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“Fortunate Son” from Ao3 by @anna-droid
didn’t draw this from the actual fic but i enjoyed reading it


I loved the deadline lets play so i decided to draw a tron au. the only reason i picked these colors was because Jeremy was orange in one round and i thought rimmy tim colors would be fun, but i also did one with normal brown hair.

Put A Ring On It: Part 1

(( OOC: Lily played by @potterdeer​ ))

James: *on one knee in front of Lily, visibly trembling*

Lily: J-James?

James: … Marry me.

Lily: …….. James…

Lily: NOW???

Lily: We just barely got out of school! Merlin, you can’t even grow a full beard yet!

James: Well… technically-

Lily: That stubble does not count.

Lily: Because then I’d be…

… I’d be… Lily Potter.

*takes a deep breath* This is crazy… absolutely mad.

Lily: God help me

Lily: I love you, James Potter… and I think you’re absolutely insane…

But I guess… so am I.

… Yes.

Lily: *laughs* Yes… you absolute lunatic. *grins* One hundred thousand yes’s.

James: *reaches out and places the ring on Lily’s outstretched hand*

James: Lily… soon-to-be-Potter… Evans.

To Be Continued

Except for the few, adorable moments he dedicated to kids, he walked that red carpet as if there was fire burning under his feet. Of all people, he had Simon Jones attached to his hip the entire time and that was only part of the horrible company he had to endure throughout the evening. And yet no Danielle, who’d be always so very willing, alongside him. Beautiful, but tense, dedicated to nicest fans but mostly detached, he might have nothing to promote but a dubious girl band project coming up and yet he could have made a good use of such a fitting opportunity to bask a bit in the spotlight, get a little more attention, spread his enthusiasm about his personal and professional moves. Instead he ran faster than Forrest Gump, chose not to discuss anything of what is publicly associated with him at the moment. Why? Is he as private and shy as Danielle shielding the wrong side of her face from the mean mean paps? 

One day it’ll end, but today isn’t obviously that day. And calling that a happy, free, willing Louis is like attending a Donald Trump convention and judging him a wise, competent, upright person.

anyone remember the dao redesign series? me neither

i still gotta revise the companions but im moving to npc territory starting with eamon n his fam!! fun fact: hes canonically 45 and not 90

Hawke slumps down into a chair in the darkest corner of the hanged man, starting on the pile of letters given to him by Bodahn. Who does he need to grace with his presence with today? More specifically than that, who needs to be graced with his presence today? 

With a stroke of his beard, he crumples up yet another letter from another fangirl. Being this beautiful was a curse so few could understand. Viscount, boring. A cease and desist from Meredith, boring. A letter to an Orlesian ball? Do the people writing these letters know him at all?

He sighs, thumbing through the papers, almost ready to give up when one catches his eye. “Oh? Who is this from?” Hawke brings the mug of ale to his lips. “Finally. Something worth reading.”