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Musical Theatre Challenge: [4/6] duets
↳ Take Me or Leave Me (Rent)

That’s it, the straw that breaks my back
I quit, unless you take it back
Women, what is it about them?
Can’t live

With them or without them

Headcanon #2

Johnny and Meena like to practice with each other due to their similar powerful voices. Johnny helps Meena with her confidence and stage presence, while Meena helps Johnny with his projection to make his voice even more powerful. This also results in many awesome duets between the two that causes people to feel either massive amounts happiness or crippling emotions

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dont you think that jongup would do an amazing dance cover for taemin's move bc i mean those moves....

ohhhhhh anon this needs to happen. Taemin’s fluidity is different to Jongup’s, based as Taemin’s dance style seems to be rooted in jazz and then contemporary ballet training but Jongup, despite being a bboy where extension isn’t the main focus, has amazing body control and musicality and wow I need this in my life. 

The sharpness of Jongup’s style mixed with the muted femininity and body expression of Taemin’s choreo? 

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Heck this is just going to be a pipe dream that’ll torture me forever but every fibre of my bone believes in it

(even better give me a duet I beg of you cruel world)

If Cisco and Winn don’t get solos in the musical episode (which’ll piss me off) they better have some badass duet about Tech or Suits. Maybe Winn singing about how he loves working with superheroes and how he wishes he had powers too whilst Cisco counteracts everything he says with snark singing stuff like powers are so fucking stressful and superheroes aren’t all that great because sometimes they kill your brother or the other times their enemies kill you.


tonys thoughts pt 2 (performance edition)

Okay preface this by saying all of the performances were incredibly well-done and clean - everyone was seriously on their A-game. Most of this is about the choice of song itself. (Bonus I’m severely unfamiliar with the shows so I do not have examples of other songs they could have done)

(I can’t remember the exact order so these are probably not in it)

Come from Away: I felt the song choice itself was pretty strong - from what I gather it was early in the show and was a good one to feature the whole ensemble. I definitely was curious about the show after watching it. For some reason, though, the stage seemed too big? Also whose head was that…

Miss Saigon: Showcase the incredible lead? Check. Convey the intensity of the show? Check. Highlight the awesome ensemble vocals? Woah!
I do think it was out-of-the-box to do a scene and then a song, but I felt overwhelmingly confused by the first minute or so. Maybe since it’s a revival, they trust the audience to be thrown head-first in, but there was very little context. That being said, it was a powerful showcase.

Groundhog Day: It was a really cute number and the song was nice, I just felt, again, like the context was missing. Who is this woman? Where in the show is this? The ensemble involvement fun - you could definitely see the personalities and variety of the characters, which was very cute. Sidenote anyone else notice a rando standing in the wings?

War Paint: The show was built to showcase two strong leading ladies, and this performance shows us that. I don’t know anything about the musical and the song itself was fine. Forgettable.

Hello, Dolly: I don’t have much to say. They really undeserved the show and its cast with this number. Sure, the song was nice and didn’t really need much explanation, but I knew nothing about this production going in and I’m left with nothing.

Dear Evan Hansen: I was definitely skeptical going into this one, but I have to give credit where it’s due because Ben Platt was lovely. However, as a song to represent the cast of the show? They could have done better - at least a duet or a trio if you’re going to have your chorus oohing and aahing. I also feel like I learned a bunch of Ben Platt’s vocal tics.

Bandstand: For a show without a lot of nominations, I was really impressed by this performance. A good ensemble (and lead) showcase, and I got to appreciate that Tony-winning choreography. Despite any thoughts about this show itself, I thought their performance was well-chosen and very strong.

Falsettos: Even though it was out of context, they made the character relations very clear and did a good job showing off the whole cast. It was also majorly adorable. I guess if I had to nitpick, some of the other performances were showstoppers, and this one wasn’t really, as in, I felt like it was setting me up for a part that didn’t come. Also I’ll say what we were all thinking: thank god they put a wig on that man.

Great Comet: Really good use of space, and great balance between showing off individual vocal chops and highlighting the awesome ensemble. It was big fun, and they managed to convey a lot about the show’s feel despite being on a different stage. I would have liked to see a number with Denée Benton, well, singing, but this was a high-energy performance that was my personal favorite of the bunch.