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WE LOVE YOUR BAT DRAWINGS! The vampire bat kills me. Thanks for making it! Cute drawings like that help dispel myths about those little dudes. They're so silly. -- Sarah

Oh wow, thank you! I’m so glad that you guys like my art. I’ve always loved bats of all kinds; thank you for the work you’re doing to protect these cool animals and educate people about them.


i barely talked abt this idea on twitter, but very shortly afterward anyways, i made self indulgent psg screenshot edits… sonic is panty, amy is stocking (was debating between her and tails), rouge is scanty and shadow is kneesocks.

obviously not originally my art, just traced over some screenshots lol


Happy Pride Month!

I’m trying to make my lineart and shading look better, so have this aro/ace Fun Fox! Gave them a baseball bat because: 1. OFF has taken over my heart. 2. Night in the Woods has taken over my heart. 3. Foxy literally attacks Eggs on night 3 and makes him pass out, so giving her a baseball bat would be c00l :0000

 Kara becoming insanely jealous after she finds out Lena’s extensive dating profile also consists of the women of the Justice League and a few others, except Lena doesn’t know that since it was their alter ego she dated. So Kara goes around scolding the heroes when they come to visit Kara since she is her friend and only because of that but they flirt with Lena anyways who is just like  “This is very flattering but Do I know you Bat Woman” or “Wonder Woman you’re very attractive but I can’t recall us ever meeting ,although I wouldn’t mind a round.” “Black Canary hmm can’t say I remember, although you do look like this woman I dated who shattered my windows *wink*.” And Kara is just on the side biting her tongue, Maggie is keeping track of how many superheroes Lena has slept with and Alex is slightly impressed at Luthor’s charm.