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Just This

Square Filled: Cuddling
Ship: Sam x Reader
Rating: Teen
Warnings/Tags: Smidge of Angst, Low Self-Esteem, Fluff
Word Count: 579
Summary: Sam comforts the reader when they feel worthless
A/N: Written for @spnkinkbingo and for @samsgoddess as part of my 2K Kinky Celebration Drabbles who requested a Sam x Reader with the prompt “The accident wasn’t her fault”


It made you feel like a five-year-old while Dean scolded you. His gruff voice easily drowning out Sam’s polite comments to stop being aggressive with you. You knew Dean didn’t mean it, that he was just grumpy about the situation about his now maxed-out credit card.

It wasn’t a big deal, you knew that.

How were you supposed to know you’d get so spooked by a cat and knock down the entire shelf of antiques while the guys were interviewing the shop owner? It still hurt, though. How could you ever be a kick-ass hunter when you couldn’t even walk into a store without destroying everything?

You managed to keep quiet on the drive back to the motel, bottling up your feelings. When you finally entered your room, all your inner negativity screamed at you… that is until you heard the guys yelling at each other.

“The accident was wasn’t her fault!” Sam bellowed at Dean, his voice echoing through the paper thin walls of the motel. Your body froze in place listening to the brothers yell at each other in the next room.

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Seokjin - 

Cute, cute, cute! It quickly became Seokjin’s mission to protect you from the big scary world. He never tip toed around, he always made sure you could hear him and came up beside you rather than behind you. He handled everything that you deemed too scary and was the one to deal with spiders when they made the mistake of coming into your line of vision. Overall he’d just be working to make you feel safe in your home. While also cooing about how cute you are.

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Yoongi -

Honestly he’d scare you without meaning to. He would just be walking along quietly and turn the corner the same time as you and make you jump out of your skin. He never did it on purpose but always laughed when you got scared. He’d handle bugs or stop others from scaring you, but overall Yoongi didn’t find you being a scaredy-cat a big deal. If people tried to tease you over it he’d be right there to shoo them off.

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Hoseok -

He would do his best to tone down his loudness for your sake. Seeing you jump every time he shouted made him feel guilty. Hoseok wanted to coddle you because you always looked so cute. He’d never put you into situations that intentionally scare you, he wanted to be your support. He’d scare you sometimes without meaning to like not announcing his presence in the room before coming up to hug you but he’d trying at least.

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Namjoon -

Practically, if you were afraid of something you had to get used to it. This was no exception. He would try to help you build up a stronger resistance against things that frightened you. If there was a spider, you were going to have to be the one to handle it or you were just going to have to accept that it was a new roommate. Every time you faced something that scared you he’d be right beside you with kisses and praise. Namjoon viewed every effort you put out to be a step of improvement.

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Jimin -  

Man oh man he’s not the one to date if you’re scared easily. He would be relentless in his teasing. Any time you screamed when jumped out at you would have him rolling on the floor laughing. He found your scared face to be so cute and if he scared you, you would never notice the things that frightened him! His main reason was because Jimin can be a scaredy-cat himself so if you got most of the teasing he was okay with that. You just need to get him somewhere up high to watch him squirm.

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Taehyung -

He was afraid of things too, so he didn’t think it was anything to be ashamed of. He was a full grown man who still got nervous about heights, so why couldn’t you be afraid of things? Every now and then he would tease you, just because you always looked so cute when you were flustered but overall he’d leave you alone about what scared you. Taehyung did want to see you handle things better but didn’t feel it was his place to push you.

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Jungkook -

You made it too easy. This little devil would take any chance to freak you out. He’d be hiding in the closet, sneak up behind you while you were carrying something, he was a MENACE. But lord help anyone else who tried, because would get furious if anyone else teased you. When you were really scared and had enough of his games he would stop and begin to comfort you. Jungkook may have been a brat but he did love you, so at the end of the day he’d always be looking out for you.

The Music and the Mirror (15/?) Cat/Kara


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What a lovely day for a photoshoot.

Just tie your woman to your wrist
Give her room to tie the other  
The National - Guest Room

Kara arrives a little after 9, practically sneaking along the corridor to the studio. Inside there’s already contained chaos - sheets draped on the few surfaces and various bits of rigging being moved in front of the mirrors, only to be covered with even more white sheets.

Luckily, Susan spots Kara first.

“Come on, kid. Let’s turn you into a glam ballerina.”

“Is Cat-”

“Still in her office, so enjoy the peace while it lasts. She’s on a tear this morning, and there aren’t enough bodies in today for us to use as a shield.”

“This isn’t a big deal, right?” Kara can’t help the nervous giggle. “I mean, it looks like a big deal but it’s just a couple of shots to put in with a bunch of other ones, that’s all.”

“I sure as shit hope not,” says a deeper voice from behind them. “Christ, Vasquez. I hope you’ve got something planned for this one. I don’t do ‘wallflower’ as a concept.”

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Oh, you want art? @abydosdork has you covered: ARRRRRRT

15 PROMPTS PT 6 (Sentences)
  1. “I thought you knew.”
  2. “This was the best day ever.”
  3. “I can’t believe you’re back here.”
  4. “I felt bad so I got up and made you breakfast.” 
  5. “Can we start this whole day over?”
  6. “Of course I’m right, I’m always right.”
  7. “I wasn’t late, a cat tried to kill me and made me late!”
  8. “You nearly killed me, tell me how that’s not a big deal.”
  9. “I’m not stuck, just help me.”
  10. “But that’s my favorite shirt!”
  11. “To be honest, I really hate how this tastes.” 
  12. “Your music sucks and you suck, get over it.”
  13. “We can, you know, go together if that’s a thing you’d like.”
  14. “I’m not sorry, this isn’t an apology, I’m just being nice so you shut up!”
  15. “Alright, I lied, I’m not in a band. But I do think you’re cute!”
Imagine Simon telling you he caught you and Raphael kissing

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“…No, you didn’t.” You said.
“Oh yes I did. Part of me kinda wishes I hadn’t but I did.” Simon said.
Simon had just told you he had caught you and Raphael kissing which let the cat (being your relationship) out of the bag.
“Raphael is gonna kill me.” You whined.
“Eh?” Simon’s eyebrow rose “it’s not that big of a deal.”
“No you don’t understand, he’s gonna kill you, then he’s gonna kill me.” You cried. “Magnus needs to take me to somewhere like Peru now.”
“… Magnus is banned from Peru.” Simon said.
“Wait what?”

Headcanons on Varok/ his subspecies

-He is a desert galra.

-Thus he loves warm places and easily gets cold.

-He supposed to have a tail, like a caracal cat, so middle length, but it got cut off by fis father since it was in his way whenever he tried to experiment on him. He nut just simply cut it though he surgically removed it to he don’t have a snag

.He feels phantom pain though. mostly when he is very happy and he would wag it. He learned to deal with it.

.-Desert galra usually have spotted markings. striped markings counted as halfblood and get shamed.

-Desert galra are really snooty and selfish. 

-They don’t enjoy being in big groups. Mostly wander alont or with small family ( parens and child/s/)

-Rarely borns more than one kit in one family

being married to wanda:

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  • Wanda was one of those girls who’s always dreamed of her future.
    • Two-story house, a backyard with space for gardening
    • No less than two kids (one seems lonely - she loved her brother dearly.)
    • A pet (cat or dog or whatever she just wants an animal.)
  • The wedding is small but is a Big Deal.
    • Tony pays for everything and recommends caterers.
    • Natasha bounces between the two of you as the de facto planner and the Maid of Honour.
    • Steve walks Wanda down the aisle, filling in for her absent father/brother.
  • You volunteer together in the community in your downtime, at the local SPCA or library.
    • It’s a bit jarring to the locals to see two Avengers cooing over the animals.
    • (Though TBH if your faces weren’t plastered over the news every other week they would think you’re the cutest couple on the block.)
    • (You are known as the cutest and scariest couple on the block.)
  • Road trips. Road trips galore.
    • Going to other countries take a lot of time and planning but throwing some snacks and a cooler into the trunk? That’s right up your alley.
    • The furthest you’ve ever gotten was Missouri before turning back, the eighteen hour drive filled with confused directions and laughter.
  • You teach each other how to cook the meals you grew up with, sometimes bringing the leftovers to the tower when you make too much.
  • Remember that pet Wanda wanted?
    • After weeks of talking about getting a pet, she comes home one day with a tabby and a car full of cat supplies.
    • She gets a customized bowl and collar for her, and dotes.
  • TL;DR it’s really cute and everything is great.

This is for my buddy my pal @local-goner I’m sorry this is so late and I owe you so many fics but I will eventually get to it and this prompt is awesome so I hope I don’t mess it up. This is basically gonna be andreil dealing with being sick. 

 •Okay so Neil ‘I’m fine’ Josten has no concept of sick days. He has been on the run since he was a kid and before that he lived with Nathan so he just thinks that being sick is not a big deal usually his mom just shoved antibiotics towards him and they kept doing what they were doing
• So this one day he comes back from his morning run and Andrew is making breakfast and the one of the cats clings to Neil as soon as he steps into the door and Neil is really happy
• But also as soon as he steps in he starts coughing and its that really-bad-from-the-chest-sounds-like-youre-dying-cough
• And Andrew just looks over and raises an eyebrow
• And Neil almost says I’m fine before he stops himself and he’s like it’s just a fever
• And Andrew just stares at him and is like how are you out of bed?
• And Neils like I’m okay I can play
• And of course there’s no chance Andrew would allow that so he calls Kevin and Kevin is like yup Josten is not allowed at practice because a) the team may get infected and b) if Neil stays at home he recovers faster but also c) he doesn’t want to die by Andrews hands by denying Neil sick days off
• Andrew just shoves Neil into their room and is like you don’t get to go out till you’re all better(I’m using like too much bear with me)
• Neil is bored af 
• So he just puts on exy matches on the laptop the junkie
• Andrew sees and is like 278% 
• Till he finds a better way to make Neil busy 
• (By making him play awful two player games with Andrew like skywire and gravity guy, what were you thinking?)
• And yeah they just spend the day in bed and Andrew orders Chinese and they actually watch sappy rom-coms because Neil’s brain cannot handle anything with even a vague plot right now. And Neil gets better really soon.
•  (This got so long omg but wait there’s more we still have to do my angry smol son)
• Andrew has always loved sick days in a way because no matter what family he was with sick days meant he got left alone and people cared about him for a little while (also the step brothers stayed away because they did not want to catch whatever he had(Andrew had tried to lie to them about it to stay safe but they always caught him at it and that’s how Andrew learned how to lie ))
• Anyways
• Andrew is the kind of grumpy sick that cannot bear any kind of light when hes sick
•Its like pull down the curtains, turn off the lights and leave me alone
• But he’s also the kind of sick where it seems like the person is high and he would ask the weirdest shit
• “Neil, if tomato is a fruit because it has seeds is cucumber one too?”
• “ Neil, do you think cats know they have 9 lives?”
• “Neil, what if deja vu happens because you’re travelling through alternate universes without realising it?”
• “Neiiil”
• and Neil finds it endearing af
• But Neil also doesn’t know how to take care of someone when they’re sick so he does what he always does when hes confused
• he checks it up on google(the nerd)
• And he ends up making Andrew soup (the kitchen is such a great mess by the end) and they spoon if Andrew is willing for it
• And Sometimes Neil would read to Andrew because he knows Andrew is a big nerd
•And Andrew absolutely hates it
• And none of the foxes know how sappy these two idiots get when they’re sick

Wow this got long but hope you liked it

it’s like 2 AM so have some KenHina headcanons. they’re bad, don’t judge me

• Literally the cutest and purest couple ever

• Hinata’s buying anything with cat patterns on it because it’s reminding him of Kenma, like he gets a lot of presents form Hinata.

• Sometimes Kenma is losing at video games on purpose just because he loves seeing Hinata happy.Everybody knows that Kemna lets him win.Everybody exept Hinata.

• Hinata has pretty skilled hands and can brade really good because of Natsu, of course he’s braiding Kenma’s hair a lot. He’s also the only one who can touch and play with Kenma’s hair, which is a pretty big deal.

• Really long cuddle sessions with Kenma laying on Hinata and playing video games or just enjoying each other’s company. 

• Kenma being a literal cat and making cute noises when Hinata’s stroking his hair or back.

• Every time they see each other after a long time, there are long and tight hugs with muffled “i missed you”s.

• They also have skype dates, but most of the time the’re practice or school so that’s a special thing. But they text and phone a lot.

ye, that’s it. i should go to bed, bye. maybe i’ll post gender and sexuallity hcs later, if anybody wants so see them.

Things you should know

-Mental illnesses are not not “cool” or “cute”.

-You aren’t a cat in a human body.

-No matter what the colour of your skin is you still deserve respect.

-No matter what your sexuality is you still deserve respect.

-Men can experience the same problems that women do.

-If someone draws/writes something that offends you, just scroll past and forget about it. It’s not a big deal.

-Being a cis white male does not make you a bad person.

Feel free to add anything I missed.