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Detailed List of Trigger Warnings for The Foxhole Court+

The series is called “All For the Game” but most people know it as “The Foxhole Court” on Tumblr. Here is the list of trigger warnings FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES, however, please feel free to click the read more for a more detailed description of how that trigger plays out without spoiling anything.

I’m sure there is probably a list out there already, but just in case if there is not. Also, if I missed anything, please let me know! Last updated 3/9/17.

-violence (male to female)
-mild assault
-drug abuse
-drug misrepresentation
-alcohol abuse
-counselors/courts prescribing medication
-violence (guns, knives, fists, cigarette lighters, etc)
-sport violence
-casual violence
-familial death (referenced)
-gang violence
-torture (semi-heavily detailed)
-abuse by a family member
-mentions of domestic abuse
-rape by a family member
-minor character death
-suicide mentions
-mentions of sociopathy
-mentions of depression
-panic attacks
-knives being used
-character in a rehab/mental facility
-abuse in a rehab facility
-bribery of authority figures
-albeist language / homophobic slurs
-mention of animal cruelty

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Joffery would have turned out different if he had been raised elsewhere? Myrcella & Tommen are fine but Joffery is a perfect storm of his parents' vices (Robert is the dad as far as parenting is concerned).

Yes. Different experiences = different character. To what extent, though, that is the question. People have been asking that one for ages and not just in relation to Joffrey.

GRRM clearly intended for some nature vs. nurture debate around Joffrey; not for nothing do we hear about both Joffrey cutting open a cat (past the age he should be able to understand that animals feel pain, as far as I can tell), and hear the response was Robert hitting him so hard he lost a tooth, and see that Cersei by and large had no problems with Joffrey’s behaviour. Not for nothing are both Myrcella and Tommen good kids. 

It’s all meant to lead back to the question: is Joffrey inherently bad?

At the very least, I think the scales were grossly weighted in favour of him turning out cruel and spoiled, right from the day of his birth. Between whatever genetic or psychiatric issues we’d call “nature,” the exalted heir apparent position he was born to, and his parents’ neglect/overindulgence/abuse…it’s a bad stew to raise a child with. (And whatever’s gone wrong at whatever point, GRRM doesn’t let the reader forget that Joffrey was a child, as he depicts Joffrey dying confused and afraid in his mother’s arms.)

Anyhow. A lot would depend on when Joffrey was largely removed from the influence of Robert and Cersei, and who became a parental figure in their place.  To name a few likely substitute parent candidates, I doubt Grandpa Tywin, Uncle Stannis, and Uncle Renly read from the same parenting guidebooks.

Have you seen this- dog?(Pt. VI)

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Gifs don’t belong to me.

Warnings: Swearing, Assault, Blood, Violence, Biting, Gunshots

Notes: Sorry if your actual best friend isn’t allergic, just pretend.


Character: Damian Wayne

Plot: Reader gets kidnapped, and her boyfriend Damian searches desperately for her. A month after her disappearance, a mysterious dog shows up at the manor.

Part 6/?

y/n= your name

y/f/c= your fur color

y/e/c= your eye color

y/h/c= your hair color

y/g= your guardian

y/b/f/: your best friend


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That little show that could

Bones ends tonight. And I thought I was prepared for it. When they announced that this season would be the last one I wasn’t surprised, and I was kind of relieved that at least we were having one last season to say goodbye. But I think it never really sank in that BONES. WAS. ENDING.

This is the show that has been with me for 12 years. The show that taught me what fandoms were and that introduced me to the world of tv shows. And as much I can like other shows, Bones has been a constant in my life. It was always there, It was able to cheer me on bad days, to make me cry, to really fall in love with these characters. To show me what a real OTP was.

And it really annoys me how people aren’t able to see past the fact that it is a procedural. How they weren’t able to see the cast full of strong and independent women, or the plots that were able to touch in such a wonderful and delicate ways issues like transexuality, animal violence, rape, religion vs science, foster care… And at the same time Bones could be much more funnier that many comedies.

12 seasons is an amazing run for a show, but it doesn’t make the ending hurt any less. Specially when you felt that this show hasn’t been recognised enough, sometimes not even by its own network. But I’m glad for the Bones family; cast, crew and fandom. Because we have loved this show so much that we have been able to keep it on the air for 12 years. And even when my focus has drifted to other shows at times, I have always been proud of being part of this wonderful fandom.

So I just want to say thank you. Thank you all for being here supporting this show. And we are not going anywhere… this is just an hiatus until we make the revival happen.