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About me..

Here’s just a bunch of random questions, I have the answer to. If you have anymore questions, just ask!

Name: Carol Ann
Birthday: June 23
Age: 13
Pets: 3 cats, Draco, Luna, Rosalie; 2 dogs, Angel and Bama
Fav books: The Westing Game, Harry Potter series, Twilight series (ew ending)
Shows: Himym, Gossip Girl, Riverdale, Jane the Virgin, Crazy ex girlfriend
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Note: I really like astrology and Harry Potter (obvious bc of my cats’ names.)

College Confession #89

I’ve been hooking up with my ex the last six months or so. Yesterday, he brought over cookies and gave me one and said he’d give me more in exchange for a blow job. Now, I have very little dick sucking experience (usually just do 5 seconds at a time because I can’t handle it) and he knows this. But the deal is a cookie for every 10 seconds straight. We both agree to it and he’s literally timing on his phone how long I can go. Well I went about 6 seconds before something went wrong and I puked right on his stomach. Needless to say, he was pretty pissed and we’ve decided to stop hooking up.

- University of Alabama


My beloved…

Super Junior got nominated for “Daf Bama Music Awards 2017″ !! You can vote for them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag : #DafBama2017_SuperJunior ! Let’s go ELF ! Fighting !

Super Junior a été nominé pour “Daf Bama Music Awards 2017″ !! Vous pouvez voter pour eux sur Twitter, Facebook et Instagram en utilisant le hashtag : #DafBama2017_SuperJunior ! Allez les ELF ! Courage !

It’s happening...

I am actually crying right now because I can’t believe this is really happening. Super Junior’s 8jib group image is dropping today after 2 years waiting for their comeback. They’ve also just won BAMA for Best K-Pop Group. Good things are coming their way. :’) This is one of the happiest feelings ever as an ELF. They just won an international award and they’re dropping their comeback teaser image today. AFTER 2 YEARS. I’m so happy!! I love you ELF! 

Don't vote for the DAF Bama Music Awards!

I have seen fans gathering to vote for BTS at DAF Bama Music Awards by tweeting #DafBama2017_BTS, but let me tell you this: it’s a total waste of time.

1) This award show is shady af. It’s literally created by an entertainment company. Neither the company nor the award show has a Wikipedia page.

2) The official site of the DAF Bama uses .org domain. Find me a legitimate award show that uses .org instead of .com.

3) The photos of nominees they posted on the show’s official Instagram are watermarked with the designer/studio’s name “Shoja Design”. Assuming they hired a freelancer or studio to design these, then they must be hell of an unprofessional client to let the designer put watermark on the final work like that.

4) Also about their Instagram, they tag fan accounts in the post thinking it’s the artist’s account. How unprofessional can they be?

5) They literally nominate every single artist in Europe, Asia and Africa. I’m 99% sure the nomination for BTS is nothing but a way to gain attention for their award show. Look at the other Korean artists nominated along with BTS, they’re all famous groups. Talking about free ride on exposure.

6) No fans in Germany have even heard of this “Germany-based” award show. Enough said.

There’s no need to vote for such illegitimate award like DAF Bama. Focus on voting for Billboard Music Awards!