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Table Disaster

“Um..” Justin attempts to speak in shock.

“You’re okay. I’ts okay. Don’t move I’m going to get paper towels.” You say attempting to stay calm.


“Justin I think you have the wrong piece.” You say laughing at him.

Justin looks up at you clueless and shrugs.

You and Justin we’re currently sitting on the kitchen floor of your new house attempting to put together the kitchen table you had just purchased.

“I literally have no clue what I’m doing here babe.” Justin says in defense.

Reaching over to grab the instructions out of the box you laugh at Justin struggling to find the screw that he lost.

Looking up from the instructions to attempt to explain the next step to Justin you notice something falling from the corner of your eye. In a panic you hold the paper over your head in an attempt to use the instructions as a shield. Looking up you notice the glass chandelier has fallen from the ceiling. Looking over at Justin you notice his arm covered in blood.

“Um..” Justin attempts to speak in shock.

“You’re okay. I’ts okay. Don’t move I’m going to get paper towels.” You say attempting to stay calm.

“I think you should get a towel instead.” Justin says standing up from the floor attempting to seem calm.

“Is it that bad?” You ask handing Justin the paper towel.

As you look around you notice a pile of blood on the floor and blood all over Justin’s pants and arm.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to look, but it looks like someone was murdered in here.” He finally replies after a long pause.

“Justin get your stuff and I’ll get a towel I think we need to go to the hospital.” You say calmly.

“Yeah that might be a good idea.” Justin replies

Running back down the stairs with a towel in your hand you see Justin has made his way to the front door and is ready to go.

“Does it hurt?” You ask.

“I don’t know I cant feel my hand.” He says slowly.

Placing the towel on Justin’s arm you look up noticing how pale he looks.

“Hey it’s okay just a scratch.” You lie knowing how bad Justin is with blood.

“You’ll be fine.” You say opening the door and walking to the car.


Once you arrive at the hospital you don’t need to wait long after telling the nurse what had happened.

“I feel like I’m gonna pass out.” Justin finally says breaking the silence.

“Just don’t look at it. You’ll be okay.” You say throwing him a weak smile.

Not long after the doctor comes in and explains that Justin will need stitches. Justin does not seem impressed by this statement. “I’m just going to numb the area and that’s the only part you will feel.” The doctor reassures.

“Luckily there isn’t much damage after some stitches you’ll be all set to go.” He adds.

Justin closes his eyes leaning up against the bed.

“Deep breath. You’ll be okay.” You say reaching for his hand to comfort him.

“Alright, you should be numb now. I’m going to clean out the cut now just to prevent infection and make sure there’s no glass left in there.” The doctor announces.

Justin nodes slightly his eyes still closed.

“Okay, the only thing left is stitches, we’re almost done.” The doctor informs you and Justin.

After a couple minutes the doctor wipes off Justin’s arm and stand up.

“Alight, we’re all done. You can go home now.”

Once the doctor leaves the room Justin opens his eyes and looks at you.

“It really wasn’t that bad, I really think you over reacted.” He says in a sarcastic tone.

“Let’s get home.” You say rolling your eyes.

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Kindness isn't Forgotten

Requested: Could you write a Teen wolf fic where the group doesn’t really appreciate/take the reader’s kindness and caring nature for granted. And one day the reader snaps at them and the group realizes they fuck up. The reader is super nice and super caring about everyone. They don’t have a evil bone in their body, so they never says harsh things.

Warnings: violence, harsh language (let me know if you catch anything else!)
Rated: PG-13 (language)

Scott called you and Stiles for a pack meeting and needed your presence ASAP. You and Stiles bolt out the door and hop in his jeep. Stiles attemped to start the jeep about 3 times.. *THUD* *THUD* *THUD* “Damn it! Jeep is out again.” Stiles exclaims. You look at him startled. “Y/N, start the jeep when I holler.” you pursed your lips hoping he would chill the hell out. A few moments passed which consisted of clanging from his tools. “Start it!” He yells. You attempt to start but it refuses, “Stiles, it’s not budging.” You hear him take a huge huff and puff, more tools clanging and Stiles curse words slipping every now and then. “K, start it again.” You start the ignition, hoping this time it will actually start. Once again, the haggard vehicle refuses. You breath deep, “Stiles, we should just–” “Just start the damned jeep again, Y/N!!!” Stiles yells at you, you jump due to his unnecessary fury scaring the shit out of you. You start it again out of fear. Stiles slams his wrench on the ground, “fuck this.” He slams the hood, you hurry to get in the passenger seat. Stiles hops in the driver’s seat combing his fingers through his dark hair. You speak up with a slightly shaky voice, “Why don’t we just take your car?” He raises his eyebrows with thought and gets out the jeep, “Hell, you could’ve told me this earlier.” You sigh, “Yeah, I should’ve huh?” You go inside and grab your keys from the counter then head to your car, Stiles following. You sit in the driver’s seat and slam your door. Your backpack had become visible in the corner of your eye, reminding you of the extra bio notes you made for Malia. You finished them earlier before school, relieving your stress. “You alright?” Stiles asks with disbelief, “Fine.” you say, pulling out the driveway with tension in your jaw and your white knuckles on the steering wheel.
You arrive at Scott’s house, the others have already made it there. Stiles is already at the front door before you even took the key out of ignition. You roll your eyes due to his obliviousness, grabbing your backpack out of the back seat. You step foot in the kitchen to see Lydia showing Malia something on her laptop. You place your backpack near the counter next to them, digging through and pulling Malia’s notes out. “Hey Malia, here’s the extra notes for bio you need.” She looks at you with abnormal confusion, “I don’t need extra notes?” You look at her with a blank stare, “Malia.. you have a 54 F in bio..” “No, it’s a 80 C now. I got extra help after I told you.” You look at the ground, stroking your face. “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier before I made all this?” She looks back at the laptop, dodging a lecture. “Y/N, did you research about the french historyq and wolfsbane at any time, we’re onto something.” Lydia asks. “No, i’m sorry. I was caught up with–” Lydia sighs, “You had one job, you know?” You frown at the ground and walk away then out of Scott’s house, slamming the door. The pack looks around at each other with wide eyes. “I’ll go talk to her.” Scott says with assurance. You were sitting on the steps, with your face in your palms. You hear footsteps behind you and a hand suddenly rubbing your shoulder, “Hey” Scott says with comfort in his voice. “What’s going on? You can talk to me.” You breath and look at Scott, “A lot.” “We all have a lot going on, you’re not alone.” Scott says. “It’s not about that, Scott! It’s not” You raise your voice. Lydia, Malia, and Stiles heard you then you hear the creak of the door. You turn around to see them, “Is everything ok?” Stiles asks with suspicion. “NO, Stiles! It’s not okay. NOTHING is okay. I have been treated like everyone’s bitch ever since I joined this pack. I’ve been here for 3 or 4 fucking years!!.” You yell the point to the ground to solidify your statement. All you could hear were cricket chirps. “I’m SICK and TIRED of it. Just because i’m too nice doesn’t give you all the right to take that as an advantage!” They all look down at the ground with disgrace and embarrassment. “Stiles?? You’re always a literal ass to me and I always take your shit. but if I do the slightest thing like not start the jeep when you say, God forbid!!” He rubs his face, looking away from you. “Malia! You don’t think twice about anyone but yourself! I went out of my way to help you, skipped A CLASS for fucks sakes!” you say a tear shedding. “And Lydia, why do you always jump to conclusions before you hear my real story? I always listen to yours even if they’re not believable some of the time. I just– you know what, just leave me be. IM DONE.” You stormed to your car and shoved the key in ignition and drove away, tears pouring down your face like a waterfall. You finally make it home and crash on the couch for the night, it was the farthest you could make it after all.
The next morning, you woke up in your bed. You look around confused, “I am sure I crashed on the couch last night.” Suddenly you smell the scene of fresh waffles and bacon. “Who is here?” you whisper to yourself. You get comfortable clothes on and sneak downstairs. You smile in shock and disbelief.. the pack was downstairs, waiting. Lydia and Stiles were making breakfast. “Holy shit.. you’re kidding me.” you whispered. Scott heard you and met you at the end of the stairs, leading you to the counter. “We’re not.” He gives you a puppy smile. Stiles serves the bacon burning himself several times in the process while lydia places a pretty plate with an aesthetic waffle with your favorite fruit on top right in front of you. “What are you doing all this for?” You smile big at all of them. “We want to say we’re sorry.” Malia places a glass of orange juice next to you. Lydia slips off her oven mitts facing you, “We all had a heart to heart talk last night and realized we’ve been the bitches.” “Y/N.. you’re basically the glue of our pack, you always help no matter the circumstance, you always have a warm smile on your face no matter how negative the situation. You give us hope but we were reckless and oblivious.” Malia puts her arm around your shoulders and gives you a big hug, squeezing you a bit too tight, “Malia I like your hugs but please try to remember, i’m human.” you chuckle. “You’re the best human a pack could ask for.” She says sweetly. Lydia walks around to hug you as well, then Scott wraps his arms around you. Suddenly, you all hear Stiles humming “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. He turns around with a cheeky smile. “Get over here, biebs.” you laugh. He runs over and you all have one big group hug, “I love you guys.” You tell them. You start to tear up a bit. They all let go then Stiles rubs his thumb on your cheek, wiping your tears away, you look at him smiling. He gives you his usual motivational thumbs up and wink, “U smile, I smile.” You playfully punch him, “You’re such a dork.” Lydia laughs, “Tell me about it.”

Justin Bieber Twitter Pack


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