no bad deed goes unpunished

one of my favorite things about Eddie is that he has the most consistent on the case karma in the universe. the guy literally can’t nick a single watch without like, accidentally summoning superman himself immediately. no bad deed he ever does goes unpunished. And despite all that, he still chooses to be a villain. It’s like he looks up at the sky yelling ‘give me the worst you got!’ and the universe shrugs and drops a safe on him.


Summer break’s over, get back to DEADLY CLASS 

Bestselling writer Rick Remender (BLACK SCIENCE, Uncanny Avengers) and artist Wes Craig return with an all-new story arc of the bestselling ‘80s assassin school series in DEADLY CLASS #7. Jump in on the series that USA Today described as “a bit like The Breakfast Club but with really, really dangerous kids” and that ComicVine called, “a crazy and intense series.”

DEADLY CLASS #7 begins in March of 1988, about four months after the harrowing events of issue #6, when the terrible ramifications of the crew’s actions come back to haunt them. After narrowly escaping death in Las Vegas, Marcus and his remaining gang return to Kings Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts. But they’re about to learn a hard lesson: blood begets blood, and no bad deed goes unpunished.

DEADLY CLASS #7 arrives in stores this 9/17 and will be available for $3.50. It can be ordered using Diamond Code JUL140453. Final order cutoff deadline for retailers is TODAY, 8/25.


I can’t fathom the thought that people can wake up one day and their plan of the day is to take other people’s precious lives. That’s insane. That’s unforgivable. My heart really goes out to the Kenyans affected of know someone who was affected by the Garissa attack. I pray for peace in Kenya and in their hearts. No bad deed goes unpunished.