no beanies


AKA I have bought WAY too much _:(´ཀ`」∠):_ 







….Well, did you find him?

There he is!

I have ONE lovely adorable perfect Tadashi tsum, made for me for my birthday by amazing master seamstress reallyquantum <3  So yup, he’s really in the pile~! (♥´ω`♥)

-Modeling some new clothes I got 
。◕ ‿ ◕。

From left to right:

-Bambi Graphic Baseball Jersey (from Forever21 but it may no longer be available.)
-Colorblocked Pocket Shirt  
-Swallow Print Tee + Slouchy Waffle Knit Beanie (olive)

eye106 asked:

Shizuo, Izaya and kadota ends up with sunburns because They fell asleep on Sun just like me god fucking damn. Or so could do that. It can be funny like screaming from pain and cream. Fuck it hurt.

Shizuo gave you a kicked puppy look, completely burnt. ‘’I told you to put on sunscreen.’’ ‘’I forgot…’’ You sighed and carefully pulled him inside, getting him some ice cream he could eat while you took care of his burns. He made sure to put on sunscreen before going outside again.

Izaya glared at you, not amused by your laughter. He ended up getting sunburns while going people watching, and he had tan lines around his eyes from the binoculars. Once you stopped your laughter you helped him with his burns, making fun of him for it until it went away. After that he’d always hide in the shadows when he went outside.

Kadota sighed when you whined again. You got sunburns and he tried to take care of you, rambling on about how important sunscreen is. After he had lectured you enough he got you something to eat, going to buy a lot of sunscreen so you had no excuse to not put any on.