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Blind Spot

Author: ArtisticRainey

Rating: T for swearing

Characters: John Tracy; Virgil Tracy

Genre: Humour/Family

Summary: John and Virgil do some unexpected bonding. Inspired by a prompt from nibenhu - that John either blinds someone else or goes blind. I started out writing angst and ended up writing humour. Go figure.

Please find attached a fic that contains a lot of fandom in-jokes. And even a cameo (look your yourself, penpenonvirgilsbed!).


Everything else had gone to plan. It was supposed to go to plan, wasn’t it? Everything Brains designs is over-engineered. Safety in excellence, remember?

We weren’t even pushing the limits this time around. It was just routine. Or at least, so I thought. Brains and Alan had docked with Five to refresh my supplies and refit one of the modules in the memory core. All routine. It was all going to plan.

Brains was tinkering at an open panel and the more he pulled at the guts of Five, the more I started to sweat. He wasn’t doing anything wrong, of course. It just made me nervous to think that something could go wrong. It brought back bad memories of the incident with EOS, when I had been 99.9% certain I would have to destroy my ‘Bird.

My home.

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