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Cure (4)

Bucky x reader

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, memory loss, recuperating, fluff, angst, smut.

A/N: Part four! Bucky goes to see Banner and finds out more about his past with Y/N, while they find out about that something in his head. 

Oh, and things get sexy. 

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Banner is nice enough. He keeps calling me James, though, and it’s a little confusing. Everyone here keeps calling me Bucky, and getting used to that one name was tough enough as it is. Now that I remember.. some difficult times, it’s a little exhausting to remind myself to answer to ‘James’ as well.

But he’s nice and lets me know what everything he’s using is for, so I decide to keep my trap shut and just roll with it. They’re trying to help me, after all. See how long it’ll take before I regain all of my memories, and I can’t wait for that to finally fucking happen. 

A voice from the ceiling startles the living shit out of me when Doctor Banner asks some one called Friday what my brain-scan tells her.

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Just the Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner shots from the Infinity War Set in Atlanta. 

It was 84 humid degrees there today. Keep drinking water, guys! 

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Peace In Our Time (1/?) - Avengers

Words: 1836
Pairing: Avengers x Avengers
Featuring: Tony, Jarvis, Ultron, Natasha, Bruce (everyone else mentioned), pietro and wanda
Warnings: Swearing, probably.
Summary: What if Ultron was able to be shut down and used the way Tony and Bruce intended him to be? A peacekeeping machine, a suit of armor around the world.
Authors Note:  yo so i had this idea on skype with jadyn because who else do i talk to? and we were freaking out because of the one thing that could change the entire mcu as we know it. So, naturally, i had to write about. IDK HOW MANY PARTS THERE ARE GONNA BE. IF YOU ENJOY, LEMME KNOW SO I KNOW IF I SHOULD WRITE MORE? THANK YOU.

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“This could be it, Bruce,” Tony whispered to his friend as he stole a glance at the floating blue mind. “This could be the key to creating Ultron.”

They both chuckled a bit as the smiles grew at the thought. “I thought Ultron was a fantasy,” Bruce replied, the smile not fading.

“Yesterday it was,” Tony declared. “If we can harness this power, apply it to my Iron Legion protocol?” Tony added, still talking quietly to make sure no one else would hear.

The smile went away on Bruce’s face. “That’s a man-sized "if.”

Tony sighed at the argument Bruce made. They continued going back and forth on what if is, and Tony realized he had to convince Bruce to help him. “What if the world was safe? What if next time aliens roll up to the club, and they will, they couldn’t get past the bouncer?”

Bruce seemed intrigued but was still against it. He didn’t believe that it was a smart idea to go for artificial intelligence and not tell the team- granted, they only have three days to be able to do it. Tony had one last argument, one he was almost sure would convince Bruce. “I see a suit of armor around the world,” He started.

“Sounds like a cold world, Tony.”

“I’ve seen colder,” Tony deadpanned. “This one, this very vulnerable blue one, it needs Ultron,” Tony went to walk out when Bruce didn’t reply, he stopped only momentarily to leave him with one last thought. “Peace in our time,” He sighed and pulled his phone out. “Imagine that.”

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Sex With Bruce Banner Would Include:

Okay okay okay my first smut-ISH thing! I’m hoping this will receive positive response and give me the courage to finish writing and post the actual smut fic I’ve had written up and half finished for a while now. I am a nervous soul DX I hope it’s adequate

Your first time would be quick and uncoordinated, by no means unsatisfying but going on the assumption you’re the first woman he’s been with since the accident I feel it wouldn’t take much.

After that however sex with Bruce would always swing to different styles depending on his moods. Sometimes it would be slow and gentle and sweet and sometimes it would be rough and possessive.

Okay so everyone seems to have this stigma against the idea that Bruce would ever be rough. Okay I see it completely the other way. The times when Bruce is rough I feel he WOULD be rough. I mean I’ve seen so much “he’d treat you like glass” or “he’s scared to hurt you” type of thing which I GET but I think he’d hold you/take you like you were the only thing that kept him tethered to this earth. You’d be his anchor so when the mood strikes him Bruce WOULD be rough.

I DO feel that no matter what you liked Bruce would NEVER slap you, that would be the line for him. A spank on occasion sure but that would be the extent of it. I feel he’d be very conscious of NOT becoming his father throughout the entire relationship, that would always be on the back of his mind. Even if it were in the context of sex Bruce would never raise his hand to you.

When it comes to the slow sweet sex Bruce would take his time. It would be all about you. He’d almost worship your body. Caress every patch of bare skin, whisper loving words to you and just focus entirely on you. He’d love it when you ride him, hands on your hips helping you move above him, watching your breasts bounce and looking into your eyes. It would just be so intimate.

Now when it comes to foreplay the first thing that pops up into my mind is that Bruce is a very METICULOUS man. He’d want to make you come undone and he’d learn and remember every single way to do that. He’d try new things to gauge what you like and when he found what it was he’d never forget. He’d be that “get off on getting you off” type of guy. A lot of foreplay sessions would be dedicated to end with making you come. He’d love oral, both receiving and giving, more often then not you’d end up just both giving each other oral and he’d be satisfied.

Bruce would LOVE to tease you and he would adopt an authoritative type of attitude when he does foreplay with you, whether it be giving you gentle commands such as to undress or slipping his fingers in you and making you bend to his will. The man is good at control no one can deny that so he’d definitely use those skills to his advantage and it would always give him a surge of excitement to be able to do that to you.

Finally cuddling. Always lots of cuddling. People are more then welcome to have their own opinions on my other points but I’ll fight anyone who thinks Bruce wouldn’t be a cuddler.