no aquaman d':


That’s a wrap! Thank you so much @astrothecary​ for being the chillest table partner and @fujoshikoala​ for always helping my sorry ass. I’m incredibly thankful I was able to do cons this year despite my new full time job. I’m always overwhelmed by the love and support. \(;´□`)/

Will reopen my online store soon with leftover stock and preorders. Thanks for your patience!!

In other news, on the second day I was outside the convention when I spotted this awesome JL group and immediately dashed over, dropped everyone’s lunch orders I was collecting and took a pic. They looked so good ;_: So pumped for the movie this week.

Flash CN: that_spider_guy_27
Superman CN: the_man_of_silva (he was Nightwing last time!!)
Aquaman CN: aquamancosplay
Wonder Woman CN: melbourne_wonderwoman
Batman CN: sentinel_cosplay

goldrushrunning  asked:

Omg whale sized mers megatron and optimus finally make a human sona and theyre just these big ass dudes who insist on carrying you around and doing those little nose nuzzles. Bonus points if they emerge from the sea jason momoa as aquaman style


You know whatever human forms these two take are going to be HUGE™.  Not to a ridiculous extent or anything (they do somewhat have to blend into a crowd) but these guys are pushing upwards of seven feet and are built like Greek gods!  The sight of one (or both) of them carrying around a comparatively tiny human on their shoulders and affectionately nuzzling them is a very strange one indeed.

K-Pop Music Tag

I was tagged by @versigny to spell out my name using kpop songs and here’s what I got.

El Dorado - EXO
Lie - BTS
Liar - CLC
Igloo - millic ft. Clubeskimo
Eureka - Zico ft. Zion.T
Lovely - Crush ft. Choiza
Jump - BTS
Aquaman - Jay Park
D (Half Moon) - Dean ft. Gaeko
Epilogue: Young Forever - BTS

I am going to tag @avveh @btssmutgalore @meanyoongis @1honeypot and @noona-la-la-la if you guys would like to play along :)

tbh i’d be aquaman out of any of the justice league. swim with whales? fuck yeah. breathe under water? sign me the fuck up. eyes like chris pine’s bombay sapphire? hell yeah

This got sent to me as a reference picture for Aquaman’s Justice League armor (which I am ABSOLUTELY making, believe you me), but I love everything about this photograph.

Why is Aquaman playing an electric guitar? I think the real question, my friends, is WHY NOT? :D

anonymous asked:

How old should the Justice League members be when they each start their superhero careers?

Usually early-mid 20s, though in my head Superman and Batman were operating close to the ground as urban legends in proto-costumes years before going public. And I’d have Aquaman actually be in something like his 80s; my personal vision of him I think works best if he’s been around for a long time, and this whole superhero ‘Aquaman’ thing is just the latest phase of a long, eventful life.

Anonymous said: What age range should the members of the Justice League be?

That plus 10-15ish years, so most of them are in their mid 30s by now, with Bruce pushing 40.

I got to go see Justice League with the family tonight & I loved every second of it.

I love this movie. I’m so happy. It’s not perfect, but man did I love it. XD

I got Batman being freaking Batman (that opening), more of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, an ADORABLE Barry Allen, An awesome Future-Leader Victor, and of course Thor–*cough* I mean, Aquaman. :D

It was fun, funny, and I loved all of the references.

AND THAT END CREDIT SCENE. I knew who that guy was the second I saw his silhouette and those weapons and I’m so happy. XD

It was a good time.