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Bts reaction to their s/o falling asleep in their lap:

Request: May I ask for a bts reaction when their s/o falls asleep in their lap and pulls his arm over them to hold the s/o

A/N: here ya go!


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He’s dying. You look cute and Seokjin is dying cuz look at my baby?? He really doesn’t want to wake you up but he can’t help but cover every inch of your face with gentle kisses.


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On the outside, he looks neutral like yeah my bae just fell asleep, big deal. On the inside: Oh my God the cutness is killing me. I cant stop looking. Omg the cute snore, I think I’m having a heart attack. Eventually he’ll lose it and start gently caressing your face.


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Okay so Hobi now realized that you already fell asleep right? And he’s overwhelmed with sudden affection that his eyes started dropping as well, so he would slowly and carefully slide his body so he could wrap his body around yours and the warmth and your gentle breathing will slowly make him fall asleep next to you.

Rap Monster:

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He will wake you up. He tried staying still, but he failed. So when you jolted out of his lap at the loud crash he somehow managed to make while sitting down, he will apologize and ask you to please go back to sleep because he loved it.


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This moment must be cherished, so when you woke up the next morning and somehow found his phone at it’s maximum storage capacity with all your pictures, it didn’t come as a a surprise. His excuse was “you looked so peaceful I couldn’t let it go”

V/ Taehyung:

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As soon as he noticed that you weren’t replying to him and you chest was heaving steadily on the couch, he pushed the hair out of your face and felt a sudden rush of love he couldn’t explain. He smiled to himself as he gently caressed your body and when he couldn’t take it anymore he pulled you closer so he could wrap his arms around you and snuggle his face in your hair.


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Kookie will chuckle to himself at first, not paying much attention to the matter. But when you started slowly shifting in his lap, your body becoming warmer with sleep, he kinda noticed how adorable the whole situation was. He will kiss you awake before carrying you to bed for a more comfortable sleep.

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What would make the chocobros cry? Or how often do they cry? Or both?

Aww this makes me emotional ;A;

Noctis strikes me as someone who would cry pretty often, but he’d try to hide it (and fail) because he’s such a shy and awkward lil baby. In terms of what would make him cry, obviously his father *cue sobbing* and all the nightmares he has. He wakes up a lot in the middle of the night crying, but his s/o is always there to comfort him and hold him until he falls back asleep. 9 times out of 10 he’s open to talking to his s/o about it later, but there are some things he’s not sure how to talk about or he doesn’t want to unload all of it on them.

Prompto also seems like he would cry a lot, but unlike Noctis he wouldn’t try to hide it. He’s very open with his emotions like when he was on the roof with Noct kill me and (most times) he’s quick to confess to his s/o or any of the other chocobros what’s bothering him. He’d cry over aLL THE THINGS. Like cute animals, or his cute s/o. He’d cry at the memories of him being experimented on as an MT, and feeling inferior to the rest of the group make it stoooop.

Gladio barely cries, but when he does it’s a big deal. Not that he’s not human and he doesn’t have emotions, it’s just he controls them better than most people. Things that would make him cry would be seeing his s/o or one of the chocobros dying fuck my life I kinda hate this question I’m sorry or (if it had happened) his s/o at their wedding because they looked so damn beautiful and he was wondering how he got so lucky????

Ignis is about the same as Gladio, but when he cries I feel like it’s more personal like when he lost his vision. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuccccckkkkkk. That’s one of the only things I can really imagine him crying about, because he’d feel so guilty that the chocobros and his s/o would have to take care of him so much from then on. Although I can see him crying about his s/o in general if they were extremely sick, or were unwell physically or mentally. He’d want nothing but the best for his s/o and anything short of that would make him tear up.

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Dipdop babysitting an infant as a part of a deal. He blows a raspberry in their tummy and makes them squeal with laughter, feeds them, gives them a bath. Their guardian comes home with his payment decided at the summoning and as they watch, he gives the baby one last big sniff before leaving, "mmmmm nothing like that new human smell."

Well you just killed mod s from sheer and utter cute