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I’m a day late, but I wanted to draw something for the les mis wlw/women appreciation week!
Plus, I don’t draw these two often enough ^_^

peachycourf  asked:

Yo, got any expansion on that Courferre Lush content ?? (i live for your Montparnasse post)

Well, thank you and I am so glad you asked because I do have a lot of thoughts about lush employee!Courfeyrac and customer!Combeferre (so many thoughts…anyway, here we go):

  • Combeferre doesn’t even really remember how he got there, he was just looking for like a nice birthday present for Jehan and the shop just looks like something right up their alley and it smells really… interesting
  • So Combeferre walks in and there’s this incredibly friendly and helpful employee
  • (Who’s also really cute with nice hair and… skin which he supposes is a weird thing to notice but his hands look so soft)
  • Courfeyrac nearly gets a heart attack when Combeferre walks in because damn
  • And Combeferre looks so confused which is just totally adorable so Courfeyrac walks up to him and Combeferre just smiles at him and yeah, Courfeyrac is gone
  • Combeferre almost spends half an hour in the shop and he’s pretty sure he’s not only dizzy because of the smell when he eventually walks out
  • Courfeyrac does not stare after him and sighs when he’s gone
  • (He does)
  • Co-worker Montparnasse hitting his head against the wall in the back
  • So, of course Combeferre has to like, find excuses to come back to the shop even though it’s Cosette birthday so really, not an excuse at all
  • The next… five times might be not strictly necessary
  • Courfeyrac does not totally try to get the Friday afternoon shift as often as he can because that’s usually when Combeferre shows up
  • Cue to flirting over bath bombs and face masks
  • “This lotion is so great, it really makes your hands so soft, here let me show you.”
  • “Does that shampoo really makes your hair smell like that?” “Sure, you want to smell mine, I’ve been using this for ages, it’s great.”
  • Combeferre’s bathroom kind of starts looking like a lush shop on its own
  • One time about an hour after Combeferre leaves a frantic-looking blond guy storms into the shop and walks right up to Courfeyrac shaking his shoulders like, “Please, I’m begging you, ask him out, I can’t take it anymore, our bathroom smells like lemons, I’m allergic to lemons, please!!
  • Montparnasse from behind the counter being like, “Good idea, I’m allergic to pining.”

More of the Lush AU

The Great Misérables Bake Off, Pt. 2 (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #5)

Part 2 of the GBBO AU for @unpeubrillante and @ihopeintangoyouhavemoreluck.

Great British Bake Off AU, developing E/R, developing Combeferre/Courfeyrac, developing Marius/Cosette. Fluff and crack.

Read Part 1 here.

[CAMERA: Zoom in on VALJEAN, who looks down the row of bakers waiting for judgment.]

VALJEAN: What Cosette and I are looking for today are four equally-sized baguettes with a crisp crust and a cut on top. What we’re not looking for are ciabattas. So, let’s start here.

[CAMERA: Cut to MARIUS’S four baguettes, pan up to show VALJEAN as he picks up a baguette and breaks it in half.]

VALJEAN: These are actually pretty good.

COSETTE: I can hear a nice crunch there, which is always an appetizing thing to hear.

VALJEAN: It’s crispy, and there’s a good structure inside.

COSETTE: Really good right out the gate. It’ll be hard to top that.

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fixaidea  asked:

Lord of the Rings AU?

Oh, awesome! Okay, so:

  • Euphrasie, better known as Cosette, may not use her father’s name, but make no mistake, she is the heir to the throne of Gondor and a very skilled Ranger.
  • Bahorel, third Marshal of the Riddermark, gets on with her well despite an awkward first meeting, and happily gifts the Three Hunters two horses and fights beside her on the Pelennor Fields.
  • Hobbits Joly and Bossuet may have gone off on an adventure and come back very tall, but Musichetta is instrumental in resisting Saruman in the Shire, even before the Scouring.
  • Dour Javert is probably the captain of the guards of Minas Tirith, and has a conflict of duty when the steward of the city decides to abandon them and burn himself and his second son alive.
  • An adventurous young hobbit called Courfeyrac may have taken up the burden of the ring and been at the center of the quest, but in the end, it’s Feuilly who gets him up the mountain.

anonymous asked:

"Can I borrow a pen?" {david-nyc} ((its too perfect yo))

Cosette glanced over to the boy next to her who had just asked for a pen, she nodded lightly and reached into her pencil case and pulled out a dark red pen. “Here. Don’t forget to give it back after though.” She reminded him.