no babies )':

idk forever ago i found this old gift card o'mine that had a wee bit of 💸 on it so i ordered some 🌹🌸🌷🌻🌼🌺💐 hair wreath things (“are you avoiding saying "fl*wer cr*wns?”“ yes) and they finally arrived.. a few days ago and i decided to wear one to work b/c like.. someone who worked there before had pink hair, my assistant manger currently has magenta hair, after having turquoise, so me having a tiny band of roses in my hair shouldn’t b an issue, tbh, and so.. so many ppl complimented it? this woman went on and on abt it and asked if i had an instagram, said i should b/c i seem/look v photogenic, it’d b a good picture (all it was was some red 🌹’s and a fishtail braid, but, hey), and then she gave me some money for some reason and said "just buy yrself a drink or s/t sweetheart.. you deserve it” and like. i died


You know that bit, after the ssw kiss when Robert reaches into his inside pocket for the ring that isn’t there and he has to pull his hand out from under Aaron’s to do it  so Aaron’s hand just drops to Robert’s thigh. You know that bit. That’s my favourite.” - @vckaarrob