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Bucky Imagine #3 | Lingerie

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Author’s Note: I have so much other stuff to write but sometimes inspiration strikes and I don’t want to lose it. Enjoy Bucky learning about lingerie! 

Rated M for conversation topics and innuendos. 

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Bucky wasn’t the kind of man who just went rummaging around in women’s underwear drawers. He was respectable - a true gentleman, if he said so himself - and yet here he was, eyes lingering a little too long on the lacy strap that had fallen out of the dresser. He had to admit he was curious; things had changed so much in seventy years. Women didn’t wear anything else that was similar to what it was in the forties, surely their underclothes were different, too.

He peaked over his shoulder, eyes scanning the room for any other sign of life before he allowed himself to walk a little closer. He was already invading your privacy by just being here, in your bedroom when the rest of the team was gone, so he just looked at first, studied the little black ribbon and titch of lace that was available to him. 

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Power Play (SebaCiel)

@dragonsploosh Told me to write this, so here it goes!

NSFW because edging, candle wax, and whatever else comes to my mind. Contains some level of humor?

Sebastian clenched his teeth softly, parted his lips, and sucked in a breath which was followed by a shudder when his master ever so tormentingly ghosted the tip of his angry erection with slight, cool breath. Precum came to the surface and collected at the tip, but didn’t yet run down the shaft.

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: Slight smut

Summary: Finally, you had your boyfriend where you wanted him, but you didn’t expect any disturbance.

Word count:1.5k

I really hope you guys like it. I just wrote this and it’s like 3am. Little anxious about putting this one out. Currently, too tired to check for spelling mistakes, forgive me.

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You and Jungkook had been dating for a few months and are very happy together. BTS had gotten used to you as well, since you were at the dorm a lot and if you didn’t know better - you would say that they had taken a liking to you. They were also supportive of your and the maknae’s relationship, but still liked to tease the two of you whenever they got the chance.

As usual, you were at the BTS dorm, sprawled out on the couch, your legs placed over Jungkook’s, the two of you focused on the movie that was playing on TV, along with the rest of the boys that were laying on the ground or on the other couch. 

Taehyung, decided to grab a glass of juice from the kitchen and on his way back - you don’t know how - but he tripped and spilled the juice all over you, the juice immediately wetting your clothes and your skin soon becoming sticky and gross. 

They boys attention along with Jungkook’s was drawn to you and the apologizing Taehyung in front of the couch.

“Geez Tae.” Jungkook groaned. 

“(Y/N), I’m really sorry.” Taehyung apologized for what seemed like the 100th time as he rushed back from the kitchen with paper towels to clean his mess.

“Don’t worry about it, Tae.” you didn’t really want to make too big of a deal out of it. Taehyung didn’t do it on purpose and there was no reason to get pissed at him for an accident.

“We should probably wash those clothes..Wouldn’t want them to get a stain.” Jin stated from his position on the ground.

“Jin is right and you should probably take a shower. Juice gets really sticky after a while.” Namjoon agreed with Jin. 

“A shower is a good idea.” Jungkook smiled up at you and added“ I can give you a clean shirt if you want?”

“That would be nice.” you were happy that you could change out of the shirt that was uncomfortably sticking to your skin.

“ I’ll go grab a shirt for you.” Jungkook carefully got up from under you and made his way to his room in search of clothes.

“Tell me what happens!” you were referring to the movie as you actually didn’t want to miss any of it, but you didn’t want to stay in the gross and sticky clothes anymore either. 

“Don’t worry. We’ll tell you everything you missed.” Jimin flashed you his pearly whites as you slowly and reluctantly got up off of the comfortable couch.

“Not really like you’ll be missing anything.” Yoongi groaned from the other couch, finding the movie rather boring.

Hoseok immediatley occupied the spot you had abandoned on the couch, making himself comfortable with a triumphant smile drawn onto his face as he managed to get the spot on the couch before any of the others even had the chance to make a move.

“Thanks, Jimin.” you shot Jimin a toothy smile back in return as you made your way into the bathroom, shutting, but not locking the door as you remembered that Jungkook was still supposed to bring you a clean shirt. You just decided to already get undressed, slipping your wet shirt off of your body and tossing onto the bathroom’s white tile flooring.

All of the sudden, the door swung open and an unexpecting Jungkook walked in with a white shirt at hand, his normal expression changing into a shocked one after laying his eyes on your half naked upper body. He blushed, about to leave the bathroom with a string of apologies leaving his lips, until your hand grabbed onto his wrist, signaling for him to remain with you. 

“Just come in and close the door.” you smiled.

It wasn;t that Jungkook hadn’t seen you naked before..Well actually he had only seen you naked once and that was when he accidently barged into your room as you were changing and he fled as soon as your eyes met, feeling a little guilty and embarassed for walking in on you.

He reluctantly closed the door after entering the bathroom. The crimson color still visible on his cheeks as he placed the shirt onto the counter.

“(Y/N), are you sure you want me to be in here? What about the boys? If they-” you interrupted your boyfriend that seemed to overflowing with worries.

“Kookie, they won’t find out and yes, I want you in here.” you had a smug smile on your face as your boyfiend gulped, visibly, his eyes sometimes getting caught on your lacy bra.

“You want to see more?” you asked innocently, your eyes meeting his that quickly shot up to your face, after being caught on your cleavage for a moment longer than he intended.

“Hm?”he gulped, obviously nervous.

“I asked-” you slowly slipped out of your sweats, revealing your matching lacy thing to him, his face heating up more, but his eyes not being able to leave the sight of your body in only acy, black and sexy underwear and bra.

“-if you wanted to see more.” you continued your sentence, your index finger placed sexily onto your plump lower lip.

He gulped for the third time now, a lump in his neck, his skin slowly becoming damp from sweat caused by nervousness and a bulge slowly becoming visible through is black sweats.

“Come on, Kookie. Don’t be so shy.” you teased, releasing your hair from its ponytail, allowing your hair to fall into place freely. Your fingers teasingly and alluringly playing with the straps of your bra. 

“I want t-to see more.” he admitted, a smile appearing on your lips as you slowly unclasped your bra and seductively and let the material slide down your shoulders and off of your body, Jungkook’s mouth slightly gaping at the sight of you topless in front of him. Somehow, being almost naked in-front of the guy you loved to the moon and back, made you extremely horny.

His gaze darkened with something you could only describe as lust.

With a dirty smirk on your face, you slipped your lacy panties down the smooth skin of your legs and - finally -off of your body, completely exposing yourself to your attractive boyfriend.

His lips sunk down onto his lower lip, brows furrowed and angry member straining against its confides as his lusty gaze was set upon you.

You entered the shower and turned on the warm water, the liquid running down your body, having a relaxing effect on you and his eyes following your every move.

“You coming, big boy?” a finger motioning for him to come join you in the shower.

Immediately, he began to strip out of his clothes. First, his shirt met the ground, revealing his toned abs to you. Next, it was his sweats that left him in his hugo boss boxers and you in anticipation. Your eyes were focused on his hands that slowly hooked themselves in the waistband of his boxers and slowly pulled the thin material off of him, his angry, red and throbbing erection that was standing proud, making your mouth water and the area between your thighs get even more wet than it already was.

Next thing you knew, the boy was behind you, his hands on your waist and his mouth attached to the back of your shoulder, sucking on the sensitive skin. You squirmed under his touch, the area between your thighs burning even more.

As his mouth was attacking the sensitive skin that now belonged to your neck, his hands slid up to cup your breasts, you throwing your head back in pleasure to rest on his shoulder, his member rubbing against your ass. You were enjoying this so much. You had waited for an opportunity to get the boy out of his shell and at last you managed to do it. It all felt so right - how his hands were roaming your hot body as you two were wrapped in a fiery kiss, your tongues dancing a tango - you two being together with the warm water running down your bodies.

The moment was perfect -  until - the door swung open and a loud bang scared the two of you, your heads snappiing towards the door only to see Taehyung standing in the door’s frame with a shocked expression that soon turned into a playful one as soon as he realized what was going on, his boxy smile emerging.

“Taehyung!” your hands immediately shot up to grab the shower-curtain and use it to cover your body.

“Oh…Get  it Kookie..” a smirk spreading over his face.

Jungkook blushed embarassed, before shouting at him “Tae! Out!”

Jungkook jumped out of the shower, grabbing a towel to wrap it around his waist and chase Tae through the dorm, earning confused faces and laughs from the rest.

Quickly, you used the chance to leap towards the brown door and lock it, your back resting against it as you slowly slid down it with a sigh, face-palming yourself.

How could you forget to lock the door?!


Quick words by M: Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this kinda short story and in case you have anymore requests for BTS or you want a part 2 to one of my stories,better send them to me soon, because I plan on closing the request box soon. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 23 is a beautiful chapter. If it is a novel, it is a chapter containing a pivotal scene. It is a chapter you will go back to because of the facts and revelations contained in it. It was beautiful so much so that I could not concretely grasp it - everything that was said, their upfront and underlying meanings, and the emotions that come along. The things I’ve written recently about it are nothing but scribbles to establish little points for the organization of my thoughts. Who is Kageyama in Yashiro’s life, how is he different from Doumeki, and his everlasting blindness.

I can understand why there are some who are saying that in the shower Yashiro compares Doumeki to Doumeki’s father. In the first release of the scanlation there was a missing page and the translation goes something like that. But the translation was corrected and with the missing context from before, it was made clear that, yes, unfortunately, Doumeki was, is and has always been compared to Kageyama. If it is up to me, I would like it better if Doumeki was compared to his father. Because that was the whole point of Doumeki’s doubts. He fears being like his father. And having Yashiro clear all of that away by saying that he is definitely not like him and Doumeki doesn’t look at him like that… Aaaah that would have been so relieving and if I were Doumeki I will surely cry because that was touching and moving coming from the person he loves. But that was not the case and that made it harder to grasp for me. But it had something different to establish having Doumeki be compared with Kageyama.

During the first part Doumeki handled the situation by rejecting the offer. And there was Yashiro being his provocative and twisted self pushing Doumeki to a state where he bared his heart out - telling his feelings, voicing out his thoughts, confessing his attraction and love. Yashiro knows what Doumeki’s fears are because he even touched on that topic saying things about how it will not be like in his sister’s case and being sarcastic if Doumeki likes it better to hold down someone like his father. And that did it as Doumeki has gone soft. The pivotal part of it is that Doumeki was able to confess and he is now free from holding all these thoughts inside. And that is one wall between them down. There must be some assumptions and “just a feel” from before but now.. Boss now clearly knows who he is in Doumeki’s eyes.

Yashiro on the other hand is having all those self realizations. While he is being cruel to Doumeki he has his own inner self debate. He was rejected, he is angry. He wants to feel Doumeki’s hands and tongue again and has been thinking about it but he is angry because he made Doumeki not impotent anymore. He is angry Doumeki is erect because of him. It made him question his love for sex with men. He is justifying this to himself.. he loves sex as far as he knows. But why is he angry that Doumeki is aroused because of him. These self realizations leading to better self discovery Yashiro is on his way of knowing.

The offense taken from the rejection along with these introspections confusing him and leading to that moment of vulnerability speaking words he never once before dared to speak. Yashiro for one, recognized in himself that he panicked causing his reactions earlier and his retreat to the bathroom fully clothed and even forgetting that he is wounded. The confrontation with Doumeki had so big an impact to him. He can’t even quite fully comprehend the important words Doumeki said. Because for him it was weird, it was strange, it was new. And now this is the scene where I am happy but there’s a little part in me saying that it’s sad.

Yashiro started by saying he first sympathized with Doumeki because he is impotent. Maybe what he means by sympathy is something like a “connection”. What with their circumstances being such an irony of each other and a total contradiction. One that takes pleasure in sex and the other who lost the capability to feel it. And so they were both broken in some way. He feels the connection in that way. And he was reminded of Kageyama. He then started to compare Doumeki with Kageyama. The nagging little part of me is telling me how painful it must have been for Doumeki to be told that the early part and a big part of the affinity Yashiro has for him is because he reminds Yashiro of Kageyama. It was phrased in such a way that tells that Yashiro knows how Kageyama looks at him and he devised in his mind an image that Doumeki sees him the same way. Maybe because it was more familiar and less confusing for him. But the little part of me is showing me the other painful side of it. That what Yashiro saw before in the way Doumeki looks at him is an illusion, a dream of how he wanted to be seen by Kageyama and a reminder that he is not seen like that..
And so Doumeki and Kageyama are completely different.

But it was for the most part still happy because Yashiro’s next words are words he probably must have said aloud for the first time in his life. The admittance that someone.. that Doumeki is important to him, the realization that he doesn’t want to let him go, the fear of losing him.

Thinking about it now when Doumeki told Yashiro he will do anything for him, Yashiro’s reaction seemed like he doesn’t mind it so much. But with his words in the bathroom as he remembers Doumeki being almost shot shows he must have treasured and took to heart what Doumeki said. It must be a time he felt sincerely loved. That close encounter with danger must have contributed a lot to his realization of how important Doumeki is for him.

Anyway what Yashiro said is basically a confession of his true feelings for Doumeki, no matter how round about it was. And Doumeki’s hug was like saying “As I’ve said to you before I’ll do anything for you. Don’t worry. I’ll stay by your side. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.” Very comforting..

The cards have been laid. And looking at it in the happy light, this is a beginning for them. A very good beginning.

Pink Lace.

Rating: NC-17

Content: Sexual situations, Kitten!kink

Another day out of the house was driving me up the wall.

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unredeemable smut (aka elle’s bday present) - SUPER NC-17

Rating: nc-17 as fuck

Pairing: jongyu

Warning: bdsm, Daddy kink, bondage, orgasm denial… um not exactly light bdsm here…. there is nothing redeeming about this at all it’s pure filth haha :DDD

This is inspired by Elle’s and my mutual appreciation for sluthyun and Jinki in glasses… and dom Jinki… and all Jinki always…

Happy birthdayyyyy Elleeeee <3 You’re an awesome person and writer and I hope this is a sufficient offering of birthday presentness xD


Jonghyun gets needy sometimes. It’s nothing he can control; it’s just a part of his personality. Most days he’s simply an affectionate, friendly person with a penchant for curling up in the dark of night to blog about social justice. It’s just that every once in a while he’s filled with the urge to be as close to another individual as humanly possible. Human touch is a drug for him on those days, and he seeks it out with an unmatched fervor.

Today was one of those days.

Jonghyun woke up plastered to Jinki, which in and of itself wasn’t unusual, but it took three times as long for Jinki to extract himself from the smaller man’s grip. He managed to wrangle a quickie in the shower out of his indulgent partner before finally making it to work. During a meeting with his boss he very nearly seated himself on his inviting looking lap, and he hugged nearly every person he saw.

This was all before noon.

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part 2 here

A/N: Hope this is something like what you were looking for! ♥

Request: Could you write a imagine where y/n is alone because Sam is at his girlfriends and Dean went out to get dinner. Dean comes back without her noticing. He passes her slightly cracked door just in time to hear her moan/scream his name? Thank love you!!!!

Your name: submit What is this?

Finally you had a moment to yourself.

Sam had been staying over at a girls house and Dean was out getting dinner for the both of you. The motel you were staying at was pretty tucked away, far from even a fast food place. You had enough time to unwind a little and enjoy yourself.

It wasn’t like you were some sort of weird sex fiend, it just had been some time since you had done anything like this. And it was definitely made even more difficult when you spent your days with such gorgeous beefcakes.

Not like there was ever a chance, with either of them. But still. It didn’t hurt anyone to imagine what it’d be like.

You glided happily into your room, pushing the door lazily, not noticing that it didn’t close all the way. You stripped down to a bra and panties and fell onto your bed. Your eyes closed and a smile spread across your lips. It felt nice to just relax for once, not worrying about anything.

Your fingertips drifted lightly up and down your chest, enjoying the feeling. You grabbed your phone and put on your headphones, anything to further detach yourself from reality for the time being. You sighed contentedly, parting your legs just so in order to tease yourself a little, stroking gently.

As much as you hated to admit it, your thoughts inevitably drifted to the older Winchester brother. He was an ass. But a really cute one. He was always flirting with you too, which would’ve been charming if he didn’t flirt with any girl with a pulse. He was just your friend at best. And it felt so dirty, thinking about him like this.

You really couldn’t help it though. He was intoxicating just to be around. You hoped he didn’t notice the way you have to clench your thighs together anytime he smiles. Like really smiles. The ones that light up his face and crinkle his eyes. And his dimples! A girl could only take so much.

And his body. You’d only caught glimpses of him shirtless before, but still. What you’d give to kiss and lick each and every scar on his body. Or just even having the opportunity to touch those perfectly toned muscles of his.

What would he be like in bed?

Would he be rough or gentle? Dominating or submissive? Fast or slow? Very important questions…

Your hand had subconsciously sped up as your thoughts wandered even more. You moaned softly, hitting a particularly sensitive spot. Fuck. You’d better speed this up just in case.


Dean had just arrived back in the hotel room, setting down slightly grease stained paper bags containing bacon double cheeseburgers and fries. The T.V. was on still but you were nowhere to be found. It was odd that you didn’t go with him, as you usually do. But he tried not to take it personally.


With no answer, he walked towards your room, raising a hand to knock at the slightly opened door.

“Mmph.. Dean.”

His eyebrows raised quizzically, as he moved to open the door. Who knew you were so hungry?

“Calm yourself babe, I’m back with the best dinner you-” He had started.

You looked like something straight out of his dreams. Writhing against the mattress, hair disheveled, one hand down your panties and the other groping at your breast, mouth slightly parted. You looked beautiful.

In his shock, Dean momentarily forgot that he had half stepped into your room. Horrified, he opened his mouth to explain himself. As quickly as it had opened, it shut as he realized you didn’t see or hear him. He scrambled back, against the wall outside your room.

“Holy shit. Y/N is hot.” He thought out loud.

His cock stirred eagerly in his pants, the blood rushing to his groin. Not only was it due to the amazing visual, but also the fact you must’ve been imagining him. The way you said his name.. no one had ever said it like that before.

Guiltily, he undid himself and began to stroke his still stiffening length. He could still hear the sounds you were making. Heady sighs and sweet moans mixed with his name. Dean shivered, swiping his thumb over the precum that had gathered at his tip.

This was so wrong.

But he couldn’t stop himself now. He had honestly jerked himself to the fantasy of you before, but never anything like this. He imagined himself bursting into your room and just fucking you to oblivion. Though that would probably scare you more than anything.

What would she be like in bed?

Hell, if you were as praising as you were right now to an imaginary Dean, he would gladly be yours forever.

Would she want it rough or gentle?

He had always imagined you’d like a little bit of both. Dean had thought of it often. Railing you so hard while still being super careful with you.

Dean leaned in to peer through the opening in the doorway now, his hand stroking himself harder and faster now. Your back arches beautifully, fingers working furiously at your clit. He swallows hard, jerking his angry erection at a merciless pace.


You were so close now, your body a coiled spring of delightful pleasure. You were only semi aware of the noises slipping from blissful your lips, but surely you weren’t being that loud. Your legs and muscles felt so tense yet so relaxed at the same time.

You had begun to wonder what would happen if a certain Winchester were to walk in on you right now. Your thoughts were ablaze, capable hands on you, the rhythmic slapping of skin on skin, his lips buried feverishly in your neck.

You cried his name in a strangled moan, as all the build up cascaded into a delicious end. Your eyelids fluttered and you saw white for just a second. You took took a few extra moments, reveling in post orgasmic happiness, waiting until your breathing evened out.

You righted yourself as best you could, taking off the headphones only to hear a loud slam. Concerned, you threw on your clothes and went went to investigate.

Someone was in the bathroom with the water running?

“Uh.. Dean?” You called through the door, pressing your ear to it. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah! I’m great.” Came a little too enthusiastic reply. And was it just your imagination or was his voice higher than usual?

Weird. You smiled softly at the closed door while your cheeks burnt a light pink. Maybe you hadn’t been as quiet as you thought.

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Yang was in a club, a bit drunk and very sexually frustrated. The alcohol was bringing out her issues again. Why had her mother left! Didn't she want her?! She slammed down the rest of her drink and looked at her crotch, her cock was tenting in her skirt. She marched out onto the dance floor and saw some slut with black hair and a micro skirt dancing alone. She walked right up behind her and began dancing with her, grinding her stiff, angry erection against the soft rear.

Raven began to dance against her, she had just been let go of the mission she spent so many years on.  The next day she’d go and visit her daughter, explain to her why she left, how she had bled for her and for humanity.  It was her sacrifice for the world.  She smiled at the blonde, not recognizing her as her daughter. “Hey there, babe~” She said as she felt her erection against her ass. 

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Tbh, I really think you are. I personally think he’s a take-control kind of person, translating him into the top. However, I don’t think he would say no to his s/o if he/she really wanted to be the top for once. The only time I can see him as a bottom would be if the situation is Kise and Kasamatsu together.

I think this is a question better addressed to kurokonoaskuburogu (she’s going to go nuts with this), and I’ll just supply the drabble :)


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