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How the Beca Stole Christmas

A/N: Meaghan has been bugging me for more fic, so here I am. I’m whipped, I know. Thought of this lil diddy while walking through a christmas store the other day. I know it’s not much, but I figured i’d give y’all a little somethin somethin. Also because @ssbechloe was begging for it & i’m weak. okay bye.

ps - yes duh i realize it’s july. But like Christmas in July is probably a hallmark holiday somewhere so shush.

It was their first Christmas in their new house together. After three years of dating Beca finally grew a pair and threw a key at Chloe over coffee. Chloe simply grabbed it, smiled, walked over and kissed Beca on the cheek and that was that.

Fast forward two months. They’re blasting Michael Buble’s Christmas album, against Beca’s will of course, and Chloe is dancing while throwing tinsel at Beca who is refusing to cooperate as far as decorating goes. 

“Chlo, I’m sick of decorating. I wanna be drunk on eggnog and watch the OG Grinch like you promised.” Beca walked in to their living room with two fresh glasses of cocoa. Obviously she hated almost every movie, but she couldn’t even try to hate such a film as the original The Grinch. She was weak, and she knew it.

“Becs we just have to finish the tree and then we can watch the Grinch.” 

“Ugh fine.”

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