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A quick little blurb about biting bum’s and scorching heat and whiplash that leaves you breathless. Hope you all enjoy it!


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It’s hot and you swear your brain has just about turned to mush with the sweltering heat that comes from the bright sun up in the Hawaiian sky.

Your skin is glowy from all the vitamin D but you feel hot and sticky and uncomfortable and desperate to get rid of the sweat and the suncream and the sand that cling to your body.

Your body drowns in immediate relief when, after waiting for your boyfriend to shower, you finally get your turn to slide under the almost cold spray. It’s refreshing and so satisfying to feel and watch everything that was making you feel sticky and gross slide away down the drain, your head immediately clearer once your head feels the fresh water soak up your hair.

You and Harry had been out all day long and now, when the sun had gone down a bit but enough to cool the room you both had booked, you two had decided a night inside was all you needed. Room service and Netflix and a good cuddle - three things you’ve been craving ever since he’d dragged you out early in the morning for a workout and then a day at the beach.

When you finish, renewed and smelling fresh, you stalk into the bedroom only to find Harry at the brink of consciousness. His hair is wet and flopping all over the place and his long legs are spread wide as he clutches the pillow on your side of the bed, his nose burrowed into it, eyes closed as he enjoys a peaceful nap.

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Harry was a health freak. Everyone knew that! He was obsessed with anything related to green juice, protein shakes, vegan substitutes… The one time he let himself go was when he made a batch of nice cream - Which was literally just a frozen banana blended up. You, on the other hand… That was a whole other story. You could survive if the world’s kale supply disappeared. You could survive on pizza, pasta, tacos… Anything that was high in carbs, you were rooting for. (No one really knew how you two started dating. It seemed like the opposites attract theory was actually real in your guys’ case.) It always baffled Harry whenever he’d watch you spoon mouthfuls of sugary cereal into your mouth while he sipped at his breakfast smoothie.

“Good morning!” You chirped, popping a kiss to Harry’s cheek before making your way to the cabinet. You were in the mood for a hearty bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Cinnamon Toast Crunch always made you work more productively. 

“Morning.” Harry hummed, his spoon clinking against the sides of his mug as he stirred his butter into the coffee. He was currently bandwagoning on a new trend - ‘Bullet coffee’, as he called it, was disgusting in your eyes. Who the hell would want to drink a cup of lard-flavoured coffee in the morning? 

“How’s your coffee?” You turned back to glance at Harry before rummaging through the cabinet for your cereal. Odd. Very odd. You swore you bought a new box last week - and it was the huge family sized one too so you couldn’t have finished it in the span of five-ish days - but for some reason, it wasn’t there. The rest of your cereal wasn’t there either. Your Fruity Pebbles, your Cocoa Puffs, your Cap’n Crunch… All gone! In their places were cereals such as Cheerio and cornflakes - And they weren’t even the glazed kinds! 

“S’good. Yeh lookin’ for something?” You shut the cabinet doors, flipping around to give your boyfriend a pointed look. “No cereal today?” 

“What did you do?” You scowled, walking over to lean against the kitchen counter. “Where’s all my cereal?”

“I’m not sure. But since your cereal supply is gone, and since you’re a breakfast person who currently has no breakfast…” Harry paused, pulling out three apples out of nowhere with a wide grin on his face. “How about them apples?” 

“Wha- where were you hiding those?” You furrowed your brows in confusion, Harry shrugging casually before raising the apples up a little. 

“C’mon, give them a try. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, y’know.” Harry smiled when you reluctantly took one of the apples from him. It was a success! Finally, you were going to eat something healthy for breakfast. “They’re much better than your Apple Jacks.” 

“At least my Apple Jacks taste better.” You frowned, pouting at the apple in your hand before you thought of something. “Ah, I know!” Harry watched as you walked over to the fridge and rooted through some things before- 

No. Y/N, no!” Harry whined, letting out a groan and holding the remaining two apples up. “I jus’ wanted you to have apples, not apples with bloody caramel sauce on top!” 

“You’re the one who took my cereal away, so it’s technically your fault.” You shrugged, drizzling some of the sauce on the apple before taking an obnoxious type. “I might eat an apple for breakfast every day! Aren’t you proud of me?”

“You’re impossible.” 


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Emoji reviews: bats

Much better shading than other Apple efforts. And the side profile tells me this is an active bat. A bat with somewhere to be. 4/5

Very straightforward. Definitely a bat. Not very friendly though. 3/5

The black outline says “I love the night”, but everything else says “It’s 4:30 on a Friday afternoon and I can’t be bothered.” Falling a bit too close to the flying squirrel end of the spectrum. 2/5

The brief said “bat”. Not “old piece of leather”. 0/5

A tiny friend! Very loveable and he’s obviously excited to see you. 5/5

Friendly, but a bit too simplistic. Where are his legs? How will he sleep with no legs for hanging? 3/5

Wavers between being a bit too realistic and not enough. Needs to buck up and take himself more seriously. 1/5

A cheeky individual with a devil-may-care attitude. Refuses to follow the crowd. 4/5

LOOK AT THAT FLUFF!! My new best friend. I love him and want him to come home with me. 10/5

Almost Avengers | Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Super!Reader

part two / masterlist

You had always been a diligent student, consistently getting As and being put in honors classes. After being uprooted from your last town, you were finally settling into your new town, the people, the school, and the atmosphere. It was quiet, cozy, and safe.

You could imagine the disappointment when you found out you were moving again. Had you been discovered again? Had someone found out about your powers? You looked back on your memories and found no situation even close to being discovered.

And yet you found yourself packing. Your father, a CIA agent working close with the government always kept an eye out for your whereabouts. He knew about your powers and was dedicated to keeping you safe, hence the frequent moving.

He remembered the call he got that simultaneously scared him to death and thank the heavens you would finally be safe. “Agent Y/L/N, this is Steve Rogers, I have a few things to discuss with you.”

You remembered the conversation with your dad. “It’s the last time for a long time. You won’t be staying with me but I’ll always be one call away. Mr. Rogers and Mr. Stark have promised to keep you safe and that’s all I could ever ask for. I know it’ll be weird and hard, but I hope you see this is the best I can do.”


Queens, the opposite of your quiet little town, was bustling with people. You wanted to move to Manhattan to be closer to Stark towers but Mr. Stark decided otherwise, something about another youngster living here already.

You had a new school, Midtown School of Science and Technology, and a new home, Stark Towers. It was surreal and you could not believe it yourself. You had yet to actually see any avengers because you had been so busy moving and settling that everyone else always missed you by a couple minutes.

You were munching on an apple when you first used your powers again. “Hey kiddo,” the one and only Tony Stark said as he entered the kitchen with his famous smirk and shades. You had not expected anyone to be home so you found that your hands had already assumed battle stance, pointing at Tony.

You visibly relaxed as Mr. Stark laughed. “C'mon, show me a sneak peek before show and tell later with the whole group.” You smiled and set down your apple. Your powers were teleportation, shooting energy beams, and manipulating shadows. It was quite the resume but you figured it was better more than none.

You threw the apple into the air, shot an energy beam at it then teleported to the other side of the room and caught it before it could break the glass wall. Tony clapped and smiled at you. “Rogers was right. F.R.I.D.A.Y. go and wake the others, it’s showtime.”

Slowly, the rest of the team entered the room, some were half-asleep and some were wide awake. You glanced at the clock, 7 in the morning, understandable. You introduced yourself and shook hands with everyone. You gave them a small show of your powers and they were clearly impressed.

Meeting all of them left a funny feeling in your stomach. Seeing Steve, Bucky, Sam, Scott, Tony, Natasha, Wanda, Clint, Vision, and Bruce cemented the fact that you were no longer in hiding, or at least not completely alone in hiding.

“Mr. Stark, Happy has arrived with Mr. Parker,” FRIDAY announced and Mr. Stark had them sent up. “So Y/N, has the hamster cage been okay?” Captain Rogers joked. “Oh by hamster cage, do you mean multi-million tower powered completely on its own and filled with the world’s best defence, brilliance, and inventions?” Mr. Stark retorted. “Definitely a hamster cage,” Natasha chuckled.

“It’s been amazing Mr. Stark. I can’t thank you enough,” you were not the most emotional person but you were so filled with gratitude that you were willing to set aside your sarcastic nature for a bit. “Now don’t go all soft on me.” He warned and you laughed.

You were about to say a witty reply when the elevator doors dinged open. Happy, someone you met when you first moved in, walked in with someone behind him. “Oh, great! Just in time to meet Y/N,” Steve said with a warming smile. The brunette boy blushed as he saw you, “h-hi, I’m Peter, Peter Parker.” “Y/N Y/L/N. Nice to meet you.” You shook hands before Tony escorted you both to his lab.

“Alright kiddos, It’s not Christmas but it may as well be. Don’t go around breaking your presents alright?” He said before revealing two amazingly advanced suits. You turned to Peter, eyes wide with excitement. You had tried multiple suits in the past but nothing this exciting. Peter’s eyes were as wide as yours and you both ran towards your respective suits.

“Thanks Mr. Stark! I promise I’ll take care of it!” Peter said, eyes still staring at the new suit. “I’ll leave you to it. Don’t break anything!” Tony said before leaving the pair to revel with their new outfits. “I guess this means we’re avengers,” she smirked.


Wow, I am so excited to write this. Hope you liked it! I’ll probably make this a series :))

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How do you think Showki parent MX ? Like is Kihyun a strict Mom or a cool Mom ? Does Shownu always make bad Dad jokes ?

shownu is 100% a bbq dad who stands in front of the grill and dances to the hit new songs and intentionally and unintentionally embarrasses his children, and kihyun is the stricter one who goes to all the pta meetings and argues with susan bc his apple cobbler was better than hers and she shouldn’t have won first place in the county fair bake off

Emoji Movie

Good End: the movie goes more or less unnoticed by the mainstream and just kind of flops quietly and forgettably like many other movies like this

True End: the movie just barely manages to turn profit, we spend a good 4 or 5 months with everything plastered in promotional material for this movie but otherwise it has no lasting impact other than the characters showing up on graphic tees aimed at elementary schoolers for the next year or so

Bad End: The movie does way better than expected, apple and android both change their actual emojis to permanently look like these hellish characters and emojis IMMEDIATELY become culturally irrelevant forever, prematurely ending an era

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Ok but what pair was he wearing today


which is driving me nuts bc it was the pair i was considering buying for @amazinmango instead of the other orange pair i got him (orange is his fav colour). 

so like. navy blue waistband and kind of orange-y salmon-y diamond pattern???

anyone got better google-fu than i?

It’s really just wild to me how some of y'all out here really defending nazis. Like you letting these motherfuckers get space to spread their hate-filled ideology? Tf is wrong with y'all? Don’t even start with that “everyone is entitled to their opinion, and a space to say it.” bullshit. Apples are better than oranges is an opinion. It’s stops being an opinion when it disrespects someone’s existence. To give them the opportunity to speak about their shitty ideals, is give them the notion that it is okay to not only have these ideals, but also act upon them, because that’s what we as people do; act on our thoughts. You aren’t being a decent human being by letting someone spew their ideology which is directly harmful of other people.

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How would the RFA react to MC being the biggest memer on the block. Like, They got the finest memes in their crib (idk why im asking this please spare me)

craving that mineral


• everyone has their hobbies, he is very surprised about their interest in memes. Of all things memes?

• he had enough of Seven’s meme adventures and now he is living with a person with the finest memes there is

• silently says yikes and then moves on. It’s just memes, it’s not like they are a cat collector- so he is alrighty with it

• soon he is smitten with memes as well and unconsciously throws out memes to his co-actors and everyone is like ??????????? what’re u talking about


• he isn’t a huge memes but he knows enough about them, he was/is after all in college. Can’t avoid memes

• he is very amazed by their fresh fine memes and is all like “YO SEVEN LOOK AT THIS” seven got nothing on them, seven lost to their fresh avocado memes

• he browses their meme folder on their computer with them and just.. wow such memes. such fine

• he suggests that they make a meme calendar for seven’s birthday 


• she does Tina’s “everything is okay face” from bob’s burger 

• whenever her lover goes about and 420 blazes it she just sighs and looks away but they can see that little smile. WE CAN SEE IT

• she prays that Seven won’t knock on their door one day with new fresh memes and woo them away with the promise of a wonderland of memes 

• she grows used to their meme love and is okay with living with a meme lover, love is strong after all


what are…. me-me’s? mem- meemes?

• very confused but he do recalls Seven mentioning these called… me-mes in the chat ones or twice 

• is pretty indifferent after learning about their meme hobbies but find the cat memes kinda funny

• they seem to enjoy the memes so as long as they are happy he is alright with it


• When he found out he was so floored because what their memes are better than his memes?! now they are partners in crime, pen-apple-apple pen. 

• if you think they won’t have nicolas cage meme’s posters in their house you think wrong

• they put a huge poster of him in the toilet and Yoosung got the scare of his life

• they throw memes at each other all the time and on days off create more memes. 

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So you were talking about how Bioshock Infinite handled morality a few weeks ago. Do you think Undertale handled it better, and how so?

i mean even Shadow the Hedgehog handled morality better than Bioshock Infinite.

Comparing those two is a bit of apples to a rotten 3 year old orange with mold all over it. Most of the things Undertale does better than Bioshock: Infinite are also things that could be said for Bioshock 1.

But as for things I like about how Undertale handles morality.

For one, it really sticks to one core principle “killing has consequences”. Not ‘killing is wrong’, it just has consequences.

As such it takes a very objective approach to things. Killing isn’t portrayed as right, wrong, just, unjust, etc. It just has consequences. People are going to get angry at you, families get broken up.

Yet at the same time, you can slaughter half the underground and as long as you spare Papyrus, his brother Sans won’t have any problems with you. If you spare Toriel, she’ll still think fondly of you. Unless you’re at either extreme in the spectrum - True Pacifist or No Mercy - the game simply lays out the objective causes and effects and leaves it to the player to determine if they did the right thing or not.

Even when it comes to the polar ends of the spectrum, there’s a lot of room for flexibility.

The No Mercy route in particular does a number of things that I like, particularly in how many chances it gives you to turn over a new leaf, and how it frames the player as the antagonist of the story.

See, by the time you reach sans Sans, Undertale could be interpreted a cautionary tale about how you shouldn’t debate facists but kill them on sight.

Remember, Undertale’s message isn’t “killing is wrong”, it’s “killing has consequences”. By the time the player reaches Sans the game has made every possible attempt to reason with you or attempt to make peace, and you’ve spat in it’s face every single time.

The player has shown that they will not listen to debate, and thus the game throws the hardest boss at you. Sans will kill you, a lot, and every time Sans kills you it’s portrayed as justified. There’s no way for the player to redeem themselves aside from accepting death. If you attempt to show Sans mercy, he will kill you, and his famous “dunking” is portrayed as justified.

Not only is Sans killing you justified, but the narriative makes a point to say that you should’ve died sooner, that you shouldn’t have been reasoned with and that you should’ve died on the spot. Remember that Chara is meant to represent you, they’re meant to have your name. The game is saying that you, the player, that you would be better off dead, because there’s no possible way no way to reason with you other than a swift iron club to your skull.

Now at the same time, if the player has listens to reason and calls off a No Mercy route, the game will respond to that. The people you spared may still like you. Sans will call you a good person if you spare Papyrus. The game slips back into it’s theme of Objectivity-Based Morality: Reasoning works with people that can be reasoned with, and to the extent that they’re willing to listen to reason. Whether or not it’s the preferred action to take is up to the player to determine, as after all, they did take a number of lives leading up to them turning another leaf.

And at the other end of the spectrum there’s the True Pacifist route. One thing I immidiately like about it is that doing “the right thing” is legitimately a challenge. Bioshock 1 ultimately gave you more rewards if you went with the Good route, thus making Harvesting little sisters ultimately meaningless aside from being pointlessly cruel.

Going back to Undertale, taking a pacifist route means that you can’t get any rewards from leveling up, meaning that bosses are going to be harder and harder, and sparing certain enemies is going to be much, much tougher than simply taking them out. Much like how the No Mercy route constantly attempts to reason with you, the pacifist route constantly challenges you to stick to it.

All of this is really compounded by the ways the game breaks the fourth wall. The impact of killing somebody can be lessened if you could just save scum out of it, so the game makes note of it and reminds you that did, in fact, kill those people. Which doesn’t disqualify you from a Pacifist route, it just means that people with 4th wall breaking powers are going to remember it. Because again, killing isn’t wrong, it just has consequences.

And wow that was a lot longer than i intended it to be.

the weekend before valentine's day

jonghyun: *pats kibum on the back reassuredly when he messes up on his chair dance*

jonghyun: *becomes co-head of the (unofficial) Japanese language police alongside kibum*

jonghyun: *bites kibums arm*

jonghyun: *can’t stand “it” anymore; curls himself around kibum’s waist; blows on his hair*

jonghyun: *touches kibums back/shoulder; gets “switched on”; draws kibum close by the waist and embraces him*

jonghyun: *on blue night* you guys know about apples right? yeah apples from kibum’s town are so much better than ours he said so so it’s true

To those of you who are suffering from mental illness who are undertaking the Junior Cert or Leaving Cert Examinations this week (Applies to everyone else too):

I haven’t seen much of this around so I thought I’d write something :) I’m sorry please don’t take this TOO seriously I am trying to be helpful and I hope I don’t come across as rude in any way! This may not apply to just Irish students, it can apply to those taking finals or SATs or whatever exams you may have in your country.

-Take care of yourself during the time. You’re probably going to be even more stressed and exhausted than usual. Even if you truly can’t sleep, go to bed early anyway. If you’re having intrusive/stressful thoughts, maybe listen to music 

-Make sure to eat properly, even if you don’t want to. If you struggle with eating, remind yourself, set alarms, or ask a trusted person/friend to remind you. Your body is going to need nourishment to fuel your brain, and even something as small as a piece of fruit (like an apple or banana) is better than nothing.

-Coffee may seem like an obvious solution for combating tiredness and for instant energy, but if you suffer from exam anxiety or an AD in general, try to drink as little as possible. Caffeine makes anxiety and your nerves 100x WORSE. (I know this one from experience)

-between exams try and spend some time outdoors. Good weather is promised for the exams and it may be refreshing and calming to be outside instead of cooped up inside all the time. I know people who bring their books outside and sit and study somewhere quiet. This may help you to calm your nerves.

-In the exam hall, don’t stress over others. Personally I’m in my own room during my exams due to my own anxiety but if you’re in a centre with hundreds of others, don’t take any notice of them. They’re NOT looking at you. Chances are they’re just as worried as you are and really couldn’t care less about you, they’re focused on their own exam.

-if you’re anything like me by the time you get home from exams you’ll have lost all motivation, energy and will to live and will instantly flop into bed for a couple hours, if not the whole evening. Try to avoid this. When in motion stay in motion, and instead go to bed early that night. You’ve done well to get up.

-If possible, try and get some form of exercise on the weekends or a day off. Even a 20 minute walk will do! It may seem daunting but the exercise will release endorphins and make you (hopefully) feel calmer, more content, and oftentimes more motivated.

-Spend some time with family and/or pets during free days. When you’re not studying, spend time with other people. This can be a way to de-stress. Personally my dog helps to calm me down when I have an episode.

-If you’re on any medication, don’t stop taking it for the sake of exams, (it sounds stupid but I’ve heard of people doing this)

-Similarly, I wouldn’t recommend taking any kind of relaxant or pill the day of/night before your exam that you haven’t used before. Rescue Remedy is a popular choice, but I mean things like Xanax. It could have disastrous results.

-I’d recommend finding a friend you can rant out stuff to. Like your worries for the maths exam, what might come up on the science papers, how you think you did, etc. While sometimes this can be more harmful than good as it CAN turn into a comparison of who found it easier (and the “oH MY GOD they found it easy that means I’m stupid I failed” effect), it can also be a sense of comfort and may help you. 

If you want you can even inbox me and go “yo so I’m fucked for maths wbu” and I’ll probably reply with a “hey m8 SAME!” or anyone else. Tumblr JC/LC students are all in the same boat. We’re all going through what you’re going through (you might have it worse however with illness)

-Find something to work for. Maybe it’s the college you want? or a pair of shoes your mother promised? or a trip to a Gaelic final? for me, it’s the prospect of gaining a new graphics tablet. (and a trip to comiccon haha) Set yourself something to work for, or maybe ask your parents to buy you something you’re looking for if you succeed.

-Don’t lose sight of summer. summer is soon. think of all that freedom. You’ll be free. Able to do what you want. Meet your friends, go on holiday, even watch netflix all day like a pig. (me lmao) It’s all so soon. You just have to get through these next few weeks. You can do it. 

-Don’t feel bad about not being able to do higher level maths. most people can’t.

-Your best IS good enough. You are good enough. You do know more than you may think. 

-Not being able to do a question does not make you a failure.

-failing an exam does NOT make you a failure

-you are good enough and you can survive this.

-Exam results do not reflect your worth as a person. In fact, they do not reflect your intelligence. They reflect your academic skill and memory recall.

-Life goes on after the exams

-Life exists after the JC/LC

-You can do this I believe in you you are strong

-Make me proud