no bad dogs just bad owners

psa: pls brush ur dog’s teeth!! this is really important to their overall health & happiness! 

gum disease in dogs is extremely common (~70% have it by the age of 2!), but there are usually no noticeable symptoms since dogs will hide the chronic pain from gum & bone damage until it’s very advanced!

bad breath (”dog breath”) can be an indicator. ur dog shouldn’t have rly gross breath if u take care of their teeth–it should just smell like their food. they can have gum disease without bad breath, but if they DO have chronic bad breath they probably have gum disease! “dog breath” being A Thing is a result of MOST dogs having dental disease bc their owners don’t brush them!

dental neglect is a leading cause of death in dogs, but since it’s indirect (leading to heart, liver, lung or kidney diseases etc. & in some cases even cancer) it’s often not listed as a leading cause, and a lot of people just think their dog died of an organ disease & don’t know that the root cause was dental neglect! some vets even say that dental neglect may be THE MAIN REASON that dogs get so many organ diseases! 

if u want to give ur pup a long & pain-free life, pls brush their teeth!!

It makes me sad when people see me with my dog and start telling me about heelers they used to own or know of that ended up becoming super aggressive or neurotic as they got older. If you’re interested in adopting a highly intelligent working dog, you need to make sure you can put the time in. Straight up. They are life partners, and I would be nothing without my girl Caroline.