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“@spotify went from struggling to get gigs, to one of the most iconic punk rock bands. Watch their story unfold on Chapter 1 of “Green Day: The Early Years.” (Link in bio @spotify)”

Kim Namjoon Profile

Kim Namjoon | 09121994 | Seoul, Korea | 90% Leg 100% Disaster

  • Major: Undeclared
  • Job: Jungkook’s English tutor, Creative Writing Instructor (at the art center Jimin works for), IG Fashion Blogger (Ask_Kimdaily)
  • Extracurricular: Gardening Club (Hoseok’s club)
  • Social Media: IG- Ask_KimDaily, Tumblr- Ask-Kimdaily, Snapchat- Joon1e, BTS Chat Handle- Joonmanji
  • Relationships: Taehyung’s older brother, Yoongi’s childhood best friend+roommate, Hoseok and Jungkook’s apartment mate, Jimin and Jin’s recent friend & coworker, Jackson’s First Love ™
  • Most Used Chat Stickers:

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Have some unnecessary JD angst
AU where his plan to blow up the school was successful, and you know how him and Veronica were supposed to watch the building fall, and toast marshmallows?

Well what if she doesn’t come out of the building, but JD doesn’t realize until it’s too late, and the last thing he sees before the building collapses is Veronica waving from a window

Just like his mom

So I’ve been thinking about D&D character alignments a lot lately, and there’s something interesting that people don’t think about. Usually when they think about their alignment, they think about what actions they take. That doesn’t dictate your alignment.

It’s your motivations. Your alignment is the how and why of what you do.

  • Good alignments: you do what you do for the good of society.
  • Neutral alignments: you do not care about society nor yourself, or equate yourself and loved one with the rest of society. as long as whatever happens does not negatively affect the people you care about, it is not your concern.
  • Evil alignments: you do what you do to meet your own goals, and they are selfish goals. you do not care if people get hurt along the way.
  • Lawful alignments: you do what you do by a code of conduct, whether it be the laws of the land, the laws of your god, or your own moral code
  • Neutral alignments: you do not care much for any strict code of conduct, but may follow one anyway, although not very rigidly.
  • Chaotic alignments: freedom is the most important thing to you. you do not care how you meet your goals, and you do not care what laws you may break.