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thedrawingberkian replied to your post “How was the httyd boys as babies???����”

Awww,now I have to write a fanfiction on the baby gang and draw them!!Hiccup sounds like the most hilarious kid ever. Imagine Stoick leaves the room for one second. Hiccup is sitting in the middle of the room with a toy. When Stoick comes back he is sitting on top of a shelf or something. Just a crazy thought XD

Fun HC Fact:

(Working into Trollhunter AU) Berk legit thought Hiccup was a changeling for a while. Odd, unruly, inexplicable in his ability to vanish and appear… It went around the same way most rumors do on Berk: unchecked, hushed in the presence of the chief but somehow reaching his ears anyway (thanks Gobber)

Hiccup’s affinity/desire to hunt for trolls certainly didn’t help things, which is why Stoick tried to low-key shut it down at every opportunity.

Leia ALWays wakes up her daddy tooo early on chrismas morning,, so he gets her stocking down to keep her occupied so he can rest for just like five more minuuuuteesss Leia pleaase. What lil goodies will she find in there?? 🤔 Looks like she’s enjoyed one chocolately kiss already! (Andre better hurry and wake up soon before she eats TOO much candy for breakfast!)

I definitely wanted to do some holiday/wintery themed drawings before Christmas,, and the baby AU seemed like a good place to start! Hopefully I’ll do more for sure, but I’m currently working on a mini comic that I wanna spend my time on and who knows what else I’ll get around to drawing. :0c


I got around to read the 8th chapter of “Got the Baby Blues” and WOAH, I loved it! So I doodled this gift for @offense-unintended

(Okay, Lance is too much dramatic, but at least this time I remembered the clothes thing ^^.’)

Sketchy Bonus with Akira and McClain!