no anvils needed for that one

Things Said at College (15)
  • Look what you did.
  • Look how dumb you looked.
  • I left work in tears, because I was so stressed.
  • It builds up, and you have to let it go.
  • She’d cry, I’d cry, I didn’t know what to do.
  • I can see that you’re angry.
  • Sometimes it’s just best to say you’re sorry.
  • ____ is me, but smaller.
  • Stinky little baby in it’s crib.
  • You don’t want an anvil on your head.
  • That’s all babies do, they work out all day long.
  • Who needs to breath? I look fine~
  • We’ll blame it on our trochanter, that’s what it is.
  • We don’t have an elbow cap.
  • If you jump on a scale, you weigh more… Not sure why anyone would want to do that.
  • That will bring a tear to my teacher eye.
  • You’re right, I am that stupid. I’ll buy those from you.
  • That is one ugly little baby skull.
  • When we see children we can’t help but want to take care of them.
  • What up non-primates, I can hold my cup special. I got thumbs.
This Isn’t My Fault! (I Think)

So, since we now know that Jensen can easily carry Misha bridal-style, piece of cake, I can’t help but think about Dean carrying Cas and the moment unfolding in one of four ways:

  1. Cas squinting the entire time and grumbling, “Dean, this hardly seems necessary.” Because, gosh, he’s an Angel of the Lord and he doesn’t need to be carried to the couch, thank you. He’s strong enough to smite entire buildings and help save the world- “Dean, did you hear me? Stop distracting me with kisses, Dean. I could spin an anvil on my pinky, I’m not fragile, I-” (“Okay, angel.”)
  2. Cas blinking in surprise at first, just looking at Dean sort of owlishly. But then he breaks into a smile, all soft and pretty and content, and obligingly wraps both his arms around Dean’s neck and snuggles close. (And this is when Dean blushes pink, clearing his throat as he walks them down the hallway to their room. He’s glad that Cas’ face is tucked into his shoulder and out of sight, because he might be carrying his boyfriend bridal-style, but it doesn’t mean he wants to be caught blushing, okay?)
  3. Cas having fallen asleep an hour ago, their X-Files marathon partway done and his head on Dean’s shoulder, drooling a little. Dean thinks it’s cute (just how in love is he?) and stands up to carry Cas back to their bed. Cas murmurs something that sounds a lot like “Dean” and Dean can’t fight the grin that spreads across his face. He’s so gone.
  4. Cas being far too gorgeous for his own good and Dean finally throwing up his hands and picking him up and saying “Let’s go make out before Sam gets back.” He’s practically dashing through the bunker and Cas looks concerned - at their speed, at Dean - and mumbles, “I think you should slow down a little” but doesn’t complain when they stop to kiss. They’re passing the kitchen after, except Sam is back early and catches them at the door. He stares at Dean (now with kiss-bitten lips) then over at Cas (who’s still in Dean’s arms), hunches his shoulders and releases a sigh and says, “I was going for a run anyway.”
[DRABBLE] Boyfriend!Jeonghan (G)

Requested by: @jeonghanlife
Prompt: Jeonghan Christmas winter scenario
Word Count: 1,908
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None!

A/N: WHOO IM ON A ROLL WITH THESE REQUESTS (I can only hope that my drive doesn’t crash and burn anytime soon) Okay, I know Christmas is WAY over, so I changed the request a little (I am so sorry ;;). But I still hope that this drabble manages to encapsulate the same magical feeling. I’m really new to this whole winter stuff *glares at the temperature which peaked at literally 34 degrees Celcius today wowilovesingapore* 

Please enjoy it ^^


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*highpitchedscreeching* BYEOBEETCHINAERINDA SHYAALAALALAALALLAALLAAAAAA cough sorry ok on with the story

You find yourself stirring awake after lingering in the abyss of sleep, and your eyes flutter open to unfamiliar surroundings. This isn’t your room, is it?

But a low rumble of a snore reminds you that you’re in Jeonghan’s apartment, cozily tucked in his bed despite the day being well into the afternoon. When the temperature had dropped to the negatives on the day you were planning to go sightseeing, and with your body not being very accustomed to cold weather having lived in the tropical regions of Australia for most of your life, Jeonghan was more than happy to call it quits. As a result, his more-than-happy declaration of “Today will be a lazy day” was what you went with eventually.

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Notes: I wasn’t really sure if the person that requested this wanted full on smut or not, I shoulda asked when you first sent in the request. I apologize, though, if you did! I hope you still enjoy this though. :) Also, I wasn’t sure if the place where they made weapons was called a Forgery (bc that is the act of like signing a name that isn’t yours), then there is the Smithy, which is the one I used. I’ll have to check back in a few chapters of the Hobbit to see which one Tolkien used.

Anyways, enjoy. <3 :)

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I gave up on building my own work bench from scavenged materials because I just can’t get enough good quality wood from pickups without buying it so next best thing is I am going to buy one. 

Steel work bench with backing, under shelf and light - 100
Angle Grinder - 20
Two sided grinder - 40
Drill press - 40
budget for other tools and such - 50

So for around 250 which is the price I’d spend on a shotgun with taxes I can get a big setup for wasteland creations and gear. Later on I can get a welder, make a forge and get an anvil. I have a lot of plans for projects but need more tools than I have available at the moment. 

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Can I give you a one-line-of-dialogue prompt? It's been knocking around in my head for about a week, and I can't settle myself into the brain space to figure out what or how to write something for it to live in beyond it being Cat wanting Supergirl/Kara to tell her what she already knows before they take a few steps beyond boss-employee/mentor-mentee: "If we're going to do this, Supergirl, I intend to moan your /name/, not your public moniker."

Kara’s already said her goodbyes, but she’s too greedy to let the chance for another slip through her fingers when she flies by CatCo and spots Cat on her balcony.

She touches down with a heavy heart – this balcony has been a sanctuary since the day she first donned her cape, a place to quietly reflect, a place to find solace with the woman she’s come to admire in so many ways – knowing that this will be the last time she will find Cat here, for a time.

She’s looking over her kingdom with a soft smile and a glass of scotch in her hand, enjoying her last night at her beloved company, and Kara wonders, even as her boots hit the concrete, whether she’s wrong to be disturbing her.

But then Cat turns to her with that same soft smile and Kara’s breath catches, and she knows that she never would have been able to stay away.

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Look, all I’m saying is imagine some poor unfortunate soul (*cough* Jeremy *cough*) makes the mistake of somehow accidentally breaking into the FAHC’s penthouse (He thought it was just a penthouse! He didn’t know it belonged to the goddamn Fake AH Crew! There wasn’t a fucking sign or anything!) And he goes into a room and opens the closet to see if there are any hidden goodies and it’s just a row of blue button up shirts hung up next to jeans with like 20 sunglasses and he finds it kind of funny because it’s just like that gag in cartoons.

He goes to the next room and opens the closet and finds… nothing but identical suits each in their own little dry cleaning baggies. Huh. Weird.

And then in the next room it’s a line of Hawaiian shirts and short shorts, and okay, this is starting to get freaky.

And then it’s like a billion purple hoodies, black t-shirts, and cargo pants and is it like one guy living here who just cycles through this stuff or…?

Gray shirts, blue jeans, and he doesn’t know why any one person would need so many leather jackets with a fucking wolf on the back like really. Isn’t one tacky enough?

Black shirts, blue jeans, yet another type of fucking leather jacket but this time black with blue should…ers… the suits and the hoodies and… shit. Shit shit shit. Fuck. Abort mission, escape immediately. 

These are not just cartoon characters; these are cartoon villains, and he does not feel like getting an anvil to the head today.

Pt. 12 - Love is an Iron Heart

A Beauty and the Beast AU (Previously)

“That was the hardest thing I ever had to do. That includes my therapy,” Bucky said by way of greeting as he descended the stairs into Tony’s laboratory. Clint was perched on his shoulder, tail wrapping around the gleaming metal of his arm. “Why was that the exchange?” he asked, not for the first time.

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recycled charms

Ive had this old piece of aluminum tubing sitting around for months, and finally realized how i could put some use to it <3

what you will need

- aluminum
- hammer
- anvil ( or hammering surface)
- tin snips ( or something to cut the aluminum with )
- metal hole punch
- metal stamps ( optional)
- and any sort of patinas or metal stain

Step one

Take your aluminum and hammer the tube completely flat,
make sure not to hammer too hard since aluminum is very flexible

Step two

Cut 2 equal pieces from your hammered aluminum and these will be your charms

Step three

Cut and shape your charms to your desired look, i made mine into little

step four

punch a hole

Step five

conjure up some stains and textures if you desire

Step six….. use them

super simple way to add some personalization to your jewelry and to recycle or put to use old materials you find <3

Olicity Wedding Theory

First I would like to preface by saying that its been a long season. Lots and lots of angst. There’s been a choice few of us that have remained positive throughout (yours truly included). However, it is entirely possible we have ingested too many rainbows and ridden too many unicorns.

Because I have delved into madness. And it’s because of Marc Guggenheim.

So before you read any further I would like to put forth a very strong disclaimer:


Let’s do it.

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In case a bellarke kiss happens in s4 (I'm almost sure) Do you have any thought about how that kiss could be?

I know everyone’s all keen on Big Celebration Kisses or on quiet tender romantic kisses… and there’s the age old question of who should initiate?  Advantages for both, but I’m thinking… late season 4, after some big dramas… Clarke gives him some anvil-sized SIGNALS and then Bellamy makes a move.

Maybe play it super understated and like, they’re LOOKING AT EACH OTHER a lot for one episode, like noticeably a lot, and then like after the fracas is done and the audience is all 

“BUT WAIT there’s three whole minutes left and the main plot is ending what do we need these three minutes for??”

and then it shifts to Clarke going to Bellamy’s room and he’s sitting at a desk and she comes in and closes the door and they either make really small talk or like barely talk, and she gives him like A LOOK so he stands up, crosses the room, and kisses her

serious kissing

the two of them pulling off clothes and Clarke leans against the door and we get some real suggestive camera work and you see Bellamy kiss his way down her neck to stop and mouth at her collarbone then he goes completely out of frame IN A DOWNWARD MOTION and then 

cut to black                         

Fear the Walking Dead AU: Hurt Alicia Part 2


Ofelia is the next to notice.

She knows something isn’t right. She’s known for a while, started questioning things around the same time Strand did but she kept it to herself.

(Nobody listens to her, anyway.)

But she watches, and she sees. Watches as Alicia becomes quieter, becomes more withdrawn within herself. She waits for Maddie to notice something is wrong.

The supply run had been a bust. A few cans of beans, some potted meat that hadn’t been soiled from the heat, but no water. Strand had been keeping watch from the front seat while Alicia slept in the passenger’s side. She hadn’t woken for dinner, or when they headed out, OR when they set up camp for the night.

Ofelia had sat next to Maddie in the backseat, listening to her rage on loudly about how lazy her daughter is. Sleeping the day away without a care in the world while her brother is alone out there.  Moving on to how selfish Alicia is when Maddie sees a nearly empty water bottle sitting next to her in the cup holder. 

Lazy, selfish, inconsiderate Alicia.

Strand had tensed at the mention of the water bottle. Maddie had been too caught up in what she was saying, but Ofelia saw the way he clenched his jaw, how his grip on the steering wheel tightened so that the leather groaned in protest. It was strange to see a man normally so collected react so strongly to something that had nothing to do with him.

Or did it?

She watches him over the next few days and notices a shift in his behavior towards Alicia that hadn’t been there before. How he would hover around her, always on the edge of reaching out only to move away as soon as Maddie came into the area. Or how his eyes would linger, following Alicia as she moved around the camp in a poor attempt to be discreet.  

(Because he can’t count the exhales and check that she’s still breathing, can’t check the fever he knows she has because of a mother who chooses the wrong questions to ask and the wrong moments to care)

(Because Strand isn’t family)

Ofelia corners him one night after they’ve found a safe place to set up camp. Maddie is off for ‘firewood’ (for any sign of her boy), Alicia is asleep in the backseat of the truck and Strand is lingering.

‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’

He stares at her, wide-eyed and speechless for the first time she’s known him. She’s caught him off guard. He looks guilty, another first, and Ofelia has had enough. She drags him away from the truck, far enough to not wake Alicia but close enough to keep an eye out, and she demands to know what’s going on.

(Ofelia knows it’s not like that, that Strand doesn’t see ‘licia like that but she’s  angry and worried and by god if there is one thing this apocalypse has taught her it’s how to kill someone and make it look like an accident.)

Strand hesitates but he can’t do this alone. Not with Madison being oblivious, not when he needs to find the medicine that Alicia needs but is afraid to leave her alone. Not when this is their fault. Strand needs help, so he tells Ofelia everything.  Tells her exactly how close they had come to losing their youngest member. 

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How would one go about becoming a blacksmith? Are there any school requirements? What do you have to do?

Salutations Ano!

There are some schools for it in Finland. Don’t know about elsewhere for sure. Atleast here you don’t need any schools. Just skill. Best way is just to start forging. Getting started doesn’t take alot of tools. Makeshift forge, a railroad track anvil, hammer. Best is that you find yourself a blacksmith, willing to take you as an apprentice.

Harley and Mistah J PSA

The recent spotlight that’s been shining down on our favorite Clown Criminals has brought a lot of mixed emotions up. Whether it’s an argument over the best Harley Quinn costume or a heated debate about Leto vs Ledger…we all have our opinions, and whether you’ve loved them since Batman The Animated Series or you’ve just hopped on board the crazy train, all of your opinions are perfectly valid.
Here’s what’s NOT okay:
This whole soapbox speech everyone seems desperate to spout out about the abusive relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn.
They are cartoons.
No one is watching Joker throw Harley from a sky scraper window and literally thinking to themselves “Yup. Actual life Goals. That’s what I need in my life!” Just like no one is watching The Road Runner drop an anvil on Wiley Coyote’s head and thinking “Imma try that.”

I have seen so many people get attacked just for saying that Harley and Joker are one of their favorite cartoon couples. Including myself.
They are entertaining. They are silly. They have cute moments. BUT THEY ARE PSYCHOPATHIC CARTOON VILLAINS! What did you expect? Lucy and Ricky? No!!! The fact that they are so insane is what makes me love them so much.

If a couple walks down the street wearing shirts that say “he’s my Puddin” “she’s my Harley”, I doubt they are referring to the abusive aspects between the two super villains.

As I’ve ranted before, my wedding is themed around them. My fiancé and I are Cosplayers and we happen to do Joker and Harley very often. They are a large part of our lives and something we both happen to bond over a lot. It has nothing to do with “romanticizing abuse” or wanting our relationship to be like A PAIR OF MURDEROUS CLOWNS.

let people like what they want to like.

If a couple wants to refer to themselves as Harley and Mistah J, let them. It’s none of your fucking business unless you see actual signs that their REAL LIFE RELATIONSHIP is in fact abusive.

K. After thinking here is how I see it going down: Arizona walks one direction Callie runs the other toward her trauma. Later on Callie approaches Arizona, She is like can we talk. Arizona is like no need it’s none of my business you do what you want, rambling a little and obviously flustered. And she runs away. Later on after whatever anvil she has with her patient she seeks out Callie. She says I’m sorry. Callie is like what!? Cause it’s Callie she has to say that. She is like I’m sorry that I cheated on you, if it hurt you half as much as seeing you kiss another woman hurt me, I can never say sorry enough.

Second option: They both go separate directions. Arizona finds Alex and cries on his shoulder. Alex starts to leave and Callie starts to go in, Alex stops her and says she is hurt and upset just leave her alone. So she does. After her patient anvil, she says screw it and goes to find Arizona they talk. And it’s a step forward. If it ends with a kiss that is way hotter than when she kissed other chic, I pass out it my living room. And fade to black.

Pippa hadn’t spoken to Doug since their awkward encounter in the cafeteria – she’d tried a few times, but mostly he just caught her staring and then she immediately looked away, or she started to approach him and then ran in the opposite direction. The thought that she might have a crush on him hadn’t occurred to her, since no crush she’d ever experienced felt like this. Mostly when she liked someone she felt warm and fuzzy, but she felt that around him, and then some. Like being hit in the stomach with cupid’s anvil, not cupid’s arrow. Still. She’d promised him she’d see his show, and she was never one to break a promise. It had taken a lot of Google searching and calls to find out this was the right place, and, although she wouldn’t have admitted it, she changed her outfit before coming here about six times. She’d finally decided on something low maintenance, just a sweater and jeans. A big sweater, so that way if she needed to she could hide in it. Still, nothing could’ve prepared her for opening the door and walking in. Immediately, her eyes fell on Doug. He looked nicer than normal, but maybe that was just the lack of fluorescent lighting. Giving herself a small pep talk in her head, she made a beeline for him before she lost her nerve. “Hey. I, uh. I made it. When do you go on?”

DAY 2724

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Sept  23/24/  2015                 Wed/Thu  12:41 am

The morning hours left one lamenting the routine that would want to be ignored for the day .. and it did what it did ..

Then there was the immediate lethargic preoccupation with the mind .. these are troublesome .. they urge you to impulsively commit to deeds which are not on the anvil so to say .. they are pleasured and wanting, but not in the way one would want it ..

New inventions take time to understand and get started on .. another took place today .. but horrors of horrors, just when it was done with its demonstration and working then did the agent inform you of another latest that shall be out tomorrow .. 

That was too quick for recovery … but envy and want and desire are penetrated arrows in the heart .. they need to be extricated first, before all else that is divine can be entertained ..

And then there is the music .. the music of life and longing .. of invention and construct .. of the excitement that hopefully builds in the days to come .. a glimpse of which shall be seen by the afternoon of the 24th .. and for general release by the 25th …

The age of learning fresh has long gone by .. that is a lament and a tragedy for those in their 70′s .. but pursuit of the possible with limitations shall be endured .. it shall be the ending years that shall keep us in the company of such .. notes of the sound, chords of the soul and the essence of the melody in that which connects us to the Almighty ..

It is beneficial to be in restless state .. apprehensive, expectant, wonder and in an energy of what next or whether next .. high on adrenalin whips the internals and the externals into behaviour unknown and unseen at times .. that is the beauty of what the body’s capacity in real is .. boundless .. we need no stimulant to bring it to that stage .. for if the stage was not present within us, the excess or the enhanced effect would never show up .. would it not … !!??

So why would I need the excess in liquid or in any other form that it may exist !

The excesses that are invading our minds and our souls thereby, is information ! The ease of its availability and its instant read, is and has crammed our head brain cerebrum, into a pulp of unimaginable strength and weakness .. we know we can know and we shall know .. all rolled into one .. at the press of a button or a soft screen .. it fascinates me, how the ease of work has overtaken and made extinct the older methods and practices .. it fascinates me how dependent we have got on the brilliance of another someone who has the acumen to operate .. just operate .. a gadget, a phone a PC or a laptop  …

Our constant companions are not companions .. they are these hard copy companions built by us for us and of us .. 

Its much like democratic governance .. for the people, by the people and off the people  ..

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan