no balls no glory

workfornow  asked:

Fitzwilliam Darcy? How do you see him as a Hufflepuff? I can't do it, he keeps registering Gryfindor.

The one reckless thing Darcy does is that first proposal to Elizabeth and look how that turns out. He’s not going balls to the wall in pursuit of glory, and his legacy amongst his friends, family, and all who rely on the master of Pemberley is that he’s loyal, thoughtful, and mindful of duty. When I look at a list of Gryffindor traits the only one that could possibly remotely apply to Darcy in my mind is ‘chivalry’, but then that’s blotted out when I see ‘bold/daring/reckless/show-off.’ Darcy, as I read him, is far too quiet and nervous to quite fit that pattern. One could certainly make a fair argument that he’s the Longbottom variety of Gryffindor, but the majority of his choices and undertakings in the novel seem to me to be too well-considered and selfless to put him firmly in the Gryffindor common room. I like to think a Hufflepuff could be proud to a fault. Certainly though a lot of the generically good-natured characters end up in Hufflepuff that’s not to say that they couldn’t have stand-out flaws and surprising elements of their personalities which may seem at odds with the typical Hufflepuff presentation.