, Jason was on Whizzer’s laptop, being nosy, and he found gay porn. Jason has been traumatized ever since, and he couldn’t look at Whizzer for a week without blushing. He told Trina what happened, and Whizzer got screamed at. 

-Whizzer and Jason pull tons of pranks on Marvin. They put whip cream on his face when he’s sleeping, they once even put green hair dye in Marvin’s shampoo, and he got SO mad. This back lashed on Whizzer when Marvin put baby powder in his hair dryer. 

-Jason hid Whizzer’s hair products from him for a whole day and Whizzer literally sobbed when he couldn’t find them. Jason gave them back and apologized. 

-For Valentine’s Day, Whizzer helped Jason buy a gift for a girl he liked. When Jason got turned down by her, he and Whizzer ate ice cream on the couch and watched all of Jason’s favorite movies.

Prompt #194

anjalicarsten submitted: 

You’re in a world where the population is on a really strict sorta quota so if one person is born, another person has to die. You receive a letter in the mail saying that you are to die so your mother can give birth…

// DUDE //

yall: god i cant believe rick said reyna is straight! lebian reyna 5ever!! what a bigoted writer

literally what rick said: 

yall: he didnt even ask ACTUAL wlw how they see it

literally rick:

(and btw i’ve SEEN yall complain about this stereotype as well)

yall: doesn’t he realize lesbians can date men and still be lesbians?!?!


yall: rick didnt even apologize for it and he did the classic “it’s your fault you’re upset lol”

what rick actually said:


if you block me and i see you reblogging my posts there is a 99% chance I’ll block you just to be petty because?? why should you get to enjoy my creative genius and yet block me when i don’t even know you? hm? hM??