no beanies no baseballs

♡Little Space Prep List♡

Whether you’re new to Little Space, or just want to have this list to check over what you already own, feel free to print out and use it to check over what you may need when becoming a Little.♡

♡ Basic:

♡ Pacifier (the adult ones so you don’t choke on it or ruin your teeth)

♡ Onesies

♡ Sippy Cups

♡ Overalls

♡ Hello Kitty Bandaids

♡ Stockings or Socks With Cutie Designs

♡ Play Dresses/Shorts (meaning ones you can play and roughhouse in)

♡ Diapers

♡ Bottles

♡ Cute Jammies and Footies

♡ Kigurimi

♡ Rompers

♡ Teethers

♡ Accessories:

♡ Backpack

♡ Hair Scrunchies, Cute Clippies, and Bows

♡ Ear Headbands, Clip On Tails, Paw Gloves (for our fuzzy Littles~)

♡ Slap Bracelets, Friendship Bracelets, Bead Bracelets, Silly Bandz, Toy Watches

♡ Plastic Jewelry

♡ Cutie Shoes, Dino Shoes, Light Up Shoes

♡ Hats! Baseball Caps, Tiaras, Peruvian Beanies

♡ Milk Carton/Baby Bottle/TeddyBear/Kawaii Phone Case

♡ Paci Clips (to keep them from falling onto the ground)

♡ Toys:

♡  Plushies And Stuffies (depending on what you like)

♡ Hot Wheels Cars / Train Set

♡ Polly Pockets, Barbies, Action Figures

♡ Nintendo DS / Gameboy / Tamogotchi (any handheld portable game really)

♡ Coloring Books

♡ Play Doh

♡ Ponies and Animal Figurines

♡ Kid’s Painting Easel and Paints

♡ Wooden Blocks or Legos

♡ Razor Scooter

♡ Arts and Crafts Various Play Sets

♡ Riding Seats

♡ Costumes

♡ Room:

♡ Blankies, and Soft Throws

♡ Cutie Sheets

♡ Posters / Wall Decals

♡ Play Mat / Rug

♡ Toy Chest

♡ Inside Play House / Tent

♡ Stuffie Display (either on shelves or in corner or on bed)

♡ Arts and Crafts Table / Area

♡ Cutie Tv

♡ Small Chairs and Play Table

♡ Health And Happiness:

♡ Multivitamins Flinstones / Gummies

♡ Bubble Bath Soap / Lush Bath Bombs

♡ Rubber Duckies and Tub Toys

♡ Loofas and Kiddie Toothbrush

♡ Baby Gates

These ideas are meant to be very broad, since every Little is unique and different. Make choices and purchase items based on individual likes. Enjoy. ♡


UPDATED: Jan 6th


Seokjin: Food, Posing, Jjanggu, Hats, Glasses, Suits, Parted Bangs

Yoongi: Glasses, Hats, Suits, Agust D, On Set, Leather, Black, Forehead, Thumbs Up, Rude, Smiley

Hoseok: Hats, Hearts, Suits, Mirror, Sunglasses, Music, Parted Bangs, Button Ups, Hands, Glasses, Dimples, Rude

Namjoon: Beanies, Pre-debut, Glasses, Mirror, Fingers, Ryan, Outdoors, Lips, Forehead, Baseball Hats, Sunglasses, Cute

Jimin: Glasses, Suits, Mirror, Squish, Bed, Sunglasses, Low Quality, V-Signs, Rude

Taehyung: Blurry, Glasses, Dogs, Hats, Close-ups, Bed, Nose Scrunch, Contacts, Rude

Jungkook: Beanies, White Shirts, V-Signs, Forehead, Pre-debut, Rude

Hair colors:

Namjoon: Black, Blonde, Pink, Purple

Hoseok: Black, Brown, Red, Orange

Jimin: Black, Orange, Brown

Yoongi: Black, Mint, Blonde, Orange, Red, Pink, Rainbow (All)

Jungkook: Black, Red

Seokjin: Black, Blonde, Brown

Taehyung: Black, Blonde, Orange, Brown, Red


JiKook, V-Min, JiHope, V-Mon, JinKook, TaeKook, YoonSeok, V-Hope, JinMin, YoonMin, MinJoon


Rap Line, Group, Sunshine Line, Happy Birthday Namjoon, Food, Hoseok, Yoongi, Namjoon

Black & White:

Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook


Namjoon, Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok

More Namjoon

Dates With:



BTS Summer Package:

All, Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook, TaeKook, YoonMin, Seokjin + Namjoon + Hoseok


OT7, Pairings

WINGS Concept Photos:

Namjoon & Jungkook: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Yoongi & Jimin: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Hoseok & Taehyung: 1, 2, 3

Seokjin: 1

OT7: 1

Season’s Greetings:

Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook


Kim Daily

BlackDenim Black + WhiteHotelsHats, December

Get A Guy That Can Do Both:

YoongiJimin, TaehyungNamjoonHoseokJungkook

Individual Masterlists:

Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook

things chyler leigh has done that is gay culture:

  • dress in baseball tees, beanies, etc
  • talk about how much she enjoys kissing women
  • cry when coming home was sung
  • ignore that supergirl season 3 is actually happening
Abandoned Pt. 2

Inspired by Abandoned by Mcclangst

This is a continuation of Artemis’ work, so you might wanna read that first.

Warnings: Implied Rape, Referenced Physical Abuse, Team is bad to Lance trope, implied eating disorder (kind of)

Lance doesn’t need them anyways. Sure, that’s what he said earlier, but an hour later, there he was crying to his bedsheets, mumbling about how he was just a useless seventh wheel and not even his “best friend” wanted him around. He pushed himself up off the bed and wiped at his face, feeling icky and drained from all the crying as he blew his nose. He stared at the ground, wondering what he’d do now. He knew he didn’t have any other friends. He’d just have to make some then. He took a shower, cleaned himself up, and faked a brilliant smile at his mirror. With the help of some eyedrops, it didn’t even look like he’d been crying. He pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and ignored his still buzzing phone. He perused his clothes for a shirt before finding a hoodie of Hunk’s.

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-it all starts with max accidentally spending the night at the cabin on a school night and ofc max didnt bring an extra change of clothes

-eleven lets her borrow her overalls because those are the only things that seem to fit max the best

-she has to wear a belt with them and she has to cuff the ankles (which looks adorable with her green vans.

-she also wears the grey sweater™ which is already kinda baggy on eleven so max pretty much has sweater paws now and eleven has gone all heart eyes for her gf

-will immediately notices but only tells mike, this causes them to argue if they are dating or not

-the answer: they are dating

-no one but hopper and joyce know because both of the girls went to them for advice at first

-sometimes eleven wears max’s baseball caps and max wears elevens beanies

-when max moves into the cabin, they pretty much share a closet because of the similar sizing of most clothes 

-when they got to high school, max grew an inch or two so shes pretty much the same height as eleven now

-literally ?? no one??? knows whos clothes belong to who ??????? like not even them ???????

Forever tag list: @butchmadmax @bboomerang @yousaidyes @heterophobickingsteve @heterophobicmayfield @heterophobicwillbyers @heterophobiclucassinclair @heterophobicmadmax @beep-beep-reddie @lizwillstealyourgirl @lesbianmaxie @steve-harringtons

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Please describe Pstump as a cryptid

Patrick Stump is a cryptid reportedly living in the Chicago suburbs. He was first documented in the year 2001, but many sources claim that he could have been around from as early at 1984.[1]  He is described as a “small, short” cryptid with dirty blonde hair and “blue eyes with a yellow ring around them”.[2]  His most recognisable feature is a black fedora atop his head, which many theorize to be where he gets his energy from. Previous incarnations of the fedora have also been trucker hats, baseball caps and beanies.[2.1]

Past encounters with this cryptid have shown him to be harmless and a threat to no one. Unlike other cryptids, he is unusually friendly and “sweet” and is a favourite amongst the cryptid community. He is very shy and tends to avoid cameras but will take pictures with anyone who asks politely. Sightings of Patrick Stump most commonly occur near or inside record stores,[3] leaving many to believe that the cryptid may be attracted to vinyl records for unknown reasons. Another popular location the cryptid frequents are waffle houses.[4]

Patrick is a very rare cryptid, with no sightings documented since October 28th 2016.[5] Many speculate that he is busy caring for his family,[6] which accounts for the lack of sightings. If anyone should spot this cryptid, the best course of action is to politely stop him and ask him for a selfie as many in the cryptid community are concerned and curious as to where he’s been.

can u even imagine luke as a kid, waiting for tiffany to be born, probably daydreaming abt what a great older bro he’d be, already coming up with nicknames and ways to play with his baby sibling without hurting them

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I'm a young trans guy and I've only come out to my closest friend. Do you have any advice for people unable to come out, wear binders, and things like that? Also, when I came out to my friend, they came out to me as non binary. What can I do to support them fully? Thank you so much! Much love!! 💕

First of all, congratulations on coming out to someone, that’s a big deal! ❤️ I’m not the best at giving advice, & I’d recommend you check out blogs like @trans-relatable, @brotherly-advice , and similar blogs for stuff like this, there are more people running those with more experiences than just me, and you might find that people have already asked the questions you have! That being said, I can offer a few things as I was in a similar position to you when I started coming out: 

  • Sports bras are a manageable alternative to binders if you’re unable to wear one for whatever reason. Just be sure you don’t buy one that’s too small. 
  • Boxers are really great because they can alleviate dysphoria but no one has to know you’re wearing them because they’re not visible to the public. They can also be pretty cheap too, so they’re easily attainable. 
  • Masculine deodorant/cologne. I found this to be really helpful in the beginning, maybe you will too! 
  • I changed my name/pronouns with a few close friends at first before I really came out. They referred to me as Eli/he/him when it was safe to, and this was really helpful to me too. Don’t feel pressured to tell everyone right away, you can just try it with a few friends first!  
  • I really like wearing hats (beanies, baseball hats, flat-brim hats, etc.), I find they make me feel/look more masc. & I’m more comfortable that way. And they can be really helpful if you’re unable to cut your hair. 
  • Shirts that button up, have collars, or pockets, really help alleviate my dysphoria. If you’re unable to buy “men’s” clothes, you can easily wear button up women’s shirts, flannels, etc.

Allllll that being said, this is just my experience. Lots of different people have different experiences and different things that help them, so these might not apply to you, and that’s okay! Like I said before, please check out transgender blogs/websites/resources directly for more questions like this ❤️