no barcode

So i got

This app called Spark People.
And it’s amazing.
You track calories, exercise, and water!
It even breaks down what kind of calories youbare by protein, fats, carbs, ect.
You can make personalized entries for food you make, it can scan barcodes off for food you buy, and even has entries for restaurants!

I’m telling ya, it’s the best and it does little reminders of you haven’t tracked any food or water in a few hours.


The end of the Barcode World sprites, as far as I can tell. VS Mode “canonical full color” versions of the scenario player characters, with their official names. One of the eight PCs actually doesn’t seem to appear on any Barcode Battler stuff outside of World and I couldn’t find a code that made it show up in VS, so I included Hebereke, who is an odd deal:

You can only get Hebereke as a soldier-type character option in scenario mode by scanning one of the special Sunsoft game cards. Even though there’s several character cards specifically for the game, the only one represented in sprite seems to be Hebereke. Bit of a rip-off.


Mafumafu: I’ve arriveeeeeddddd!!!! It’s big!!!!!! What is this it’s so BIGGG!!!!! Tension went uuUUUPPPP!!wwwwww

Mafumafu: Aahhhhh- I will do my bessttttt at this venuuueeeeeeee   The audience area floor is cooollldddd   yahhooooo   the cold feels so niicceeeee ‘ll work hard I’ll work hard I can do it I can do it   I came to do my best did I not   I’ll work my hardest I’ll work my hardest

Mafumafu: Kyaaaaaa It’s oveerrrrrrrrrrr It was really fuunnnnnnnnnnnn I don’t have any energy lefttttttt Seriously thank y-

Mafumafu: Mafumafu’s One-Man-Live, ‘Hikikomori demo LIVE shitai!’ Performance at the Makuhari Messe, thank you so much! All the performances were finished safely, so many people came, I’m honestly really happy!

Today was so special, I wonder when I’ll get to do this again!