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“have you seen the justice league? and what do you think?”

Wonder Woman literally gets the most screen time next to Batman, literally is the only person who holds her own against the villain until the end, and then literally defeats the villain. There’s a reason the movie has 93% positive reaction from women.

….you do know that just because a woman is on screen for a long time it doesn’t mean the story she’s being put through is good or well-written, right?? …like…most of cinema’s history will back me up on this…


Around the middle of the first act, if I’m not mistaken, Diana tells Bruce about the history of the Mother Boxes and how Amazons, Atlanteans, humans, GODS, and beings from other planets CAME TOGETHER to defeat the invasion. No ONE god, human being, or alien stood out among them. They defeated the threat because they worked TOGETHER. That’s the point the movie was TRYING to make (it’s not a coincidence they chose the song Come Together for the trailer and the movie….subtle, I know…. )

But what they ended up doing was saying there’s no hope on Earth without Superman. That Superman is the be all, end all. And without him, they wouldn’t have defeated Steppenwolf.

You know what movie had a better team than Justice League? Freaking BvS! At least in that movie they worked TOGETHER, playing at and counting on each other’s strengths to defeat the villain.

You say Wonder Woman defeated Steppenwolf, but who actually defeats him…who delivers the “final blow” are his own freaking minions….

Also, here are some things that happened to Diana that shouldn’t have happened (especially since the DCEU itself changed Diana’s background, turning her into a demigod):

  • Not holding her own against Clark;
  • Not being able to have a better handle on things when facing off Steppenwolf.

Things that shouldn’t have happened to Diana because it’s not freaking 1999, and this shit just isn’t fucking funny:

  • Barry tripping and falling on top of Diana (aka the typical accidental face-on-boobs scene…)
  • Bruce being incredibly rude to her and then the writers making her go to him to tell him he was right…
  • Arthur saying Diana is pretty and freaking grunting at her, but oopsie, I guess it’s all right because he was sitting on her lasso…

ALL of that is the result of an outdated LAZY AF screenwriter.

I just started studying screenwriting and dramatic writing and I already know better than that! I can literally pick the movie apart and cite academic sources explaining why the writing was rushed, full of cliches, and altogether bad.

It’s one thing to say, “hey, this movie is bad, and has some problematic things, but I enjoyed it,” that’s A-okay. What’s not okay is saying, “this movie is good because I liked it.”


Not to be redundant but… I refuse to believe anyone who claims that Finn Wolfhard is not a mini Ezra Miller


Paladin Vlog: Things Pidge loves: friendships, technology, friendships with technology…


flicker sessions tour / harry styles live on tour

a 7.3 magnitude earthquake has hit the kurdistan region.

  • so far, over 500 people have been injured and at least 6 have been killed in southern kurdistan
  • 4 people have been reported dead in derbendîxan, southern kurdistan and 50 injured
  • more than 50 people were taken to the hospital in hewler
  • 6 people have been reported dead in the qasrî şirîn area in eastern kurdistan, as told by the mayor of the town
  • the earthquake is said to have also hit surrounding areas including kermanshah
  • residents in amed, northern kurdistan are also said to have felt the earthquake
  • at least 61 people in kermanshah province are said to have been killed

I love the sound of Nicholas Hamilton and Wyatt Oleff dragging Finn’s haters

I despise people who hate Jason Momoa because of him as Khal Drogo.


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Quick scrappy fanart before bed for the most adorable BMC fanfic by @actualbird called “is this a forest? ‘cuz there sure is a lot of pine

If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend it!! Their writing is fantastic and they deserve all the love and support <33