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So the other day I was asked what i thought the sexiest MV was. I answered with the below MV and though it’s one of THE most famous MV’s in the entire world, a lot of my followers haven’t seen it. This song was literally BANNED for being too sexy. And I was originally slightly embarrassed saying that this was imo the Sexiest Music Video until I rewatched it and realised THEY’RE ALL MOSTLY SHIRTLESS SINGING EXPLICIT LYRICS AND THEN ALL THE FUCKING BONDAGE MY GOD. 

So no. I stand by it. This is from 2008 and it’s still sexy as fuck.

When I watch VIXX LR’s – Whisper MV I see the continued inner battle between good and bad from Beautiful Liar. Where previously Leo fought to stave off his inner demon Ravi, this time he’s more accepting and/or inviting of it. The moment he puts his headphone into Ravi’s ear, they switch places, they switch colors even. They both get thrown about and Ravi who was once the bad, more angry side has suddenly become calmer and Leo is less sullen and more stern. That’s how I take the MV. They show us heavily that this is a continuation of that story line between fighting your inner self, your emotions to be good or bad, to be mad or sad. Them being tied together at the end tells us that no matter how much we fight our inner demons and switch moods we are always bound to them. The struggle continues and a balance needs to be found. (Maybe it will be in LR 3.0)

I know This is not written very coherently, but I personally wanted to just spew my thoughts about the MV out. I take it for art, just as I did Beautiful Liar, and see it as such. People love to break apart MV’s and find their meaning and it feels like some people are lacking that vision this time around.

Me after watching bs&t japanese ver: why did jungkook react like that when yoongi approached him in the bathroom? Yoongs was literally just trying to help him. Is this connected to their fight in run? Does jungkook still resent yoongi? If so, why??what did yoongi do to him for jungkook to hate him like that? What is happening with yoonkook during this whole era honestly? Were they together or what? And did yoongi really leave jungkook on that floor to die lol?

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Drink beer save water is actually a Korean clothing brand. I'm sure Joshua knows of that meme though

o really?? omg LOL do u think they used that clothing brand on purpose then? to reference to the joke? HAHA idk omg I really think everything in the mv was deliberate the references to svt are in every part of the vid?? right down to the “dino nugu aegi” bit HAHA 

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in your history video you said "hopefully this addresses some of the problems in the original" what did you mean by that? genuinely confused here 😂

Hahaha aaaah, I saw the History MV was making the rounds again. 🙈

I don’t remember all my reasons behind why I loathed the official MV so much but it was enough to make me go ‘yeah fuck that’ then sit down for three days and three nights because that absolutely was not the ‘five year reflection’ this fandom deserved.

Honestly it was just so… lazy. It was supposed to be a celebration of 1D’s history yet it turned into something akin to a dreary funeral and I mean… there was SO MUCH POTENTIAL - do you realise how many times EVERYONE in the fandom would’ve watched it if it wasn’t 1) depressing as all heck (I mean that ENDING, precisely in the time everyone was panicking about the 1D split, was such a bitchy and intentional move???), 2) irrelevant (there was zero substance as to what people are actually a fan of this band for) and 3) if they’d actually used footage we hadn’t seen 100 times over for years. For a song aimed AT the fandom the music video sure as heck wasn’t - how many times have we pleaded for any of This Is Us’ 900+ HOURS of footage they withheld, yet instead they give us, what, 6 seconds of new cutaway shots with the rest of the footage simply ripped from the more popular videos on 1D’s YouTube channel?

Access to new footage completely brings this fandom to life - it’s how we THRIVE. But compare the release of the DMD video, where the entire fandom was up and engaged for WEEKS yelling and sharing new gifset after new gifset after new gifset while ruthlessly streaming for the Vevo record, compared to after the History MV dropped and we all just… stood around scratching our heads. Gifmakers were at a loss and hardly anyone wanted to rewatch it because there was more Simon Cowell than actually showcasing the relationships between all of 1D. Selection and omission of footage is SO important and they essentially tried to insinuate that the OT5 connection never existed which, lmao, way to be transparent. I’d almost go so far as to label it as part of the exit sabotage… but I digress.

Look, there are so many qualms that I had with the official MV, some of which were very context-specific to the time/nature of release, but the important thing is that we as a fandom deserved better. Better than lazy. Better than more gaslighting. I couldn’t make something that could contribute to any Vevo records, but I could make something that people could find comfort in and remind them that growing alongside this band and being a part of such a wondrous, influential, huge platform over the last six years is something to be proud of.

And, according to the tags, it worked.