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is isak one those people who claim there boyfriends steal the quilt yet in reality it's them and they still complain there coke even though they have a quilt underneath them, the quilt there suppose to share with there partner and then 2 quilts on top? or is this just me?....😂


Isak, the little shit, will wake up in the morning be all, “I fucking froze last night.” And Even will just give him the deadest look and be like, “You were cold? I didn’t have a blanket last night because you stole it. I had to use my hate of La la Land to fucking fuel my fire enough to keep me warm last night, Isak.” Then he’d roll over Isak and pull up the comforter which had fallen off Isak’s side of the bed in presentation.

And Isak would just glare at him and huff whatever. And then the next night Even would bring his own damn blanket from home, and yet, in the morning, he’d still wake up with frozen feet and his blanket tucked firmly under Isak’s arms. And he’d just groan because this is a fucking unwinnable battle with Isak. He’s going to have to learn to live without blankets, because God knows Isak doesn’t share them.

(It does, however, give Even an excuse to cuddle up super close to Isak in the night and when they wake up practically on top of each other, Even can shrug and be like “it was you or hypothermia, baby. And I’m too pretty to die.”

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How much hair gel do you go through in a month? I'd imagine you use alot because your hair almost always slicked back. Wait.... Is that where the shortage of water is coming from in Alabasta? Production for all your hair gel!

I use a custom formulated pomade.

I experimented with different products when I was younger, but I switched to a custom-branded line around the time I got into private label cigars. By then I’d been getting most of my clothes bespoke, so it made sense.

A little gift for @peppermint-o-butler

I had fun drawing this ! the body is pencils and markers and the background is watercolor, but the white parts and stars are acrylic ! 

I dunno i just wanted to draw another pretty dress and use my new giant sharpie and tons prisma colors that I haven’t touched sense Christmas ! 

This picture was also a whole lot of experimenting , cause the paper this is on is really thick and it felt like it can Handel alot , like watercolor, lots of sharpie (i colored the whole background black before i painted it ) and etc , 

I hope you like it <3

Im also confused on her wings im not sure if she still has bat wings or she has regular wings ^^; 

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Exactly! It's alot of how the fandom will take certain things. You're exactly right that it only encourages and enables those "fans" who actually want the narrative to be true and want Harry to hate the boys. I'm sure Harry doesn't want this behavior encouraged so when things like this happens it only feeds into those fans desires so yeah it is annoying.

and also for the MILLIONTH TIME (fingers crossed people will actually read it this time because they sure as hell haven’t been paying attention at all tonight) no one on my dash is blaming harry or saying he hates the band BECAUSE HE DOESN’T HE LOVES HIS BOYS 

it’s purely about perception and the harry vs ot3 nonsense that just won’t die (in part because it keeps being enabled).

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Heyo,, I would private message you but since you aren't following me I can't rip but @ totally_worth_it_15 on instagram posted your tomatoredd drawing ((from december)) on their account and I just wanted to tell you bc they didn't credit you and the way that they put the caption made it seem like it was theirs,, I've been noticing they've been doing it with other artists so it's really hard to tell which drawings are theirs,, anyways I just wanted to let you know my bud


There’s alots accounts didn’t credit/wrong artist/dk the artist 

If saw them please reported, and it was taken down. 

*ask permission before sharing, or don’t post*

Thank you for telling me :D

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Could you tell us a bit about you? Alot of us have followed you for awhile and look to your blog as inspiration, so it might be nice to learn a bit about the person who inspires us :)

Hmm. I dont know.. Like 3 random facts?
1) I have 4 siblings: we are 4 girls and one younger brother.
2) I’m a detail person, like I notice the carpet in the background in tv-shows, and pride myself on being good at getting plots. Which means I looove loove shows/movies that surprises/tricks me. 
3) One of my guilty pleasures food wise, is basically spagetti with Béarnaise sauce. Basically just combining two of my fav foods (is sause a food group ? haha ).