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Is it alright for fans to make gifts for you? I'm really tempted to make fan music inspired by your art-style, but I'm not sure if you take gifts like that or not.

OHMYGOSH???? go for it!!
tbh I’d die (from happiness) if I ever got anything, that honestly sounds so nice and wonderful and amazing and???? thank you so much for dedicating your time for something like this if you do????

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What do you think of Jewish! Pidge?

i think it’s awesome!!! especially because apparently bex taylor-klaus, pidge’s voice actress, is jewish too! so i think it’s cool how it can all connect :3c

you prolly won’t see any headcanons from me though, i’m not jewish and i don’t really know anyone who is so i’m completely out of my depth lol

hello there yes I still love this ship 

it doesn’t have enough art so i had to


More from the doodle batch from the last post as well! I ended up doing some little cheebs of Prompto and a cute little Promptis on too! I’m debating about cleaning them up and turning them into stickers and possible charms if people are interested! But I should probably make some for the other boys and finish the Marlboro-Kun ones I’ve planned out too LOL Other than that, back to finding some inspiration! ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆

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I love that you used Shakespeare as another example here. One of my professors, a Shakespearean, said he wouldn’t talk about Jane Austen because she was such an “overblown romantic novelist”, and because she didn’t write about the things happening outside her own immediate surroundings (which is, as far as I’ve understood it, done on purpose) she was basically just a “silly female author”. (He didn’t use those words, but it seemed pretty clear that that was what he meant.)

Your professor is a hack who appears to have no sense of irony or true understanding of either Austen or Shakespeare if he thinks no comparisons may be drawn or are worth exploring between two of the greatest writers in English literature. Shakespeare’s entire body of work is deeply infused with references drawn from his own life experience, particular even to the countryside of Warwickshire in which he grew up, even where it might be anachronistic or weird on a technical level to pair that kind of imagery or language with settings like ANCIENT ROME or a FAIRY KINGDOM. (One could argue on a basic level that Shakespeare is therefore more ‘fanciful’ whereas Austen’s work is deeply-rooted realism, for fuck’s sake.) Shakespeare and Austen both gloried in their own kinds of silliness, for silliness is a part of life, as much as seriousness.

Tell him he can come to my house and try saying his bullshit to my fucking face.