no back fat jack

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Zimbits concept: Jack imitating Bitty's accent when he complains and Bitty doing the same thing when Jack complains. It's a ruthless battle that none come unscathed

(I have to admit that I had to full out Youtube Bitty’s accent because I’ve always imagined the full, southern drawl in my head. It’s actually not that exaggerated, but I do notice the vowels are drawn out a bit more.)

Jack can’t copy accents for shit, so when he annoys Bitty by imitating him, Jack sounds more Texan than Georgian. Also, he throws around the weirdest expressions like: as happy as a tick on a fat cat. (”I don’t say that! You take that back, Jack Zimmermann!”)

Bitty is also terrible with accents. It is canon that he tried to change his accent before he started Samwell but then gave up because it was too hard. So, when he tries to do French, he sounds like a cartoon villain in the most horribly clichéd way possible.

They both get miffed and bit offended, but it eventually gets so ridiculous that someone eventually starts laughing and then it’s all good again.