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RP Starters: Vampire
  • “When you’ve been alive for a couple of centuries, you kind of have to develop a different attitude towards life.”
  • “It’s daytime, you better have a good reason for waking me up while the sun is still shining.”
  • “I’d rather not dwell on the fact that I feel like drinking the blood of my best friend.”
  • “300 years of friendship ended in a single moment, and you ask if I’m okay?”
  • “At what point in the last century did humans forget what knocking was?”
  • “You are blood of my blood and all of that silly Bram Stoker mess.”
  • “I wouldn’t eat you if you were the last human on earth.”
  • “I gave you new life! And this is how you repay me?”
  • “How are you doing? Are you feeling…. bitey?”
  • “Does it hurt? You know… your… neck… thing.”
  • “I didn’t know whether I could tell you before.”
  • “Wait! You thought I was trying to eat you?”
  • “I have given you another chance at life.”
  • “We just need to get the blood off you.”
  • “Have you ever wanted to live forever?”
  • “You can smell my blood, can’t you?”
  • “No one can resist immortality.”
  • “Have you ever killed anybody.”
  • “I want to be with you forever.”
  • “No… I can smell your blood.”
  • “Where is your reflection?”
  • “What’s your blood type?”
  • “What does it smell like?”
  • “I’m not afraid you you.”
  • “Good. It smells good.”
  • “Can I turn into a bat?”
  • “You look… delicious.”
  • “Who’s blood is that?”
  • “Bite me. Please.”
  • “You killed me!”

Those who’ve been following Flynn’s story over the past couple of years will know how much that last photo means to me.

My little worrity bitey dog who is very attached to me but finds making any kind of physical contact so difficult. Flynn adores playing & training but I can’t cuddle, or pat or stroke him. Today, he was watching Barney snuggle up… & then Barney moved… & to my astonishment, Flynn got up & took his place, gently resting his head on my legs. He was looking a little uncertain about what to do next, so after I took a couple of photos, I showered him with treats & we carried on playing. A moment I’ll treasure :)

V smut

Masterlist Kim Taehyung

So this is a collection of my favorite imagines, one shots, and smut that I’ve enjoyed reading. (none of these links are mine. Will credit writers)

Daddy Tae by naughtykpopimagines

Tae’s First Time by naughtykpopimagines

Brother’s Best Friend  by naughtykpopimagines

Taekook Threesome by naughtykpopimagines

Keep Your Chin Up by jiminniemouse

Euphoria by btsmutimagines

All For You by more-than-fluff

You Started It! by more-than-fluff

Just One More by schmudt

Dinner Games by exobtssmutimagination

Apologies by ellieljade

Let Me Admire You by cuzimsickwithhope

Apologetic by yoongguksx

Outlines by seokline

Plane Ride by btsmuts

Sweet Dreams by parkjiminsprincess

The following is by bxngtansmut

“Wade and the Pom” - Digital Oil Painting

“Oh, sorry, there was only one shirt, I assumed it was for him… You don’t mind, do you?”

Obviously, this is Wade before the procedure that turned him into his final form. He named the dog ‘Crotchbiter,’ or Bitey for short.

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election update

just fed my cat some dry food oooh he loves some nice dry food yes he does yes you do yeah you crunch it right up with your healthy big boy jaws oh you are so good at eating oh do you want a scratch under your collar i think you do want a scratch under your collar yes you do you have a very lovely purr my little grey bitey boy